Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 12th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 12th Word of the Youth of the Dead

“…………Muse? It is a muse, right? ”

Can not help but confirm to him.

Because from that standing posture, the ghosts that come out are too strong.

It has a hook-and-hook nose, a look that loves to make a bad, very clever and knows everything, and looks like a ghostly old man.

Always different from Bled and Mary, always feel like taking a step back and getting along with me.

But if you ask him him repeatedly in a sincere attitude, you will still respond honestly.

That is the usual muse.

In the essential part, it must be a very kind and gentle person, I believe so arbitrarily.

……But now, it's different.

The sight shot from me has a clear killing.

And in the hands of the set up, I am afraid that I have gathered enough mango to exercise quite advanced magic.

Near the roots of my neck, as the cold wind blew, the cockroaches were erected.


Muse, no sound.

If you inject murderous and erected, is this person such a terrible existence?

Just like everyone else.

However, this does not reveal what illusion or makeup.

That's right, it's a real muse.

But Muse, why should he release such murderousness?

No, why is he here?-?


– even though is supervision, but if an accident occurs, it will really die. Do not die.

I remember Bled, I said that.

If there is supervision, if an accident occurs, it will die. On the other hand, if there is no accident, it will not die.

In short, even if there is a lot of rigor, it is still the scope of the lecture. As long as there is no accident at the head, and it is not within the death, I can still hope for help when something happens.

So how can I help me …

If you want to take this task in this underground street, first of all, it is the muse of the spiritual body that can pass through the wall.

In this underground street turned into a labyrinth, Mary must not be able to to follow the distance that can be dealt with in the event of a sudden situation, and Bled is equally difficult.

I am afraid that Muse, he must have been in monitoring me in this underground street, fighting, looking for an exit.

So that is …

“……This is also a lecture, is it? ”

I hurriedly asked.

Even if this is a part of the lecture, the muse is the opponent, is that the case?

……If that's the case, then I think so.

No, not like this! The instinct is full of alarm bells.

"Teaching, is it right? Then, conditions etc. -"

As an answer, I began to paint "words" in the air.

I will see the text.

That is the "word" used in the attack.

……It is used to kill people, magic.


At the moment of judgment, I turned around and chose to escape.

I do not understand what happened.

But no matter what, do not run away …!

With such intuition, while running behind the guard, I ran to the exit of the hall with all my strength.

In that moment,

"Starting it …"

With the sound of icy and cold bones, Muse spun out "words."

The rubble near the exit that I was planning to flee began to gather and rise, gently rubbing against the patio, forming a huge human shape about 3 meters to get up.


It is Gorem created with the magic of ancient languages!

Inscribed on the rubble in advance, complicated words, now sing is the word of the start.

The words drawn with your fingers are the cards that people want to see.

It is a trick for me to choose to escape.

……Here is already the killing area that Muse carefully prepared to lay.

At the moment of attention, Gorem's fist already already approached me.


The overwhelming quality of the fist, the shield can not resist.

After seeing through the boxing ring, I used the footwork to avoid it, and used the magical short gun that I just got to stab the counterattack.

Aiming at the abdomen. Maintain Gorem's "words."

The Goreham made by the spearhead of the Magic Gun, which is made of rubble, is as fast and simple as the hand when using bamboo skewers.

In the same way, if you slash and slash the words, Gorem will be slammed into a rubble.

At the next moment, something flicked over the side of the head, slamming into the wall and flying away with the sound of a hard crash.

Immediately jump horizontally. The export has gone a long way.

What was projected? Even the time to think about this question is not there, one after another is flying – rubble!

Looking around the "words" of Muse in the air, there are countless rubble floating.

And one by one, shot like a pistol shot.

The magic of the gravel, and is it a very deep one …!

"Oh, wow, yeah !?"

Roll over the floor to avoid.

The small fragments of the rubble can not be completely blocked by the shield, and the slaps of the clothes and the skin slaps the violent pain everywhere.

When the breathing is smothered, and when the stone that continues to be projected is dispelled, "words" are

"The Fall" "Spider Web"

……Hit a chill.

This is a familiar magic.

I used it with Bled before training, and I personally understood the horror of this magic.

Instantly released the dispelled "word" to the top.

The spider web disappeared instantaneously.

When I set up the shield, I ran to the exit, but I stepped on the grease on the ground without any warning and slipped.



The magic is casting too fast.

Even if it is a muse, the magic of firing at such a speed should not be …

When I think that way, I look at the truth when I look at it.

– Muse, he used the "singing" of the mouth and the "description" depicted with his fingers, especially as a matter of course.

"Two magic projections …!"

Even if it is theoretically feasible, there will be a few mistakes, and there will a singer and a vocalization of the possibility of self-explosion and simultaneous recording.

And also have to distribute each of them.

You do not have to try and know that this is no easy task.

"Hey, hey … !!"

Will die to roll back to avoid the gravel That has been smashed down.

Finally escaped the range of oil, but the spider web came down again.

paralysis. Passivated The cloud of silence. Countless ferocious weak magic hit me.

As long as you stop for a moment, it will become a bait for the gravel.

