Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 23rd words of the youngsters of the dead

Volume 1 The 23rd words of the youngsters of the dead

When I came back, I was already under the starry sky.


Looking around, I found out.

The hand seems to be getting light.

Just like the muse of Muse …The amount, words, this is the spirit!

In other words, I am already dead?

Can not stand the blood of not dying, refuse to react, etc …


Speaking of it, I always feel that there is a feeling of nostalgia.

It's like, I used to walk here before …

I thought about it here.

But the water surface under the feet reflected in the starry sky is dim, but above the water surface, the illuminating lights exude a bright light.

Just behind me.

Looking back, I saw there was a hand-held figure that looked like a long-handled lantern.

It was someone wearing a cloak and covering her eyes with a hood.

I already know who it is.

“……For a long time, the god of light is shining. ”

I gently lowered my head.

Unconsciously, I [thinked up].

I used to walk under this starry sky.

Under the guidance of the god of light [Grace Phil].


This is a silent god.

I remember that I used to be in front, silently guiding in front, and never opened my mouth.

But, I clearly remember,

In this deity, it seems to be in the midst of confirming that I have kept up with the general pace, full of care and love.


Then, I suddenly realized.

Floating in the dark is not a star.

Those are – the world.

The world, which contains several universes, numerous stars, and countless planets, is like a giant planetarium moving slowly.

Sometimes, from the neighboring world, small phosphorescence flies out, and gradually attracts other worlds.

The sensation of being detached from the flesh is constantly expanding, and these scenes are unobstructed.

What a wonderful scene this is.

……It is obviously such a tiny phosphorescence, but I do not know why it is not fragile.

Instead, it gives a strong, powerful feeling.

That's …

《……The reincarnation of the soul. Will not be obstructed by anything, even the world can surpass "

I got the answer.

But I do not know why, I am not surprised.

I always feel that there is a kind of feeling, and now I will get the feeling of answering.

"Was I?Like this reincarnation, it will always go back back like this. ”

Looking up at the stars, another world has a phosphorescence.

Light and fluttering, but strong and powerful.

Glittering and drifting to another world.

This is like the myriad of stars in the sky, and the countless souls born and died here and through the world.

It is like the beating of the heart.

Rising, flashing, and drifting to another world.

Continuously, weaved countless lives.

That is the beautiful scene that people even forget to breathe.

“……Why do I forget this scene? ”


This time, the gods did not give any any answer.

I did not take a step forward and lead me to somewhere.

Just, just stand there.

"………… question"


"Why, refused the invitation of not to die"

The problem of the gods is really an unexpected reality.

When I heard a problem, I thought it would be a more abstract and conceptual problem.

"Even if I ask 'why' what … …Yes

Think a little bit about it.

Is it possible to talk like this? It will be more more to sort it out …No, it's already happening now.

"I am not a family in the past life?"

But it is quite a way of life, but because of that, I have a little understanding of some things. ”

The god of the gods silently urged me to continue.

"[Living] and [No Death], the two between quite awkward.

In the past, when I was still alive, there was no doubt that there was no death.

However, if you want to say "living", you can not help but wonder. "Is that the case?"

"My past life, just no death.

I have no courage to do anything, and I feel that it is a burden to have to live for decades. ”

Even now, I think it is a hell.

The body can not move, until the end is in the room, just live for decades, which is more desperate than the general physical pain.

“……Because that memory still has a little bit of it.

So, I decided, I want to be alive in this world. ”

The vow of the day when he was a child.

Even now, it is now my own, Will's foothold.

"How to say it, there is no way to express it well.

In the past, I felt that there was no such thing as death. In fact, it was not alive. Because I was not alive, I would not feel that there was any terrible death. ”

Though I hated the pain, I did not actively seek death.

If there is a simple, safe and sure way to die like sleeping, I might accept it with pleasure.

Death is just such a thing, and life is just such a thing.

"If you devalue one side, the value on the other side will also will drop."

