Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The sixth sentence of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The sixth sentence of the sorrowful street

Near the foothills of the hills of the lake and the ruined city.

In the place where there is spring, I stood side by side with Brad.

"Okay, since the small swing and foot training are all completed, then come to the small pair to practice."

Bled has always used a wooden stick that simulates a sword, or a wooden stick that simulates a rifle, to practice slashing or spurting air instead of warm-up.

However the practice is based on Brad's mood, but there are more swords.

But the long gun is a weapon on the battlefield, the sword is a daily weapon. In general, the sword is the first priority.

Then there is a long distance or short distance sprint, and then come to practice.

Hold the soft branches and scream at each other's game.

Unlike the somewhat boring air and marathon, this is sometimes so painful and so happy.

However, Bled is very powerful and quite difficult to hit.

"Yes, you seem to be almost 8 years old, and you will fight harder."

「??噫噫 噫 !!!? ".

"What is it, oh."

"If you hit Bled's strange power and hit hard, you will die."

Even the "point to the end" has always been painful.

Hard hits …

"No problem, no problem. I am called a strange force, and now there is only one bone left, no problem. ……With the

"What should I do ??"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, if you hate it, you will work hard not to be hit."

"No – no, no ?!"

Bled smiled and took the soft branches and forced him to come.

"Yeah, then you can use magic. The one who studied from Muse, most formed something, right?

Fireballs are also good for electric shocks. It does not matter if you use them – "

But Bled said that the distance is quite close.

I can make it out, but I have no intention of letting it use it.

"Is it really dirty, really …!"

"Hahaha, this is the battle, the sir."

In the face of Bryder, who is close to me, I am thinking about turning my mind quickly.

Recall the actual use of magic learned from Muse.


I quickly shouted a few words.


With the reaction force of the sole of the foot, the distance between the soil and the flying soil is opened.

Just as Brad was stunned to observe it, I shouted a low card.>

<> <>

At the moment of shouting this sentence, the grass at the foot of Brad immediately formed a thick layer of grease.

"Oh wow !?"

Bled slipped.

Although it was was made by Mana, it will disappear naturally after a while. But it is enough to make the opponent fall.


<> <>

The slimy mesh spider nested object fell.

"Yeah, this !?"

The fallen Bled was entangled in the spider's nest.

The more struggling, the more slimy the body is wrapped around the cheekbones.

Muse said that mistakes such as fire, electric shock and the like will be injured, and the magic of oil or spider mites disappearing over time is not a big deal even if it is lost.

If the reproducibility of magic is very low, it can be used because of its low and good use.

Gorgeous magic is useless.

The little magic is more flexible and the precision is better.

In the face of the struggling Bled, I was careful not to slip by the grease, slowly approaching the light foot, and slammed the branches hard.


"Oh wow !!Damn, admit defeat!

Frustrated Bled declares surrender

"Success, success !!!"

I clenched my hands hard and made a happy voice.

I did not think it was a victory.

"Is it really okay to teach me?"


<> and <> After disappearing, I answered Bled, who said with emotion, and then Brad smiled.

"Ha ha ha, Will, you are really capable! I understand a little bit why Muss will call you genius. "


"Because, you have a child, would you like to use gorgeous fire, lightning, etc? Young magic makes this kind of thing?

Nah. Muse said it was dangerous. "

Actually, if you accidentally blew yourself, it is really dangerous.

"Oh, there is a good scent. If you have just used a small-scale explosion, you should plan to avoid it and rush it up. "

"Is it appropriate and appropriate?"

"Avoided. Words – say, seriously, that <> and <> The continuous technique, generally troublesome, can not be handled. "

Bled said very lightly, but I can not imagine how to avoid it.

"That, how do you avoid it?"

"The branches of the hand are used to pull open the fallen spider web, and the rest will only work hard to keep out of the fat zone."

An unusually rude breakthrough.

"Is there a hand to stay?"

"It's not good to keep it, because it's a child to an adult."

Success in the past will be a habit. The idea of ​​making a victory is also very important, Bled said.

"And it's really a bit of a force.

And ah, adults face the time when the child can not resist if he does not take it seriously, and the substance has already lost. "

Well, that, indeed.

