Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The third sentence of the teenager’s street

Volume 1 The third sentence of the teenager’s street

An angel appeared in front of him.

With a thin red chestnut hair and dark green eyes, it looks like a healthy white teenager.

"This should be me."

In the prop shed at the corner of the temple, I found the old hand mirror.

It can be used to confirm my appearance, I am more cute than I expected.

In a word ……

Of course, because it is a child now, the degree of cuteness seems to have increased by a few.

No matter who you are, the degree of cuteness in your childhood will double.

Even if you are a man with a rough scum, if you look through the album, the childhood is innocent.


Gently put the handle back in place.

After that, you will make a fist, open, fist, and open.

Small, full and soft hands.

Is my hand

It was a year after that day.

What surprised me was that on the day, after accepting the current name and body as my own, in the aspect of physical operation, the feeling of conflict quickly resolved.

The sense of physical operation before dying is gradually weakening. Now this young hand and foot is my hand and foot. Consciousness and physical tightness are bitten together.

Afterwards, he quickly learned to walk in an unstable way, and spoke words like the babble.

Over the past year, I have been practicing with my heart and mind, and learning language and pronunciation by talking to Mary.

Even so, I often wrestle because the body is still young and the proportion of the head is too large.

Or maybe there is a reason for vision and balance, and muscles are not yet mature.

By the way, because the patience for the pain is still very weak, of course, the wow is crying.

But it is slowly improving.

It may be reasonable for young children to progress, but progress is progress.

It should have been impossible to do anything except climb and cry, and progress to the level of kindergarten or nursery school.

So it's almost time to try to move on to the next topic.

I decided to live in this world.

Therefore, first let the body develop, slowly learn and record all kinds of things.

"Well, you said you want to learn?"

One of several small rooms in the depths of the shrine.

The wall made of stone has wooden chairs and a small writing desk. The alcove embedded in the wall also has a comfortable bed.

Then, in front of my eyes, there was a horrible hawk-nose old grandfather who was was holding his chest and touching his chin.

The body covered in a wide robes has translucent and translucent appearance.

It is like a gas, and the hand can not touch it. Is this a spiritual body?

It is also known as the ghost, ghost.

Awwww. I beg you, Muse. "

His name is Muse. Correctly speaking, generally it should be called Ouestasi, but because it is too long, so they are so short.

I am now asking him to teach me the text.

Of course, to be honest, it is much more than the words or other things, the things of the world and the memories of your past lives.

However, even if a young child asks an unfamiliar discourse, how can he respond accordingly?

Let me give you an example.

If the child asks "Why is the sun shining?", Will there be adults who start with the theory of astronomy or geography and nuclear fusion?

It's better to say, "It's for the sake of warmth, so the sun will work hard."Adults who respond in this way should account for the majority.

In fact, there have been some more attempts to question the world-related issues in the past, and it has been brought to the past.

Therefore, it is too early to ask such a question.

This kind of topic, after I have accumulated decent knowledge, and is recognized as an opponent who can become such a dialogue, it is impossible to ask with the correct attitude.

"Hey, text. Text? The old man does not want to do any anything that can not make money. And it's too early for your age. "

"But I care very much."

"It's too early."

I feel like I am in trouble, and I wave my hand in the general attitude of "going, going".

It seems that unlike the mummies who are very caring for people, and the devil who always cares about me, this ghost muse is very thin to me.

Characters also have arrogant and secluded places, usually keep a distance …However, to say who is the most intelligent of the three, I think there is no doubt that he is.

Judging from the way words are used to words, it seems that they have deep knowledge.

"But I care a lot."

"It's really annoying."

"呐 -!I care very much ~! please- !! "

Therefore, I am as tempered as a child.

…How long ago, like a child, how arrogant the guardian was.

A little missed and happy.

"Hey! Hey! Muse, please! please! "


I am like a real child.

It is because the spirit is affected by the current physical body.

「………Ah, enough! I know, I know! "

While smashing and thinking, "The enemy can not be a child," the sighing muse looked at me.

"Really, you said you want to learn words."


The text of this world is really unclear.

"Well, then that's."

Muse stretched her hand to the bookshelf leaning against the wall. Suddenly, a book floated up and flew to the side.

