Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 24th words of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The 24th words of the sorrowful street

"kill him!"

The first thing to launch an offensive is not to die.

Under his command, the undead heroes showed their blades.

The weapons that are raised around me are already a veritable "wall of steel."

Can not escape.

There are no gaps that can be cut.

……Therefore, I will release the power from the deepest part of my body along the momentum.

The space has caused me a little distortion around me, and the colorless and transparent clean waves are spewing out.


Silent shouts echoed in this graveyard.

That is not painful sorrow.

It was filled with joy and peace, because of the joy of screaming and screaming.

The sacral bones turned into dust, and the walls of the steel collapsed like gravel.

The old weapons and armor fell to the ground one after another, making a noisy sound.

Although I did not look up, I could feel the light that light that radiated the light in the air, and suddenly floated up and disappeared into the air.

In the past, I have actually heard it.

– Grace Phil's prayer is [to give peace to those who are not dead].

The prayer of "Dance o Torch".

But it is a valuable user of healing prayers, this prayer has not received much attention because it does not bring much benefit except when the front line is directly opposite to the undead.

However, this situation, it is a very powerful procedure.

……Undead has once again gathered a confused soul, and wants to wake up the sleeping bones in the graveyard.

In contrast, I once again prayed to the god of lights.

The colorless and transparent waves spread out, leading all the souls around to embark on a journey and return to the knees of the gods.

"A new priest in the district can actually!"

Probably because of the speed or scope of the prayer is beyond the expectations of the undead, he is angry.

Indeed, I have just become a priest.

However, I am very clear and praying.

Looking at Mary, taking her as a model, praying countless times and countless times.

It is impossible to have any doubts about prayer until now.

"" accelerate ""

Stupidly and straight forward.

I will no longer use the roundabout strategy.


Up to now, this offense and defense has made me understand that not death is quite good at swordsmanship and body skills.

Otherwise, even if I have seized the gap between big intentions, I can not bear my entire two.

I no longer use any small tricks to draw closer to each other.

Just enter him and win. This time, you must must use the combo of the magic sword, so that he can not even do it it and dissipate the world!


When I heard this sing, my neck immediately blew up.

In the accelerated state, I slammed to the ground; when the feet made a fierce friction, I jumped to the side.

"" Show it! "!"

It is the "Destruction of the Mantra." More destructive than Muse, the entire ground was blown up.

While I avoided the direct hit, I was still rolling on the ground with the splash of sand and the aftermath of the violent shock.

In the position where he would be involved together, the undead release of the magic of destruction broke the ground.

Yes, I should know.

God's "Mu Ling" is extremely powerful, "no matter whether it is magic or magic sword, it can not hurt them."

In other words, unlike the laws of ordinary people who use magic, they are not afraid of the magic aftermath.

Even if you are involved in it, it does not matter.

……Undead also understands that he is not proficient in swordsmanship and body skills.

If you can use that size of magic in the distance of hand-to-hand combat, then you do not need to work hard.

For those who are close to themselves, just use all the magic to fly.

There is only one reason why the god of death has not done so so far.

He wants to make my heart succumb and join his camp, only because the other side has such an idea.

Damn it …

It is the ultimate BOSS.

The wood spirit of the gods.

That is not a slight awakening of a new power, you can simply defeat the opponent!

However, the situation has not changed, I will not lose.

The only change is the use of magic, as long as you understand this, you can deal with it.

In any case, he must be defeated here. After I made up my mind, I took a prayer for "Cure the Wound" and treated it with a slight injury and jumped again.

Because of the scattered sand and gravel floating nearby, there was a burst of smoke.


……Where will it come from?

Now these smokes make the vision very poor, and if the action is reckless, it will only reveal its own gap.

I will extend the touch and expand my feelings to perceive the flow of Mana.

If there is a harbinger of a strong attack – that is, a wide – bombed attack – it must must immediately.

On the contrary, if I find that the opponent has made some reckless actions, I am prepared to cut into the other side to give him a fatal blow.

I am nervously waiting for the passage of time …


There was an unknown hunch in my mind.

For my current actions, the patron saint Gracefil gave a warning of warning.

For a moment, I was confused.

Undead is fighting with me.

Obviously, he strongly wants to kill me.

The current situation is evenly matched, so if the battle goes on …



It will not not!

It will not not, if his killing …Not strong?

