Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The fourth sentence of the youth of the dead

Volume 1 The fourth sentence of the youth of the dead

I was a little bit sorry for the surprise of Garth.

Because I have the last life, with these things, it is simple to me, but it is impossible for young children to have such knowledge.

It should be said that it is a lie, or a little embarrassing, or a feeling of playing smart.

Even if the innate qualifications are called talents, what pre-existing memories can be considered as a kind of talent.

"This, this, this child is not a genius … !!"

I saw that I flew out of the room – accurately, it should be worn directly from the wall against the hall – telling Mary and Brado 's games …

I do not know how to say that is is not a taste.

"Oh, Grandpa Gass, what's wrong with this?"

"Hey Mary, this is the case …!"

Gass was so excited that he said something to Mary.

The ability to build theory is not, what also a a must have insight, the ability to grasp the essence is the magical talent, and the blue and white ghost keeps talking.

"Well ……"

However, Gary said that he was excited and inexhaustible, Mary listened with a gentle attitude.

And Debra is leaning against the wall, a look of no interest.

"If you do all kind of training from now, you can not use it!"

He said, oh, to be honest, I used to think that it was a superfluous thing, which is really unexpected.

Eh …

"Hey, Father"

That is a sentence like a whip.

The moment when I heard the unexpected and unsatisfactory gauss, before I thought about it, the sentence was slammed out.

At first glance, it is Brado at the wall. In his empty eye socket, the blue and white fires burned like boiling.

"What are you talking about?"

This is only a two or three year old kid. It's not a "superfluous thing"!? "

I realized that he was glaring at Gas.

「……It's not what you are coming from. I did not want to relate to this thing when I was old.

"Not this problem."

"I do not know if I have the talent, I do not want to train anything."

"Not the problem."

Brado took a step forward.

An invisible, imposing thing feels like it radiata from his body.

Speaking of it, because I am a child in this shape is not too aware of the relationship, but in fact, Brado is very tall. The bones are also very strong.


Intimidation, and even if it is not a joke of pressure from the side, it is forced out.

"Master Gass. You know the miser who sees people divided into three or six. I know.

I do not mean to talk about the same thing now, just to feel that you are like this.

But hey. But even if this is not the case in the face of the devil, call him "the extra thing that comes!"?

You also give me the feeling of what I want to hear. "

Brado glanced at me and then returned to the gaus.

I was shocked.

「…………Hmmm …

The proud and unfamiliar gaus is in a disadvantage.

Obviously placed in the usual, but Brado because of his thick and big leaves, everything is almost good attitude is often smashed by Gas and Mary.

"If you really do have anything to do with Will's education, no one can say whatever you want." However, if you want to teach him, such a mistake will be saved. "

Is this the reason? Brado said this.


Gass was silent for a while.

Then he slowly shook his head and sighed.

"Indeed, I said something that did not have a brain. I will pay a little attention later….Sorry, Will. "

"Oh no ……"

Gass took the initiative to admit his mistakes and stopped.

Such a situation will be seen from the beginning of their encounter or the first time.

Though I am still at a loss, I will say something about it anyway.

If I do not accept an apology, then I can not get it.

"That, nothing, gaze. Do not mind. "

So, in short, that's it.

So Brado simply put away his anger and gently lowered his head against Gass.

「……I just got up at once and I am sorry. Well, it's not a day or two for me to be alone. Forgive me, Father. "

After a moment, Gass also nodded generously.

"Hey Mary, Will will borrow first."

"Oh, you are welcome ….Grandpa Gass, if you can, tell me later? "

Mary looked down with a gentle expression as usual, watching the quarrel between the two.

「……Will, go outside and go. "

"Yeah, um."

Suddenly, I do not quite understand what happened in this matter.

However, one thing is true.

Brado is angry.

For me, I am angry.

The ruins of the city are also beautiful today.

Under the sun in the afternoon, the lake is sparkling.

"Ahhhh ……How do you say, Will?

