Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 21st words of the deceased street

Volume 1 The 21st words of the deceased street

After the undead god left.

Despite the messy pains in my body, I moved the three people in the drowsy state to the room of the temple.

The maximum activity limit for the undead has been destroyed.

The reason why it was not completely destroyed because of dying is to acquire the souls of three people.

All three are high-ranking undead.

No matter how many injuries, you can recover immediately, but it has not recovered.

The damage exceeded the extent of recovery.

Moreover, the cause of this injury is the "the dying of the undead god Stagtoni" at the source of the undead power.

It is not so easy to recover.

The recovery is too slow.

I am afraid, even if it is tomorrow, let alone a complete cure is still a serious injury.


The first to carry it is Mary, that arm was interrupted and her throat was cut.

This body is very weak and has no strength. Slim and thin to sadness.

Then it is the muse That can not be touched even by touch.

Just use a few "mantras" to move, even even make no sound.

Brad, who broke the bones one by one, packed each part for delivery.

How many times, how many times, while trying to grit your teeth, hold back the tears, and go back and forth between the hills and the temple.

…… it's all my fault.

It was me who took Brad and Mary's obsession.

Muse's reason for raising me is too good. The reason for granting knowledge is too good. The reason for wanting to kill me is good. The reason for deliberately admitting is also good.

And finally understand.

Both Brad and Mary are characters that can not be abandoned.

But if you raise me, you may lose your obsession.

Therefore, Muse will be strong against raising me.

So trying to raise me is not going to work, I …Because I have memories of past lives, I have always been a good boy.

I use the memory of past lives, so I can show corresponding a high understanding.

So you can feel the enthusiasm of Brad and Mary.

At that time, Muse had a hellish duck – filling course for me to defeat me.

I used a lot of over-the-top topics to crush me, so that I hate learning and the like.

Because even then I still have not been overthrown …Because of the feelings of me, Brad and Mary lost their obedience to the "King of the Kings"


So, I thought about killing me.

At that time, I used "create golem" and "stone blast" to clean up me. Probably, I want to make a cause.

A large number of deaths in the underground city caused by the falling of rubble.

I can not think of this cruel decision.

The souls of two friends who have been in for impersoned by evil gods, and they have known the lives of children who have only been in the past 10 years.

Putting both in the balance of the day, no doubt will choose the former.

But even so, probably, Muse's heart still still tangled.

The most likely to kill me is the muse, my death caused collapse of Brad and Mary, and then the possibility of losing obsession is also considered.

We have arrived

The result is still the problem of the two people's mood. No matter how wise the muse is, but can not just choose the theoretically correct answer, probably Muse himself

It is clear.

Therefore, Muse did not defeat me when the underground street collapsed, and I decided to give me a chance to fight back.

……At that time, Muse, how the heart is suffering, how to worry.

No matter how I think, that battle is just part of training, and it gives me the chance to escape.

Deliberately lost to me, I want to say when.

My victory is just to satisfy Brad and not let him lose his obsession.

……I should also know what I am resisting. (If you do not know anything, just flip it according to the author's meaning …Servant

Distribution. )

But Muse, he said nothing about the reasons.

Brad and Mary will be destroyed by you, and Muse obviously wants to say this.

Finally, I thought that I was a child and said nothing.

Then, the last fatal situation happened.

At that time, Muse had already made a decision to fight a man with the "Mu Ling".

I want to guard me, Brad and Mary.

In the face of such a terrible existence, a person is fighting alone.


What did Brad and Mary think?

…… 2 people are probably already aware of it.

Even if I raise, I will lose my obsession.

Even if the Muse is left alone, it will eventually burst into disillusionment.

With all of them in mind, I still choose to raise me.

It's hard to discard a baby.

It's good to raise it casually.

The result is still one-minded, earnestly and persistently raising me.

Perhaps, Muse has also had a dispute with them on this matter many times.

At this time, even if it is always a distressed expression, but not to retreat Brad.

