Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 18th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 18th Word of the Youth of the Dead

But there are multiple titles that represent the king of the devil, there is no one who knows his real name.

……That is the "Undead Sword"

……That is "King of the Kings"

……That is "The Evil Without Scale"

……That is "Endless Diablo"

……That is the "driver of the trench"

……That is "The Laughter"

……That is the king of the eternal robbers.

It dates back about 200 years from now.

At that time, the South Mark continent, which has long eulogizing peace, led the countless demon army to sweep the demon.

"There are ambitions for this dimension, and the demon kings of Nai's world have once again set off a world-wide chaos after years of volition."

"The" King of the Kings "and" General "on all continents, the high-end demons who rarely appeared in the local are coming out successively …"

Beginning with the dominance of the demon kings, it caused a large-scale chaos.

To say how powerful they are, Vilaskes who had been beaten before. That classification is "Captain Level".

"General" is one level higher than that, and "Wang" is even more important.

If I considered it on the basis of Vera Sykes, I am alone on the "General" level protected by "Soldier Level". I should bear a lot of risks.

However, when it comes to "Wang", the two sides will be be alone. If this is not the case, it will not have any chance of winning.

It is true that if this series appears everywhere, it is very serious.

In the world, not everyone has also received combined training. Even if I am trained like me, it will take a lot of work and energy to defeat the "Soldier Level".

"And, the demons of the" General "and" King "who had poured out so much sacrificed a lot of flesh and blood, and holding several ceremonies for their god, the Dimension.

Although you have studied geography from Muse, do not think that the current terrain is exactly the same as the map.

……No matter where the big cave turns into the sea, the ocean is dry and it is not a surprise to the land.

"Like the responsive, authoritarian and tyrannical god Ilto Lito, and the undead gods of the Gregory, the activation of each of them in the world …

In order to fight against them, the gods also spent a lot of power. Because of this situation, several times the battle at the map level was changed, making the information intricate and chaotic.

The contacts in all parts of the country are completely extinct. "

Imagine, a little can not keep up, turned into chaos.

All in all, the world has become messy.

"Because of this, we are not very clear about other mainland affairs at the time.

I only know that it is mainly in South Mark, about the "God".

"There is a very bad title …"

YeahTo be honest, those are not enough to represent the crazy performance of that. But it looks like a little cruel little look, but … "


"First of all, the blood that flows from oneself to the" soldier "demons and the cut meat can infinitely generate the" Captain's Devil ".

「…………Am I wrong? "

"The blood of the stream is the" soldier "demons, and the cut meat can infinitely generate the" Captain's Devil ".

"Not cheating!"


"It is very embarrassing!"

The infinite generation of combat power is just a joke!

"And it can not hurt him except the blade. Even if you put in magic and shoot on the bow, there will be no scratches, no outside … "

Bled sighed and said.

"Love the sword is the" all things to do ""


"Like the enemy and cut each other, laughing and giving birth to the military, like a crazy guy."

「……I am speechless. "

What is this cheating kid …

"Unconsciously, that, it, began to be called" The King "with the meaning of" Wang Zhongwang ".

It is also prominently highlighted in "The King" …Or it should be said that it is beyond the performance "

Many towns have also been annexed by demons.

Mary said faintly.

"The same is true of this town. However it is an important stronghold for traffic on the lake, even if it is resisted by the human and dwarf spirits, it can not hold back for a few days.

Looking far away, the town of the ruins.

"Then" He Wang ", he is so squatting in the street to increase the production of demons.

The nearby water transportation was suppressed by the demons.

The sailboat is full of the soldiers of the "Soldier Level" and "Captain Level". The demon uses the waterway to attack the villages around the country, killing and setting fire overnight.

Refugees overflow, and peaceful cities sometimes suffer from internal disputes, sometimes because they can not be accommodated, and refugees become violent and killed … "

Just listening, the chest becomes depressed.

"No one can kill him. The demise of the South Mark continent is certain.

……Also, through the Straits and the Central Sea, the master of "The King" will reach the mainland of Glass Land in the north.

Who is thinking like this?? "

Mary said with a smile.

"- Muse," Oh, the sage, "he said," It is now "to propose to crusade" The King "

YeahIs it now? hold on a bit

Protected by countless demons, the arrow and the magic can not kill, the only effective sword to go to the devil will also be born from the flesh and blood.

