Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 11th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 11th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Start with the conclusion.

I ate a lot of suffering.

They are forced to pick up long swords and round shields and kill each other with the undead monsters captured by Bled.

No nose, no ears, no eyes, no smile, like a big crescent, a big mouth, a creepy, dark body

I was similar to the physique. Immediately after being liberated, I immediately smashed the broken claws and attacked me.

…That is quite scary.

Though I thought it may have been trained before. However, training and actual combat are different.

The fact that the other party has a sense of killing to this side is frightening.

How should this behave for this fear …

In the mutual agreement and restricted training, accidents and serious injuries are strongly avoided, and there is always a sense of security.

Even the strange actions that do not match the opponent's adventure will not be seriously injured or die.

In turn, here are some bold actions to try, even if the result fails, it will not be seriously injured or will not die.

The actual cost of this behavior is very light.

In actual combat, all actions are at risk.

If you take a trick.

If the foot is slippery.

This alone has ended.

death. DEAD END.

All kinds of actions are accompanied by different risks.

The result should be what I should do, and I do not understand it.

Of course, generally I have memories of past lives. However, I also understand that it is an extremely rare case. Then there is memory in the afterlife, and there is no such expectation.

Should it be a thing, physiologically, there is a rush to death.

Not only fatal injuries.

If you are dug, you will not see it. If your tendon is cut off, your hands and feet will not move.

There are also cases where the scorpion is broken, and the finger is broken.

I do not know from the past life, if the nose is cut down, the nose will be incontinent. I do not know if this is true or false.

In any case, along with the murderousness of the other party, all kinds of nasty possibilities come together.

The field of vision narrows and the heart beats faster. Breathing is disturbed, and the trembling of the body makes the mind white–

……Then, regardless of such things, I took the other side off with a knife.

(Annotation:such a large segment, the result is seconds * kill)

Use the shield to open the claws of the undead monsters, and take a step obliquely. After forming a cross, they will wave a counterattack to the trunk.

Together with the swinging of the waist and legs, the strength of the shoulders and arm muscles is also condensed on the sword.

Have a real feel.

In this way, the distance is confirmed, and the body of the dry undead monster is cut into two pieces and slowly turned into a dusty land.

……It's definitely true that you are afraid of actual combat.

Though it is true, but the brave muscles that began to be trained at a young age, throwing down timid thinking and acting spontaneously.

If the other party is like this, then the program that has been moved like this has been reassured to reflect the action.

Soldiers and fighters who have been trained in good combat have been called killing machines in their previous lives.

And now, I know that is exactly the same as the actual situation.

A well-trained warrior kills the enemy with a mechanical reflection.

Unconsciously, as Bled said, terror and disgust and everything, shelved.

Rime table

Now it's probably the one of the evil gods, the genus of the Dimensian Dial Gum, the guy named Devil.

It is thing which is relatively low in the middle.

Because it was learned from the teaching of the museum of Muse, it should be correct.

……It's just that the devil is a creature of different dimensions. On most occasions, it is said that it will be destroyed after it is broken.

But after not dying, I do not know. Maybe this is a rare situation.

I look at such things while looking down at the monsters that have dust and are left behind by me.

But it is an undead monster, it is obviously a killing of a humanoid opponent. It is very unbelievable, and the feelings have not changed much.

There are no high-spirited, panic, and chaotic. Now, even if it is attacked again by the same opponent, it will still be like the same.

After confirming that it was completely dusty, looking at Bled, Bled was like a daze.

The expression of the cheekbones has not changed. However, the mouth is half open, and the line of sight is not fixed, so it is definitely a daze.

"Brad, he won ….Yo, how's it going?

Ah? .. Ah … Well, it's done very well …Ah, as the first mutual killing, it's OK. "

Then immediately, as if nothing can be said, however, the sound is slightly floating.

It seems to be very happy.

It seems that for Bled, the action is very good.

But if I am smug, I will be troubled and inappropriately praise the incomprehensible tone.


Feeling that, I also became happy.

I have mastered what Professor Bled has mastered.

The mood has become very proud.


I said that I had suffered a lot at first, but is not that so bad?

No! It started to suffer from here.

