Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The fifth sentence of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The fifth sentence of the sorrowful street

……Then, 5 years have passed.

I have grown to be around 7 years old, but the world seems to be mostly without the habit of celebrating birthdays.

I tried to ask, it seems to be a virtual age, the first is 1 year old, will be added after the New Year.

It does not start at 0. It does not mean that the concept of 0 and the concept of place counting are not there. Though it is so worried, it seems to be there.

It seems that it should be a tradition that has been passed down from the age when 0 has not been a clear number. A baby is considered to be one year old at birth.

The way humans count years of age does not seem to change much – just accept it.

It is probably 7 plus 1, and it is 8 years old.

When is the New Year? When I asked this question, the result actually got the unreasonable answer of "I do not know."

No, right, the day when the New Year begins, everyone still knows.

During the year, the day is the shortest, and the night is the longest.

The sun loses most of its power, and then the regime power from the next day.

Yiyang comes to yi yang lai fu – that is the winter solstice! – It is the beginning of the New Year.

But here is the city of ruins that is far from human society, or the temple of the most end.

Originally, three people were not interested in the calendar, and because of dying, the feeling of the heat and cold was also dull.

As a result, it seems that "flowers are open", "sunlight is getting stronger", "the leaves are turning red and yellow" and "the snow is coming from the thin pull" is alive.

……In that case, living in a three-person life that has no connection with the outside world, will not go to the night to see what the sky is like.

Although I do not know how long the three people have been like this, it's already – either for when I'm not careful, or being afraid of trouble – even

How many days and dates have been forgotten.

But it is a digression, there is no mechanical timepiece in the end to measure the length of the day.

People in ancient times are already using it, so the measurement is certain. That is to say, is it a shadow? Still using an hourglass or a water leak?

……Oh no.

Corresponding to the length of the day, the position of the sunrise will also change from left to right. So every day, the day when the sun rises from the most extreme position is the winter solstice.

Is that probably the case?

By the way, the famous Stonehenge is the facility used to do this – there is also such a saying.

The temple shrine in Japan has something to record the location of the sunrise on the winter solstice and the summer solstice – it seems to have been recorded.

Well, that's probably the way it is. Draftly It may be combined with other means, but there is no evidence for further reasoning.

Sure enough, without the intelligence support brought by the advanced facilities, what is the end of my knowledge? Insufficient depth.

The words are back to the topic.

In short, since continuous after questioning and learning, and the information has gradually been pieced together, then let the current situation be rationalized.

First of all, being there already has a feeling of ambiguity, and it is difficult to make a conclusion now, I seem to be born again.

Rebirth, reincarnation, resurrection, reincarnation, how to call it is good.

That is to say, the memory before the death is a memory of the previous life. After that, he died, and then he was born again. This is the case.

And it is in a different world, said.

At least in the world of memories of past lives, things like magic do not exist, oh, ghosts, and nothing will run around.

All should be the product of fantasy, that is to say, the world and the previous world have obvious differences while having certain commonalities.

That is to say, reborn. And it is still born again.

– The general conclusion of this conclusion is roughly no problem, but

It's hard to make a conclusion like this, because there are other possibilities that have to be considered.

There are incredible techniques like magic in this world, and it is possible that these are false memories that are implanted.

Purely, what is wrong with my brain, it's possible to do some strange delusions

It may not be a rebirth, because even the ghosts have it, so it may be the case of being possessed and then controlling the personality.

Or what I saw and heard here is actually all illusion, my brain with memories of the past, now in the sink of the laboratory where I am floating.

Possible, possible, possible. "It's possible that it's going to go on, it's really endless.

Because of this, it will enter the old philosophical proposition like "the brain in the tank."

If you start to worry about such a result, you will not be able to get results.

It is a reincarnation to the outside world, and I occasionally retained the memory of past lives "to understand.

This is the most talked about the past, the most reassuring explanation.

For example, if my body is to suppress the spirit of the baby, and then take the evil spirits of the body, then this universe still spares me.

I do not think I can not stand the idea of ​​self-blame, but if I am so troublesome, it will be too heavy.

As for the more annoying development, suddenly one day I found the shocking facts, I found out that I was the brain in the sink. Sincere prayer will not have that that day.

Well, it is such a "rebirth" that started 8 years old – the world where Will is located, is really a dangerous place.

"" Flame Burning "," Fire and Ignite ", wow !?"

The heat came out with a burst of momentum.

Involuntarily leaning back and leaning back, Muse sang the sharply sung of "Speech" and dispelled the flame in front of him.

"idiot! The pronunciation is overdone! "

It's really too much to say because the pronunciation is correct.

"Well, fortunately, you have talent, but if you do not adjust the precision, you will die because of your own magic!"

Yes. For example, "Magic", which is now being studied, is also very dangerous.

But it does not matter if you accidentally make something, it is only practiced on the hills outside the temple.

"The deviation of the Muse results is too great. This is true, can not do any anything? "

No way. This is such a thing. "

Reproducibility is not so high.

Even if the same thing was done today and yesterday, the same phenomenon will not occur for the second time.

If you want to say why

"review. Take a look at the steps to launch the magic. "

"Well, it will be filled with the magical perception between the heaven and the earth, resonating with its own magic, reading or writing the thesis creation – such a three-stage."

