Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 13th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

Volume 1 The 13th Word of the Teenagers of the Dead

The days after the occurrence of Muse, nothing has changed in the past.

After I went out with the Muse and went out with the waiting Bled, I did not mention a word about the battle with Muse.

Muse does not explain with Bled, I believe there must be something that can not be explained.

Of course, because of the concealment, how many attitudes become strange or not.

However, it was said that the hell – type training was passed, and it was put into the undead monster nest for half a day and returned.

Even if many moves become strange, Bled and Mary will judge that the fear and tension have not been eliminated.

In addition, the so-called skeleton, the monster of vilaskes, seems to be quite troublesome.

Muse reported on the training and said, "Will and Villaxes are fighting." Bled used this tone in a way that he could not help. He comforted "there is no way for the Muse to help."

It is the sound that I did not consider the possibility of my individual victory.

But the victory alone, Muse one way, Bled's chin fell.

As literally, the entire mandible falls.

To the ground.

Bled's Bled, which reconnected his chin bones, was a rather surreal sight.

……But is the so-called Vilasx very troublesome?

But I think it is weaker than Bled in several levels, can it be said that there is actually any reason to weaken it?

The undead should be the same as all, inheriting the skills and abilities of the past, but can not continue to grow.

"That, Vera Sykes, is it a troublesome opponent for Bled?

"Well, me?" My words go straight to the end of the beheading! "

Bled said confidently back.

…… what. Velasques, really not so strong.

It's just that Bled's evaluation of me is a little too low, or that that I can not play my due strength in actual combat.

"So, I am just better than the flow of Villasex, and it's still far behind."

After a little grasp of strength, if you are proud of it, it will fall very badly, and Mary said it in the past. Not modest, no.

After thinking about it, Brad and Muse made a weird expression. Respective,

"Well, ah -"

"Just, that's it."

Vague said.

……? And what's that? I always feel that I have misunderstood what I am not sure about.

Unclear topics went hand in hand, and the topic shifted to the spoils.

However old coins and decorations were found in the underground street, because there was no increase in baggage, it was only the short gun That could be said spoiler.

Because of my first time with the spoils, the three people of the temple are of course interested.

The tip of the gun is a straight gun with a blade length of about 30 cm.

Plus the length of the handle is a little higher than my body height.

The blade is a straight blade, and the blade itself is engraved with a few words.

The blade is very large and the steel shines cool.

Near the edge of the blade, the tightness is narrowed toward the center, and the overall gloss is quite good, according to Bled.

The color of the handle wood is a dark brown solid color. According to Mary, it seems that the tree is named Waldorf.

The bronze ring engraved with with "Word" is a good feature to buckle the root of the gun tip.

The metal parts at the end of the gun are small, like the rustic shape of the railing of the bridge.

The whole is a practical short gun created by the dwarf, but this comes over and brews to remove the extra beauty and presence.

On the dark handle, the radiance of the steel gun tip is clear and bright.

When I think that this is my weapon, it does not raise my mood slightly like my character.

I could not help but hold the gun and started a few air swings and postures in the garden.

……Oh, I am sorry, when is the boy, I want to have my own special weapons and transportation.

Probably, as long as it is a man, everyone understands it.

The effect of the gun was to ask Muse for identification. After a detailed investigation, I learned that this is a gun named "Yueyue".

The gun tip and the handle of the gun each pay the magic effect of "Creating Words".

The tip of the gun is a common penetration force and cutting force enhancement, and the effect of maintaining the strength and quality of the "word" is one.

The second is to turn the "word" engraved on the basis of "Light" into a lighting effect that can adjust the range and brightness.

Although it can not emit dazzling glare, it can be used fully as as illumination in the dark. No need for a torch.

In addition to the "words" that are also engraved with strength and quality on the handle, "words" about the expansion and contraction of objects are also engraved.

Four and a half moments, that is, about 30 minutes, the length of the handle can be adjusted in the range of about 1 to 4 meters to maintain hardness and toughness.

It can be used as a lance and can be brought into a narrow place depending on the situation.

……But it is not a flame, shock, this gorgeous effect, but which effect is also ordinary convenience.

Various usages have emerged.

Very powerful.

It's really amazing.

Really, magic weapon! And it's your own thing!

I was so emotional that I could not help but but also with experiments with guns of various lengths. Even without dirt, I wiped them repeatedly, and the three looked at it with very warm eyes.

……No, there is no way to do this. The magic weapon you won! Of course I will be happy!

After that, live a quiet life.

In the lectures of Bled and Muse, they often enter the underground street, but this is already used.

Picking up the "Yuyue" and the long sword, and the undead demons have also experienced many real battles.

Even if you encounter an individual at the level of Veras, it is less difficult than before.

In the end, I also remembered the structure of the underground street. Even if something happened, it would not be an opponent. In the end, I would have some burden on my side.

