Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 15th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 15th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Translator's Note:Based on the new monarch, due to its linguistic considerations, the future unified "words" does not translate "and" changed changed "mantra", please pay attention

"For three people, among the patron saints I will choose, is there a god that is more recommended?"

All in all, about the patron saint, try to talk to three people first.

"If Will you have no special" want to be what "mentality, is not it a good oath to make a vow to Raytheon?

"Ah, that's good. Wilder is widely trusted and the trust of society is the highest. "

Well. And indeed …It's not like Bled's wise choice. "



"Hey, two people too. Can not buy it "

Hmmm …

「……While Wall is not bad as a patron saint, there are many gamblers and thieves in his followers. The level of trust in society will fall by one level, or Verde is better. "

As a result, it was very simple that the three people agreed.

As the Lord God – the god of justice and the god of thunder, Wilde.

「……It's relatively simple and it's the same. "

"Well, simply thinking is like this. Also, it can not be changed in the future.

"If you have anything, it is a different matter to become a professional, a scholar, a dream, etc. However, the situation outside is not clear, and there is no dream of anything.

"In this case, it is good to keep the vast selection of options …Sure enough, it's still Thor's Wilder, and the second one is the goddess Madiel. "

It will not reduce the options now.

To choose what you want to choose choose in the future …It's a bit like choosing a study.

In general, there is nothing wrong with choosing an ordinary high school.

"I understand, I will remember ….And what is the vow, what kind of vow is better?

In the "Young Heroes of Wu Xun" that I have heard before, the protagonist has set up an oath That "swears to the sword of Wilde 's Thunder, and squanders all evils".

"Ah, yes, but that's what Wu Xunshi has. Do not make such an oath because of the embarrassment of that moment.

"When you make a vow, it will easy to get the protection, and the price will be caught in the fate of suffering." I can often hear it.

Being a hero or a death is such a thing. "

"The gods also squander such idiots as troubles."

Woo!Is there such a superstition?

Well, the fate of suffering is really aside, and there is no intention to make such a heavy oath.

Just keeping the level of past life memory, I do not think that I am different from the other.

There is no such thing as a hero.

"Ordinary people are like that."Vow to live as much as possible, and to live like this. "

"When the neighbors are embarrassed, they help," "Never lie," "Focus on family", etc …What about it? "

Huh It is good to value your family.

In other words …

"In the end, it's good to have a bad thing, do not do it, live it seriously."

That's it! There is also the case that God, there should be a situation in which you should should happy.

「……Well, for example? "

"Ah, I vowed to Brez" to exercise every day and become stronger. " Forging God Brez, Respecting Skills and Exercises "

"I am a little more abstract, and I have made a vow to Madiel to" go to your will. "

Hey, the two are also in line with their own personality.

"I feel that the patron saint and the oath are both troubles. I swear to the most relaxed Wall in the area that I am willing to do something that I like to do and live happily and happily. "

……Muse is really rock.

The consultation was over, Mary went to the spring to wash the clothes, and Bled went to the forest to cut wood.

……But it seems to have already to before, but on the actual issue, it is now the end of autumn. Prepare for a lot of winter preparations.

By the way, it is not the tree named Chai in the Momotaro, but the twigs and the miscellaneous wood used in the fence are called firewood.

That is to say, "cutting wood" is "collecting a basket of hand-held axes or a mountain knife to collect the wood as a fuel."

Gossip less questions.

Because of this, I will teach on the Muse.

Repeat the practice of double magic projection to improve familiarity.

The teaching of Muse entered a very practical stage.

"Well, when the number is 5, the enemy can release the magic in the state of attacking this side. It is impossible to think back and then fight back. "

Pre-record the magic with the body and release it with the reflex nerve.

……Many magicians in the world have a big brain, and basically can not make this. "

When you are confused about what magical gap you want to use, you are shot and bruised. Use the unruly "mantra" to smash and blew yourself …

There are countless examples like that.

In the end, most of the original magicians are also urban scholars or convenience houses in the city. They are not people who come to the front line from weekdays, so there is no way.

Like Muse, the actual type of wandering is a minority.

"There is time to think about what wisdom and tactics.

If you encounter a sudden encounter, it is better to use the magic of the habit to attack the past better to to consider the strategy.

If a complex connection is a missing, it will collapse across the board. Simple things are not flawed. "

For this reason, Muse's tactical thinking is somewhat similar to Bled's teaching.

After being actually ground, will everyone should like this?

"And then Will. Your situation is very special. It is necessary to distinguish between the timing of relying on the "Mantra" and the timing.

You still have the option of martial arts taught by Brad. "

……I do not know if the actual impact of things like that is still the same. In short, the world's ability to exercise after the increase is much larger than the previous life.

The physical ability of the soldier when he was serious was a little monsterized.

If Bled did not drop a few gears during my training, the thick steel rods used for empty swings would bend slowly and run as fast as swallows.

Talk about it, my physical ability also began to catch up with that Bled.

On the other hand, magic and misrepresentation have the risk of self-destruction.

Therefore, if the battle starts at about 10 meters, it will almost become a one-man show of the soldiers.

……But Muse, he knows the "small tricks" used in several occasions.

How many warriors were dealt with by him in the interval of the warrior?

"Well, if you do not play it, it's better than anything." But just in case, learn well. "

I nodded.

"And what. In the past few years, when you kill time, you will measure the sky …So the date of this year's winter solstice is also known. "

After I finished speaking, I was stunned.

Was it specifically, was it for my fifteen years old?

「…………Nor, Will. Have a request "


Well, Muse nodded.

"I am afraid that Bled will hope to be singled out with you the day before every winter solstice.

……Take the reply and regeneration of Mary's prayer as a premise, and fight seriously. "

Not being alarmed by that sentence.

Bled will soon come up with such a thing, and have thought about it since.

And I am also prepared to accept the challenge.

"Mur, Will"

However, Muse's expression is heavy.

「…………That wins and losses, not noticed by Bled, can it be defeated?

The words are full of distress.

"… … why? "

I think of it, it is about to be killed by Muse, at that time.

At that time, Muse considered what.

Taking the things I do not know as the root cause, thinking deeply in places I do not know, as the conclusion is that I intend to kill me, why is it interrupted?


"No reason"


Not like that.

"Why, I am an outsider, this is a thing !!"

Passionate, can not help but yell.

"I know that Muse is not an idiot! Knowing you, if there is no reason, it will not trample on the hearts of others! "

The muse was like what to hurry, and the hand painted the void.

The gas floating in the air, I glared at him.

"If Muse explains it well, I will follow follow it !!

Even fake games can be! It's okay to give up life like that time! "


"But why, say nothing! I am so, is it worthless for Muse !? "

Speaking of my heart, my breathing is also chaotic.

……Muse is still an expression of distress.

Continue that distressed expression …

「……I'm sorry. Will … ………… can not say. I am sorry

Drop your head. Clenched his fist.

……As if it was squeezed out, say that.


Is that the case?

"So then ………Then, here, I do not know. "

……The statement to the muse, said, and quit.

Unexplained reasons, deliberately lose important battles and the like, can not be done.

"What did Muse say? I have never heard of it. "

The serious opportunity for serious Bled to challenge without limit.

As a warrior, try to fight with as much as possible, Bled thinks that way.

If you do not know why, accept that …For me, I really can not do it.

For Bled and Mary, I will not say this.

I have never heard anything from Muse. Just, it's just like this.


For me who left the room after talking, Muse, he did not say anything.

– From Bradner, the final exam was announced, a few days later.

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