Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The eighth sentence of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The eighth sentence of the sorrowful street

Sure enough, there are many mysteries. No answers found

After thinking about all sorts of things, I still can not get an answer.

The origin of the 3 people is also the source of the ingredients, and my things are even more fascinating.

I simply used be born, I simply came up with "Is it not abandoning baby?"Such reasoning …

Now I feel that the reasoning is also very strange.

……To say why, because you can not see the smoke.

Recently, I suddenly thought that if there is a human village, the civilization of this world should raise the smoke of cooking …

However, I have have a carefully observed it during this period of time, no matter what time or direction, I can not see the rising smoke.

Again, I do not have the knowledge of how far I can see smoke.

However, if I look through my shallow knowledge, I can find the formula for finding the distance to the horizon.

A right-angled triangle is created on one side (the diameter of the earth) and the other side (the radius of the earth + the height of the eye), and then the Pythagorean theorem is applied. (* Note 1)

Therefore, it can be estimated that the distance from the horizon is about 4-5 kilometers.

Of course, it is strange to apply this set of calculations directly to the world, but it is enough as a reference.

If you count the height standing on this hill, then the 4-5 km will be extended.

It seems that this is the reason why the ship was looking for the land and letting the crew with good vision stand on the observatory in the era of great navigation.

Then, this method is to calculate the distance to the horizon, and if it is higher than the ground, it can naturally be seen farther.

This is the case with mountains and the like.

Therefore, if the child with a high rise of smoke on the hill, it is reasonable to say that dozens of kilometers in the vicinity should be within the search range.

It is within the range of tens of kilometers around, and there is no smoke. In other words, there is no trace of human life at all.

So, how does this relate to the abandonment assumption? It is simple.

Even if you abandon the baby, you should have a parent or someone else who should have raised him and then abandoned him.

When I recall the memories of past lives, my body should not be as old as one year old.

The baby's body is very fragile.

Since you have already thrown it, there is no need to throw it away far away.

For example, they do not have to travel to this location that is at least tens of kilometers from the human society, the ruined city where the undead are living.

It is true that an ordinary adult male who has made a certain degree of preparation and walked on a hike can advance about 30 kilometers a day.

Consider throwing back and returning back and forth like this, which means about 15 kilometers a day. If you are farther away, you will need to sleep in a place far away from people.

This is very strange.

If I really abandon the baby, I can only say that even if you want to sleep for a day, you have to go far away to throw the child away. What kind of parents are this!

Thinking about it, I have to consider that I am not the possibility of abandoning the baby, and this possibility is not low.

But think, "Where did I come from?This question can not think of any good good answer.

I can not just get out of the stone (* Note 2). There must be some loved ones in my place, and there should be a reason to come to this ruined city.

No, I am a child made by Mary and Brad before becoming undead …Not a chance.

The three people may have become undead in the same period as the city.

From the daily conversations they mention several times about what the city was like, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

As time went by, most of the city was ruined. It was not formed in 10 years and 20 years, so the period was not right.

It is impossible to become a non-dead in 50 years or even 100 years ago, and to make a child 8 years ago.

Take a step back and say, in the case of not dead, then pregnant …This is even more impossible.

They do not have normal metabolism, and neither Brad nor Muse have physical parts.

In this case, the three people can never be my biological parents, but my adoptive parents.

Sure enough, my origins still can not understand.

The irresponsible couple who are traveling are giving up …This possibility is the most appropriate.

However, even then, during these seven years, no travelers passed through here. This is also very strange.

Thinking and thinking, still can not figure it out.

……Who is this "I"?


"Oh wow!"

I jumped up.

Can not help but fall into meditation. Scared me.

"How, what? The hand stopped? ”

"Sorry, Mary, I am thinking about things …"

When I heard that, Mary smiled softly.

If she was alive, her smile must be very beautiful, but it is a bit bit, that, and terrible.

……Well, but that kind of horror, I am used to it.

"Think about things …But it's really hot. After the work is over, go home and think about it. ”


Nodded, I raised my gimmick again.

But it was was used used properly at first, it only left, traces on the ground, but now it has been able to dig deep into the children.

