Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The seventh sentence of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The seventh sentence of the sorrowful street

A several months pass.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the sun will be quite harsh for a long time to come.

Compared to him, though somewhat sloppy, Brad's courses are always very simple and clear. Muse's lectures have gone from magic to arithmetic, finance, economics, etc., and sometimes leap to civil engineering;

Exercise basic strength.


There is also killing.

In these three areas, he has acquired in-depth education for me.

"Fundamentally, no matter what you do, the basic muscle strength and physical strength are very important."

Brad bends his arms and makes an action to show the biceps.

Of course, it is impossible to see his biceps and only see his arm bones.

"But, if you have skills …"

"The skill is behind the muscles."

He quickly abandoned the skill. ……Is that the case?

Probably because I have seen in the comics and other works many times the small ones knocked down the big ones, Brad's assertion made me feel a lot of violation.

It seems that I have noticed my doubts, Brad continued.

"Hmm …Well, Will. Can you fall me without magic? ”

With that said, Brad steadily set the posture.

The skeleton of the giant Han, who is nearly 2 meters tall, poses in a zama step and exudes considerable power.

This is not an object that an 8 – year – old child can do.

“……Can not do it. ”

Right Even with the skill of a master, there is no way to take this physique gap without a weapon. Physical differences, weight differences, and power gaps are also directly related to your strength. Of course, there are also [possibility] to counterattack with skill. It is praiseworthy to have such an ideal. ”

Unconsciously, Bradella approached my distance and slammed it to my leg.

I fell to the ground beautifully.

At that moment, I reflexively curled up my body and took the action of being trained by Brad.

Brad sometimes does such a sudden attack to test my skills.

If you fail, you have to accept the basic training of the body and roll over the grassland until you know.

"Ah, very good. ……Well, reality is like this. Basically, the dominant side is the larger side. As long as you have a big body, it is very beneficial. You have to eat well, exercise, and grow bigger. ”


Of course, if you exercise, if you do not eat calories above the energy you consume, there is no way to grow your muscles.

If you can not grow your muscles, the energy consumed by exercise will be wasted. It's a pity, Brad always said.

In the past, I lived a bad diet with a small amount of food and a picky eater. I hope that I can eat as much as possible and eat as much as possible.

"That, return to the topic of strength ….If you have strong strength, it will be strong no matter what the circumstances. For example, yes, if there is a person who masters very high-strength boxing skills, while jumping a small step and licking each other. ”

Brad's words made me think of boxing.

"If he is caught by someone, then how about being twisted together? How useful is his boxing technique? ”

……While he can still beat the other side's flank under the close distance, the power will be halved.

There is also a technology called Clinch in the actual boxing.

"Assuming the opposite situation, there is a guy who is very good at personal combat and has a strong grip ….What if you encounter an opponent with a wide range of attacks and maintenance a sub distance Distance from the opponent and attack from a long distance? How much can his technology be used for? ”

"Mum …"

This is also the case where the skills can not be played.

"There are a lot of situations where you can not use your skills. But in almost all cases [strong muscle power] can be useful. It is rare to encounter situations where muscles are not useful. Even if you are tweaking in a group of close combat, even if you can not straighten your waist and punch, you can rely on the pressure to hold the opponent, and the strength of the fist is also big.

The same is true when using weapons. As long as you have the strength, you can easily use the weapon, you can also swing the weapon continuously, and you can push the opponent's weapon back. On the contrary, as far as the technique is concerned, I do not say that the technique is useless, but it can only be effective if [the skill can be used].

The same is true of the technique of using weapons, and familiar weapons are not always available around. … …However, the muscles that exercise regularly do not leave our bodies. ”

Very realistic analysis.

That is to say, muscle and physique are very basic factors. On top of this, the correction is made with skill according to the situation.

"If you say this, you should understand that it is the priority option. The first is muscle strength, then skill. Now you get it.

"Yeah, I got it. ……Brad, in fact, has thought about a lot of things, it's an accident … "

"Hey, you seem to treat me as a fool? …Ok, boy, can you come here? ”

I deliberately shouted out "yes" and fled.

There is a string that is a little shorter than my height. This is a string that is twisted with tall grass.

At the end of the rope, a ring of a finger size that prevents slipping is formed.

In the center of the string weaved a small shallow pocket that I did not know if I could put it in a table tennis.

……This is the sling. The thing called SLING.

According to Brad, the sling is a very good weapon for a warrior without a stronghold.

