Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 14th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 14th Word of the Youth of the Dead

If you focus on the small events of Bled and Muse, you will feel that I have become a bear child.

……However, I am basically a child.

It's a child, it's right …Probably, sure, I am afraid.

"Mary, the fields have been cleaned of the grass, and the clothes have dried out first."

"Yes, Will, it's hard."

"By the way, the dust on the statue is removed, and the flowers are also supplied."

「……Yeah, well! "

As evidence, it has not been a helper recently, but to pre-empt Mary before handling housework.

Preempt her …That is to say, instead of waiting for instructions, it is true that they have mastered all the household chores and thought about what is necessary. In fact, it is an unexpected accident to preempt Marley earlier.

Mary's action is fast.

According to her, "whenever I notice something, I will immediately deal with the secret of not accumulating housework."

Put the sweeping tools and tools on a regular basis, and find a little dust and weeds to deal with them immediately.

To preempt her, she should not pay attention to the various places, and it is too troublesome.

The actions taken to alleviate Mary's work may in some sense have something to learn more than Bled and Muse's lectures.

At the very least, in the sense of ordinary life, it is far more important than the wrist.

If you have done this in the past, you can reduce the burden on the family a little while at least dealing with housework.

……In the life of this world, the same mistake is not going to be committed again.

"Thank you, Will. Then just go free …Yes, it's better to help you get a haircut today. "

"Ah, speak up."

Speaking of it, I noticed that the is is really long.

When was the last time Mary helped me to get a haircut, when was it?

……Mary, she will have a haircut.

By the way, even if you do not say Muse, once I let Bled help me cut my hair, the result is only one word – miserable.

"So, please, please."

Recently, the change period has ended, the height has also increased rapidly, and the shoulder width has also become wider.

Although it can not be flat with Bled, but the physical difference has also shrunk a lot, you can practice fighting in close-knit.

……Yet there are regular agreements, according to the situation, Bled will be unrelentingly caught, so he can not stay too long.

Because of this, I wrapped my neck with a cloth, and the weather was very good, so I decided to get a haircut outside.

Autumn cool morning. Mary picked up the sharp-edged scissors and cut my hair without hesitation.

"Will's throat is coming out, is it the time for the president to be a beard …"

"Also. How to use the razor, etc., to learn from Bled? Brad, remember how to use it?

"Where, Bled has been a long time, has not touched a razor like that."

In the past, the squeegee was too popular, and the young people shaving their beards with unsafe razors did not know how many.

Of course, I have never used this, and I can not use it.

If it is shaved, it looks very painful. If the world customs and habits outside allow it, how long will it stay?Speaking, does Bled use a razor?

"So, what is the feeling of Bled's original face?"

The Muse is the same as the original.

Mary, she just took away the water, the rich blond hair and the seemingly gentle face are there, always imagined.

And Brad, his life is the most difficult to imagine.

After the inquiry, Mary looked at the distance like a nostalgia and stopped the scissors.

「……It's quite different from the current Will.

But it can be seen from the current bones, the arms and neck are also very thick and the shoulders are wide …

But also full of confidence, a strong sense of competition, with a very wild face.

The hair is like a lion, and the eyes are like to to shoot through the opponent …

Beautiful man, it's a bit stronger to say. "

In the imaginary, apply the strong muscles to the Brad bones that you are used to, and then stick the skin and hair there.

There are also a man who wants to shoot through people's eyes, wild and strong, like a lion …

「……Ah, really like him. "


Pretty handsome, Mary who looks a little bit smirked.

……Sure enough, these two people are such a relationship.

When the two were in front of me, they were still very acquainted with the etiquette as an adult.

Of course, even with the memories of past lives, I am not sure about the subtleties of that step, and I can not see it.

Mary picked up the scissors again and cut my hair.

Gestures are not very confusing.

From time to time, seeing the West to see the West confirmed.

"Yes, finished"

After saying something, Mary gave me a small mirror to show me.

……Opposite the small mirror is a young, refreshing face.

There is a slightly sultry chestnut hair, and the deep green-green pupil gives a gentle impression.

If you look at your face, it is a bit like a young master. However, with the strong physique of the bones, it feels like a good young warrior.

"While, is not that a pretty beautiful man?"

