Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The 9th Word of the Youth of the Dead

Volume 1 The 9th Word of the Youth of the Dead

"I have said that you have to pay attention to it so many times …"

Muse was so loyal to Brad and Mary with a bitter expression.


Brad sat in a sitting position and bowed his head to Mary and Muse.

"No …It is my fault that I want to keep the secret going. ”

Mary showed a very lost expression.

Her body is so burning, so I do not know what has been restored.

……I lay in the plain bed of the stone cottage.

It is my own room.

The brain still feels dizzy. The hand hurts. Very painful.

Hey, I made a snoring and hugged the quilt, trying to endure the pain.

But the memory of the incident was a bit embarrassing, it seemed that after that, the muse who heard my shouting ran across the wall.

At that time, I did not seem to care about the burning hands at all. While shaking the unmoving Mary desperately, I screamed wildly.

While Muse immediately pulled me away from Mary, I used emergency measures including magic …

Of course, from my palm to the forearm are serious burns.

Though I have heard that real burns are very painful, it is really painful!

Both arms continued to have severe pain.

I can now understand that those who suffered from extensive burns will beg the people around them when they are treating:"Please kill me!"That kind of mood.

It takes a few days to endure such a pain from the whole body. It is really better to die.

"Will's hand …Can you heal naturally? ”

"I am afraid it is very difficult …Fortunately, at least the fingers are not glued together, but you can not avoid leaving scars. ”

I heard a terrible topic.

However, it is indeeded, it will will like that.

The touch is like the burning of charcoal, which remains in contact and does not let go.

While I wrap my hands with a clean cloth, I can still feel the liquid permeating the gauze.

If you untwist the gauze, it will definitely be a horrible thing that people can not help but open their eyes.

It's really scary to think of situations in which it's hard to do things like a fist.

"Will ….Sorry, Will. I …You

"Not right. To say the fundamental words, I still lie and peek at my fault. ”

But, I do not regret it.

Since Mary is now in the same state, that kind of situation is probably a frequent occurrence, in order not to let me worry, I will hide my.

And I, to save Mary, who did not need help, was hurt by the scar.

"Do not apologize ….As long as Mary is fine, it will be fine. ”

Because of ignorance, this kind of reckless behavior is promoted.

Maybe someone will say that I am stupid.

However, I am still at ease.

Although may may be meaningless behavior, maybe even so, Mary is safe.

Since the birth to the world, she has been gentle to me, she is safe.

I am acting.

For Mary's action without considering the consequences.

I have never stopped myself because of self-protection and calculation.

Not looking for some excuses like the previous life, because of the risk of stopping.


“……Do not care so much, okay? ”

I was able to beat my heart and smile at Mary.

There is no need for you to apologize. You can be safe, really good.

"Will …"

Mary lowered her eyes and trembled.

I have never seen her show such expressions, so that I can not read her thoughts very smoothly.

"thank you ……Will …Really thank you very much …… "

Mary hugged my head lying across.

Her body exudes the smell of burning incense wood.

It will not be unpleasant, it's a taste that will calm people down –

“……All right. Next, why do you have to peek at Mary to pray even if you are sick? ”

Brad asked this after seeing Mary calm down.

The tone is very strict. It is a feeling of reprimanding.

Well, it does become like this.

However I still violated the prohibition and was injured. It is indeed a good reprimand.

"I have always been very concerned.

Why are you three people here? Also, why am I still alive here?

So I thought that there would be some clues in the week that I would not let me see. ”

The Caligula effect of psychology, the so-called contraindications in the mythical folktales.

It is because it is forbidden, so it will be taken care of.

Then again, if nothing happened, I was going to sneak a peek at Mary's worship.

If it's not that Mary has become that state …No, this is just an excuse.

“……I should have told you that as long as you grow up, will you tell me everything? ”

Brad made a sigh of action.

"Do you think it is a kind of people who will forbid you to do something without any reason?

Or is it to treat us as a liar?

