Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 16th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

Volume 1 The 16th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

In the sky with the thin clouds floating, there is a sun with a weak sun for noon.

I can not feel the warmth even if I look up.

It's been a long time since then, and today is the day of the showdown with Brad.

I will be an adult tomorrow. I can leave this temple probably this spring.


Lightweight will turn into a 2x heavy practice sword to swing back and forth. Kasaya Reverse. (Probably the name of the skill? Translation incompetence, spurs back and forth, slashes and slashes, and then squats down in the same position. There is a residual sound of wind breaking on the blade.


Muse's words revived in my mind, but I tried to concentrate on it.

The body gradually warms up and adjusts to a state where it can gradually exert its full strength.


The preparation exercise is over. Place the sword for practice and confirmation the equipment:a long sword in actual combat, a round shield with metal edging, and a combination dagger for combat.

The soft armor is worn under the thick armor, and the armor is covered on the important part of the body, such as the chest armor, the cage hand, and the leg protector.

After wearing the armor on the body, bring a simple helmet.

……These are all the equipment used today. After wearing all the equipment, no matter how you look at it, it is a feeling of heavy warrior or knight.

"Will …Let me help you. "

After all, this kind of heavy equipment, wearing and checking by one person is extremely troublesome.

Mary is skilled in confirming the ties and metal parts of the armor …Normally, this level of confirmation is not achieved.

I am wearing ordinary armor in the ruins of the city or in the mountains, and equipment like the computer RPG is impossible.

In the future, the idea of ​​traveling with the goal of human society is even more impossible.

The important thing on the road is not this kind of equipment.

Without their weight, it is not necessary to be able to bear the benefits of food and props, such as food and props.

Travel inventory should be given priority over armed forces without knowing how long to travel.

However, this is a postscript, and today is special.

……The other party is serious Brad.

Although there is Mary's prayer, it is possible to die on the spot. To bear the serious blow of Brad, you must consider wearing equipment that can avoid death on the spot …

Whether the dwarf-made equipment found in the city can completely guard against Brad's blows is not fully concluded.

After all, this is just a test, that is, a competency test.

It is impossible to really kill me. (I went there, if I could not kill, I still had big circle around the equipment.

Huge, big, amazing, big-handed sword(Two Hundred Sword I almost directly transliterated into a big sword with an idiot)

That is Brad's armed armies.

Look around.

On the hills full of hay, only Mary and Brad are there. Did not see the figure of Muse.

"Like as usual, let's go."

Gently shake his head and drive away the Muse's thoughts from his mind.

Stay focused! It is now the battle is the most important.

"Hey, then finally confirm, you can not use magic, you can not use the sniper, all the other things are right, except for any situation, Mary will use the surgery. It is not allowed to admit defeat, and the battle is fast. "

Brad said in a light tone, while maintaining the distance of the big sword.

Then said

"Be careful not to die" (author you tease me)

……With the creepy, low voice, the final exam begins.

"Ci ~"

This is like a storm.

It is obviously a heavy steel blade, which is obviously so large, but it is hit from the top, bottom, left and right directions with unbelievable speed.

As long as you hit the moment, the long sword will be broken like a skull, and the shield will be attacked and broken.

Also, it does not have armor or the like, no matter which part is knocked down, it will definitely fall into a situation where the battle can not be completed.

While trying to avoid the attack, the track of the big sword is opened from the side, and the angle is tilted with the shield, and it is evaded back and forth to withstand the attack.

"To prevent the death of clothing on the spot"!

The power and skill of the undead are in accordance with the ability of life.

……That is a really great power and a skill to use weapons better.

According to the knowledge of previous life, under ordinary circumstances, it is impossible for Japanese swords and long swords to cut armor and metal armor.

If it can be done so easily, the swordsmanship aiming at the gap of the armor is not likely to develop.

「……Hmmm …

But Brad's existence is different.

The overwhelming physique is extremely large and can be proud of the centrifugal force. The strength of the muscles gained from exercise can be forcibly broken.

Even if it can not be completely cut off, the light is really enough to knock down people.

Exercising muscles show overwhelming violence.

……As reflected in Brad's usual discourse.

「……Library, hey! "

The attack distance of the long sword on my side is not short.

It is not short, but the attack range of the opponent's big sword is even worse.

The status quo is from the outside of my distance from the beginning of the state of continuous attack.

And it is even more impossible for the cooperation to be a long-lasting battle for Brad, who is not tired. It's damn it.

However there is no countermeasure against against Brad, there is no chance to use it.

This guy, Brad, is really no big man like victory …!

「……"Ci ~ "

Reluctantly shortening the huge distance between the two, I induced Brad to pursue, while pulling out the short sword at the waist and throwing it to Brad.


Brad will fly the short sword with the two-handed sword like a shield.

"Oh wow !?"

Though I did an emergency physical movement, I could not completely withdraw.