"There is no such thing. I think the face like Bled will be better. "

Because the world seems to be very dangerous, it seems to be strong enough to release the majestic face, probably more practical.

What's more, I want to become like Brad.

「……Slightly sorry, not too much like it. "

Then Mary smiled and said if Bled had two, it would be very troublesome.

"But, Will is almost really going to be an adult ………Yeah.


"Because Will also has a ceremony for adults."

Remove the cut hair and remove the cloth around the neck, Mary said.

"Choose the patron saint well and think about what to swear in advance."

……Oops, completely forgotten.

……This world is polytheistic. All kinds of gods, large and small, each receive respect.

Then each person's own, God who is especially dedicated to him is the patron saint.

The child before the adult seems to be seen as a patron under the patron saint of the parents, but after escaping from this shelter …

That is to choose your own personal patron saint, make an oath, request that the sanctuary of God is an adult ritual

Then the people lived for the oath of their patron saint, and death is considered a good thing.

By there seem to be a lot of regulations, if the environment and mood change, it is okay to do a ritual to change the believer's patron.

For example, when traveling, everyone members offer offerings to Fengshen Huaer. It is common to worship the gods in according with the time.

It is the main goal of the effort, such a thing.

The concept of life and death seems to be based on reincarnation.

After the death, the person is on the other side of the Dimension, recruiting and returning to the gods of the faith, where he checks the behavior before his death.

If God's vows can be realized, they will rest in the wilderness of joy. If they are not realized, they will repent in the wilderness of pain, and then they will be born again in the world after a certain time.

Then after many many rounds of reincarnation, when the soul reaches the end of the exercise, people will climb the ladder of God …It is said to be.

Known as super-special heroes and saints, the transcendental dimension reaches God.

Well, even if I say this, I do not really understand it.

In Japan, the polytheistic world of ancient Rome, super-standard character will be turned into worship by gods after death.

That feeling is GOAL, is that the case?

The hall of the temple is a solemn impression that remains as usual.

……That day, after I woke up here, how long has it been?

I did not know at the time, the names of the gods of this statue also became known.

All of these are the most famous gods in the world that have existed since ancient times.

The right hand raised a sword like a thunderbolt, and the man who took the balance, both solemn and majestic.

Justice and the god of thunder, Wilde.

It is both the leader of the good gods and the asylum seeker of humanity, the rain of grace and the Lord God of the referee.

There is a vast belief layer from the ruling class to the people. In mythology, the brothers and gods, the tyranny Ilto Lito, who is in charge of autocracy and tyranny, have fought fiercely many times.

Against the background of the earth, the baby is lifted up by the arms, and the slightly fat female with a loving smile rises.

As you know, the goddess Madiel.

It is the God that Mary believes in, the power of the land and the parenting of the land. It is said to be the wife of Wilder.

Her prayers have a lot of things about farming and parenting, and with Wilde, especially in the rural areas, there is a thick layer of faith.

Against the background of a burning flame, holding a donkey and pliers, a man who is not tall but very thick and has a very strong beard.

This is the god of flames and technology, Brez.

It is said to be the ancestors of the dwarves. In the underground street of the dwarf, the carvings with his title are often found.

In addition to the beliefs from the rank of the staff, due to its intense disposition and unsettled exercise, the popularity among the soldiers is juxtaposed with Wilde.

By the way, Bled, he is the patron saint of Breez.

Along with the image of the wind that has been blown, a charming smile emerges, and a young man with a glass of wine and gold coins overflows with a dynamic.

The god of the wind and communication.

Trickster in charge of business, communication, freedom, and luck. Happy little people, ancestors of the small people.

Beliefs such as merchants, gamblers, and travelers often have small temples that worship Wall.

The half-waist is in the clear stream, with one hand holding the bow, the other hand reaching out to the fairy, and wearing a beautiful young female surname.

Water and the god of green, Nia Sylvia.

The capricious goddess who is in charge of the grace of the sea, the river, and the forest, hunting, elves, etc., also known as the ancestor of the elves.

There are many professional believers related to nature, such as hunters, fishermen and widowers. Being treated as a capricious sorrow is due to the relationship with natural disasters.

……By the way, the title, the elf, and the goblin seem to actually exist in this world. But I have not seen it still.

A one-eyed old man who looks like a clown with a crutches and an open book in his hand, who looks like a cliché.

