Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 22nd words of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The 22nd words of the sorrowful street

Take a good shot to illuminate the surrounding short shots, kick the soil and rush down the hills.

In the opposition side of the street, backed by the lush forest, the man with the blue-white face and the precipitated eyes stood there.

Yesterday, the opponent that made me completely unable to move.

The pressure has not changed at all.

But today, the incredible body can move.

Mary's jealousy, motivation, and heat make me move.

……With the overwhelming power of the evil god "Mu Ling" as the opponent, the declaration is hostile and challenges from the front.

At first glance, it is stupid behavior, but this is the final conclusion drawn from the most appropriate tactics.

The original opponent is the separation of God. It is a completely different opponent of the dimension.

It's not just an opponent who can hurt with an iron sword or a stone.

The means to make him hurt, or to destroy him, are now generally limited to three.

Use the power of other gods to release high-level magic like a muse, or use a high-level magic weapon to knock down.

The first one, the "Mu Ling" of the good gods, etc., did not expect from the beginning.

There are good gods, so they will come to to coherently respond to their prayers. I am not so self-centered.

If you intend to rely on the beginning, it is better to hide and pray than to fight.

The second one is high magic, but this is very difficult.

I am also a disciple of Muse. If you work hard, you can not release the magic of "Essence". However, it is a good success rate if you take the time to prepare carefully.

After using "Bounding" with multiple magics at such a high speed, along with "Bounding", "absence" is used to blow away all the absurd skills. No matter how you think about it, you can not imitate it today.

Can not be imitated, after being killed once, the opponent will be warned of similar tricks, and there is no way to challenge with more degrading tricks.

Then the third one is the high-level magical weapon, which is the only possibility that seems to be usable.

From Bled's "Done Everything" is no doubt, with a corresponding sword.

It's more promising to rush to attack here than to prepare for the big magic in front of the opponent who is guarding the magic.

On top of this, use a magic sword with a short attack distance.

If possible, first lie to him to make it negligent, and then aim at the surprise attack, but, have to judge, this is very difficult.

The means of injuring the opponent are limited, and equipped with items that can hurt the other party, is equivalent to the hostile declaration.

Imagine it. While talking about surrender, can an opponent who is clearly behind the knife holding the knife trust?

If I absolutely do not believe him. If you do not die, you will not believe it.

There are also ways to cover the magic sword. However, it is too optimistic to observe the ordinary hiddenness of the incarnation of God.

If you want to try those little hands and feet, it would be better to change your attitude and prepare for the battle to face the challenge.

And what's more,

"Be my opponent! ……Can you say that things like the gods will run away without being the opponents of the human beings !! "

Provocative, resorting to the other side as God, as the pride of the superior.

If you are simply provoked by this level, direct heads-up is the best development, but the real goal is to be a little lower.


LOL. Human beings have been carefully considered]

The black scorpion wrapped around the correct "Mu Ling", I felt very interesting and gave applause to me who was coming.

[—- Move my consciousness to my side and limit my actions. Is this the? 】

Was seen through.

In short, whether or not to my my opponent, I originally wanted to limit his consciousness to the point of "how to deal with me."

Anyway, there is no way to weaken Bled and Mary.

Originally, there was almost no chance of winning. If he ignored me, there was waste way to carry out the recycling of Bled and Mary.

Yeah, I'll take it. But challenge the word of God …]

The black scorpion of the undead, standing at the foot of the hill, crawls on the ground.

Penetrate into the ground like black oil.

……Though I do not know what I am doing, it is not good if I do not shoot first!

"" accelerate "!"

Instantly sing "The Mantra" is more accelerated.

Plus the original body enhancement, overwhelming acceleration.

I have already jumped a few meters without knowing it.

When you arrive at the side of the undead like a bullet, you are going to pull out "Done Everything".


The hit that was was released from the side was hit.

Do not defy its strength and jump, fall to the vicinity and jump up.

[First, please show your qualifications]

The nearby tombstone fell.

The soil turned up and it was what got up.

"this is ……"

That is a warrior.

Wearing rusted equipment.

Destroyed, warriors of the bones.

That is the magician.

Hold the decaying crutches in your hand.

Standing aside, the empty eye sockets are gently shaken, the magicians of the cheekbones.

The graves are tumbling on one side, and the sacrums are all around.

[I do not die, I do not die, Stagnato]

Think of it, one thing.

Three people knocked down "God King" here.

With many partners.