……Will, you are very smart, so you should also understand that – since it is forbidden, there are of course reasons for prohibiting you from doing it. ”

Yes, as you said.

It is my own lack of endurance – like this, there is no way to say it.

"That, that, Brad. Do not even mention this point, that, Will is only because of the child's curiosity – "

"Mary, do not talk now.."

Stopping Mary who wants to shelter me, Brad looks at me.

"Will. Is there any other reason or excuse? ”

“……None do. I am sorry

As soon as my words fell, Brad raised his fists and swung his head hard.

"Pong", the impact came from my head.

“……~~~! ”

Dizziness is dazzling.

Because of the physiological reflex, tears can not help but fill the eyelids.

"I have to come to me or Mary to discuss it later.

This neighborhood is also ruined …Well, it is dangerous if something happens. If we act too aggressively, we can not stand it. ”

"Yes," I nodded.

Suddenly I thought, how many times have I been reprimanded, including the past life?

In the past life, the people around me have completely abandoned me. They all think that even reprimanding is useless and treats me in a way that treats tumors.

Now, Brad is deliberately playing the role of hateful bad guy.

I am fascinated by the realization that I may be avoided in the future and may make me afraid.

…………Obviously reprimanded, but still feel happy, may be a bit strange.

"In addition, Will."


Brad let go of his fist and swayed my hair back and forth.

"For Mary, you are really very hard to care about. The scar is the man's medal? ”


My mouth can not help but relax.

"Because I am a disciple of Brad."

"Oh, this kid! I really said something that is pleasing to people. ”

When we looked at each other and smiled and played with each other, Mary laughed too, and Muse shrugged "Oh, oh yeah."

"Speaking back, Mary is jealous. Is it necessary to tell Will about the matter of worship?

As for our origins …If you say it casually, Will may repeatedly reason and go to some difficult places, so it is still difficult to say …

I do not want to accompany the second and third turmoil anymore. ”

"I also …Well, yes. I also think it is better to do that. ”

“……Yeah man. This time let me understand that if the secretism is overdone, it will lead to danger. ”

After hearing what Muse and Brad had said, Mary nodded.

After that, Muse said seriously.

"Weir ….Although may it be a bit bizarre, you should listen. ”


"About your food. That, it was Mary calling out every time she was in the fire. ”


"Do you think, is not there a silver pot? After the four and a half weeks of worship, it will appear there. ”


"I will make such a joke."

Please wait

Slightly, wait a minute.

Unable to understand.

"Please, please tell me the details …"

I barely squeezed out this sentence, and Muse began a detailed explanation.

Prayer …Ordinary, in plain language, that is also called prayer, prayer, or surgery, blessing, seems to be able to borrow from the gods beyond the common sense.

In the age of mythology, the body was lost due to the war between the gods, and the gods went to the other side of the dimension.

The prayer seems to be based on one's own body, the one that shows the gods on the ground.

Prayer can do things that ancient magic can not do, such as creating foods called holy cakes, god wines, and techniques that can cure diseases or injuries.

It seems that for the uncertain situation, the gods will also give give revelation and giv them them guidance; to reach the extreme of the prayer, it is said that even the god itself can come to the world.

But on the other hand, there are limits that are not found in ancient language magic.

Since it is the power of the gods, then of course only those who can communicate with the gods can use it.

Therefore, in order to use the power of the god, the user of the prayer must have the spirit of the god and the true devout faith.

In addition, you can not do things that will be incite the gods to hate.

That is to say, if you use the genus who belongs to the good god as the opponent, you can not use the highly aggressive procedure. If you repeatedly commit evil, the prayer will will be deprived. The use of prayers is subject to such restrictions.

To say why I do not know the pros and cons of magic like that now now …

"If you hear it, you will definitely infer that Mary is the user of the prayer, because you are very smart."

Well, Mary is both pious and kind, and it really gives people the feeling of being able to use it.

I will definitely speculate about it.

"Then I continue to reason in mythology, and I will finally know that Mary will be on fire.