Brad took the hilt in one hand and had already grasped the most root of the one-handed sword to make it look like it was was going to be pulled out. (The original sentence is the end of the cymbal hand cymbal, the in the edge of the blade edge of the blade, the edge of the blade the edge of the blade do not let it go I can not I turn it over, and I have to make up my mind for the knife.

Ha ha ha …Think of my arms? "

Brad's face smirked and smiled softly.

In this way, in the past life, it seems that I have read the fuzzy memory of using the wild knife and the two-handed sword.

"It does not look like it's going to be alright … is it really okay?"

If you can use a wide range of applications like a sickle, you can use a knife or a knife to make a small step. (The same chaotic turn, the terminology of the battle screen is difficult to turn over, the great gods have spared me, and is the use of hatanagi so seems like shank pay shank pay well paid shank pay well paying small small small kimono kimono can be when possible when possible when possible when possible when possible when possible when possible possible)

Even if you rush into your arms, it is difficult to respond to attacks against sticks.

It's not just power.

……Brad is fully skilled in using huge weapons.

With a heavy and powerful weapon, it has an amazing power attack distance, and it quickly and ingeniously make amazing rotating continuous attacks.

There is a corresponding method even if you rush into your heart. ……In short, it is strong and outrageous.

Not only do not focus on weapons, but also do not focus on strength, and there is no emphasis on skills.

It's all the perfect score, there's no hole at all …It is simply "Ghost of War", I feel really encountering the mood of a ghost.


Already, it should have said that I have to gamble.

Made a decision in my heart.


Brad also read what I read from my expression, and the big sword put out the upper frame.

It seems that I will kill you no matter what you do.


The sword was hit and it will break.

The shield was hit and broken.

The armor was hit bad.

Small tricks will be seen.

How to resist the blow, is the capture interval on my side rushing in?

"- Yahah !!"

There is only one answer.


It seems to be screaming in order to inspire myself.

In the right front (a large upper part of the kendo:the posture of the sword) to the eight pairs (an eight pairs of kendo:vertical vertical sword or long handle) ), Tsunagi (not found an explanation, probably the feeling of squatting).

It's like a baseball attack with a full swing.

If you swing the sword down, you might be able to use the shield to block the sword and make a counterattack.

It is also possible to bend down the body while attacking the head with the sword, or the possibility of counterattack when the sword jumps toward the calf.

But in the face of embarrassment, there is no other way than to to retreat and bear.

If you pass back and fly back, you will return to the original point. If you withstand the attack, you will be defeated by Brad's arm.

It is a reasonable means of meeting the Brad style.

Because of this, I can also read Brad's movements.

If the shield breaks, let it break.

If the armor will be bad then let it break.


In this way, use the shield to break the sword and let the armor bear the blow.

The shield burst open the the overwhelming attack of the big sword, and then the big sword hit the metal plate of the body.

Hmmm …

Whether it can be tolerated, this is my bet.

However the pain of the shock is constantly coming, it is still barely able to to endure.

"Oh oh oh oh oh !!"


In the position of maintaining such a half-volt, he rushed forward and launched a shield with Brad.

……Brad's footsteps were unstable.

This is it.

The undead is moved by unknown forces, and the power or braking force is maintained in a state of being alive.

Waving the big sword back and forth, it is impossible to not bear the traction of the weight of the big sword.

But is Brad still a simple weight problem?

Does he have a body that has nothing, can he still maintain his weight?

…… correct. It was confirmed by this experiment. (It's done with Veracruz. What kind of ghost?

Suihua made Brad lose weight.

This is the clue to Raider Brad.

The weight of human bones, including cerebrospinal fluid, is only less than 1015475825 d796 f body weight.

Even if Brad was a giant who weighed more than 100 kilograms, he is now at most 10 kilograms.

Plus the weight of the weapon will not exceed 50 kg!

"Oh oh ooh hohh oh oh !!!"

I slammed a full blow to Brad, whose body had collapsed.

Aim at the back of the spine, a blow …


A gentle voice came from the ear.

The next moment the sword stabbed through Brad's ribs.


Keep this position

With a big sword in his hand, Brad, who still has my sword between the ribs, hugged me so tightly.

This is the stunt of the ribs that can only be done by the scorpion.

The grip hurriedly let go of the sword of the shock, and when it was noticed, it was pulled by the weight of the big sword on Brad's arm.

The smashing slammed into the ground, and the impact swept away, and the gas could not breathe.

"- It's quite good."

Brad, who got up immediately, pulled out the one-handed sword rack around her waist.

The faint black blade walks up the bright red lines, and there is no doubt that it is a magic sword.

I really kept the unknown and beautiful sword in the state of being lived by this sword. I could not help thinking so.

「…………I surrender "

Brad quietly surrendered.

Although Muse seems to have all kinds of ideas, …But Brad did not intend to win from the beginning, I have never won before.

Even if you run out of strategy, try your best …

Though I have regrets, I am still more than Brad in pure swordsmanship.

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