Similarly, the bow of the shooting weapon is very large, and if it is repeatedly pulled, the bowstring will be broken due to temperature, humidity, and the like.

Strings also need to be tight or loose before each use, depending on the degree of tightness, including arrows, saddles, etc., the difficulty of starting and the difficulty of preparation are very high.

Of course, it is better to throw a stone than that. It is also possible to reduce the energy spent on it, reduce the time spent on production and preparation, and make a simpler, easier-to-use bow, it is better to throw a stone than that.

Brad said so.

……I think that the bow is very simple. I was shocked when I heard something that was actually so troublesome.

And after that, I was also shocked by the excellent performance of the weapon.

However this weapon is not so familiar …But really, strong.

As long as the tall grass in the vicinity is woven, plus a cloth for hand rubbing, it can be done without tidying up.

The arrow is enough to collect the stones nearby. As for the power, it is enough to kill.

The range is also very long. If you just throw it out, if the skilled Brad uses the appropriate sling, the maximum range of the sling can exceed 300 meters.

……That is to say, Brad is facing the opposite side of 0.3 KM, throwing a stone that will be be killed when it is hit by a parabola. If you use the difference between the heights, it will be further still.

In the sports test of past compulsory education, it was good to vote for 30 meters in the softball test, and Brad shot 10 times that record.

But in any case, if you aim to throw it out, the effective range will be shorter, and within 100 meters, the aiming can generally hit.

Of course, compared to the bow, there can be no disadvantages and weaknesses. Though it is impossible not …

With this price / performance ratio, and it can be carried very simply, it can only be said to to cru cruel.

At this point I suddenly thought about it – speaking, killing the giant Goliath in the Bible is the sling of David.

As a part of Brad's teaching – the main content of "projection" is to make this sling and use it skillfully.

When you go down the hills of the temple and move in the opposite direction of the city, you can see a lush forest in front of the wilderness where many tombstones stand.

There are many wild birds gathered in that area.

I put the middle finger into the ring of the sling, put the appropriate stone on the pocket, and gently pressed the other end of the treble with the index finger and thumb.

After two rounds of force, I released my finger at the right time and released the stone in my pocket.

Because of the ring, the slinger was hung on my finger and left in my hand. Only the stone made a whistling sound of cutting the air and flew out.

The line of sight followed by the stone and saw the stone hitting one of the ostrich groups that were squatting next to the forest.

At that moment, the birds flew together with the noisy flapping sound.

"good, very good! Ensured! ”

Brad said this, using his own sling to throw stones at the flying birds, and shot down one of them.

It's really impossible to do the same action as Brad. I thought about it and walked over to the tens of meters (* Note 2).

I am struggling with "鹌鹑" and it seems to have a sigh of relief.

It seems to want to escape from me, but the wings have been broken, unable to fly, and can only continue to roll on the ground.

The miserable appearance was so pitiful that I had sympathy for a moment.

"Hey, Will, do not let it hurt! Hurry off your neck! ”

But was urged by Brad's voice, I could only hold it with a thick cloth prepared in advance.

There was a feeling of struggle in the hand.

I used a thick cloth to suppress the resistance of the cockroaches and the claws, and suddenly slammed against his neck.


With the nasty feel of the neck broken, the card slammed, and the cockroaches in his hand did not move.

At a distance from me, Brad also recycled the cockroach.

He seems to be dead on the spot and does not seem to need a final blow.

The rounded pupils have now lost their light.

During the time when Brad came to me, I could not help but pray with both hands.

It was originally prayed in accordance with the habits of past life, but Mary told me that this is the way to pray in this world.

“……Are you getting used to it? ”

None yet


This is the final focus of Brad's lectures.

Killing this thing …For me, it is very heavy.

No way to get used to it. There is no way to understate and kill without any touch.

Is it because of the influence of memory of past life?

"I hate and kill."

Such an idea is very naive.

"Um? I do not like it either. ”

"…… hey

Brad shrugged.

"So, if you think about it, I do not like it either. Whether it is a bird or a person, of course, there will be resistance. Only

With that said, Brad pointed his finger at my chest.

"If necessary, put such feelings aside, then reflexively kill. I want to teach you how to put this kind of feeling aside.

In the battle, this will be related to life and death. ”


Then Brad took the scorpion from my hand.

After packing it up, he tied his feet and hung it on his waist.

“……I have to catch a few more! ”


From his actions and language, he can feel a lot of his concerns and concerns about me.

I could not help but think that that is Brad is so good.

Then, after the result of the bird, of course, it will be put on the table.