Even if I feel sorry, I will shelter my Mary.

These can be clearly imagined.

I have always been so ignorant of everything, and I am growing up freely.

It is clearly based on the distress of Muse and Brad Mary's self-sacrifice.

Hmmm …

I have to live well this time, so I am so happy to forget it.

Even if Brad explained to me, I still believe innocently.

Going to the outside world to hold hope.


The ambiguous past life memory has awakened.

I can hear the sound of the motor turning. In front of you, the flatbed carrying the white coffin is moving forward.

With the mechanical sound of inorganic matter, the door of the cremation furnace is slowly closed.

Former life, the death of both parents.

I have been giv giving them trouble, but the parents who are not asking.

"Oh …"

Tears kept flowing.

He was in front of three people in a state of lethargy.

Sadness has nowhere to vent, and hot feelings burn in the heart.

It hurts, too painful and curled up on the cold ground.

"I am sorry ……"


What will happen in the future.

I'm sorry … I am sorry

It's all my fault, and I'm dead again.

Causing trouble for others

Nothing can be repaid

Nothing can be done.

"sorry Sorry ……Please forgive me …… "


I really am a waste.

Even if it is a reincarnation, there is nothing that can not be done with incompetent waste.

Why, this time, again

This time, still the same

Nothing was done at the crucial moment.

Curled in a dark room.

The feeling of nowhere to be released burns in the chest.

Repeatedly said that thank you that can not be conveyed.

……Reincarnation, but nothing, change.


Hearing the sound, he suddenly woke up.

Shrinking into a ball, crying, oh, apologizing, so reciprocating …

When I noticed it, I lost consciousness in the middle.

When you lose consciousness and when you fall asleep, there is no way to be sure.

"It's a bad face …Hello?

Brad, who was ruined and ruined, smirked and laughed.

"Allah, really …"

Mary, their voice was destroyed, said hoarsely.

Only the upper part of the Muse, shrugged.

"I can not do it, Will. Sleeping on the floor in the big winter "

"Hmm. Go and cook some herbal tea. ……Anyway, since yesterday, I have not eaten anything. "

"Oh, that can not be done." To be delicious, this is the first priority. "

Everyone, still as usual. Everything makes me think that I am dreaming.

Touched so warm

The burning feeling of the chest dissipated.

From the bottom of my heart, something has come out.

I can not breathe normally, and tears flow out.

"I am sorry ……"

Can not help but hang down. Unable to raise your head.

"Wrong, Will. We are just paying the price of the previous stupidity. It's not your fault.

"We have been out of reincarnation for too much time. It is impossible to pay no price. "

Even when I heard this sentence, I still could not look up at at the three people.

「……Well, it is the Muse father who ignores the contract and wants to fly the debt collector is just a failure! As always, it's amazing. "

Yum. I did not expect that "Mu Ling" can be divided into two. Ten years have not been revealed in this dimension, it is impossible to not clean him carefully. (This sentence is a chaotic turn, and I read it into a It is a deny, a potato is a plague It is not then a jagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

But it does not feel right)

"Calling. But, that being said …Does not that feel a bit of a big heart? "

Mary rarely said such a dangerous statement, and both of them could not help but laugh.

EH eh? Pulling one of the undead gods "Wood" to die together, this is not bad.

"Right, just kill another one by the way … 3 people give him some color? "

Even God can overcome it. It is impossible because there is a contract, so there is no way, but the one that has been eliminated should be accidental.

Feasible, so Brad said with a smile.

"M, this momentum. I also know that I can not let go of this state, but I use the fancy "Music", "The Man and Me", the guy and me.

Do not they all blow together? (The tone used by the elderly) "

"This is good! (Undead) Our souls want to be disintegrated together! "

"This is a wonderful plan, Muse."

Have a bright atmosphere

The three must have started from the battle, and chat like this.

……Strongly calm, I still understand.

The Muse was won by a surprise attack and a desperate attempt by the opponent.