……The soil also has considerable hardness and weight. For the child's body, it is quite heavy labor.

Here is the vegetable garden next to the temple. Because it is summer, vegetables such as tomatoes and eggplants are brightly colored.

Originally it seems to be abandoned for a long time, but after the self came, it collected the wild vegetables again and began to manage them centrally.

Plants with herbaceous types such as thyme, lemon vanilla, mint, and lavender, which are de-worming, are uniquely mixed with the taste of the land.

Now I am helping Mary to help sort out a piece of land that has not been used in the garden so far.

This is to spread carrots here in the summer and potatoes and onions in the fall.

……The names and methods of identification of these vegetables and herbs, the season of sowing, and the season of receipt are all learned from Mary. (* Note 3)

Though I studied learning from Muse and Brad studied martial arts, I still have to learn the most time with Mary when I learn this point.

From washing your face, going to the bathroom, to etiquette rules, fairy tales and stories of children.

Or the method of cultivating vegetables, the method of using agricultural tools, the weaving of cloth, the method of washing, and the method of cleaning the room smoothly …

As long as I am entangled in Mary, she will teach me one by one, never showing an impatient expression.

I have a very convenient past life, I have lived through such a failed life. Though I am ashamed, I have no serious life knowledge.

At this point, Mary is down to earth.

Compared with some of the hidden feelings of muse and some like the barbarian Brad, Mary scored the highest in terms of "viability".

Regular living, weeding, drying the quilt, sweeping the temple, and doing a lot of family things every day.

And for one day I can live alone, and Mary taught me all these basics.

If Mary is not in this temple, I might turn into a firewood guy again.

……However, such a Mary also has a mystery.

Several times a day, she will shut her herself in the hall of the temple.

While I was praying, I was told not to enter the hall of the temple in that time.

And, at that time, Muse and Brad would always stay with me – in order not to let me enter the hall.

Maybe, I just prayed in silence, and then forbidden to enter in order to prevent me from being a child.

But some kind of intuition of oneself is also telling, in many mysteries that overlap, this may be related to the mystery.

……Go check it out.

I waved my head repeatedly, and I thought about it.

Perhaps, the clues to find out the mystery can be found.

……In short, let's try to pretend to be sick first.

When I was training with Brad, I put on a look that was uncomfortable and put forward the idea of ​​"want to take a break."

Perhaps it is because of usual serious training relationship, Brad did not doubt, believe my statement, let me rest in the bed in the room.

Then he looked at me at the bedside for a while, and it did not take long before he said, "I am going to play some prey that can restore my energy."And set off to the forest.

From the point of view of character, Brad will not stay in bed by the side – I judge so, it seems to be right.

After that, in order not to let other people notice, I left the room crept and sneaked into the hall.

In order not to make a sound, I slowly pushed the door open and then sneaked into it …At that moment, I could not help but forget to breathe.

– Mary, the whole body is burning!

A silver basin was placed at the front end of the hall of the temple.

The silver basin is facing the statue depicting God.

The faint light from the skylight shines on the room.

Mary is kneeling on the ground.

Hands crossed.

Make an act of praying to God with one heart and one mind.

Even if the white flame that entangled her whole body burned and the continuous gray smoke came out from her, she did not care.

– My mind has become a blank.

I yelled and rushed over, but Mary did not notice my existence.

It was like turning into a stone statue, keeping the posture motionless.

Give her prayers to God.

I am thinking anxiously.

The whole body is sweating.

The tinnitus from the ear is so annoying!

I used the voice that was about to bleed my throat and yelled at Mary, trying to make Mary aware of what happened.

But no matter how she yelled at her side, she did not react.

Thinking:"What must be done!", I extended my hands to Mary surrounded by flames.

Her body is burning and carbonized by high temperatures.

bumped into.

My palm is also burning.

In the face of violent pain, the body reflexively wants to with draw his hand.

– Who cares you! I immediate suppressed this physiological reflex.

Even if it hurts again, it does not matter!

Mary is dangerous and dangerous!

The sense of anxiety that is pressing for thinking makes everything paralyzed.

Brad, Hunedoara Muse! Just go ahead and Mary, she, Mary, she!! ”

I swayed Mary and snorted.

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