When I was stunned by Brad and Muse, and when I came back exhausted, Mary was ready to eat at the table.

The plate was filled with steamed wings, the internal organs were removed, and the salt and the parsley in the vegetable garden next to the temple were grilled.

He also dripped with oil and water and braved the heat.

The smell of the meat That spreads around is so delicious that I can not help but swallow.

Plus nutritious, full-bodied coarse grain bread and soup with a variety of vegetables.

It's really hard to bear.

"Oh, food is not going to run away." Then let us offer prayers. ”


Under Mary's education policy, I developed the habit of eating and praying for food.

I crossed hands and said the that that that Mary gave me.

"The goddess Madier, the kind God, under your kindness, we will enjoy this meal."

Please give blessings to the food here and make it a food that supports our soul and body. ”

In this world, now I will follow the Brad movement, follow the Muse, and have regular and normal diet with Mary.

In the past life, I slept to wake up naturally, ate irregularly, and then sat in front of the display.

The rhythm of life is not regular, and the chaotic life makes the body gradually weaken.

What a terrible thing it was, I finally understood it after I was reborn.

If the body is weak, the mind will weaken together. ……In this world, I will not make the same mistake again.

"Thank you for the Holy Spirit ….I 'm gonna start now. ”

Well, generally it is a cockroach, it is very chewy and has a lot of fat, which is really delicious.

But there are a lot of bones and a little bit of meat, I do not care about that kind of thing.

I kept silent and repeated the work of biting the meat from the bones.

In the middle I will also bite a few bites of bread, and the bread on the list is perfect for reconciling the meat with rich flavor.

Spreading the gravy in the bowl on the bread is another delicious.

The proper salty taste of the soup also penetrated into my body.

Really, happy meal.

…………Just, there is a very big mystery.

"Very delicious, Mary."

"Oh, that's fine."

Mary, Brad, Muse, are all dead.

You do not have to eat or eat anything.

Therefore, there is no need to produce ingredients, and there is no need to store them. In fact, no traces of cultivation have been found in that huge field.

Also, the little vegetable garden was re – processed after I arrived, planting vegetables, herbs and the like, but there was no grain.

In addition, the urban ruins where this temple is located and the connection with human society are also obviously cut off, so it is impossible to buy from where.

The food left in the ruins is also in dry to the floor.

…………So, where is this bread made? Where did the grain come from? Where is the stove?

I also thought about it – it will not, is this food made with ancient language magic? – This possibility.

After all, it is possible to create "oil". If you use "creation of creation" to say "bread" and "pork", will magic not become such a form?

And this guess is NO from the result.

If you make it in that way and then you will be a feeling of "satisfaction", it seems that that human magic can not not form a food with nutritional value.

For this, Muse said, "How can you eat your own" Curse "?Wait, revealing a very interesting expression …

In fact, I am afraid that is the one.

……Probably, I think that with the knowledge possessed by the creatures of this world, is there no understanding of the words of Creation?

That is to say, there is no understanding of the level of protein, vitamins and other subtle nutrients, so the analysis of the "mantra" has not advanced.

Finally, even if you make make bread, you will be born a lot of super diet foods, even the appearance looks like bread, but the actual consumption will not be converted into calories.

For the same reason, the ancient language magic of the medical system that wants to play with complex human bodies is also a field of little progress.

Slightly opened the topic, that is to say.

……In this place, there is something that I eat every day, which is a very strange thing in itself.

But, in fact, every day there will be some food in front of me.

This inference derived from the clues now possessed should be correct. But the result is actually not the case, which is also due to the original clues are not sufficient.

Therefore, there must be other elements as well …

"Hey, Mary. Regarding this face, where did it come from? ”

“……That is, secret. ”

Really, there are many mysteries –


Note 1:I believe that David 3 casts a stone to kill the giant. Many friends know that there is a name about this giant. The giant's real name is Hebrew. I looked at English, it is Golyat, and Japanese. The original pronunciation is similar to Glyat. The pronunciation of Japanese is closer. But because Goliath wants to change, David will change later. David's name is so famous that there is no way to change it, so the final decision is to use the previous Chinese translation.

Note 2:There is a 鹌鹑 here, it is [quail], the original meaning of Japanese should be 鹌鹑 鹌鹑. I am not sure if this is a bird named Usla, or that is, I personally prefer a kind of bird called Usla, but I think this author should not be A bird has X installed, so it is still translated as 鹌鹑. But just in case, keep a note.

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