This is what the Muse said before, the god of creation, the knowledge god Allardo.

This god believes that there are many layers of insightful people. It is said that the one and the future can not be seen, and the lost pupil can see through the past future of the invisible things. In addition, Muse is not a god of knowledge, but a goddess of Valkyrie.

According to his day, "It's much better to take a wallet and travel than to surrounded by books in the ivory tower."

Above, the six-column god is worshipped as the "Six Great Gods" in most areas.

In mythology, the gods of the Nordic countries finally smashed with the evil gods at dusk, and it was said that they were treated at the other side of the Dimension.

Sometimes, the world descends on the name of "Mu Ling" to guide the world.

In the poems of several heroes Tan and Wu Xun who have heard it, the "Mu Ling" of the good and evil gods also appeared on the starlight.

The story that really grows up is really admired as a listener.

……Well, I intend to be just an ordinary life, and I will not be involved in such a life.

……In front of it, somehow I engraved the lights that I care about.

There is no background, the light with the light with the long handle and the light, the god of unknown gender.

This is the child of Raytheon Wilde and the mother of God, Madil, the god of lights that is in charge of all living, Gracefil.

In charge of death, reincarnation, like the god of death.

It is said that the soul of the deceased appeared before, and the road was illuminated with lights, leading to the gods, and then guided to the existence of the next life.

There are few inheritances, the gender is unknown, and the appearance has not been passed down.

As a godhead, it is extremely silent and has few revelations. The inherent prayers it gives also lack practical benefits.

For example, the prayers of the goddess of the goddess Madiel can make a good harvest in the earth, pregnant women give birth, and give the child health.

Thor's Verde is the prayer of the referee who can judge the authenticity of the subject's words. The high-ranking priest is more likely to pray for rain on the dry sky.

However, it is said that Grace Prayer's inherent prayer is to give the soul's soul rest and guidance, and the effect is difficult to see.

……In this world, the gods actually exert influence on the real world.

In fact, I also eat porridge and bread made with a prayer strategy. There is no doubt there.

That is, in this world, if someone suddenly has a day of prayer and awakening, this alone can change that person's life.

You can use it to heal wounds and all sorts of miracles, and of course you are extremely praised.

Just like a lottery ticket.

For this reason, many people are included in the chosen patron saint in terms of practical benefits such as the prayers they can get, so Gracefield is not too popular.

And indeed, if you only get one lottery ticket, the bonus is of course the higher the better, which is natural.

Then the gathered faithful the power of the gods, and the gods who are empowered are more and more faithful.

Somehow it became a topic of the gap between the rich and the poor.

……However, Grace Phil seems to have not been forgotten.

If the deceased holds a funeral, everyone will guide the deceased soul without getting lost. In addition to the patron saint of the deceased, they will pray to Gracefil.

It's like that feeling, the second level of the god behind the Six Great Gods.

I will care about Him because of …Have I kept the memory of past lives?

It is because of its control of sentient beings and reincarnation that it feels a wonderful fate.

……Look around the temple.

When I became 15 years old this winter solstice, I will swear to one of them as a patron.

Then, by the spring, you will leave this temple.

The living must return to the circle of the living.

3 people, think as for course.


Look at the wrist.

The discolored fire is like the entangled opponent, already, different from the past.

There are a lot of dirt and minor injuries in the palm of the hand due to housework and farming with Mary.

The stains of ink dyed from the muse, and the grips that Bled exercised …

Different from young hands.

The past life is different from the unhealthy hand.

It is good, there is a hand that has scored.

……Really, quite, was taught a variety of things.

Mary, she said, it is not clear what the situation outside is.

However, the possibility of becoming dangerous is high.

Muse and Bled, nothing about the outside society.

Why am I here, still unclear.

However, it is precisely because of this that is is something clear.

In my hands.

In the hands of all kinds of teaching, full of the sincerity of three people.

No matter how dangerous the outside is.

No matter how harsh the distant people are.

Even if you can live freely, the three people will teach me all kinds of things for this.


One day, I want to return here.

If you can bring bring friends and family.

This is my hometown, they are my father, mother and grandfather, so introduced Bled, Mary and Muse.

I will see what I will say returning.

Will friends and family come together and feel happy?

What is better with the gift?

……Imagine that this ordinary happiness has come.

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