Muse mentioned when I first taught me magic.

As long as the earth appears, then the sky will naturally appear.

If you make a good deed, you will have a corresponding evil.

If this is the case, the reverse is certainly true.

If there is no sky, then the earth will not exist.

If there is no evil, the good deeds will not exist.

If everything is unified, it will only become nothing nothing without change. So …

"I feel that if you want to live well, you should die well.

No matter how painful or bitter it is.

Otherwise, I just went back to the room. ”

The invitation of the undead, in fact, is such a thing.

The proposal of denying death and living forever is equivalent to proposing a permanent autism in that room.

"It can only be said that there is no end to hell, that.

No matter what bonus is added, I can only refuse it firmly. ”

I shrugged and smiled.

"I am going to die as the family of the three people and die, that would be fine."


The god of the light, the silence, nodded.

It seems that this is the answer to the question.

“……Next, that. I am already dead? ”

"Not dead yet"

"So yes, still alive?"

"Though some are stubborn"

It seems to have become a rather dangerous situation.

It's almost a fake death.

So it would be like this, where the soul is reincarnation, like the planetarium of a multi-world.

"So, can you find a way to let me go back?"

"What can I do when I go back … … …If you stay here, you will die as you expect. "

I understand what the gods want to say.

Well, I can not win it.

In the case that the blood of the god of death does not flow in my body, I still want to be an opponent who has completely warned me. I really do not think I can do anything.

In the end, I am just me.

No matter how hard you try, you can not be as handsome as the heroes in the story.

Then, with that miserable, rolling on the ground and being killed.

What kind of pain, what kind of bitterness, I do not even want to imagine.

In the worst case, you will not be killed, and you will be eternal jail that can not live or die.

Even so

"If you are a family member, you still want to guard."

I can, bluntly, reveal a smile that is pretending.

No matter how ugly, even if it is muddy,

……This time, at least, I want to protect my family.

If you wake up now, maybe a miracle will happen, and you will not be able to fight with the undead.

If Muse may have come up with any plan, maybe it will be.

In this case, even if there is only a little bit, I can protect the three people a little.

“……I have already decided that one day I will repay the kindness they gave me. ”

Compared to the death of such things, the inability to repay their kindness makes me more disgusted, more regretful, and more painful for me.

So please let me go back, the gods are adults.


I naturally bent down my knees.

Blowed his head.


The gods were silent for a little while.

I kept looking down.

《……Hey, Brad and the son of Mary, William.

The soul that transcends the world


"I really understand it, and the life is heavy."


"Despite this, do you still have the consciousness to accept death?"


"I really understand, the despair of death."


"Despite this, can you still love all the life that is about to die?"

I kept my head down and answered the gods.

“……Yes. Finally, understand this.

Thanks to your favor. ”


It is because of such a special place that I can understand it involuntarily.

The reincarnation of the soul will generally be lose the memory of past lives.

I also completely lost the memory of this place.

This is probably a measure necessary to prevent the soul from the influenced by the past, to establish a new self in the world, and to strive to survive.

So, although very embarrassing, I will have some memories of past lives, because …

The deity of the gods gave mercy to the sad soul filled with regret and self-blame.

“……Thank you

The Secretary is in charge of the flow of life, the god of light and kindness. ”

But I do not know how much of my gratitude is passed on to the gods.

Thank you from the deepest heart!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Thank you for making me a child of Brad and Mary.

Thank you for making me the grandson of Muse.

Thank you very much, really.

I am grateful to you, no matter how many times.

"Your thoughts, I did hear it."

……Raise your face, the son of man

Listening to the words of the goddess, I looked up and opened my eyes.

"Thou, William"

In front of my eyes on my knees,

Under the hood of the god of the unknown light …It is a pretty, dark-haired girl.

"As long as you do not forget that consciousness, you will be qualified"

The girl, Grace Phil's undulating expression changed, and a soft smile appeared on her face.