"Hey, hello, do not be too proud." Because it is ok, it can be … "

"It's coming again, do not force it. I am a genius, right? "

I said something with an antics.

Of course this is a joke, and then I am going to wait for the other's spit … but

「……Genius, right? Also, maybe it's really a genius … you … … "

Bled, somehow, accepted the joke with a little serious voice.

「……Ok, let's push it before you make it harder, genius! "

Happy to say something terrible –

The city of ruins always overlooking the hills of the shrine.

For the first time, I knew that in the neighborhood that could not be approached because of the danger, in the underground, there was actually a complex underground part.

Before being entered, I was told that in the past, the Terran and the Dwarfs lived together in this city.

The dwarfs have excellent metallurgy, engineering and architecture, and dear to the earth, are the races that prefer the burrowing life, and build a huge underground street in this neighborhood.

Now, the underground street of this ruin has become the dangerous place that Bled has captured, the irrational and violent undead monsters.

I am prohibited from getting close to the ruined city.

……And I am now there.

The equipment was given with clothes, shoes, leather jackets, long swords, short swords and round shields.

And a water bag filled with water in the back pocket, bread and dried meat.

Just use these ones to escape, I was thrown by Bled in the underground street.

The deep darkness unfolds in front of your eyes.

Only one step before, even the hand that stretched out to the front of the face could not be seen.

It's not that kind of thin and dark, it's the real darkness that there is no light insertion at all, and the sense of balance is also messed up.

……It may have been noticed that there was no light in the equipment that was originally given.

Bled, who has not had the eyeballs, seems to have another extraordinary feeling to perceive the surroundings and take me to this dark place.

Of course, the way to come can not be remembered.

Plus, instead of giving the light, it is placed in the nest of the undead monster.

……The start of the conditions is quite excessive.

However, this is not a problem that can solved by panic.

In short, it is an application problem.

If you can integrate the things you have taught well, you should solve them.

Inhalation, like the feeling that the touch extends from the skin to the surrounding area, the perception and the darkness around the same week.

Take out the short sword and carefully engrave the shield around you. The words "Creation" mean the text of "Light".

Then, with a bang, the shield began to glow, and the surrounding 10 m was brightly illuminated by the magic lights.

This light does not sway like a flame but also has a higher brightness. Close to the brightness of fluorescent lights.

But it will be interrupted after a few hours, it will be quite convenient to use the engraved "Words" and the surrounding manna to resonate.

I used the light to confirm the surroundings. It seems like a small room.

There is only one entrance, and the light that can not reach the front is is dark.

It is from the wind passes through morphine and hears the wind like a low sigh.

I do not know how long it will take until I escape.

I want to rest and one is a problem.

If you are alone, you can not take turns.

If you are resting in this environment, you have to be bold enough.

Similar to the dark room, resting on the knees, a little chill.

Always feel that the past life, has been in the room alone, is really ridiculous …

Then, I remembered the fact that three people have been together for 10 years.

There is always Bled, Mary is in, Muse is.

「…………Is it so uncomfortable for a person to be so lonely?

Can not help but muttered.

The ones tested are …It should be a comprehensive practical force.

In a severe combat environment, the body continues to fight.

Softly corresponding technology for all conditions.

However, regardless of danger, loneliness, and the spirit of continuous calm.

Based on the teachings of the three people, even if the three are not in a winning streak, they can play as usual.

This is probably the meaning of this excessive training.

I am also thirteen years old, and immediately fourteen.

The age of adults in this world is fifteen, so the period of independent living is also near.

─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ I want them to see the best results.

The teachings of the three people have been well formed.

It is worth teaching.

It is a disciple who is proud of.

I want them to be like that.

……Because of this, I can do everything I can do –

While using a shield to bounce off the thorny tail from the shadow of the field of vision,

"-" Silent "" mouth "!!"

Undoubtedly recited the "words" that forced silence.

The chin of the bone monster in front of him was suddenly tightened, and the "word" intended to be issued was interrupted.

I was wanted to let it go, I was forced to step back by being blocked by a short gun that was waving like a storm.

The lobby of the underground street.

……Look at each other with the eye sockets that are as dark as the solid darkness.

In front of my eyes, I am a demon.