……I will say – 'Mary can make food with fire, I do not want to. '- This is the case.

Even if you tell us that we are the undead of the upper body, and the body can be recovered immediately after being a fire, you will say so. ”

"Of course I do not want it …After all, why are you in the fire? ”

That's …

"That is because I became a non-dead ….I betrayed the goddess Madiel. ”


Mary lowered her eyes.

She lowered her head and showed a sad expression.

"We have entered into a contract with the unclean, undead Starknut, and we have become undead.

The goddess Madiel is the enemy of the undead. After touching her temper, the undead undead will burn. ”

I remembered the carving of the god.

Mother of God, Madil. In the background of the land full of mature rice ears, the children who hold hold the children and show a kind smile are blessed women.

“……I do not want to ask for her forgiveness. ”

Because of betrayal, it should be punished. Mary said so.

But, in that case, still have to pray because …

“…………For me? ”

for me.

In order to create the bread of every day, Mary will pray.

Even if the body burns.

If that's the case –

"I, I will work harder to farm and go hunting." So

"Not like that, Will."

Mary smiled softly and denied my thoughts.

It was very soft, like the voice that included everything in my heart.

"Before encountering Will, giving prayer to Mother Earth sooner or later is the daily class I must do every day."

……Mary did not lie.

Showing such a smile, such a voice, Mary is impossible to lie.

It is than we have spent 7 years together, so I know.

"The goddess Madiel is the patron saint of the children.

Though I met with Will, I would also pray, 'Can you give some food? 'But basically, the habit of praying itself has not changed. ”

“……Mary did not lie to you. I also promise you. ”

“……But we also said to her several times, 'can be done'. ”

Muse nodded calmly.

Brad showed a slightly bitter expression.


Even if I have memories of past lives, I can not understand that behavior.

In other words, before I came, Mary have become the look of the fire every day, without any return.

“……Not painful? ”

"It is very painful. The pain is about to cry. ”

But she could not cry, Mary smiled and said so.

That's what she said

Even if you betrayed, you will suffer a painful retribution …

"Even so, I really admire the goddess."

……It's beautiful. I think so.

Keeping a smiling Mary makes me feel very beautiful.

Mary is like a dead wood, or a mummy that is born into a Buddha.

If you look at it at first glance, no matter how you look at it, you will make a very disgusting and terrifying idea first.

However, Mary, reflected in my eyes, is very beautiful.

It is irrelevant to her soul that she has to betray the object of admiration.

Rejected by it.

When you want to get in touch with the object of admiration, you will be burned by the flames.

No matter how many times you want to contact, but the response is only severe pain.

What the hell is that, what a painful thing.

Even if I included my previous life, my life experience was very shallow. I could not understand the pain.

Just think, very bitter. Very painful.

In that case, it is not surprising that you want to curse someone and want to hate something.

If it is my past life, it will definitely become like that.

However, Mary is suffering from such pain calmly.

I have never seen Mary cursing someone or hating someone.

That kind of Mary is incomparably beautiful in my opinion.

"Even the Mother God will not accept such prayers …"

"Well."Mary gently called my name.

"Even so, I believe that my prayers are meaningful."

……Yes, then? I think so.

……That's it. I think so.

"And, although Madill did not say anything …Since the encounter with Will, the grace of the Holy Cake will be reduced every day. ”

The goddess Madiel, only only a statue, but she also holds the child.

She is also the patron saint of the children.

"Even if you do not forgive me …Even then, it is enough for me. ”

This is thanks to you, Will. Mary said this in a mischievous tone.

"I'm sorry to be holding you all the time.

……However, if you can continue to eat bread, I will be very happy … "

Burns in both hands.

Mary, who is in the fire.

As a reason not to swallow the bread, it should be very adequate.


"Well, I will eat."

Probably, I will eat it.

I think so. And

"But I have a request."

“? And what's that?

If it is something that can be done –

"From now on, please let me pray together."

What Mary is annotating.

What Mary felt.

I think, then I can understand a little bit.

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