The partners have sacrificed. Unintentionally, I dyed the contract of the undead, and sealed the "King of the King."

Become the guardian of the seal and bury the body of the sacrificed partner.

And where?

……This is of course, here!

[The things that lead the undead heroes]

But the inner soul should not be the original … but

It is a partner of 3 people.

All are also the corpses of characters that are that to be called heroes.

[咕咕 …Hahaha. Then, the young warriors are embarrassed. Full, show that power! 】

Not smiling, laughing.

Open your hands, just like entertaining.

If you have it, try to come to my side. He said this

Around him, the heroes who became the undead are surrounded by Him.

– The number is about one hundred.

Was teased.

There is no chance of winning.

That kind of words appeared half in my mind –


What happened then.

Pull the shackles and force them up.

A smile appeared.

Bled will also have this during his lifetime.

Set a short gun, see the surroundings, and think about the most suitable tactics.

Certainly, Muse will do that.

Not giving up. Do not waver. Believe the possibility to the end.

Like Mary's teachings.

"In turn – be your opponent!"

……The situation is extremely bad.

Jump into the arms of the undead warrior, beat it with a shield, and break the ribs and spine that are brittle.

Shouting "The Mantra" with a larger headstone, unfolding grease and spider webs, and blocking a new squad that is coming near.

During the period, a short shot was swept by a stick, and the bones were broken.

Suddenly, one easily jumped over the tombstone and the light warrior winds the undead to jump.

The chain armor worn is extremely beautiful silver …It should be the "Magic Silver" that I have heard, probably that can not be stunned.

"Cut oooo!"

Therefore, in the gap between the main bones of the tibia and the tibia, which constitute the calf, the tip of the short gun is used to disturb his posture in the air.

After the disrupted posture fell, and wherever it fell, smoothly stepped on the heel and stepped on the skull.

At the moment of smashing, the guntail girl who had swung a short shot at the back was restrained.

A magic bullet was released next to it.

"" accelerate "!"

Use magic to speed up the jump and avoid.

Skip the bigger tombstone and twist the body like a pole in the air.

"The Fall" "Spider Web"!

The few bodies that are coming from behind are rolled up on the spider web and immediately change to where they can not catch up.

"Smirk!" It seems that with hundreds of heroes as opponents, can you still do this?

I do not know why I feel admired, but I have never done anything weird.

Just follow the basics as you learn.

If there are hundreds of undead who are like Bled and Muse, the most advanced and undead who are rational will end.

However, fortunately, even God, it is impossible to mass – produce the undead in this series in real time.

The warrior does not have a sharp and terrifying knife like a hero. However, many of them lack parts or equipment, and they are slower than Bled.

If the control situation pulls it into one-on-one, it will only be a little troublesome in three strokes.

The magician's undead is almost outside the scope of the discussion. The use of their intellectuality is too rough.

It takes only time to sing the big magic, the aiming of the shooting magic is too crude, and now it is only a fluke hit by the high-speed movement under the full body enhancement.

Then, in accordance with the teachings of Muse, the non-killing system is restrained, the magic and assistance are hindered, and the action of the enemy group is controlled in order.

After pulling in one-on-one, you can use the combat skills trained by Bled to smash.

……This is the case, but the situation is extremely bad.

The question is defeated or defeated by hundreds of heroes.

After defeating 100 heroes, can you fight against the undead?

If you want to do such a group of 100 people, even if there is not much physical strength is not enough.

If you breathe out, the failure rate of the humming magic will increase, and the skill will become dull.

If "do not do everything" can absorb vitality, it may be able to continue continue to be combated without tires, but, coincidentally, the other party is all undead who have no vitality.

What to do, while breaking the whole, while thinking about it.


The words of the undead do not stop the movements of the undead.

[I thought it was an accessory other than 3 people …However, more than expected. What is your name? 】

Undead smiled.

Looks like, very happy, look like.


Answer carefully.

Not good. It made him better, but it seems that he adjusted my evaluation upwards.

When I consider the possibility of being crushed more mercilessly,

[Yes, Will. ……Once again, do not you belong to me? 】

Such words lead to the ears.

[I like you.

Whether it is the outstanding combat ability or the spirituality that challenges me alone, I like it all.

In my undead army, I will welcome you as a general.]


[Well, wait. You are afraid, misunderstood something.

Those 3 people, including you. Is not it necessary to give give everything to me without hesitation? 】

……That is, a little surprising word.

