Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 26th words of the youngsters of the dead

Volume 1 The 26th words of the youngsters of the dead

The crisp breeze blew.

At the foot of the dawn, gently cover the fog. The stone-built city spreads along the vast lake.

Like the style of ancient times or the middle ages. I can see towering towers, things like a viaduct with beautiful arches.

These are all aging and turned into ruins.

The roof of the building also collapsed in various places, and the paint on the wall was disfigured.

In the gap between the stone brick roads, grass, green vines or moss grow around the building and grow everywhere.

In the past, the streets that people lived in, like sleeping, accompanied the plants together.

All this, the rising Asahi gentle light shines

Here, you can look over the hills of the city and erect the tombs of Mary and Bled.

There are many memories in this shrine that can be seen from the lake and the ruin city.

Therefore, I want to set a tomb here.



A simple funeral was held.

A large stone was erected instead of a tombstone.

I have to go back here one day.

Though Mary and Bled have not been seen.

While they already know that they have returned to the cycle.

But at the very least, I want to report the situation at the tomb.

Like, I do not know when I have done it, my dreams are average.

I want to introduce them to friends and family.

Your child has a good life and can feel at ease.

Become such an adult, come back here again

「……So now, just a short parting. "

Put your hands together and pray silently for a while.

I left and said to the two tombs.

"Is it ok?"



"… … that"

That, including this kind of thing is a bit like that.

「……Why is Muse not dead?

"It's too much. I hope that I will will go to the old man of the woods to die !! "

"Who is a ghost and a grandson!" It's sad! I just think about the death of Muse, and the treasure he has saved is all my things !! "

"Ghosts and grandchildren !! Ghost and confessed ah -! "

A little noisy.

There's a gap, and it's noisy, and it's been a long time since I've done it.

"Calling. Is not it available, is not it like this, Grandpa?

In such a disgusting tone, when you say it deliberately

"Well, that's right. Then, take it. "


The muse, who suddenly turned back to a serious expression, stuffed a bag of things.

Look inside.

The glory of gold and silver reflecting the Asahi is dazzling.

Gold coins, gold coins, silver coins, gold coins, gold coins, gold coins …

"The damaged by a gemstone collision will reduce the value. Manage it carefully.

Prepare for theft, or water disaster, and sew it in your clothes. "

More individually wrapped bags of large and small gems

"The decorations are then important," property that can be taken away.. "

Do not wear it in a place with poor public security or in the mountains. If it is not the case, decorate it. "

Intermediary, wrist wheel, enamel decoration. Buttons, brooches, clips, belt buckles.

A knot with gemstones and a gold-silver cloth.

No matter which one is, it is extremely delicate and swearing.


Wow formidable. A big property, too.

"what is this – !!?"

Too surprised to be a bit unstable and flustered.

"That is my property. Lend you without interest. Add value well. "

I have taught you the method for this, and Muse said with a smile.

"No, but, because, due …"

"The money that is not turned around and deposited is the same as death." I do not like the money deposited.

Have you said that?Live well, then die. "

The money is the same, the muse shrugged

"Let's live well, until the end of the mission, let it keep turning around."

That is, muse, no compromise.

"I have already seen this again …"

"Muse …"

So I nodded deeply and collected those gold and silver treasures.

This is the last one collected from Muse.

"Well, since I will not die for the next 10 years."


"No, still, that?"There is also the "King of the King" seal guardian problem. "

The devil will come over and liberate him, Muse said.

"So, yesterday, and the revelation, your gods have slightly negotiated.

Allow me to continue to linger in this city for 10 years without returning to death. 」

I can only fit together like a fish.

What did you do, this person?

It should be said that what is done by Grace Graf!However I also know that it is is necessary!

"In addition, my belongings seem to change to the messenger of Grace Phil."

The determination of God, the uncleanness of the Muse is thinning.

Instead, there is a breath of sacred spirit

But, in that case,

"The two people do not want this."

As I read my thoughts, Muse said this.

"If you give another 10 years, you will have a desire." Will leave a obsession.

It was given 10 years, then 10 years. Give it another 10 years. At the very least, until you die

It's will they think so, so will will like that, so they will go. "

They are very handsome, they are so weeping like you, Muse said.


If you say this, you can not say anything.

The two people who were two people did not commit fraud.

Until the end. Even if I know, that method, there is no fraud.

「……It is enough to have such a desire to have such an old man. "

In this way, Muse shrugged.

Indeed, the words of Muse can be done.

Do a good job of sealing the guardian.

On the day of the 10-year deadline, I will not say a word of dissatisfaction and simply accept death.

……Grandpa Muse, has always been so rock and roll.

