Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 1st story

Volume 2 Shooter of Beast Forest 1st story

–What is the good fortune with friends

– A total of cups and shoulders

– This is also the case

– Combed with boxing friends

– mutual troubles are stunned

– Life is short of this road

–Bitter music sharing and sharing

–What is the good fortune with friends

–What is the good fortune with friends

"The Song of the Wind God"

(in order to turn into the form of poetry, there is a misinterpretation of the original text.

Happiness is – have friends

– The wine glasses collide and shoulder to shoulder

Chatting all night.

Fist collision – quarrel

After the end, I burst into tears.

Long but short on the road

– Happy, angry and sad to share with you

Happiness is a matter of having friends.

Happiness is a matter of having friends.

Hmmm …It's so cold

I can not feel the warmth when I look up in the west through the west through the west Through the thin clouds, I can not feel the warmth when I look up.

Even if you have not been worried about the coldness of frostbite, the cold that slowly erodes like this is simply a chronic devastating.

Though I knew it when I lived in the temple, the surrounding climate was cold and the amount of snowfall was only a slight accumulation.

Even now it is cold, but there is no snow.

Keep the cloak tight and walk along the stone steps.

The stone steps are completely ruined due to the deterioration of the year-round. If you walk on a road that is not good at it, it is dangerous to walk unsteadily.

"Aha ……"

The gas that spit out was slightly white.

Sure enough, judging from the common sense point of view, it is wrong to choose the winter to start, thinking in my head.

……After I fought the undead, in general, it was the beginning of the winter solstice and I had been away from the temple for a month.

That is to say, it is now in the midwinter.

Maybe doing something stupid.

No, it should be self-deception.

Though it is possible, I think this is obviously stupid.

However, after finishing the tombs of Mary and Brad, they were buried.

After that, do nothing, continue to live with Muse in the habitable temple …

Maybe I am not trying to stay in that temple.

I have been thinking about this in my heart.

Keep the tomb for Mary and Brad.

And persuaded Muse, let me survive as the guardian of the "King of the King" seal.

This is for me, knowing that it is not allowed, but it is still difficult to resist.

……However, the use of family tolerance allows this behavior to become the same as in the past.

Do not make progress.

stop moving forward.

Before this idea expands, it must act.

With such an idea, I forcibly set off in the harsh winter.


However the words are so, the only thing that is killed by the weather and violently killing the streets is to avoid it.

In the worst case, I have already considered this matter before returning to the temple.

Though it should be set off by the Muse jokes, it will not be lost because of the return to the temple.

Just pre-investigation is fine.

It is also possible to confirm the road conditions and the campgrounds that can be used in advance, and then change to spring.

It is better to accumulate experience in order to go out than to do nothing with closed doors.

Therefore, now I can only endure (this servant, I am slow, my son, iodine, and the child who is patient, feels weird?)

Endure the cold, and always move on.

……Once again passed the mileage card along the road.

One in the world is about 2000 steps.

Because the step size of an adult male should be about 70-80 cm long, and it is about 1.5 km in terms of conversion to kilometers.

Similarly, if you travel at an adult male's walking speed, you can walk 30 kilometers in about one day.

That is to say, I have already 20 kilometers here.

If you take 2000 steps in 1 kilometer, you will reach about 40,000 steps in one day.

10,000 steps a day, but now can take 4 times the amount, (10,000 steps) may be easier than imagined.

But even with this baggage and this distance, it is quite hard for me not used to it.

Take a good break for a short period of time, let go of the burden and let the blood circulation be a skill for long-distance travel.

……When you travel 5-10 kilometers, you can see the remains of big and small.

I do not know if it is the town of the station or the remains of the rest station.

Most buildings in which stonework has collapsed, or buildings that have been burned and destroyed in ancient battlefields, are everywhere.

Even so, there are still some some of them preserved fairly good prototypes, but it is necessary to check the intensity, but it saves the time to build a camp.

From the perspective of such a construction capability, it is true that Mary, Muse, and Brad should have a high degree of social civilization in their lives.

The brain could not help but think of the Roman Empire.

"To the present, the collapse of the ancient Roman Empire …What is the reason behind it?

But it's not the barbarians but the demons … "

Historical knowledge of past life like this has emerged, and it has not become a singular singularity of how happy it is.

Rome is a dark age of civilization and the middle ages, which it not not reached the full acceptance of such a statement, almost in the past life I still

Listen to history.

「……Even so, now that 200 years have passed under this condition, human beings will not return to life here. It's very bad. "

I always feel that if I am going forward like this, I can not feel lonely because I am bored.

In order to confuse boring, I can only sing the songs of past lives and the world, but even this is almost exhausted.

Although even this kind of scenery is probably too tired to look at, but still look around again.

There are hundreds of meters wide, quite large river.

Around the river there is a meadow with only thin shrubs.

As the sky becomes warmer and longer, it seems that the situation will worsen.

The absence of large trees along the river indicating that most of the time when the river is rising, it will be washed away, so it can not continue to grow.

If the line of sight looks in the direction of the back, it is a forest.

The trees will cover cover the whole area.

The same is true on the left hand side, all of which are trees.

The darkness and quietness of a forest where no one is at all is a sense of majesty and full of feelings that people want to enter.

The ignorance of entering and due difficulty in action, or in the direction of the secret room in the middle, after irreparable.

Because now, you need to use the firewood when you camp, so you will stop further when you enter a little.

It is rare to have a road along the water source. You do not have to deliberately choose the hard mode to expand. Just follow this road and move on.

move on.

The city is surrounded by mountains, so there is no way to judge the condition of the road ahead.

Silent climb up.

