Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 25th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 25th Word of the Youth of the Dead

After the annihilation of the "Gavel".

Is there a third body, including the ontology, and and there are stronger enemies, warning against these possible developments.

On top of this, when you finally believe in victory, you are more like a feeling of relief than a slap in the face.

「……Too, great … "

A butt fell on the floor of the very serious temple that was destroyed in the battle, and took a deep breath.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a strong enemy.

While he knocked down the "Mu Mu" as a god, there is no such thing as a sense of accomplishment.

What I think is because the reasons for victory are mostly factors other than me.

Like the high sword from Brad, the existence of "The Engulf of Everything".

Like Muse, he has already made the opponent a trump card and knocked down the avatar.

Like the god of lights, Gracefield became my patron and gave him protection.

Then, like Martyr, the patron saint of Mary, at the last minute, I won for a few seconds.

In other words, it is the technique given by the three people, sword magic and prayer.

Then this is more important than the ability to fight, something like the core for humans.

Things like this have accumulated and finally repulsed reluctantly.

If you are not lucky, I will die. It is not surprising that I will lose if I lack any of the factors.

Thanks to the protection of the gods, and then more lost the three.

I am loved by people around me.

When I was savoring this happiness, I was hugged tightly.

"Will …Will, okay, you are fine …What?

The gentle aroma of the burnt fragrant wood wrapped me tightly.

「……Will, do it well. "

Bone, a hand that is not soft at all, violently messes my hair.

Yum. However there is no blood relationship, it is still the son of Mary and Brad. This level of strength is not a matter of course. "

Still the same, unscrupulous stinky mouth.

"Mary, Brad, Muse …!"

I heard the voice of three people, and the tears flowed out.

The heart is agitating. Now more and more feel the sense of accomplishment.

Yeah man.

I do not want to knock down the gods like the legendary heroes.

Just three people who want to protect important family members.

I do not want to be like the previous life, no progress.

Just for this desire, challenged the fate.

"Well, I did it.I did it… "


Take it easy, cheer up and fight.

No more no progress.

3 people are still here.



The various emotions that rushed up were gathered in the chest.

Tears came out big and big.

"Everyone is fine, that's great …"

Back to hug Mary.

Look to Brad and Muse.


Everyone laughed.

Like being infected, I also broke into laughter.

"Hey-West, then we will re-open the celebration with Will's adult ceremony!"

Brad is very aggressive in waving his fists.

"Yeah, it's okay to put it in the future."

"M. Then I will take out my 200-year-old dwarf spirits."

"Fire wine !? Muse, you have hidden so good things! "

"It's a waste to let the kid drink this wine!"

"Dwarf fire wine? Is this good? "

"Mr, the old man will want to drink if he has a physical entity!"

"This is not very good, and it is not idle." Rare opportunity! "

"Yeah yeah. Muse also drink together! "

"Will ….Wouldn't you drink any more? Never forgive me like the last time? "

"Yes, it is!"

"Looking at the serious face that eyes open, you are really terrible …"

"Where, you are far worse than Brad."

"Haha, this is not necessarily the case."

"So, Grandpa, where is the fire wine …"

Like this noisy chat

While preparing to move

Mary and Brad, they started to fall from their knees.

I could not understand what happened in a moment.

"Ma, Li? Brad, Hunedoara

I feel very out of date for my own speech.

Aaah!Sure enough, can not you?

"I do not think so."

Two people tried to stand up several times, but could not move the relationship of the feet, only to give up sitting in the same place.

"That's no way. Losing obsession, refusing to sell the soul to the undead, while being a good god, but still an undead, how could it be done?

"Well, this is no wonder ….At the end of the celebration, I really want to get through it.

"Kureisfar is very good at calculations. It would not be incredible if it was was disappear immediately. "

Can not understand what Mary is saying

I do not want to understand.

"Ah, Will ….Mary and I can only stop here. "

"Do not, do not be kidding."

Accepted, reflective, said such a thing.

"Two or two, right with my mischief."

The voice is shaking.

"It's too much to say that it's too easy to say …"

"Will ….Because you are very smart, can you understand? "

But, sure enough

I have understood this in somewhere in my mind.

Even so, to watch them (dead), can not do it.

「………Even so, suddenly said this to me. Even if you expose a mischief, you can not laugh. "

The feelings that I do not want to admit slowly began to fade.

Spit out the breath.

Then what remains is mixed with the emptiness of the dead heart, the feeling of loneliness.

Now the word loneliness is vividly expressed.


"I am so sorry …"

Mary, Brad, probably have similar a mood.

「……Is there any other way? "

None do. Even if it can be done, it is not allowed. "

Mary shook her head.

"Have you said that? "Let's live well, then die."

I have been confident during the 200 years, I have barely passed the strength of Brad.

"And ah, parents die before the children. This is the natural, earthly heaven. "

Mary added.

