Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 19th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

Volume 1 The 19th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

In that sentence, it was deeply oozing out of despair and filled with the thought of giving up.

"Kill, can not you …?"

Bled dropped his head.

Mary, nodded to my words.

"Will. Your expectations are correct. Amazingly put all the steps, completely speaking of the battle of Muse at the time.

As you expected, the Muse used all the visible elements and properly built the the possibility of killing "The King".

And the actual battle was successful, and Mary said in a calm tone.


Far away, like looking at the illusory voice.

"But the elements that are visible are not all." "The King "is a monster that exceeds the expectations of Muse."

This time, really, speechless.

Even if you cheat, you should have a score, and even such a statement can not be said.

……What, that guy.

"The King of the King, who showed his nature, tore the child's posture and turned back to the ugly alien warrior. And that … "

Mary could not seem to say it, Bled went on.

"The" King of the King ", which is serious, is the swordsman above me.

Bled, looking into the distance.

That is, remembering the battle with Kings?


「……Can not beat it. Although I have experienced many times with my huge opponents, it's the first time that a sword can not reach it. "

can not imagine.

Bled is no match?

Then, what kind of skill is it?

In the end, there must be a lot of things accumulated to reach that height.

"Through the" Mantra ", I pulled it over and smashed it with an ordinary sword, but the magic sword here can only smash into the void.

Outside, I entrusted everything to us and became a partner of the wall, and I was defeated one by one.

Like the nightmare of horror, Bled's voice.

"How much is the excuse?

The other party is the leader of the devil. The "king" in "The King" has completely different physical abilities.

The sword that was robbed is a sword that is completely different from the usual use of the big sword.

But ah, Bled said.

"I also have the magic to accept the Muse, and the full support of Mary's prayer.

I have already been a very serious injury at the stage of "The King" or the appearance of the little devil.

To say such a nationality, the other party has has the same.

Bled told him that.

"On top of this …Just, just a few milliseconds, probably, that guy is only one step higher.

In the heights when I was born, I could not reach … "

That is, in Bled's heart, the bitter scars that have been deeply engraved.

It's the first time that Bled, always cheerful, speaks in such a heavy tone.

"I am thinking now. What are the deficiencies in my life? What can I do better?

Mary closed her eyes and said nothing.

Nothing to say.

"But it is already too embarrassing ….Will, you know it too. "

The undead is ooooo that will not grow.

Bled even thought about it.

Even how many times the sword has been played.

"My sword, I have already ended here."

In the first step of "The King", Bled is absolutely unable to climb.

Silence. Then …

"Then, when our defeat is strong"

Mary, taking on the silent Brad's words, said it.

"Muse and I, each of them made a seal to" The King ". Even if you can not kill it, at least … "

That is, Muse and Mary, gave up the practice of Bled's victory.

The three people deeply trust each other and respect each other's personalities and abilities. I am very clear.

That they, in the partner to play his abilities, the biggest stage.

As the behavior that declares to him that "you can not do it" …What kind of mood were they at the time?

"Fortunately ……The operation was successful.

Engulfed by the cracks in the ground generated by the miracle of Madil, "The King" was sealed in the depths of the earth. "

That is, conquering most of the continent, the devil's "Upper King".

"But, that is just a simple fight for time, and we understand it clearly.

Among the demons, there are many magicians who can use the "mantra" or the powerful gods who serve the gods.

People who are outside walls have been killed, and it is only a matter of time before we approach us.

Then, what happens when the three are crusted?

"That that, the demons will gather for a meeting and spend a long time to release the seal of their" King of the Kings. "

The behavior of me and Muse is nothing but a way to be forced to go astray and there is no way. "

Mary's tone is mixed with deep regret and despair.

「…………We, at the end of the last, did not believe in Bled. "

Even if the probability is low, Bled's sword will knock down "God" and should believe in the possibility to the last moment.

Mary's voice, clearly said.

And then

The autumn wind blew.

Because of the long talk, the body is completely cold.

And then like us who laugh at us … "

A cold, aversion to cold all over the body.

"It's not the death of Stagnato's" Mu Ling ", coming"

"The camp of the evil gods is not a united front.

They each acted on different ideas, and if they are consistent, they will cooperate, but vice versa.

"For Stagnto …Very inconvenient. "Shang Wang is too strong.

The guy holding "The Doing Everything"is a monster that can laugh and kill the gods"Mu Ling"

After he dominated a continent as a vassal of the Dimensional God Diagorma, he will show his magic hand to the next continent.

The military that expands with time can dominate the two continents or it can be done.

And as the body of the military, and the gods also have to think about how to kill the monster.

"The seal of"The King"is just right for him, so the undead god who told us made a deal with us."

"Do not die, why?"

「…………Because you are very good, become the undead to participate in this camp, this kind of.

If promised, He will kill all kinds of demons in this city street.

After that, you will be able to keep the seal with the undead body.

"The god of death, Stagnato, was a faction in the camp of good gods, but because he could not bear all kinds of life and death tragedies, he went on another path.

I will not let all kinds of good souls die, and look forward to the world that will never stop and there is no tragedy … "

I was blinded by the undead, Mary said.

Being stared, this statement is more effective, Bled shrinks his shoulder and said.

"There is no room for choice ….We promised "

Mary, I do not know when I said it.

We are, "the traitor of the good god camp."

God, the goddess God, was betrayed.