Will be the root of all things, the world's original chaos – magic perception, resonance – here seems to require a certain degree of talent and training. –

Then read or describe the words of creation, and use this power to define the difference between the magical state of chaos in the heavens and the earth, for example, as a flame.

That's true.

However, there is very little room for work on this matter, and the reproducibility is not high.

"As you said, from a long time ago, there are experiments that tried to achieve average results as much as possible.

Many sages have racked their brains in order to find a way, but even if the results are limited, they will actually know if they have practiced it. "

"Well, first of all, the magic is not homogeneous."

I have learned the feelings I learned in Muse, and I understand it a bit.

The material of magic, as a fuel, is filled with the magical power between heaven and earth, which is not homogeneous.

I think that it is a little, and it is a little.

There are thick parts and thin parts, but they also flow irregularly.

This is the feeling of fuel.

"Yes. There are several attempts to make a homogeneous magic environment.

Among them, if the magic is enclosed in stable gems and precious metals, it is indeed a certain result, but

"The cost is too high, there is no price / performance ratio."

"The magic of the human body is the shackles of fluidity. Just how to homogenize the external magic is limited. "

Even if the external magic is kept homogeneous to a certain extent, so that the magic of the user's body is still unstable.

It is the same in the body, like the drawing of the shallow water and the ink.

This is even more confusing.

In the human body, it is too complicated to manipulate with human cognition.

"The words are like this, the effect is still there. Speaking of a stick with precious stones or precious metals is a symbol of a magician. Though I do not need it "

Though Muse seems to be a non-disposable party, there seems to be a "magician with a staff" in the world.

Childlikeness is a little bit irritated. No, it is now a child.

"Further said, speaking, there are also people who are deviating from the cause. People, rigorously, there is no way to say the same thing for the second time. "

Even if the same person is the same, the waveform of the sound wave is different. It is impossible to write the same text exactly the same. It is the matter.

It is not mechanical to speak, to describe, but to speak and write by living people, so this is for sure.

"Because of the above reasons, in the end, in addition to feeling the sense of timing, there is no good way to be the conclusion of everyone."

The homogenization of magic, industrial productization is impossible, and everything depends on the magician to see the craft of eating in the sky – only to draw such a conclusion.


"Magic is such a terrible thing."

I was still thinking about why the technique of creating God would be called the "magic method". If it is such a dangerous thing, it will be said.

As long as you consume MP, exactly the same thing will be released, and the magic in RPG is different.

In fact, it is closer to "Magic" in classical fantasy.

"The Word of Creation is not something that is used casually. To exercise great power is accompanied by the corresponding risks. "

This is the mouth of Muse.

According to Mary and Brad, it seems that that Gass was a real magician before he was alive.

However I can not see it at all, it's amazing when I have to exert my strength – it's full of confidence when I say this.

"Ah, this has been said several times."

It is better to say that these are the lessons that are to be taken as a warning.

For example, in order to change the terrain, the result is a story of a magician have large earthquake was swallowed by the ground.

In order to travel frequently by boat, the result is a story of a magician who suffers from the famine and suffering from famine.

It turned into an animal, and the result of the animal's thoughts was finally turned into the story of the magician of the beast.

For the hateful enemies to make a spell that can disintegrate everything, because it is too high to tell the story of the magician who smashed himself.

It seems that there is also frequent opening of a hole leading to a different dimension, and the result is given to the magician who ate "what" at the other end.

"No matter what, skill, high-precision use of small magic, let me remember. If it is possible, it is best not to use it to solve the problem.

Fire deworming, the tricky degree of the trick, the spell of finding things, mild magic because the effect is small, the risk is also small.

Looks like how to fail again, at most, it is finished with a little injury.

So Muse's statement is that the real magician is ideal for achieving maximum results without magic or with small spells.

Considering the great power of a person, and the possibility of accidental accidents and human error that it is accompanied by it, it is indeed a very safe style.

87 ‥,

"- that is, money"

As a result of the entanglement in this, possible there is already a premonition that Muse will not know how to draw some unspeakable conclusions.

"This will always feel like this …"

"What are you talking about? This is an important thing. "

Muse is as stubborn as ever, serious.

"If you want to do something, even if you do not need magic, it's good to buy the available items or hire someone.

Terrain changes are big magic, but if you have money, you do not need magic. If you hire enough craftsmen and people to work, you can change the terrain to me.

The ability to spend money to make a ghost push is the same as magic, no, more important than magic! "

I could not help but lean back against the muse who was forced to come over.

"Ghost is what materialists are making !!"

"It's a pity for me, why can not you use this hand to love gold and silver treasures!"

"Hey, metamorphosis !?"

"Hey shut up, who is perverted!"


"I dare say it, the class plan changes! Today we must must educate and educate you about the beauty of money! "

"Hey !?"

Because of this, Muse's magical teachings will become the world's financial skills and lectures on the use of assets from time to time.

But it is quite interesting, no matter what, it is a substantial force to survive in this dangerous world.

There is no entity, and it's still the magician's ghost.

Just thinking like this.

However, the magical knowledge and application of Muse is so powerful.

I got the answer from Brad's training.

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