Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 10th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 10th Word of the Youth of the Dead

The hall of the temple, which was fully cooled down, was filled with silence, and it would be rejected if a cough was heard.

The feet are lotus seats.

Place your nails near your knees.

Move the body slightly to adjust the posture.

Then straighten the chin back to the chin, as if using a stick through the world.

In the wide hall of the temple, quietly close your eyes.


The vision is blocked, minimizing the stimulation of hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Exhale, inhale.

Slowly turn the breath shallower and slower.

Calculate the exhalation and inhalation as one calculation.






Focus only on counting the matter.

Do not think about other things.

If the distractions come to light, count them again.

─ Entering no heart, this is not to think.

─ ─ This will think not to think, but into a meaningless cycle.

─ ─ The wandering of this concept can not make you into the heart.

─ Be unintentional

─ ─ To be truly unintentional, that is, to be single-minded

─ ─ concentrated on the present here, "this moment"

─ Whether it is to recall what has passed.

─ ─ still dream of things that have not yet arrived.

─ All must be rushed out of their minds.

─ Just thinking about the present in front of one heart and one mind.

─ ─ throw yourself in front of God.

─ ─ not the past, not the present.

─ ─ just throw out the purest, now located here, and now.

─ ─ single-minded, sincerely only do this.

─ This is not a secret technique.

─ Thinking now, focus on it and throw yourself out.

─ ─ This is everything of "unintentional prayer"

Though Mary's words appeared in her mind, it also disappeared during the counting period.






Just repeating the focus on counting things.

Do not think about other things.

There is wind.

There are birds singing in the distance.

Feel the skin feeling of sitting.

Just repeat the count.

Feel exhaled


Breathing sound

The agitation of the heart.

Just repeat the count.




I do not know where I am.

It feels like diving into the blue sea.



I do not know where it is–

─ ─ How long has it been "sneak"?

Bell, the bell sound that I think of makes me come back to reality.

Open the eyelids that have been closed, and the scenery of the temple looks more clear.

The sun is completely down, and the lights are shining around.

In the coldness of the cold, the carvings of the gods are reflected in the soft light of the flames, quite dreamy and gorgeous.

……Humans are used to all kinds of things.

If you are looking for something, you will see vaguely about what you are used to.

If you are listening to something, you will listen to the usual things vaguely.

The same is true for touching, sniffing, and taste.

This means that humans → more effective in responding to stimuli.

However, this also the reluctance to move, so that the sensibility is gradually paralyzed.

I like this moment of waking up from deep prayer.

As if born again, everything you see, the sound you hear, all can be clearly felt.

This refreshing feeling is like removing the dirt that sticks to the whole body.

Temporarily immersed in the aftertaste, slowly lifting the posture of the lotus seat.

Because of the long-term relationship of the same posture, the body is sore.

"Okay, Will, it's hard."

Mary watched the timing and the bell was used to remind the end of the week.

"In this way, the practice of" Pray of Silence "for five days is over."

"Sin, hard work."

……It is already 13 years old.

It's been five years since I burned my wrist.

In fact, the burn, if you have realized that Mary has become a fireball again, you can use the prayers to heal the wounds and leave no traces. I have rejected this proposal.

The injury was not serious enough to require Mary to turn into a fireball again, and Brad praised me for saying it was a man's medal.

Accepting the treatment of magic in ancient languages, and suffering for dozens of days. Finally, as Kas expected, there was discoloration from the palm to the wrist.

It seems to be well treated.

In fact, I am also aware of the scars that are even more more bloated, so I am even boring.

……Now, the "Medal" is also wrapped around my wrist.

After that, my body quickly grew taller.

The line of sight is almost equal to Mary, and the height of Kas is also close.

Although he still had to look up to Brad, he said to himself:Become powerful.

However I do not know the ruler of the previous life, I want to say that I have already exceeded 160 centimeters.

In addition, in terms of the length unit here, the length of the adult male stretching the thumb and the middle finger as much as possible is called a finger ruler.

There is about 20 centimeters or so, that is to say, in the world here, my height is about 8 fingers.

In addition, the thumb width of an adult is one tenth of a finger, that is, about two centimeters.

Similarly, an adult male stretches his hands ten times as far as a finger, and a wrist is about two meters.

There are also a variety of other units.

Not to mention the rigorous accuracy, this can easily measured with the body, it is very convenient. However, it would be inadvertent to use the metric system to calculate probably because of previous life memories.

Ah, gossip is here.

I have stopped the course of Cass and Brad and practiced the "Pray of Silence."

This rigorous ceremony took place in the winter in the monastery of the Mother God God Martel. I heard that Mary did not know how many times she had experienced it before her death.