If you are straightforward to describe your appearance … a mixture of people and crocodiles, right?

It is about 2 meters in length.

Today people think of the skull of a dinosaur.

The protruding spikes are arranged side by side, and the thick spine corresponding to the physique.

Slim, strangely stretched to the tip of the tail with spikes.

In the hand like a human hand, he held a short gun without rust.

Remember to call this guy's name Vilaskes in the scope of Muse's lectures.

The bite of the jaw can bite the metal armor, and the tail from the accidental place is comparable to the assassin's blow.

All weapons are also good at using, and the ancient language magic of "Creating Words" can also be manipulated, as if it is a relatively high-level demon.

The tough scales and the rubber-like outer skin, the thick muscles, are said to have the defensive power of a knight wearing armor, and are extremely tenacious.

Now that the bones are all gone, it's a bit lucky.

However Moo said that even if there are 10 ordinary warriors who have only 10 more dead bodies, it should be exaggerated.

……Because this guy is quite slow compared to Bled.


Take advantage of the timing and narrow the distance in one breath.

Use a shield to stagger the short shots that are continuously sent out.

Gyann! The sound of the shield and the rifle rubbed.

When entering the arms, Vilaskee bites with a squat that can not use the magic.

However, this has been expected, with a low posture rolling back to avoid the past –

"Yaa —-!"

In the situation of jumping, the long sword blade stabbed near the tailbone.

Immediately after the cracking and disintegrating tail contact point is destroyed, it can be felt that the power of the tip of the tail aiming from the dead angle has been lost.

Velasques, like a surprise, stopped the action for a moment.

Followed by.

With a round shield, I resolutely made a shield hit.

Of course, in general, about 160 cm, I bumped into a huge body drive about 2 meters, of course, I will not shake it.

But now, the other is a lightweight bone body that loses all muscles, and the balance has been destroyed after losing a long tail.

The shield that infused with the whole body collided in the past, and the impact of the reaction rushed toward the whole body, while the following moment Vilas has fallen.

Press firmly on the handle of the short gun.

However, Vilaske immediately decided to give up short short. Bounced over with both hands and jumped over.

……As expected.

I have held the hilt with both hands and put a big upper section in order to meet it.

"Drink, yeah ─ ─ !!!"

Infused with a sword that was filled with temperament, it shattered the head of Verascus who attacked my throat.

The bones were scattered, and the giant body drive of Vera Sykes fell forward.

– By the way, the front end of the broken sword is also flying.

Karaan screamed, and the front end of the sword fell to the corner of the room.


Velasque turned into dust.

The unmarked sword that has been relying on so far has been broken from the middle as the price of defeating this powerful enemy.

Immediately, the mood sank.

Not very good.

It's not good to have no main weapon in the underground street of this undead monster.

Shakingly thinking about what to do next, I found that the short gun that Verskes took was not dropped into dust like that.

Picking up and trying to observe, it is not a demon style, it is a dwarf style rifle.

Hmmm …

Maybe this is not the property of Vilasx, but the work of the dwarves in this underground street?

Oh, why have not rusted for so many years …Try to observe and see, "The Word of Creation" is also engraved throughout the gun.

Muse that that in the era of the battle of the gods, the gods injected various kinds of "words" into various tools and created a large number of secrets of the sword.

It is said that the dwarves also partially inherit the skill and inject the secret of "words" into the weapon.

This, a long rifle – I am afraid, the magic weapon of the people of the land.

Magical weapons can also be effective against opponents who are extremely tenacious and have physical attacks like the muse of the spirit.

Depending on the equipment, flames or impacts are emitted, and weapons with strong effects are also present.

……Only, it can not be identified on this occasion.

It's terrible to wave a gun that does not know the effect, but then, without the main weapon, it's even more terrible.

Then please ask Muse to look at it, this venue will only rely on this gun.

Since Vilaskes is wielding ordinary, the effect of harming users should be no.

After the decision, hold the handle and make a few strokes in succession and try again.

……Quite easy to use.

No problem

This should be no problem, try to move on.

Just at the time of the decision.


Feeling a strong murderousness, look back.

It is a muse.

All over the body, shrouded in murderous, silently looking at me.

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