"Not good …!"


It is a temple! Hurry!



Run Run Run

I tried my best to gallop the hills.

The words and deeds of the undead are all [acting]!

Whether it is surprise, or strong killing, or anger, all are [installed]! In order for me to think that he is fighting with me!

On this, raising the smoke made the battle into a stalemate.

Damn it …

The real purpose is to get rid of me from the war!

“……Animals! ”

The purpose of the guy is – Mary and Brad!

◆ ◆ ◆



Countless times, I sang the accelerating curse, opened the grassy withered hills, and tore the cold air barrier. I ran all the way.

I should know, but I still do not understand.

Spend the gods of a long time beyond human imagination.

Not the existence of this world.

That is far beyond the human scale.

I originally wanted to imagine such a existence, but the ultimate imaginary existence is not complete.

If the invitation to not die is serious, I may be more or less worthy of the attention and warning of death.

But for the undead Stagnatte, this is not an important thing at this point in time.

After 10 or 20 years, I faced the crisis.

After 30 or 40 years, there is a doubt about the current lifestyle.

After 50 years and 60 years, the first time when the pain of aging is real.

At that time, I came to attack me again, so that I could change my mind and turn my back to him.

Even if it can kill "Mu Ling", but for God's body at the end of the Dimension, human beings can no longer do any anything.

For the undead that transcending the length of humanity, there are many opportunities for chances.

Therefore, for the undead, the real problems are Brad, Mary, and Muse.

Since I had already received the prayer of the god of lights, then I can also send the three to the reincarnation.

Half of his focus is on the hero who is attracted to him.

However, if you want to kill me directly, for this avatar that has been destroyed by the Muse, it is indeed uneasy, and it can not be said that there is a complete grasp.

I am afraid that the gods are extremely calm and considered these risks and interests …

Then on top of that, played a play.

Undead is somewhat exaggerated, like the indecent villains in the story, which are both astonished and angry, which makes me not consider the danger of using the scheme.

This is not the case that I [originally] [do]?

I let the undead only pay attention to me, let him forget the existence of the three, but in the end it is not death let me forget the existence of the three!

……If it were not the warning of Grace Phil, it would end.

This is a horrible existence that makes people unable to relax a little vigilance!


Catch me up and catch me!

must ……!

I am running with such an idea.

Ascending the hill, I saw that the front of the temple was open and unobstructed.

"Mary, Brad … !!"

The depths of the temple.

No death is there.

He faced the wounded Mary and Brad and was about to reach out.

I definitely tried to resist it.

The Muse was nailed to the corner by a black mist, and Brad, who was standing to protect Mary, had collapsed.


I understand this scene.

Have to understand.

This distance, this time …I am absolutely unable to catch up.

Whether it is Mary, Brad, or Muse, there is no room for resistance.

Suddenly, the whole body's blood is pouring into my brain.

How come?

How can you do this!

Have already done this!

Even borrowed the power of the gods!

It's hard to fight evenly …

I have already done this in the clear, but because of my negligence, I have the strategy of deception!

That's it, it's over, why …


Convinced that he was victorious, he reached out to Brad's skull and looked very slow –

– The next moment, the hand was bounced off.


It's not me.

Nor is it a muse, not a Brad, not a Mary.

Bouncing the hands of the undead.

It is a woman wearing a soft dress.

Like to protect Brad and Mary, it was was in front of the undead.

I have not seen this woman. It should be, no.

But I have a kind of feeling that I really know that person …

"Ahhhh …"

Mary widened her empty eyes.

"Ah, ah …"

Her voice is shaking.

Tears that should not flow out, flow from her eyes.

The female body looks like a phantom.

It dissolves in the wind and disappears.

She smiled at Mary and showed a kind smile.

It's like trying to embrace Mary.

This is enough.

Everything has been communicated.

From the beginning, Mary has been forgiven.

She did not hate Mary.

Because Mary did not seek forgiveness, and did not desire to appease.

So she always looked at Mary, as Mary expected, always reprimanded Mary.

But no, it will be deprived from Mary's body.

Always, always sheltering Mary.

In this full two hundred years.

Until Mary forgive herself.

……It is like a person who is in love with her mother who is in love with her mother.

She is the god that Mary always believes in –

Mother of God, Madil, a great goddess.

Mary, who understood everything, fell to the ground with tears.