The physical strength of adults and children is synonymous with the ultimate defeat even if it gives full strength.

"Hey, Welsh, he is said to be <> The monster-level magic is coming?

Retreating monsters, renovating floods, and reappearing several ancient <>


While he is a big magic, he has heard it many times, and it is a very powerful person.

"The one you just used, the one that implements the non-fire power system and the control of the trenches.

That is a conclusion that Muse has tried to reach all the factions in the long run.

But it is a secluded old man, there are only a handful of abilities, and he can really remember it. "

"Well, no problem, I respect Muse's embarrassment?"

Well, Bled nodded.

"That, Bled is also a very powerful swordsman."

"Smirk!" But I am not boasting, but is called <>

It is not Bled who is proud of me but has become proud.

"Yeah, Mary is also said to be <>, my three people will be together for a while.

What's the matter?

"No, if you talk about this topic, it will eventually become a bit heavy."


Think of something.

Why, the baby, I will appear in the temple of the ruined city isolated from human society.

Why, should it be a very powerful master, who will live here as an undead.

These are usual, and they are gathered into doubts.

But at the very least, it is not a happy ending that has developed into the present life.

Mary or Bled sometimes spoke out some pieces, but they never said the pieces.

"When will you tell me?"

Oh well. When you become taller, let it be natural. "

Bled finished this, gently stretched his cheekbones and re-strengthened the branches.

"Okay, come on again!"I can not use magic this time!


In front of me, the soft branches are coming near.

I could not help but close my eyes.

"Stupid, do not close your eyes!"

The slamming, the branches are like the forehead.

"it hurts–!"

I could not help but press my forehead.

Although it is soft and flexible, the young tree branches, and there is no strength, but there is a corresponding pain in the speed.

"If you have a pain, it will be the next best policy." It will become like this. "

He hooked me on one foot.

If you are actually fighting, you will be kicked like a football.

"Even if you are hitting your face with your fist, you can not close your eyes. You must train the reflex action to correct this. "

In a moment, the competition is divided into high-level competitions, and it is the layman who will cover the line of sight. Bled said.

"And if you have a blow, you have to hold back."

"Is it necessary to move forward after being injured?"

Ordinary words, after eating a heavy blow, in short, is it the first to pull away the distance reorganization situation?

At the very least, I think so.

All right. If you take a shot and quit, what will your opponent think?

"Now give a big hit. And it is still timid, and it has an effect. The advantage, the opportunity now, is that right?

Of course, the speed will be attacked. And it is still hurt, whether it is resisting or fleeing.

The intention is to avoid adverse conditions, but the result can only be delayed. This is a matter of concern.

Eh? What's wrong, such a wonderful expression. "

Avoiding danger, how to change the distance can not change the situation.

In fact, I also have a lot of such lessons.

"Oh, but before and after, what should I do?"

Bled smiled. This is very simple.

"Do not care about the consequences of the past"

Barbaric is solved with strength.

"After anyway, it is also dead, so I will give give up on my body. Increase the number of attacks, swords, guns, and fists.

"hit a hit! Wins When there is such a moment of thought and the momentum of the opponent is many, there will be a gap.

Im controlled give him a fierce counterattack, here also hit two hits.

Even if it is wounded here, it becomes a mutual angle. It is also possible to reverse the victory. "

If you are hit hard, you will have to rush forward.

Go ahead and reverse.

"Even if the progress is not smooth, after the overriding, the other party will have doubts.

"Is it clear that there is no such thing as a heavy blow? 』

"Only angered him?" "That attack is useless? And so on, have these questions. "

On Bled's cheekbones, it feels like a shallow smile.

"The opponents will retreat and turn into the defensive? It's all over again. "

Need to become unfavorable, but the opponent does not feel the favorable situation.

⋯ ⋯ In the uncertain future, do not fear the risk to step forward. Take the dominant position from the opponent.

"Even if you use magic, you are too timid in the whole world. First, change it from here. "

Ok, Bled said that.

"In short," the violence from the muscles of the millennium can be solved.

"Hey, this is quite self-abuse."

Bled made a bodybuilding movement to show the muscles, but of course I only saw a skeleton.

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