Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 17th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 17th Word of the Youth of the Dead

"Speaking back, it's awful, no muscles are really bad …"

At the end of the battle, Brad put the sword away and complained.

But there are many speeches in this way, I understand what he meant this time.

For this matter, when I want to say something,

「……Brad, Hunedoara

There was a cold voice from Mary.

Uh. Mary

"Hey, what's the matter, you have, … …"

Mary, with her hands on her waist, is really angry with Brad.

Mary, who is a mummy, has no eyeballs, and it even more more horrible when she gets angry.

「……Did not you say that you did not use that trick? "

That trick? No longer used?

"You, what do you mean?"

"Do not pretend to be silly! It is the trick of clamping the opponent's weapon with the ribs! "

"No, but now I am not visceral …"

"Aha !? Brad, you are like that when you are alive!? "

"This guy is such a person !!"

In this case, Mary would be angry and there is no way, and Mary continues to say this.




I thought it was a stunt that was not for the dead …In this way, the undead do not have the ability to grow.

The basic operational skills are based on the standard of life.

In other words, if it was not for his his brain that he had broken his life before he was born, it would not be as as effective.

"It that time, I was playing against the demon who had the" through "spell and the slashing sword."

"Because the guy is agile and the weapon is not good, I ignore that Mary rushed straight over, accidentally …"

"It's not a careless !!"

If you accidentally do not hesitate to use the body as a bait to pinch the sword with the ribs, you must also twist the belief of the enemy beheading?

…………This is not normal behavior. It's just like the "Ghosts of War".

"Most, last, still alive?"

"If you do not have a prayer, you are absolutely dead!

"So do not all decide to rely on your prayers to recover!"

Oh wow …………

Such a tactic can be established.

And Mary actually saved it …

"me! I thought you would die! Really worried about it! There will be no second time, is it not guaranteed for me? "

Rarely, Mary has been reprimanded with anger.

Well, I can understand Brad's mood, but Mary's mood is understandable.

……That still provoked Mary to be angry, Brad.

I watched Brad, who was screaming for a while, could not help but smile.

Even I have to understand

– The phrase to play the cow. (The original text is – canines, can not turn out ORZ)

"Ah – anyway"

Cough, Brad pretending to make a fake cough

"Well, that you are still better than me, this is already very good ….Though it is still better than me! Though it is still better than me!! "

"Do not emphasize it twice! Really annoying! "

Damn it. Who can predict which metamorphosis maneuver!

It is clear that before the duel, the countermeasures for the big power sword and the assault policy for light weight are all decided.


"Ha ha ha, how are you feeling now?

"Oh ah !! The next time you absolutely want to be straightforward and hit you! "

And, "What are you feeling like now??"It's a trouble!

"Ha ha ha, this posture is to to this this posture, Will?

"Do not be too much!"


Was beaten. Really deserve it.

"Really, do not move again!" Can not you listen to it? "


Regarding Mary's preaching, Brad persevered and nodded.

"That said, that …If you have a sword like the sword, you have nothing to teach. "

No Pagination


Brad directly asserted the assertion and shrugged.

"I am just training you in the direction of" My Replica ".

So, my fighting style is no different from your fighting style. Though it is the skill I am used to, it may become a constraint.

Your shackles?

And, as I said before, skills and the like are used once in a limited situation. Is not it easy to rely on only one skill?

There is a sense of calmness in the endless words.

It is a feeling like the style of a battlefield warrior.

"These are basic skills. If you remember it to now, you can use it at any time in the future.

Awkwardly, Brad hit my chest with a punch.

Mary looked at us like this and smiled.

"I am also a good mary ….The important things have all been taught to you. "

This is the fist of the skull that does not feel the temperature.

However, it is now possible to feel the warmth that slowly spreads from the heart.

So, that only a little bit, it has raised courage.

YesFather, mother! "

He stood up and replied with a smile.

"Haha, father? Is this the same like this?

Brad laughed loudly.

"It seems to be such a relationship. Ha ha

Mary also smiled calmly.