Use words like the goddess of the goddess.

"Well, is it?" Is this the?

This is the original theorem.

As the god of the light of my patron saint, say the same thing.


「……Only once, have to say "


"Even so, I still, Mary and Brad are going to die, do not want to see it."

I hate this.

Absolutely hate this.

Do not want to see see.

Mary and Brad are going to die like this, do not want to to see

As a child of a dying parent, as a priest of the reincarnation and the soul of the god, there is absolutely no word to speak.

Contrary to the immortality, the language is completely opposite to the pretentious declaration.

, I have to say.

"When I return to here later, I can meet with Mary Brad again.

I want to talk to Brad about your coming and going, talking about stupid things.

I want to do housework with Mary and I am praised and improved.

I want you to meet my children and teach theme teaching me.

These have been dreams.

A dream that was shattered in the middle.

"Even so, what will disappear now.

It's too much to leave something here, too annoying, unbearable!

If you both have to disappear, how can I spend it in the future …! "

The voice is shaking.

The tears flowed endlessly.

"Oh, nooo!"No …How can I stay, stay here … "

It's just a way of being arrogant and humiliating.

Weeping, screaming, and spoiling.

Like a child.

But even so, it is still telling.


EH eh?

Look at me like this.

Mary and Brad, looked at each other and nodded.

Then both of them clenched their fists and tapped on my head.

No pain at all, gently touch the fist of the look.

"No, you can not say such a wayward words."

"As Brad said. Listen carefully

Reprimanded me with gentle words.

Hmmm …

Even so, the tears can not stop and can not stand it anymore.

"Oh, ah, ah …"

Tears burst out.

The collapsed expression was distorted and the line of sight was blurred by the tears.

Non-stop, twitching.

Crying like this is the first time in my life.

Gushing feelings can not be expressed in words.

"Ha ha ha, I have not felt like my father for a long time."

"Because Will, he is really an obedient child."

2 people will smile in heart.

「……That, Will. We can do anything for you. So, do not do this anymore. "

Brad said to me.

"How do you live after you say that are are dead?

· · · · · · · Even if you have various situations, you will always live.

"I can not live without it", humans can not die if they accidentally eat and eat well, and sooner or later they will find others more important things.

Brad pulled me into my arms, this is the first time I have hugged me since I was a baby.

As I thought, it is not warm at all, and it feels like the hard bones of the wind.

Vasiwasi, like my childhood, touched my head.

The mood did not feel good at all. Tears are still uncontrollable.

"Get to the outside." I have to make a bunch of friends, make 2, 3 beautiful sisters, and do something pleasant. "

Brad, Hunedoara Do not teach something that is not honest. ……Will, love and marriage, honesty! "

Completely, a pair of Mary who wants to teach.

then …This, the words continue to say.

"Will. You and the god of lights set a strong oath and completed the killing.

This is the story of a hero. Your future fate may be full of twists and turns. "

The words of Mary, who is sitting in danger, are as serious as the priests who gave orders to the gods.

"There may be losses. There may also be unreasonable things.

Those who may be helped, betrayed, forgotten what they have done, lost what they have built, and only things that have left left enemies. "

But even this serious atmosphere immediately became gentle.

One was pulled and was hugged tightly.

"Even if you do, please love humanity.

Please go to do good.

Do not be afraid to lose, create, not destroy, forgive others' crimes, give hope to desperate people, and give joy to sad people.

Then, protect the weak from all underneath.

……Like the challenge for the undead for us.

Probably, this is the last hug.

"Will. William My children Brad and my lovely child. "

Mary hugged my arm and was shaking.

My arm is also shaking.

"A person can do it whenever he makes a decision. Please do not forget this.

……Just like the courageous spirits and the care of the good gods, they will always be with you. "

Suddenly, not the relationship of tears, Mary's face turned into a double blur.

This is the relationship of spiritual separation.

The rich blond hair, the slightly emerald gemstone eyes hanging down, slender standing.

……Full of quiet elegance, with a motherly manner.

"Action before confirming the results.

You have a well-thought-out habit, but if you are troubled, you will stop.

Brad's look can also see the double-blurred figure.

Red hair like a lion, in line with the style of the warrior, raised and fully exercised.

……It is wild and refreshing, like a father.

Certainly, will not forget.

These lights, like the lights of the gods, have always shined on my life.

There is a meeting next time, everyone is silent …Suddenly, the cough, the false cough came.

Looking back, Muse was there.

I do not know where I got it. It was a seemingly expensive fire bottle and four glasses that floated and floated.

I saw a slamming bottle that was unscrewed.

I do not know why it is so strange, everyone laughs.

The next time four people together, drinking a fire.

The first drink of the four people who had a drink, had a strong alcohol burning throat and a fragrant scent.

—- This night, under the guidance of the light of the Holy Spirit, my parents returned to the reincarnation.

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