Is this a motivation?

Because it is a ghost, so the degree is also plausible, and even if it is a supernormal phenomenon, it will not be surprised.

"First, start with the reading of the text."

The open page has a column of letters.


"Um? That will already be embarrassing. "

No problem No problem? "

"That has already been read."

That part I have figured out.

Because it took more than a year to listen to the dialogue of the three people, spent in the temple where the paintings and words were carved,

The frequency of the various pronunciations of the speech and the frequency of use of the text in the dialogue can be grasped after the comparison.

In English, because of pronunciation of "e" is most common, it is easy to start from there.

So I am already literate.


Muse stayed in front of my eyes.

"So, I have read it."

「……………Read this article to listen. "

"The flowers with rich aromas are dissipated after being swept away by the wind." The world has also changed along with it, just like my life. "…Right?

a piece of cake,

「……Is Brad or Mary teaching you? "

"no. After listening to everyone's words and reading the text, I came up with it. "

There is no excitement in the life of the temple, so it is quite idle.

Because of the time of thinking, it feels like a jigsaw puzzle.

「………Will. "

After a serious thought for a while, Muse asked with a serious attitude.

"So, what do you care about?"

"The beautiful and complicated ones on the other side of the gods."

After interpreting the articles engraved in the temples, the text of the world seems to be based on the phonetic characters of the letters. This is not a mistake.

But it is not wrong, on the various reliefs, suddenly mixed into something like complex hieroglyphics.

It is that those who are not quite sure. What kind of thing is it, how to read it, or something to decorate …

「Is the magical text of the ancient times. "

"Creation, magic"

……Is it something that creates and is magic?

Well. Then I have to start from there … "

Start from Beginning

In short, start listening from the beginning.

Fortunately, because of the young relationship, my current body is well remembered. If you can not remember it, you can listen to it a few times.

"Then, it will be a long time, it is a long time, and then a long time ago, the beginning of the world. The world is still a large group of rotating mana, even the shape can not hold, like a boiled cauldron like chaos "

……I did not expect to suddenly talk about the creation of heaven and earth.

"From, from where?"

"Well, start from there."

However, Muse is very serious.

"In the midst of chaos, the first god appeared.

God said "There is a land."

Then the horse condensed at the feet of God and formed the earth.

The head of God is thin and forms the sky.

Heaven and earth are divided from here.

The name of this god has not been passed down, only the name of the god of creation and the ancestor. "

……It is similar to the creation of heaven and earth in biblical mythology and Greek mythology.

"And then create God's words, engrave, make the sun and the moon, day and night, gather moisture and land.

Fire the `living wind` raw forest.

Then create the gods, make people and animals.

In this way, after creating God's creation, he is satisfied with his beauty, and he is "good" without me.

The creation of the "good" thing also the way that the "evil" thing is born. Just like creating land and being a model.

In this way, malicious people are born, and evil spirits are born.

Although the creation of God wants to dispel the words, but the words are spoken by the mouth, even the gods can not recover.

In this way, the evil gods have ruined the creation of god and gave birth to life and death.

Then, the mythical era with many gods began. "

At this point, Muse paused for a moment and changed his tone.

"The words and imprints used in the creation of heaven and earth are precisely the words of creation, the magical words of the ancient times.

It turns out that it is so connected.

"That is, making the words of the world?"

Yeah. This speech and imprint …That is the text. There is power in words and words. "


"What can I do?"

"Well, then …"

Then Muse jumped his fingers into the air.

The fingertips are anchored by incredible light, and the twilight leaves behind the fingers of the track, leaving two beautiful and complex hieroglyphics in the air.

The finger shook a bit and hit the last point of the text.


At that moment, I leaned back,

The words drawn in the air suddenly turned into flames. The flame is in the air, burning red. The air is used to transfer heat. It is a real flame!


After that, Muse sent one or two pieces of music with melody in his mouth.

After doing this, it seems that all are dreamlike, and the burning flame is extinguished.

I stared at the scenery like a demon.

It is magic.

Not a trick, but real magic.

This world has magic.

Formidable How to say it, great.