I do not know why I started to feel embarrassed, shyly scratching the back of my head.

After a while, I, Brad and Mary kept laughing.

I feel happy from the bottom of my heart.

From the bottom of my heart, I felt sad.

In the spring, even if you are reluctant, you have to leave.

「……How about this. Well, generally you can not teach you the righteousness, you can prove that you left your parents. "


"Hold this guy"

After laughing for a while, Brad untied the sword belt and took out the magic sword used in the duel.

The black one-handed sword, which is unknown and fascinating and bleak.

"Even in the magic swords I have collected, it is also the strongest."

……The strongest? Brad's hand? Really worthy of the name

"I clearly did not win," (the previous 16 was wrong, it should be be Brad called Will to admit defeat, in the lower seat)

"Is it all to say that it is proof?" Hola, pull it out and see "

Said, Brad toughly put a one-handed sword with a sword in my hand.

I hesitantly rolled up the sword belt and carefully pulled out the one-handed sword.


Dim black double-edged one-handed sword (Broadsword).

The focus is on the edge of the slightly raised blade, which looks like a high cutting force.

The decoration was affected by a bit of an unclear impression, and the fascinating red-red road walked across the blade.

"Jian Ming is" overeater "

The magic sword ranks as the highest level. However the sword of the "Mu Ling" is the enemy of the gods, even the sword can cut off the rank.

However the "mantra" engraved on it is extremely difficult to explain, the effect can be described in one sentence.

Brah's German language is faint

"If you use this sword to cut the existence of life, the sword can not only cut the wound, but also restore the vitality of the user."


"Wait, wait a minute. Did not I get it wrong? "

"If you use this sword to cut the existence of life, the sword will not cut and hurt, but will restore the vitality of the user ….You did not hear anything wrong. "

Even if nothing is considered in the melee, it is just a sword that can win with a sword. Brad wants to say this.

Considering this layer of meaning, I could not help but look blue.

"You are very smart and look like you have already noticed …But to be careful, I still have to talk about it first. Try not to pull if possible. I do not want it

Rely on it. Also do not let others see see it. "

Brazi's German gas is still faint.

"Though this guy will give the the a" strong feeling ", but it is not the kind of sword that can improve the type of spiritual power of the holder.

After relying on it, your swordsmanship will become stagnant due to arrogance and will weaken to the point where it can no longer return to its original state.

If you encounter a higher level than yourself, being poisoned, or being surrounded by a bower from a distance, you will fall into the bottom of Nai's fall. (The feeling of being unable to turn the bottom of the Nai's bottom, directly encyclopedia "Bottom" refers to the extremely deep hell world that can not be separated, and also the deep place where the bottom is not known. There is no way to climb up again.

In this sense, Brad spoke of the nature of the sword.

"Well, because I have become a non-dead person and have no vitality, so this guy does not absorb vitality, it is superfluous to me.

So he is now handed over to you. "I have said so much, it is yours that there should be no problem and know when to use it."

Mary also aged to seem to nod.

These two people gave me such trust in the horrible things that I still have.

Compared with the memory of past lives, I feel a little pain in my heart.

The two trust me so much …Can I really like such a great person?

All right. The custom of ancient warriors is the transfer of the magic sword and the description of the origin! So let's talk about this sword! "

It seems that in order to dispel the worry of that moment, Brad covered it with a bright voice.

"Of course there are a lot of swords …You must be curious, about us, and your origins together. "


This is something I have been very concerned about.

「……! Brad, Hunedoara

Brad turned his eyes to Mary.

And Mary, smiling, nodded.

"Will is already an adult."

「……It is time to tell you that agreement has been made when you grow up. Your body and mind are big enough. "

This is a bit of a long topic, Brad said.

"This is the story of the king of the demon who conquered the mainland, the king of the eternal robbers."

Many heroes and the story of our defeat and death "


Like the cemetery that passes through the mountains, the cold wind blows.

"–and then, why do you raise your reasons here?

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