Only invaded the underground street with clothes and short swords, and seized weapon armor from the undead monster, and returned after killing the specified number.

Although it is quite hard, it does not take too much time until it can finally be processed.

By the way, I also got a variety of weapons and decorations that are in good condition, but I still do not have the name of the moon.

However, low – quality weapons, quantity products, and famous instruments, from long to short, have become good experiences in trying to use various weapons and armor.

……Then, since that time, the teachings of Muse have changed.

The previous intense duck – feeding education was gone.

Muse said that "the knowledge of thou is already adequate." "It's time to learn more."

Then he also paid for Brad, and Muse opened the casino.

It is scorpion gambling.

We collected gold coins and silver coins in the underground streets as gambling, and we were discovered by Mary when we played all kinds of famous gambling in the world. The whole staff was scolded by the blasphemy.

Because of the stern say that gambling is to be banned, Muse then teaches various online games in the form of not gambling.

In ancient times, there are double six, backgammon, or Zenit of Egypt, the game of moving chess pieces with dice and strategy.

There are also games in which chess and chess are played in the same way as chess checkers. There are also games in which chess pieces are placed in the same way as black and white chess.

There are also games that collect cards like mahjong and form cards.

If you want a first-class magician, you seem to need to know and love this part of the intellectual game.

Because this kind of game on the disk, it seems to be used in the duel between magicians.

The power of magic is not funny and it is difficult to be merciless, and users are also indoors.

If it is not good to physically fight with an abominable opponent, the bloody result of mutual killing will happen too much.

After that, when the dispute was signed, the contract was signed, and the intellectual game was used to win the game. In the end, it was passed passed down to become a parent.

I can not help but think of a past game card game comics. In retrospect, the ancient reality of the past life also has the form of a referee with a game duel.

Especially the things that involve luck, but also the way to ask God's will …And slow, gossip.

Those who do not mention it for the time being, but of course also carefully teach the various secrets such as the exercise of double or triple magic.

In the past, there were circuses in which different characters were written by the left and right hands. While playing the instrument while doing another performance, the circus always felt that multiple magics were similar to these.

The same skill as the sword, the combination of the hand point and the memory of the hand and the mouth to become an automatic action should be the main point …

For this reason, I have a few practical combinations with Muse to let the body remember.

However, although the two-fold finals are barely emulated, the triple difficulty is too high.

That is the result of Muse's many years of practice.

Although Muse himself said that if you imitate the other side after practicing for a year, you can not stand it …

However, if I have been training for many years, the days of reaching the field will really come.

Then Bled over there, playing various things outside the lecture.

Bled is basically an outdoor school, hunting, collecting, climbing trees and climbing cliffs.

There are also swimming and diving in the lake, traps, harpoons and fishing for fish, and half of the training is mostly.

Also, the other brewed wine.

It seems that Mary was found to be scolded, so quietly collecting the mountain grapes, the pots filled with hot water were filled with juice and sealed with cloth to ferment them.

In addition, in order to increase the degree of alcohol content, the two people wow wow haha ​​happily smoked honeycombs, with honey to increase sugar.

The accompanying baby bees are also deliciously eaten, but in retrospect, they are now wilder than their predecessors.

……After shelved for ten days, after confirming that it was indeed fermented into wine, the two of us toasted.

Even so, Bled certainly did not have a throat and a tongue.

After the entrance, you will fall down from there, and there will be no taste and no drunk.

However, it looks very good and I am very happy.

Therefore. I unknowingly drank too much together.

Obviously, you should make a considerable amount, just two people …And Bled feels a little waste and generally deducts, so most of them are also my drink.

But the body of this life seems to be very drinkable, but did not eat any snacks, but also the result of a big mouthful of drinking for the first time …Of course, very very drunk.

Because of this, I did that.

……Happy Bled and I, resolutely stealing / seeing from Mary.



When changing clothes.

Stealing / seeing.

Though you may not understand what I am talking about, I honestly say that I do not understand what I am talking about.

It's just a matter of borrowing alcohol.

Of course, if I have a heart with Bled, my skills and privacy are quite good, but it was just a drunkard.

The simple sound was discovered, and after being slap in the face, the blame was more powerful than the casino incident, and it was super shameful.

Not only is it drunk but also steals / sees women to change clothes, it is better to say that Mary can forgive us with a slap.

In addition, Mary's body itself, after the mummification, almost only bone and skin, so she should have no feeling.

However, Mary, who was stolen / snooped and shy, had a little heart, so this idea was added after the idea was revealed.

Then when I woke up the next day, I dreamed. ……Yes, fine / pass.

Because it is a period of change, so it will be fine, and the object of awakening is mummies.

The object of awakening is the mummy …

In addition, this was also known to Bled, and he was kicked by his finger at the big hilarious laugh.

Then they vowed to keep Mary secret and bring this secret into the grave.

Scour the dirty undershirt while washing.

……In the future, the bar will be banned. Really want to ban.

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