……Sitting on the hill and watching the beautiful scenery in front of you, how to say it, this is really not a general violation.

"What you have seen seen since you started to understand what I do not been.

Brado did not know how to open it, and he licked his skull.

"Well, but, understand? I am Mary, and Lord Gass, it is not the same thing as you. "

"Yes. Got it. Only I will breathe warmly. "

"Well, this is what happened like this." There are also reasons like this. "

However, I still noticed that there is something hidden about my origins.

Ruins of the city. Not dead.

Among them, there is a living human child.

The situation is too unnatural.

Goth said it was "the extra thing that came here," so it might be abandoning the baby.

Mary looks like a mother, so it may be her, and then Gass does not need such a thing, what …

Although I did such a speculation, I did not know what the real situation was like if I did not know it. Then,

"I can not tell you yet."


Sure enough, it has become like this.

Even if you look precocious, you will not say to the two-year-old child that you are a child, and you will not explain the ins and outs of this matter. It usually goes down.

Brado raised his hands like he said "do not do it."

I also nodded in response.

……I'm not talking about the child's brainlessness, but I'm also blaming him for saying something about it.

AhDon't be angry with the old man of Gass.

That guy is just like that. When he gets excited, he can not control his mouth. He is old.

Also, this product usually does not speak much, nor does it take care of the feelings of others. "

Well. Nothing, no life. Just a little scared. "

Also, there is such a big fire, and there is probably the intention to distract my attention.

I understand the meaning of this sentence and have any negative feelings about Gass. I am so busy that I do not think about it.

Well. This way, your heart is really wide, Will. Heart width is a good thing.

……When your body grows to be worthy of your heart, when you can live in a variety of things …

At that time, even if you can not say it now, everyone will tell you.


All, for me.

When you think about it, you know how much Brado has done for me.

Brado, is a powerful guy.

……In the past life, who did I say to this kind of thing? Have you said it once?

But the memory is a bit awkward, probably, I have never said anything …Is it that there is almost nothing. No, not at all.

Think of it this way, I always feel a little emotional.

"Hey, Brado"

"Well, what happened?"

Um … thanks. Various things … "

Therefore, I can not say it well.

In the end, I can only do this kind of thank you.

「…………Haha, do not care. "

Though I do not know what to look for, I just feel that Brado is grinning.

I brushed my hair and smashed it.

"That's it, continue to follow Gals's words, magic, and whatever."

In any case, the father is also a super magician.

But it is also a more powerful miser. "

Say, you do not even know what money is? Brado's cheekbones Katakatta screamed and laughed.

"And, ga, to teach you magic, one day I will teach you all kind of things! Look forward to it! "

「……Hey. What does Brado want to teach me? "

What do I mean by that?

Brado does not seem to give people the impression of learning.

"Well, violence"


Violent The storm launched a way to make a big noise. Is there a way to build muscle? "


「……Very convenient? "

"Brado, it's time to start …"

On the bench in the hall of the temple, Mary sat with me side by side, and she opened her mouth.

「……Well, before you live? If you say so, sure enough … "

Yeah. We are not like this from the beginning. ……Well, a lot of things have happened to become like this. "

In this way, Mary smiled a little lonely.

……What happened, I could not ask for an exit.

Even if it is asked, it will be opened opened.

But remember it first. They are not like scorpions, corpses and ghosts from the beginning, not like that.

It is must be evoked by the feelings of the deceased and obsessed.Although such a basic is a fixed routine.

It is just according to such a fixed routine, or not, it is not clear.

I can still get the children, and there is not much information about the world, so it is difficult to determine.

……I have decided to live in this world. In order not to carry a strange prejudice, it is better not to make such a prejudgment first.

"He started as a soldier, he is a warrior."


Warrior That is, the person who is armed with weapons is the boy's jealousy. "

Is there such a profession, that is to say, the ancient social system?

Well, as long as you see the ruins of that city, you can still know this – almost just think about it …Sure enough, the world is still not peaceful?