But there will never be a second time. Not only were three people seriously injured, but also suffered from the loss of their obsessions.

The chest is sore.

"That is, Will. You see, adults can be independent. Come off soon. "

"Though it is a pity that you can not hold adult celebrations and ceremonies for you …"

"Well, just treat all the ideas you have taught so far as a gift."

Chest, it hurts.

A burning sensation in the inside of the chest.

"When you get outside, remember to catch a few small cockroaches and go everywhere to do evil" (Brad)

"Ah, hello, Brad! Do not teach these strange things! (Mary

"Ha ha ha, just a little eyes closed." Men are not like this "(Brad)

"If you get used to bad habits, you will not be able to change it slowly!"Mary

"Even if you have a bit of trouble, you have to learn, is it a muse" (Brad)

"Mum …….What is wrong with it, Will's words are ok "(Muse)

"Ah, Will's words are already very good" (probably Brad)

"I think so too ……" (Mary

The chest is sore.

It hurts to the point of being intolerable.

「…………It's not.


3 people are all wrong.

"How can people like me exist as you expect?"


Said in a trembling voice.


Let's take a look at it. Under the urgency of Brad's action, I told the story like a flood.

Negative feelings such as self-blame, shame, and lamentation have become messy.

It has the memory of past life.

I was a bad person in my previous life.

We have you have you have you spend this time.

The hardships of the three people have not noticed anything, carefree and alive.

In the end, nothing could be repaid.

Like the sinner who pleaded guilty, I said every everything in my heart.

Three people listened to me quietly.

"Even in previous lives …When I have been giving giving trouble to my parents, I do not remember if I cry.

Yeah man.

I was at that time.

What was I thinking about at the time?

Even this has become blurred.

Yes, me.

I am aa waste "

I wanted to come back in the new environment.

Let's dance to the wind a little, just a garbage that does not have anything to use.

How dangerous the world outside is.

It's better to go and see, so tempted …

Thoughts are tumbling.

Octanoic acid pain Sad shame

I can not have a look directly at the faces of three people.


Mary called me.

……The face of the war was raised.

"Give me a tight grip"

Shocked to swim.

The face was stunned and I was late to react.

The arm that Mary began to recover was once again broken.

嘶 (inhale) I sent a sigh.

"Ma, Mary …"

"Look at me."

Mary ignored the twisted arm and held my face firmly in my face, making our eyes parallel.

The eyes in front of me have no eyes.

Some are just empty eye sockets.

Mary's eyeballs have long since ceased to exist.

Usually, her eyes are always drooping.

Not only to maintain a quiet image, but to keep the eyes from scaring me.

"Will. Mother, I do not allow you to hurt yourself like this again. "

Mary said so harshly.

"Are you a waste? There is also limit to making jokes. You are always meticulous, but you do not have to die.

No matter how ridiculous the muse proposes, how many times Brad used to hit the stick, or the city was thrown into the mountains and underground cities. "

Mary said quietly but indiscriminately.

Mary, who used a tough tone like this, I have never seen it before.

"Please do not ignore your achievements!

What about the memories of past lives! At most, the extent to which you do not want to shake your heart, why are you hit so badly! "

Just like the momentum of beating your head.

"When the past parents died, do not you remember crying? You are not sure to to cry!

It's just a sly memory, but it's just that you can make you regret it!

Now, for the sake of our business, you are so crying!

It is absolutely impossible to not cry like this! "

Hey, hey, the heart is beating.

The feeling of numbness has gradually become clear.

I have already cried in tears, and tears have flowed out again.

The deep inside of the frozen, slowly, warmth began to brighten up.

"Will, William! Do not be discouraged, give me the spirit!

……Your answer is! "

For Mary's words.

I, once, choking

「……Yes, sorry! "

Straight back, looking straight at Mary, replied.

The turmoil in my heart, the feelings of nowhere, all disappeared in an hour.