"After 10 years …What should I do with the seal? "

"It was up to you to think about it at that time."

……The gods are very arrogant and shirk their responsibilities.

"The belief in Gracefair seems to be abolished outside.

It's been a lot of power to get involved with us alone. "


"The future of the god of light is also dependent on your efforts."

When it is perceived, it has been heavily burdened with various tangible and intangible burdens.

This, this is the fate of that suffering !!

「……Well, no matter what the money is, it is necessary. Take it, take it away. "

Well. I always feel that I have to do more things, so I will will accept it with gratitude … "

Put the gold and silver treasures in various places of Lee and adjust the line again.

Thick pants. Leather gloves and durable boots. There are many large pockets of backpacks and purses. There is also a pair of boots for replacement.

Blankets, small pots, preserved food, water bags. Work knives and hand axes, carrying pens and parchment, rope and replacement clothing, and thick canvas for camping.

There are some small things, but just in case, a few shochu, needlework and large and small cloth, small pieces of rock are important.

The armor of the hudreds of heroes who have appeared in the battle of the gods, and the locker armor of "Magic Silver".

How to say it, this is extremely light.

It is very strong, but it does not feel like like wearing armor.

It is like a hidden chain armor and then put on a thin coat. On top of it, put on a cloak with a hood and buckle with the cloak that Muse gave me.

The hood of the hood is sewed with the "Guardian's Mantra". In the event of a sham, you can use Mana to swear and guard the head to some extent.

Because of being stared by the undead, the weight of the baggage and the strength of the equipment are in urgent need of improvement.

If there is, you can put the storage of the props infinitely, it is really convenient. Imagine the computer rpg of the past life.

Well, there is no such thing as such a good thing. If you do not have it, you can only work hard on your own.

Then the weapon has a short gun "Yueyue", a one-handed sword "do everything", and a round shield.

"胧 月" is knotted at the base of the gun tip with a rope from Muse, beautifully decorated.

Though it is worse than the "All Things", but it is both the trophy and very convenient, I like this guy very much!

On the contrary, in the battle of undead, "Everything is done," and I can not help but roll it up with rags and handles.

As Bled said, his character is too high and its effect is too fierce. It is a dangerous thing that can not be pulled out.

Not a common weapon for the main weapon. It can only be a hidden trick.

But the round shield is a bit confusing, it is necessary to bring it, but it is very common to make a lot of credit. If you do not have this situation, you will feel terrible.

However the shield is not gorgeous, it has despised in the past comics, etc., but the actual shield and the shield are very large.

So I still carry it with a belt, and it is easy to take it with a belt rope, but the weight of the actual burden is still not light.

These travel gears have been prepared before.

I remember, Mary and Bled, gave me a lot of help.


"嘞, 威尔唷"

When I finally confirmed the baggage sorting and remembered the memories of two people, Muse called me.

"If you go out to the world, yes, you need a surname.

The name William is from the two of them. If the name is not as good as it is, let me start. "

「? ……Muse said that are really rare. Um, okay. "

There is no specific reason for rejection.

As the final screening of Muse, let it go.

"So, let's start with the elves of the elves and some tribes."

Eee! Elf and villain? Why use these …

"Those tribes are overlapping with their parents' names as their own surnames."

Muse announced to me with a serious expression.

"Mary Bled ….You are William.Mary Bled

It is called this way.

Use your mouth and try to say the name.

Mary Bled.

William Mary Bled.

……I always feel that it is as good as being tailor-made.

"With two people's names, let's go. I have been, very, and have enjoyed the wandering. "

After that, just enjoy the happiness of the family.

The old man, known as the "Sage of the Sage," shrugged.

"Well, thank you ….I want to be like this this this name "

The final confirmation of the baggage is completed.

Use a purse to lift the rolled up sword, carry a baggage with a backpack, take up a shield, and hold a short gun.

But there is a higher physical capacity, the amount of luggage is the amount. Has a considerable weight.

「……All right. Then take care. Will come again


After a simple farewell with Muse, I walked down the hills –


"- If I will add G to my last name!

Waking his hand and shouting like a mischief.

Dumbass My initial text is A, what have you learned in class! "

I can hear the laughter of Muse.

"Because, Muse is a muse!

Grandpa Olympus is too difficult to call! "

Kaka's laughter went back and shouted.

"Where, there is no way for a grandson!"

……Then, I will meet again. William G. Mary Bled! "

"Goodbye, Muse! I will meet again someday! "

Wave each other.

Then look at the front.

No longer looking back, I am moving forward.

The lakes on the side of the city have rivers that continue to flow down, and there are traces of old streets along the river.

In short, continue north along the ruins and go on and see.

– Sprinkling the bright sun, I am going to the outside world.

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