This is another amazing thing.

From sunrise to sunset after five days, all statements are prohibited except for emergencies.

Even the instructions use the bell and bell, except for the minimum sleep, the rest are almost single-mindedly praying.

After getting up, pray, sit down and pray, walk and pray when you are in a sore state. When you return to the same situation, you can sit and pray again and pray at bedtime.

While eating and praying with gratitude, I look at my prayers for dialogue, pray for a petition to be blessed, and praise the prayers of God's praise.

After completing all the praying shows, the final end is an unintentional prayer that has been stretching for hours.

……Can you get it? so funny! Though I thought about it when I heard the itinerary, it was amazing that humans could do it it accident.

In addition, if Mary continues to pray for such a long time, it will indeed be destroyed on the physical level, so I am my assistant.

In addition, there are so many praying for the fact that there is still no sign of using the prayers, and the prayers are really related to the nature of the gods.

According to Mary, even if it is a very devout believer, there are many people who can not use the prayers.

In addition, this "silent prayer" objectively seems to be a very strict practice, but it is a strict practice …

……But telling you this is actually quite good.

Mary's most rigorous course is nothing more than a "silent practice" level.

Ordinary at most, it is just the method of making shoes, the sewing method of clothes, the method of planting wild vegetables, or the behavior of etiquette.

What to say, quite a cure. Common sense.

In contrast, Kas's curriculum has been somewhat different recently.

Clearly revealing a rather troublesome expression, barely teaching me, but the content gradually became more advanced, and then the weight of one teaching became dense.

This crowding is not a joke.

Silently carrying a variety of "mantras", combining the truth to make vocabulary and articles.

In order to pronounce it beautifully, sing and practice the pronunciation.

Plus he taught me the range, from geometry, arithmetic, rhetoric and debate to geography, history, law, civil engineering, medicine and the economy. Finally, I said that I will carry them back tomorrow.

The next day's exam. Re-engage, re-examine, and review for total of dozens of days.

……This mass attack is that the cramming education is still too slight.

Seriously, he should not expect me to sigh.

Of course, geometry and arithmetic can use memories of past lives.

In particular, mathematics is good at it, so I originally wanted to say that this can be easier but there is no way.

This is because as it is as Kas knew that I had had it, I took the part in the way of jumping and used the additional method to plug in the other things to be taught.

Although I have not thought about a little ambiguity, I have already decided to live seriously.

Fortunately, Will's body is still very young, and the memory is also very good, barely keeping up with the progress.

……Then, in fact, this is what I learned here. His knowledge is quite extensive and extremely esoteric.

One day, I heard that Cass from Brad was called "The Sage of the Sage".

Wandering see to walking without purpose.

In fact, you can feel that that should have a long and long time to study in various places, from both experience and knowledge.

The level of civilization in this world, if you do not consider a certain part of magic, should be worse than the previous life …

But may it is about the structure of the creatures, the procedures of the building, Kas's narrative has no obstacles and reality.

There is no room for the imaginary part frequently seen in the past medieval studies.

In addition, even when it comes to the mythological products of my past life, such as the Asians and the Eudemons, there is no pause in the words of Kas.

This lecture seems to be said after the actual encounter. Listening and listening gradually feels that it is stupid to use the knowledge of past life to show off the cleverness.

……In fact, there is a real ghost in front of you.

In short, that is to say, first of all, Cass's curriculum is such an education that exceeds the secret class schedule.

Though I can keep up with it, but when can catch up?

Because Kas has some stubborn parts, it may just be a complaint that will stop the class.

So even a single complaint can not be revealed.

I am caught in a dilemma of completing a huge problem in front of my eyes.

This is extremely demanding.

This is a bit strange.

……However, seriously speaking, this is still good.

Even with Kas's curriculum, Brad's lectures are very different.

Not a bit strange, really, extremely weird. To be a ghost in the style of past lives.

Start with the fighting game, use wooden swords and wooden guns to empty the air and remember the movements. This can also be understood.

Starting from the cracking, learning to use trap hunting, hunting, solving large mobile objects and living in the forest for several days. This is also understandable.

When the body is trained, real running training and muscle strength training is carried out, which is of course also understandable from Brad's policy.

I do not know where to prepare – in order not to let the children touch, of course, to hide – true sword, real gun, real leather armor.

Equipped with this kind of thing running around, emptying and imitating moves, this is of course the education of the soldiers.

But then it is very strange.

Really a ghost.

"Okay, then, from today, you will be thrown into the real battle."


"First, the opponent who attacked will only think about killing you."


"So, let's go. Of course, I will supervise it next to it, but if there is an accident, I will die. Do not die. "

Oh, ah, ah, ah!?

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