Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 20th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

Volume 1 The 20th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

But a bit out of place, memories of nostalgia have recovered.

It is a memory of jealousy. In the past life, when I was a child, I read the memories of children's novels in the library.

I am a child with a good understanding. Even a high-level book with difficult Chinese characters is a local look …

Parents seem to be very happy about this and often take me to the library.

The child's I think that the library is a very large, and the books I can see make me dizzy.

In the children's book area, a variety of books were found from left to right in various bookshelves.

I read it greedily.

Among them, there is a favorite book.

It is a broken, dilapidated fantasy novel.

It is a book with a magician.

Up to now, even the title is nothing, I can not remember it …

I only remember the old magician with open hands, very very handsome.

"Bundle," "Knot", "Bound" – "

A very large number of manna gathering, running away.

Muse was extremely correct, and the "mantra" sung at high speed hit the blue – white man like a meteor.

[Ha ha ha, sage. Even if you know everything, do you still have to resist? 】

A man who gave a non-human, unclean atmosphere, while laughing, fell into a black shackle in the blink of an eye …

"Continuous", "Tracing" !! "

However, Muse did not let him go.

The black scorpion pulled out a few dark tails that spread out to avoid the bounded black scorpion block, and the "Speech" expanded as it broke.

But it seems that it can not be anything, but in the battle to resume to the other side of the moment, it is extremely advanced skill to pick up the appropriate "mantra" without hesitation.

Change the impression of the whole article with the last 2, 2 words added.

Like a poem that skills are condensed, it is like a novel written under the guise.

……The linked "Music" changes as time goes by.

It is re-formed into a man's encirclement by the black scorpion, and it is formed by an indefinite shape of a cage and a chain of chains.

It is solid and multi-layered, bound and sealed.


However, the constrained man did not have much emotion.

With a plentiful attitude, the manna that is surrounded by a scorpion,

【……《Destroy and show up "

Cast a broken "mantra".

Overwhelmingly over the strong turbulence of the Muse, it is necessary to simply shred the cage –

But at this moment, Muse completed the action of the finger.

Under the right handwriting, the "Speech" like "Guardian" hinders the whirl.

Under the left handwriting, the "Curse" like "Essence" eliminates the whirl.

And then, the "mantra" that was unfolded became a thing, and Muse re-enacted "The Mantra" on this object.


The restraint of the cage is strengthened.

— Four magic exercises.

In the body of Mary and Bled who lost strength and exhausted, I just looked at it with great attention.

Muse opened his hands with elegant movements, and the following determined eyes turned to the blue-white man.

"Green Retreat", "Death", "Destroy everything with equal footsteps" … "

The man who sang and grew up with the "mantra" and made a sense of his meaning changed his mind for the first time.

【……You git! 】

The man who intended to undermine the restraint sang several spells in succession.

The space creaked. There was a shock around the site that was rolled up and shattered. However, this could not shake the restraint of the Mantra.

That is, the muse of the muse.

"No matter the poor's hut," is still the king's minaret !! "

The one that was enhanced by the left and right fingerings was originally a ritual magic that required a unified atmosphere of several people.

One person is absolutely indispensable, one of the most extreme magic.

"—-" All Existence "!!!"

Body, soul, phenomenon. Cut off the connection between the "Mantra" and "Mantra" of the Senrowan, and let it dissociate, so that it loses its meaning back to manna, and the colorless and transparent collapses and fluctuates.

The destruction of the ancient language magic.

……《There is a "mantra" that erases and digs away the corner of the hill.

The dug-out hills are as bitten as the beast's mouth.

The sharp topographical change caused the atmosphere to tremble, as if to fill in the gaps that were undone by everything, and the strong winds around the hills.

Oh, oh, Mary's robes are rising with the wind. (Let's go, oh, windy words)


Even after confirming that the fluctuation of "There is erased" really swallowed the blue-white man, Muse did not carelessly.

While alerting around, release a few "mantras" to confirm and verify the possibility of avoidance and the possibility of pretend to die.

Soon after, I was finally convinced that the other party was wiped out, and Muse put down her hand.

「……Bled, Mary. Have not been taken away from the soul? "

"Ah, let's be it."

"Total, it is finally …"

Muse sighed.

"So, in the end, let's do something for Will. I can not touch him. "

With that said, Muse turned her eyes to me.

The eyes that have fallen, and the gentle eyes that have not seen so far.

"- I am afraid of you."

Because of this language, I discovered that my body is still in rigidity.

Mary gently held her hand.

Brad, he clumsied to help me back.


I kept holding my breath, and I found out that I barely breathed.

「……Ha, ha …! "

The lungs seek oxygen.

Inhale violently and spit out.

Cold sweat came out all over the body.

The tremors of late arrival also came.

Naturally, tears ooze out of the corners of the eyes.

very scary.

Very scary, scary, scary, scary …!

Really terrible opponent.

I should also be stronger.

However the combat skills are not as good as Bled, though the magic is not comparable to the muse, the spirituality is not comparable to Mary, but I have done serious training.

There is a certain number of powerful, I am so proud.

Still, in front of the black man, I can not move at all.

It is absolutely impossible to win, and intuition tells me like this.

"Sorry, Muse ….Sure enough, exactly as you worry. "

Bled said.

"Although I want to stay until Will goes out to travel …"

Mary looked very sorry to mutter.

「……That is the decision of both of you. "

Muse shrinks her shoulders.