…Although it is still a bit of a fuss after seeing the ghost, the moving cheekbones and the mummies, I want to argue that horror and magic are different.

"Is it understand?

The hieroglyphic words that describe the "existence" of "inflammation" mean that the flame exist there and ignites the flame.

In contrast, in order to eliminate the flame and say "eliminate" the word "inflammation", the flame will disappear.

This is the "word of creation", but it is generally called "magic", which is for "Ancient Language Magic." "

What I thought of at that time was not so much the "magic" of computer games, but rather the "magic" of early fantasy novels.

It is not a technique that can easily be with a few points, nor is it something that can be used at will, but an ancient mystery hidden in the world.

In the dark room, talking about the incredible power, the ghost of the old man with the eagle hook, can be said to have the atmosphere echoed with that association.

"But, this" word of creation "is not convenient.

It is full of too much power and can not be used like regular regular or a conversation. Even the gods who will create God's own life will be born out of their own words. "

Well, that's true.

If you write "Inflammation" and suddenly get angry, there is no way to take notes.

It is inconvenient, so if you think about it, it is developing civilization or daily life before it will be a hindrance.

"At this time, the one-eyed knowledge god Enlight chose 20 consonants and 5 vowels because of this layer of concern.

In order not to exert power like "creative words", deconstructing and messing up words and pronunciation, and making "common language." "

So it is

In Japanese, "words of creation" are Chinese characters. If you abuse this Chinese character, you will have a flame, an explosion, etc., which which very dangerous.

Therefore, the sage of the gods will deconstruct the text and make the hiragana. However, the "common language" is not a syllable, but a phoneme, so it is not so close to the nature of the letter as the hiragana.

In any case, that is to say, the language of other systems is not mixed in symbolic meaning, but the language of the same source.

That is, the Chinese characters are mixed with the pseudonym.

What you are reading is is "Public Words". What you can not read is "Creating Words", the great magical characters of the ancient times, the imprints of the gods.

Inscribed in the temple is the strike line or part of the deliberately erroneous, extreme artistic and not launched.

You can not disagree the word and you can not engrave the words by disintegrating them into a level that can be judged.

To achieve this level, the reasons for engraving the words of creation must be understood after listening to these words.

"Because" Word of Creation "is something closer to God than" Common Words. "

It is such a truth that the relationship with God and are symbolized are engraved in the temple built to worship God and worship God. Did you know? "

Nodded his head.

It is indeed something that people can accept.

"- Yes, then, Will. Do you know why there is such power in words at the beginning? "

Muse raised the question with a smirk.

Well, on this occasion, what Muse wants to ask is is

"Because language is what we use to distinguish and separate on about things?"

I remember reading from somewhere, the original world is also known as the world of cognition, representation, and concept.

For example, if we see the "wooden four-legged round chair", no matter what kind of color or wood, even if it is not the same thing, it will still be considered a "chair." It is classified in the category of "chairs".

In addition, it is generally not recognized as "four sticks" or "one round board". Similarly, the four-legged board is not considered a "table".

Similarly, if you see a person sitting in a round chair, you will not think of it as "wood and people together" but as "chairs" and "humans."

"Four sticks" and "a round board" or as "a collection of wood fibers."

It is said that "this chair" and "the chair" are generally divided into into the same type of "chair".

But no matter what, we have put it on the label of the language, and divided it into a world of chaos, and made a distinction into an easy-to-understand concept.

Like the creation myths of the past, speech is something that has the power to distinguish the world from jealousy and chaos.

But I have been thinking for a long time, that is to say, how to say to Muse?

"Well, though the chairs are not the same chair, we all think that they are all chairs.

However the chair is made of wood, it is different from a table made of wood.

But what is the difference between the table and the chair? If you are short, you can use the chair as a table.

But the chair is not a table, and the table is not a chair. To say why this is the case, it is because language distinguishes them.

So, language has the power to distinguish the world.

Well, it should be like this. "

Because it is a vague question, so there is also the possibility of asking something else, but it should be answered this way.

Although a lot of things have been considered in the head, if you want to say it, there is still a problem of insufficient vocabulary.

Just thinking about it later


It seems very surprised. Muse widened her eyes and her mouth was one by one.

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