The white hand reached me in front of me.

"Come, wake up. Make a vow and move forward together.

I took the hand.

"Until the end of his life, once again guided by me …"

When I want to stand up, my consciousness fail blurred.

"- I will become the guardian of you"

The consciousness is still a bit confusing, and I opened my eyes.

I fell to my back on the ground and may see the dark night sky.

A snake is biting my wrist.

The blood of the undead came in from the gap of the armor.

The wrist is very painful. It hurts. Very hot.

The undead heroes surrounded me.

Surrounded by ten layers and twenty layers, there was no intention to point me at the weapon.

And across from me, the undead smiled.

That is the smile that makes sure that that I have won.


No matter how you think, there is nothing you can do.

The situation that has been dead, the situation that has ended.


"咚", can feel the beating of the heart.

The pulsation is constantly beating.

My heart is still beating.

It does not matter.

If it's so, it's all right.

Deep in my chest, something like the heat of magma,

Slowly, along with the beating of the heart spread through the body.

I sat up and propped up on one knee.

Slowly cross some dull hands.

I have learned from Mary, and in this world, I am so praying.

“……The goddess of life, Grace Phil. ”

The new power is like a breeze blowing through my body.

Naturally, at first, I understanding how to use this power.

"Please also go forward with me."

Choose the patron saint and make a vow.

Today is the fifteenth night.

It is a day when children are independent and celebrate together.

It is also the day that the gods gave blessings.

《…………Praying? 》

I noticed that the abnormal expression of immortality has changed.

That is not surprising.

It is a mockery of futile resistance.

"Ha, even if you use it, you can not change anything.

Half-hanging surgery, but can not put the undead blood into the body "

With a touch of the ground, my hands ignited a white flame from the forearm.

Not hot.

Instead, I can feel the feeling of being burned out in the body.

It does not matter, I can do it.

《……Actually, holy marks? 》

The medal that was left when Mary's prayer was discovered. A flaw in the flame on the forearm.

It was the hands burned by the divine flame.

More than that.

《……! That body, it will not be mostly the Eucharist!

What kind of environment did you grow up in … "

In the case of the body of the undead, Mary prayed for food to the goddess of the earth every day.

Mary's prayer every day –

The soul that will not yield –

Completely subverted the anti-death expectations.

"Then, swear to my god."

– "It is often said that if you make a heavy oath, you can get more protection. In contrast, your own destiny will be full of suffering and ups and downs. 』

I remembered Brad's words.

I just let my mouth rise.

The fate of suffering.

It could not be better!

If you can knock down the words of death here.

……The price of that is really too cheap!

"I offer you, my life!

I will be your sword to dispel evil things, I will be your hand to save the unfortunate! ”

Following the inner thoughts, I made a heavy oath.

The god of the lights is still so ignorant, but always feels a little laugh.

“……Under the guidance of the light of the goddess [Grace Phil]! ”

Like proof, hitting the ground, burning a fire at my side –

A faint, bright, warm, soft glow.

……It is not only after the death that you will get guidance.

Everything that has a soul, from the beginning of birth to the moment of death, must advance under her light and guidance.

Even if you do not notice this, it's good.

Not tired of it.

Not tired of it.

With quiet love and compassion.

《……Got a gift from Gracefield?

The expression of the undead is distorted.

Unfortunately … such a pity ……I want you to join the camp on my side.

But since it was pulled by the guy, there is no way. "

The killings are coming.

……So far, the undead is fighting with the idea of ​​"letting his soul yield and pull him over."

But from now on, it is to kill me.

The opponent is also serious.

We have now avoiding each other, we have now stood on the stage of mutual killing.

I stood up.


……But, I have, will not lose again!

"Do not die Stagnato! I will knock you down and fulfill my vows! ”

"Young heroes …Your vows will only be abandoned halfway. "

The roar was staggered and the final battle began –


Note:The Eucharist, the original Holy Bread.

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