"Though it is a pity that the worry comes true …As far as I am concerned, there is no ambiguity to devalue your will. "

Like a compassionate, gentle tone.

"And everything is fine, unexpectedly, is it smooth?"

「……Right. I was very handsome just now. "

"I really appreciate you. Really, it has always been … "

"What, very ordinary things"

Mary and Muse with Bled, smiling gently.

The shoal of the former shoal was lightly buried in the general, it is such an atmosphere.

Then Muse, look back at me.

"Oh, oh, Will. I've got you into the big event. "

Well, but do not need to worry, Muse said with a smile.

That expression is as clear as solving the worry that has always been embraced.

So. How to explain it …Though it is not so complicated. "

「……Well, if you become such a situation, you do not know if you want to say it.

"Yes. There are also a few years of suspension at the minimum …Ah, do not you talk indoors? Will will be cold right. "

I am making herbal tea. MHI

Bled, who was still unstable, said with smile, OK, stepping into the entrance to the temple.

In the tone of the gas, I sighed, and looked back at me and me.

"That's it ….Let's talk slowly about the fire around the stove. No, do not worry. "

I always feel happy when I look at the muse who smiles in an uncharacteristically.

The tension has disappeared.

Before warming the stove, listen to them with the tea cup of herbal tea while warming your hands.

As always, the time of the family.

"Even if there is, there is always a way,"

I smiled and looked at Muse.

The smile I just made –

"Yes, ……?"

It was frozen soon.

– The arm that was turned into a black scorpion runs through the chest of Muse.

"Ah ah …………"


It should be the muse of the soul, groaning in pain.

Then I did not have have the spare time to do anything.

The body of the Muse, simply, was torn open to the top and bottom.

"Muse …!?"

"Oh, oh, Bled!"

Unlike the frightened me, it was Bled and Mary who responded immediately.

But the two have not yet responded, Bled responded to Mary's voice in an avant-garde posture, and Mary set up a frame for attacking prayers.

There is no hesitation in the reaction, it is the ironclad proof of the two as veterans.

The two.

【……Oh, haha

Was defeated.


Volt on the ground.

Just a moment.

"Oh, yeah …"

Oh, that's the sound of Bled's bones being crushed.

Being oppressed by the black cockroach.

Some of the bones flew around, and some flew to my cheeks.

"嘿 次 —- … …"

Mary's nephew was dug up by the black cockroach, and her arms were broken like a twig.

A leaking sound was heard.

Already, I can no longer pray to God for help.

[I am very surprised. Even with one person alone, it broke my split …]

Black is turned into a human form.

Mixed with the sound of noise.

Young man. Well-proportioned to an unnatural body.

Like no blood flowing, pale skin. Precipitated pupil.

【……If you do not split the split into two, it will become a barrier to long-term activities.

The man said, raising the upper body of Muse with one hand.

[It is worthy of praise, "Oh, the sage of the sage." You are indeed true, unparalleled big magician]


Muse, who was torn away from the chest, stared at the man with bloodshot eyes.

Even if the man is despised, he smiles coolly.

"Star, grid …Nito …! "

Starg, Nito.


Not dying.


It is a pity to destroy you. I will wait for you until you lose your obsession.

After that announcement, "The Spirit of the Undead" simply put the upper body of the Muse aside.

[Then, there, you]

The sight of the undead, facing this side.

The heart began to beat fiercely.

Feet, can not help but start shaking.

If you want to open your eyes, you can not open your eyes.

He, the look of his mouth, is clearly visible.

Come closer.

Can not move.

I noticed that the undead is going to approach me.

Mary and Bled took the half-bad body and pulled the man's foot, and then it was smashed again.

The broken bones echoed again.

Undead came to the eye.

Foreboding the death, the moment.

【…… you do a great job

Including a smile,

【Thanks to you. I want to say thank you.

It is an unquestionable compliment.

"what …………"

With trembling lips and tangled tongue, I finally spit out words.

[These heroes, I have a contract with me, in order to become the most advanced undead]

Undeadly said with open arms.

He, he, looks very happy.

[Until the loss of obsession with "The King".

Me too me again and as my full servant – as a condition, I will become undead.]

The man who overflowed the unclean atmosphere, the narrative, the one is …

* * Meaning:

"Yes, I …"

what to do

Undead ridicule.

[Thanks to you, the obsession of "Sage" is getting thinner. As for "Ghost of War" and "Love Girl", you completely lose your obsession with "The King".

Words passed through the ears.

Understand, can not catch up.

Because, because, that is is,

[Thank you, first of all, these two people will have my servants forever.]

Not dying, it looks very happy.

【…………Thanks to your being a son, you are working hard to live. 】

that is because.

I am reborn.

This time.

I want to live this time.

Work hard, live well ………

[Ha ha ha, it seems quite shocking! Well, understandable]

Thinking, can not move.

[But, I am grateful to you for this. This is true]

The sound enters from the ear.

[Then the immature, the heroes' disciples are not too bad]

Can not understand.

And how was it? You are obeying me, belonging to my camp.]

Can not understand.

【……With the three people, forever, relationship and life will continue]


that is ……

LOL. Interested? Alright

Then I will give you the time to think about it, together with the important family, and said with a smile.

[Tomorrow is the winter solstice. Taboo when the sun is weakest]

The figure of the undead is collapsed and turned into a black scorpion.

[–On that night, listen to your answer]

The wind is heavy and scraped.

The shape of the undead has disappeared.

I am as erect as an idiot.

Except for watching him, I can not do anything.

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