With the dispelled "words", the skills of swinging the body and finally to avoid fatal injuries, ugly tried several escapes, but all failed.

I was slowly forced to go astray.

Then I do not know if I started to get excited, and Muse slowly opened her hands.

"This …"

Muse used different hands to describe different words.

Still sing on the mouth or continue to sing smoothly.

……Triple magic projection.

"Cheat, right …"

Already, completely desperate.

With simple calculations, Muse can play more than one person's firepower.

There is no room for escape.

Can not escape.

Will be killed.

Muse looked down at me with no compassion, and did not hesitate to launch magic.

It is serious.

Muse is serious, kill me.


Why is this happening?

"Muse …"

I do not even know why I would be killed. I have to be killed by my loved ones.

……I do not want it

I do not want it

This is absolutely not necessary.

Do not want to die.

Do not want to die!

The eyelids ooze tears.

Thinking begins to accelerate and turn.

Do not want to die.

Do not escape.

But I can not escape.

Nothing can escape.

Do not want to die.

Do not want to die.

Do not want to die.

If you do not want to die, what should you do? –

This short gun, protected by magic, is a short gun that can hurt the spirit.

Shoot a gun, cast it at him, and stab him.

Such a whisper emerges in my mind.

Now it might be a quick step.

Sting to Muse.

Just hit the key words.

If you kill the muse, it will survive.

It is a revenge that Muse is the first to kill, even if it is killed.

Sting him.

It should be stabbed.

Sting him.

Sting him.

Kill it -!

I heard a mad call in my mind.



– Slightly squeeze out the smile and put the short gun down.

Muse, stopped to start the magic.

The card slammed and the short gun fell to the ground.

"Muse …., Muse"

What should I say?

Do not know.

However, there are also things that are clearly known.

"Muse, you have to kill me here …In fact, this is a reason to have to kill me. ”

This is not the case.

If this is not the case, Muse should not want to kill me.

Only this, even if it is like this, I believe in him.


Sincerely, admire him.

"Hey, Muse. El Abuelo

Open your hands.

Lift the squat and expose the throat.

Just like making him easier to aim.

"You can be jealous. It's okay to refute what's right or not. "


Muse swallowed and said nothing.

Grandpa's so surprised expression has not been seen for a long time.

It may have been seen since childhood and after the discourse.

“……Understanding 唷 "

If Muse really wants to be serious, there is no such drama.

Here is the living space only for my underground space.

The grand cast of fire magic, only I will simply die due to lack of oxygen poisoning.

Or, more, use the impact magic to make the courtyard of this hall collapse.

The spirit's muse can penetrate the wall, so the collapsed patio can also pass through.

It is only me who is dead.

This is obviously the case, but Muse, but he used the long way to kill me.

—- It is like giving me a chance to fight back.

"I understand. Though I understand … "

Certainly, this is the final compromise of Muse, and I understand it.



"Where, what do you want to kill each other with Muse? I really do not want to do it, I will not fight it … "

Tears spilled out.

I also do not want to die.


Very terrible.

However there is already a memory of death, but terrible things are still terrible.


"Relative death, hurting Muse, more annoying …"

What could not be suppressed from the chest filled the throat and began to whee.

Really, not very handsome.

Originally intended, more handsome, accepting death.

"That that is very important for Muse" – then it is ok.

……Muse stopped all magic and stood silently.

Staring at him, that little bit unnaturally smiled at him.

"Kill me, oh oh …Fear of something, no embarrassment. ”

Reluctantly pretend to be handsome.

I can not do it without handsome death.

Because, I am a disciple of Muse.

"Yeah, but, if it is not too painful, it will be more happy, that is …"

Muse he …Keep silent and come close to me.

I forcefully hold the shaking hand.

Muse covered my eyes with my hands.

I closed my eyes hard –

"Oh, sorry!" Doing a little too much! Huha-ha-ha-! ”

Then I heard the sound like this.

Muse pretends to touch my head, quite exaggerated, and says.

"very ……"

I 'm surprised.

"But because my possession is my victory is my victory! Feeding, even very surprised, but also can be accumulate experience of the magician battle! What? ”

I was surprised, not because this killing was originally taught.

I was amazed that Muse described all of them as "this is originally taught."

As evidence, the sounds that are spoken in succession are not like the Muse of the week.

Why? why? ……Being bound by emotions? How is it possible? How about people like Muse?

ImprobableBut, then, why?

"Muse ………"

"Hey, do not ask anything!" I was able to get a short shot from Villa Skeel's cheekbones. For Bled, I have to call for a million years!

In this cramped place, it is to go out quickly! Come, Will "

Muse became more talked about. Extreme.

At this time, I think my expression should be very bad …

"The saying," Duo "and" Triple "just now is very good, right?

Next, we will teach you all kinds of bad tricks for actual combat.

So, that, please feel better in the mo …? ”

Muse, should also be like an expression to cry out.

……For this city. 3 people on this side. For my origins, it really is full of mystery.

Bled, he should, when I am fifteen, tell me.

……It is almost time to say the mystery of the mystery.

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