In this case, if you want to live in this world, you will still learn how to fight. It is wonderful to have Brado in such a case.

"Blato is really strong?" In the past, there was a wealth of experience and superb skills, and it is still the case.

"From the beginning of the battle between human beings, beasts, demons, undead, giants, Yalong, demons, comers are not afraid, let the horse come over! This feeling … …… "

"Oh …"

I just froze and I froze.

「…………That, Mary? "


"What did you just say?"

"From the beginning of the battle between human beings, beasts, demons, demons, undead, giants, dragons …"

………………No, no, no, do not stop, calm down first.

It is not necessarily the monsters that are known in the knowledge of previous life.

"Humans know …What else is it? "

"Oh ….Oh, sorry. "

Said, Mary smiled.

Also, I have not taught you that I still do not know.

Mary said it quietly, and then thought about it like this.

"Well, there should be a book in the room of Grandpa Gass …"

Welcome, Mary said, taking my hand and taking me to the temple, as a small room made of stone in the living room of Gas.

Although Garth happened to be absent, Mary was still unkind to borrow the illustrations.

"The words of the beast are these." Hungry wolf, lion, big snake, etc. "

The meridians are the animals I have seen.

But it is also in the knowledge of previous life, and it is only in the album of TV programs.

o, ozhen shi ling ren huai nian a.

"Is the origin of mythology learned from Gass?

The ancestor God made all kinds of creations, but he also gave birth to the source of evil, and even himself broke his life because of evil spirits.

Then the evil spirits made various kinds of genus according to their own nature.

Mary screamed and turned the page over.

"The genius and demon of the tyrannical and tyrannical god Ilutelier …"

On the page that is turned over is something close to the ghost?

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a cruel little man and a big ghost with a tall, muscular body and a cruel image.

"The genus of Dimensian Diali Guma, the demons from Hell …"

What follows that the devil and the like are almost the product of the nightmare.

Humans and parts of a variety of animals huddled together and painted a poor playful picture.

The human beings with the head of the bird, the spiders of several hands and feet, the creepy beings like this.

"Then is the genus of the undead Stagnatte, the undead …"

The rotting corpse began, the bones like Brado, the ghost of gauss, and the dead body of Mary.

However, from the picture of the illustration, I do not feel the intellectuality like three people.

「…………We have a contract with the undead. "

Ambiguous whispers, unusually heavy.

"With the strong feelings of dying, the contract with Stagunet has become this way.

……Is the betrayal of the good camp?

Those words are really too sad.

"- What happened?"

I could not help but ask.

Perhaps this is a monologue that should not be delved into, but it is not going to go down.

"Wh …Miscellaneous Sorry, I accidentally said something strange to the child. "

Mary smiled. Wry smile.

Then, as if you want to open the topic, continue to speak.

"In addition to the genus of these evil gods, of course, the gods also have genus

Headed by elves, dwarves, and halflings, there are all kinds of races. "


"There are giants and dragons. Which side of the camp is not neutral, but also a race with extremely strong power.

They are believe in the evil spirits.

……The world is vast, and the race is diverse. What is recorded in this book is nothing but representative. "

But she knows that she is interested in opening the topic, it is not like the conversation back to the original question.


So I also recognize this.

If you do not say it, just ask.

Only this, is it meaningless to spoil?

「……That is to say, this world … very dangerous? "

Yeah. Very dangerous. While I was too peaceful when I was alive …Now, I think it has deteriorated a lot. "

It is rushing.

Though I do not know what to say,

"I will be better if I become stronger?"

"In that case, I will be at ease …"

Anyway, I decided to work hard to become stronger.

Because the world seems to be mostly not strong, it will not survive.

At the same time, the clues about the various things behind the three first first recorded in the heart.

These three people raised me without any strength, and now I am also giving me the power to make me live.

Before the reincarnation, I could not do it for my parents who did the same thing. Just blindly add trouble and worry to them.

As a reward – almost not what it is – when you grow up, you can not do it well.

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