……The scene that I finally saw at the top of the summit made me feel like it.


There are vast stone-built streets and ruins.

On both sides of the river are countless houses built along the radial streets.

You can see traces like piers, things that used to connect the huge piers of the streets on both sides of the river.

I also saw facilities like ports and warehouses, and the collection of transaction materials, which should have been a very prosperous place in the past.

But now, these have been completely cruelly destroyed and become a ruin.

The walls surrounding the streets were cruelly destroyed.

Every house has burnt traces left, and it has been attacked by fire.

It should be a considerable amount of magic, and you can see the craters in the body.

Then the traces of destruction was washed away by the river, and half of the streets were submerged in the water.

Prosperity and collapse.

The greatness created by mankind and the ruthlessness of war.

Time flies, everything is impermanent.

This kind of situation can trigger this kind of feeling.

"The sound of the garden is loud, and it is said that the world is impermanent … (From the "Pingjia no language" Baidu, to force the children to learn quickly)

Unconsciously, what made me say this is the grand and fascinating feeling.

I stood on the hill and groaned for this scene.

Looking forward along the street …Then noticed

As the roads and dams were destroyed, the flow of the river was changed, and the river began to have a tributary from here.


The street that was originally going forward was was submerged by this tributary.

Hold the forehead and sigh deeply.

"The terrain is moving …"

If there are another 200 years, the flow of the river will change again.

Hmmm …

No way, no way.

…………What to do ….

This night camped in the ruins of the city.

Like the souls lost in the ruins, they can die well and offer the prayer of "Dvine torch".

Like a firefly, the lost soul is guided by the lights and disappears into the air.

It is a very fanciful scene in the swaying bonfire and the shadow of the ruined city.

The next morning, I got up early to do the habit of new cultivation and prayed to the god of lights.

Please guide me in this prayer.

The filtered water is then filtered and drunk, and the bread and the dried meat from the prayers are eaten.

But it is also very annoying to the road, it is not a choice.

Because there is no tool for crossing the river, keep going along the outermost piece of the tributary of the big river.

Affected by the refinement and diversion of the rivers, the muddy roads have increased, and the sense of oppression of the surrounding forests has were further strengthened.

In short, it will not leave too far in the range where you can hear the sound of the river flowing.

And if you really get lost in the forest, you will go upstream instead of thinking about anything.

In this case, even in the worst case, it should be able to go back to the temple.


It's been a few days since I came out of the temple?

For many days, there are no people who can talk, and I feel feel such feelings of loneliness and emptiness.

Pray while walking.

Even this loneliness and emptiness are intended as prayers for the tribute of the gods.


The stock of food such as dried meat has also been eaten.

One day, humans will probably eat about a kilogram.

The food that can be carried carried is also limited.

In particular, weapons and equipment also had to be brought.

As ordinary travel, you can negotiate with people or shops to buy food to complete the supply at any time, but now you have to find it first.

People's travel.

I also also understand why mountaineers who challenge the inaccessible mountains do not choose large amounts of food but choose preserved and calorie-rich foods.

The reason is.

If the Holy Communion would not be summoned like a prayer like Mary, then even the task of finding a village itself would not be possible at the beginning.

Thanks to Grace Feel and other good gods.


While praying to the gods a little, the thoughts are flying.

Suddenly, I heard something.

Shasha, what used a very powerful sound to open the sound of the grass.

「…………Hey! "

Immediately shake off the leather sheath that wraps the tip of the gun and set up the short gun "Pale Moon."

The next moment, the wild boar in the forest on the left hand rushed out.

……It is a large boar.

More than double the physique of ordinary wild boar. The violent character and the territorial consciousness are still very strong.

And now the eyes are filled with blood, and bubbles are constantly emerging from the mouth.

The curved and sharp fangs are almost as long as my thighs. If the thigh artery is stabbed, it is not a joke.

During my thoughts, which are still useless now, the muscles that are fully exercised like Brad have long acted for victory.

Use the sidestep to escape the assault of the large wild boar, and then use the until the deadly part (battle zone skill name translation incompetent) to confirm the heart and lungs

Where, aim at the roots of the forelimbs and puncture the gun from the side.

I feel the feeling of running through the fur.

As if the gun was not taken away, the gun was quickly pulled back while thoroughly piercing.

– The large wild boar controlled its rushing posture. After slamming into the trees, it struggled for a while before vomiting blood to death.

It seems that there is a good way to pierce the main organs.

However, you should not be underestimated by the death of wild animals.

When you think that it is close to death, there are also cases of sudden and serious counterattacks and serious injuries.

Wait a little while, then poke with a short gun outside the interval of the counterattack to confirm whether it is dead or not …

I ended up thinking like this.

Notice one thing.

……The large wild boar that fell to the ground, the back of my abdomen, the arrow with white tail feathers.


Before thinking about the meaning of this arrow.

The sound of the grass was heard again behind the scenes.

Looking back, someone is there.

The first thing that caught your eye was the white-silver hair.

The sharp eyes of the emerald color stare at me.

Wrinkled eyebrows, slender nose, graceful chin lines, tight mouth corners.

In some places, it is a beautiful teenager like a girl.

Holding the bow in his hand, the arrow is already winding.

The white arrow is lost.

But it has not been pulled up, as long as this heart can be done immediately, it is such a sense of tension.

The equipment is a coat and top with a tone of earth and grass. Leather boots and leather armor.

There are hatchets hanging around the waist, and others are equipped with multiple knives. It is a hunter.

Then, compared to these, what surprised me the most was his ears.

A slightly pointed ear. And handsome looks.

The goddess of the forest and the water goddess Reshir, the genus of the elves and humans.

……Hybrid elf.

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