……That is, that is at that moment.

The promise that was promised that day.

"Then we became undead.

I was cut off by the "King of the Kings" and I became a skeleton with only bones.

Mary was turned into a mummy because she was burned by the fire of Madil.

And Muse has become a ghost because she has no attachment to her aging body.

That one is completely keeping with the rationality of life, and the most superior undead adult, Brad said sarcastically.

"The guy who is not dying, just sweeps the city like that.

The devils of the lower level have changed their body composition by the overwhelming divine power. It is impossible to die without being dead. "

……So now, in the city, there are still demons that are not dead.

All are connected.

The reason that I have seen now is gradually being solved.

"then we ……Become the guardian of the seal of "The King". With an undead body

At first, the demons of the "King of the Kings" who intended to unblock the seals repeatedly hit the city, but all repelled.

Indifferent, no need to sleep, as long as it is not completely destroyed, the damage will be cured without authorization.

I will not be afraid of daylight, and I will become the top three undead. There are no more rivals.

"It's been 200 years.

I buried the partner who had challenged "The King" before, and Muse laid the warning network for the city …

We have always protected the seal of this city. "

"Then there is nothing to do.

We are bound by this city, we can not leave the city for a certain distance, and we can not use magic to listen to the outside situation.

Has the human circle of the South MARK continent been ruined? What happened to the GLASS LAND in the north? Nothing to know about life.

A long time ago, three people also talked about whether humans would have been destroyed.

Just at that time `… '

"When, what time is it?"

"You are coming, Will ….Correctly speaking, it should be the the devils who brought you here. "

……Ah, is this the?


With a bang, in my mind, the intelligence is connected.

"That is, I am trying to lift the sacrifice of" The King "seal.

So, there are babies here.

In this ruin away from the smoke of people, the end of the world.

「……Haha, then there is no way to say no.

I always say to the child, "You are a sacrifice of the devil", and you are also very difficult to say.

Trying to talk cheerfully, the atmosphere of Bled and Mary is slightly softer.

Oh right Even if it is rough, like Bled, I will avoid this. "

"I am so bold enough to say that I am rude, git."

Change back to the atmosphere of the general conversation.

"After solving the demons, I talked a little about it with Muse. In the end, we decided to protect and raise you, Will. "

Muse was a little shunned about my business.

That should be, this discussion is the reason.

"The devils can bring you here, which means …"

"That is, there is a human life circle where it should not be too far away."

The baby is very fragile.

Even the devil who can use magic, no matter how it is transported, has its limits.

That is, the evidence that human beings are still working tenaciously.

"Of course, it is not clear what the human condition is. Maybe the beggars of the evil gods are treated like slaves, but … "

"In order for the baby to survive in such a situation, let him take power and send him away ….So there it is.

This has become me today.

That is, then it's all right.

The mystery is solved.

……Past and present, connected by a wire.

In the future, I will step into the human society that survived the chaos of the storm.

Holding the power of Brad, Mary, and Muse.

Go to a new life and take it out.


One day, I will return to the city.

Bring the same family and friends and introduce them to three people.

Maybe you can rebuild the city.

One day, definitely …

"Forget about our business, live happily with the people who are born."

"Will. I wish you happiness, and do not forget goodwill and prayer. "


"You are the best disciple. In today's exam, the content is that I lost.

……A troubled and intelligent son, I love you. Become stronger

Bled rubbed my head violently.

"Unconsciously, it has become a truly happy family.

Will, cute baby. ……Mother loves you "

Mary, hug me gently.

Hey? Wait



Two people, like that,

"Like dying, parting …"

At that time.

At that time, suddenly the sky was covered by thick black clouds.

The activities of the cloud are very unnatural.

The wind whistled on the hillock.

The laughter sounded.

Like noisy noise, today's people are not happy, and several layers of laughter sounded.

From the void, the darkness is ejected.

The darkness of the smoky spurts of the volcano gradually condensed.

Formed a human figure.

Young man. Well-proportioned to an unnatural body.

Like no blood flowing, pale skin. Precipitated pupil.

【……Do you say goodbye? Heroes

Just looked at that figure.

Just listened to that voice.

Just like being caught by a soul, I can not move.


"Please. I have already realized it early. "

Bled and Mary closed their eyes without resistance.

I can not do anything like a frozen body.

The things in front of you are too overwhelming.

It is something that manpower can not, and the soul is completely understood.

[You, finally lost your obsession oooooo]

I do not understand what happened.

However, if you do not act.

[compliance contract]

Do not act.


Bled and Mary will.

[Take the soul]

Why can not move.

Move, move.

Move …Move, please,

[Close to my hand …]

Ah, ah.

Ah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ……… !!

"-" Destruction, show it! "

The impact of the blue – white man 's impact exploded, accompanied by the sound of sand.


A part of the hillock was turned upside down, and the sand fell.

No hits.

The man just suddenly moved to a place about 10m away, and it looked like a very troublesome cut.

not me.

I can not move.

Still can not move.

It is also shaking now.

"Weir ….Take Brad and Mary, let go. "

You can see the back of the translucent soul.

It is the back of the habit.

He is very lonely, a miser, and his mouth is very bad. Also tore with him.


Around him, rolled up a thick manna.

In order to exercise great magic, open your hands greatly.

In a resolute voice, he said.

"That guy, let me clean up."

Dear grandfather, Muse.

……The sage Auntus, is there.

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