Judging from the consciousness of Bled and Mary, it is a miserable imagination to be seen by the words of the undead evil gods imprisoning the soul.

[If you choose to come with me, drive away the nasty death from your body.

Board the ship of the undead, and reach the country through the end of the sea, where there is no aging, no disease.]

As a result of the unexpected expansion, I was set aside, and said without a death.

[Sometimes because of my slogan, fight with the heroes of the Good God camp, and the heroes.

You will fight against the powerful enemy who is not good at dealing with the ancient heroes, saints, and sages, and rush on the battlefield.

Telling the tone of the ideal undead, without hesitation.

I am afraid, there is power that is believed to be such a power.

[A banquet will be held after the battle is over. Very noisy, very happy, after the injury, prepare for the next battle.

For the undead, as long as it is the highest undead person of a powerful soul, is there a feeling of joy, do you know it? 】

That, I know.

I live with three people, so I know.

[Will. You can, live with Ortas, Bled, Mary, and Hell.

There is no separate need. There is no need for grief.

If my camp dominates all of this dimension, it will turn into forever —

That is my purpose, not to say so.

[This world, too many tragedies.

Death is not beautiful, it is accompanied by pain and horror beyond imagination.

As long as you fall in love with someone, you will surely get the pain of the loved one, and the death of the parting in r eturn.

Heroes with power and noble saints are being murdered because of their power, because they are so clean, alienated, and so on.

– The god of death, Stagliton, used to be a member of the Good God camp, but because he could not bear all kinds of life and death tragedies, he stepped onto the god of another road.

– Don't die all kinds of excellent souls, and look forward to a world that will be be stagnant forever and without tragedy …·····.

Think of Mary's words.

She did, she said that.

[Not very unreasonable? There are too many tragedies in this world.

……I want to overthrow those, all.

I want to create, there is no threat of death, a gentle world forever]

The words of the undead are accompanied by love.

Probably, his words are not false.


If it is true, such a world can be real real.

If so, if it is implemented …

[So, Will. Like the three people, I will make a contract with him.

Not dying, I do not know if I took out the wine glass and the short sword.

A silver cup with no luster, a simple short sword with no exaggeration.

However, those shrouded a strong god.

Pick up the glass, and above the cup, cut the wrist shallowly without death.

Oh, the black blood of the undead is accumulated in the glass.

【……Just drink my blood. In that case, you can identify with death]

Not dying, facing me, handed out the wine glass.

Drinking that blood will be a dead person, right?

I put the short gun on the ground, gently, and took it to the wine glass –

Stepping out, suddenly the knife smashed the wrist off.


From the black blade of "Doing Everything", the red grass and the thorny things fly out, wrapped in the wound of the undead.

Spilled power from the right hand holding the sword. Fatigue is eliminated, and the wounds are healed, and the vitality begins to emerge immediate.

……Is it true that that vitality will be restored? When thinking about this, the body of the trained body will slash again.

It is not the head that uses his momentary shake to attack, but the big torso of the target.

[Oh, yeah …! 】

Hit it.

It is a direct blow.

There is a real touch.

The crimson thorns entangle the torso's torso.


Can do it.

I am so convinced that I intend to give the final blow from the squat to the head.


The supporting leg was horrible and was dragged down by something.

The Adventurer's

The breath of not escaping.

Turn the line of sight. On the feet, it was wrapped in blood-stained snakes.

The snake – climbed out of the glass that fell over with the wrist of the undead.


In such a place, he even laid down his men!

[Hey, hehe …Sage is good, you are good, really …Are people who can not care about it …]

Hear the voice of the undead.

Tightly, the snake curled up my feet with the terrible power that the body could not imagine.

Open your mouth and stare at me with a blind eye.

The serpent's fangs – dripping, not the blood of death.

Oh, the snake is called.

Undead responded to its cry.

NeitherLet's bite! 】

Along with that sentence, the snake swooped over my head.

The snake stalked the blocked arm, in the gap between the armor and the pain passed.

……Being able to turn the opponent into a non-dead person, the fangs of the blood of the gods, bite into it.

I walked all over the body from the abnormal cold in my arm.

Blurred vision.

Awareness is turbid.

The sense of balance became strange and the ground became distorted.


In the light of the horizon.

Obscurely seeing, the undead, set up weapons for me.

No, OK.

Obviously, I do not want to protect, yes, no, …………

—- The vision is slowly dimmed, and my consciousness disappears.

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