Also, holding a sword that hurts the opponent will reply. "

what to do

"Crazy …How to crusade? It should be said that the "King of the King" can be killed? "

Mary nodded.

"That is a matter of course. When Muse suggested that, there were the same questions. But

"Oh, sorry! Wait a moment, Mary. "

I want to think about it.

When the topic is said, the puzzles should have been collected.

Turn around and think.

The demon's army.

Outside the sword, arrows and magic are also ineffective.

Blood and flesh can be turned into demons.

Magic sword.

City Street.

Underground street.

Brad's combat skills.

Mary's prayers.

Muse's battle …

「……………………Yeah. Understood

Flashes like a current.

Yes indeed…

Understand, if this is indeed possible.

In one-handed way, it can be killed.

"Ming, understand?"

「…………Really understand? "

Well. Draftly

Hanging in the waist with a sword, touched the "all things".

In theory, this can be done.

The possibility of killing should be there.

"Muse is aiming at the invasion of elite troops from the underground street."

This town has a complex underground street built by dwarves.

Though I did not look for that talent, I should have hidden channels.

In short, from which side to sneak into it, there is possibility of avoiding the demon army and directly attacking the center.

"And I am afraid that it is also, after the position of the king is determined by the search for magic, and so on." This is very simple for Muse. "

I felt that Mary and Bled were quite surprised.

It seems to be guessing here.

And then

Put your hand close to your mouth and put your mind into it.

……Then the question is how to kill him. Yakai will bounce and magic will not hurt him.

If you hurt him, you will infuse the demon infinitely, and if you take a blow from the other's magic sword, the damage done before will be restored.

The way to solve that –

"Take the magic sword and grab it in the battle."

Probably, there is only this method.

It is said that "doing everything" will kill your life if you hurt your opponent.

Probably, as the name says, what is the response?

Therefore, it is a problem for the opponent to hold the sword.

The opponent will not be injured except for the sniper, and will resume while playing infinitely generating mobs.

This way, it will not win.

However, as one of the premise of this "can not win", the magic sword is a simple item that can be transferred and captured.

It is not the inherent ability of "The King".

"If you take the magic sword, the characteristics of" The King "will in turn seal the" King of the King "itself.

More and more, it will overflow the mobs that help reply here.

Bled has said that it is not, in the melee, nothing is going to be the only winner, but the sword.

Here, the source of the mobs is the source of the response, and constantly slams into the "King of the King."

The relative "Upper King" lost the magic sword as a reply prop, and unlimited regeneration became impossible.

"If you pull in the endurance competition, the one that comes to the end should be the" King of the King ".

Say it out one word at a time.

"The order of specific looting is …Muse first used the big magic to sweep away the surrounding mobs. "" The King "has magical effect is just fine."

In short, even if you are a short-term, you should pull him into one-on-one …

"Then, before Bled counts, Mary will use the prayers to restore the words of the two sides, and there will be no more demons."

If the flesh and blood will turn into a demon, after the injury, help him to reply.

The goal of the first phase here is not to wound the other side but to seize the weapon.

「……Probably, in order to prevent the demons who gathered from around, they also need people. Should it be dozens of people, or a little over 100 people? "

Probably, these people are also quite elite, but there are endless numbers around them them.

I am afraid, in the end, it is slowly being crushed and defeated.

"After Bled, I do not know how to use the weapon, or use the group to discuss the technique, or what to use. In short, I grabbed the magic sword. This is absolutely successful. " (Group discussion:press the opponent on the ground, take the first level or use the joint skills to take their weapons)

"Wait, why can you assert?"

Why?The fact that Brad took the magic sword in his own hands is evidence that Bled succeeded in capturing the magic sword.


Well, it seems to be a positive solution.

"In this way, I will die."

Although it can be said that it is a foul opponent, but in theory this is killing.

Then, it is impossible for Muse to let go of this opportunity, and there are enlightenment and thorough implementation.

"The King of the Kings is dead, right. Then, everyone was defeated by the demons of the remaining party … "

The result of sorrow.

However, the mainland was saved by this –

「……No, Will "


"You really are geniuses. More and more convinced. ……But that conclusion is wrong. "

Brad Sin spit out the sentence with pain.

We provide comprehensive support I can not kill "The King" "

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