The undead who missed the convinced victory fell into rigidity.

– Sincerely thank God Mother for helping out.

The opportunity for the sky drop showed a smile, and Brad and I started the action.

"God of Lights, Grace Phil! Please give peace! ”

I immediately used the prayers.

The goal is – [Mary and Brad].


Undead eyes widened.

Apparently revealed a horrified expression.

It is impossible for him to predict that I will use the prayers for the objects that should be guarded.

The release of "The Guide to the Divine Lights" [Dvine o Torch].

Guide the soul into the reincarnation, the colorless and transparent clean fluctuations.

“……Cut Reincarnation, give me a stagnation! Guide me, give me a confused! ”

The undead understanding of my intentions unleashed the unnatural fluctuations of the opposite nature, and the two cancel each other out.

He seemed to protect Mary and Brad from standing in front of the two.

……It may seem contradictory, but since the goal of not dying is Mary and Brad, then have to protect them.

If I give up an attack against the undead, the undead will rely on the durability of the split to support it, and then put the souls into the two into my hands when I am deadlocked with him.

For the undead, "Mu Ling" is a one-off. If you use the destruction of Mulling to exchange the souls of the two, it is a very cost-effective transaction.

However, if the "DanceoTorch" of the "Sacred Lights" hit two people, it is another matter.

The two are absolutely not resistant. Not resisting, accepting my prayers, escape from the hands of death, return to reincarnation.

In such a case, the purpose of dispatching the avatar to this dimension will disappear in itself.

It's all in vain.

In order not to become like that, in the case that my goal of prayer is Mary and Brad, he has to fall into the situation of protecting the two.

Some irony is that the current undead is like a hero who is just protecting the citizens under the attack of the villains.

The only option he can choose is to open his body. No matter what, he can not miss any aftermath, guarding Mary and Brad.

Then, when I completely offset my prayers and my attention is dispersed …


Raised his usual two-handed sword, and slammed it.

But he did not reach the level of "Over Eater", the Brad weapon is of course a powerful sword that matches his sword skills.

Can not ignore it.

It's less than a second, when the undead is suddenly evading,

"" accelerate "!"

For me who wants to storm the temple, it is more than enough.

"-" Destruction "

Undead wants to sing "The Curse of Destruction."

"" Silent "," mouth "… !!"

His mouth was shut tightly in a flash.

It is a muse.

He kept the state of being nailed to the corner by the black fog, revealing a smile that "made it".

It is clear that the power it is quite limited, but he has done the most powerful obstacle in the most appropriate moment.

– In short, use small magic skillfully and accurately.

I remembered the sentence he said when he taught me.

Compared to the great magic of "Erosing the Existence of Mantra", the "silent curse" is now more like a muse-like, refreshing blow.


Two steps.

Three steps.

The left and right walls flow backwards like an arrow.

I am close to the bullet like a bullet –

The Adventurer's Have a feel.

"Over Eater" is inserted on the chest of the undead.


I pulled the sword out and squatted again!

Your majesty!

Your majesty!

But the god of death still wants to defend and avoid, but within this distance, he is impossible to escape my suppression.

"Yes, evil …Damn ah …!! "

Your majesty!

Your majesty!

Your majesty!

Because of the effect of the magic sword, the red thorns are scattered, and the whole body of the undead is constantly being whipped.

“……Will. Mary and Brad's son, Gracefield's apostle, Will! "

Undead is full of hateful eyes, glaring at me.

This is not the hatred and killing that was pre-installed.

This is true hatred and killing.

"Your name, I will never forget …In the current violation of my camp, you do not think you will have a good day! "

Perfectly stared.


“……Such a line is like a third-rate villain. The god of the gods. "

I only left such a sentence.

I brought out all the power of purification that Grace Phil gave, and hit the whole body of the red undead.

Finally, the "Mu Ling" of the undead has collapsed.

"Under Grace's light …"

……If you are afraid of being stared, you will not challenge the gods at first.

Towards the immortality that is about to dissipate, I pierced the tip of the sword.

"I will not be your youression. I will live well and die. ”

This is both a declaration of my declaration of war and a parting gift for the demise of the immortal that is about to disappear.

The wood spirit of the undead, it looks very hateful.

He stared at me with a hateful look and turned it into dust.

……I, always watching this scene until the end.

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