Crossing Mary's shoulder, Brad and Muse smiled bitterly.

"Hey, is it twisted and twisted?"

"It seems that your weakness has been removed."


No longer confused.

The warmth of the heart lit up, somehow, gradually began to turn into a hot like magma.

The clear-cut thoughts began to build the theory at a high speed.

no problem.

I, already, no problem.

……Mary, I am guarded. (A deja vu, but Mary is not your mother?


That I have something to do. "

In the future, probably, let me fight.

"Please, please let me guard everyone."

Determined, no gloom.

Cooking at sunrise and eating warm food.

Steaming food can warm the cold body, bring vitality and courage.

Finished out the equipment.

The guy said that he will come back at night. The short gun "Pale Moon" is a 2 meter long, with maximum illumination range.

The gun with maximum brightness.

The shield is worn on the left arm and secured with a belt for the purpose of beating.

Under the thick armor, wearing a soft leather armor, and then wearing a metal scorpion, breastplate, pickpocket, and jingle in important parts.

Considering the possibility of visual hearing impairment, there is no helmet.

Anti-confrontation against the gods of this half of the armor is just for peace of mind.

In the case of the possibility that the sweat will flow in the eyes and the possibility that the aftermath of the attack will cut the forehead, it is replaced by a sheet metal.


Then, confirm the sword belt hanging on "Everything to Eat".

This sword, which is also effective against Mudu, is the key to everything.

The possible support of ancient language and prayer was given by Mary and Muse, and all that could be applied was used.

"All potential" ("Counter magic") "Physical defense is barely strong"

(Protection) "Bless over bravery", and various other types …

Physical fitness and resistance to magic have increased three times more than usual.

Though it has increased by 3 times, it is not really improved by 3 times. This is not known.

……Three people are desperately stopping me.

Say at least you have to fight together.

But to be honest, even if the three people are now in the war, they will not have have the defensive margins.

Instead, one person is more relaxed, I am so convinced.

"The final boss before leaving the novice village (original machi) …"

Suddenly remembered the past computer RPG game, I muttered.

If this is just a simple game, this composition is really boring. A terrible game.

However, the reality is often like this.

When the preparation is not enough, sometimes you will suddenly encounter a strong excessive opponent.

But it is often impossible.

There will always be a desperate encounter with a strong opponent.

In this case, what should I do?

「……Then I have to find ways to try new tricks and try to stick to it.

However the theory of rootedness is only a kind of spiritual theory, it is still necessary to strive for a forward-looking character at an important moment. This is what I learned from reincarnation. (You

In the chaos, he turned over the roots of the theory of spirituality, and when he was awkward, he was a servant. )

Whether the odds are high or low.

Victory or lost.

Can do it or not.

In the reality of no (game) parameters, there are many things that you will not understand without typing.

Although it is difficult to act due it is afraid of failure and all the risks are discharged.

If this is the case, it can only become a critic who is superficial and knowledgeable. This is what I used to be.

Cuku confirms every soft part of the body.

Then burn incense and squat before the temple statue.

"The god of mercy who is compassionate." Next, I will fight for the important father, mother and grandfather. ……Facing the evil god, alone

One person's battle. "

Overlap your hands. Low volts of sight.

"This trip is under your baptism, please be sure to give some protection" (only pull out the big bullying,

Less with your mind)

Like to stop swearing.

Like to stop shrinking.

Like to prevent Brad, Mary, and Muse from being ashamed to fight.

After such a brief prayer, I stood up.

Open the door to the temple.

Towards a dark night.

Towards the outside world.

I took the step myself.

The whistling, cold wind blew through the night hills of the wilderness.

This mountain foot, because of the cemetery, exudes an unpleasant and unclean atmosphere.

【……Sa, have you made up your mind? 】

Ah, it's decided.

"Do not die Starkuniit. God of Evil

Move to him, slowly accelerate, from rapid pace to gallop.

「……Will you destroy it!! "

I challenged the gods.

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