Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 1 The second sentence of the sorrowful street

Volume 1 The second sentence of the sorrowful street

The sorrow of inadvertently, the tone is sharp and surprising.

I was thinking that the sound was like a young child, and I noticed something wrong.

Fast waving hand, short anomaly.

The short, bloated little hands are the hands of babies and young children.

No, it is more unusual than the one that is awkward.

And where is this?

What happened?

Various types of thinking with panic are constantly coming out.

In short, try to calm down.

Yes, you should observe the situation calmly and calmly.

"■■■■ … …."

In front of me, the bones of the jaws slammed and slammed.

The current scene is that I started looking up from my sternum.

In other words, I am being held by one hand with the cheekbones in front of me.

The humerus is so much like a boneless hand that one of the bones are clumsy to touch my head.

I can see a whole row of strange, strange teeth That is very long because of the loss of gums.

Even if you open your mouth now, it's not surprising.

"呜 ㄚ, ㄚ, ㄚ!?"

"Now this situation can be calm and blame !!"I became more flustered as I screamed in my heart.

It is not only the moving bones, monsters, monsters, but also anomalies.

Suddenly encountering such a thing, no matter who it is, it will be terrible. I do it as well.

And I do not know why, the body seems to be young.

But I have a lot of ambiguity in my memory, it seems to be a slim body that looks a little taller.

But in memory, the feeling that the body and the young body are now manipulating is completely out of place.

It feels like a tricycle that rides a child when you are an adult.

"■■■■ … …."

The cheekbone is like being overwhelmed. I am shaking with a single hand and holding me with one hand.

Even if I am constantly struggling in my arms, I still have the patience to keep shaking.

"Oh …"

Also because of this, I noticed one thing.

The bones shake my movements, but they are clumsy, but they are very gentle.

I always feel that I am a bit rude because I am not used to it, and my arms are not comfortable because I only have bones.

"Digging haha, it looks like a delicious baby!" It's a beautiful skin. Is it better to start from the head? Is it better to start eating from the feet? "

The idea like this cannibal seems to be no. Probably.

Of course, I did not have savvy to stare at him and I saw his face. There was no way to assert or base.

However, the movement of this cheekbone is still very gentle.

"ㄚ ー ……"

The cheekbones continue to clumsyly glare at me.

My body is like a calm wave, shaking in a slow pace.

As I entrusted my body to the waves, I fell into a deep sleep again.

When I opened my eyes, there was a ghost in front of my eyes.

It is a blue-and-white, translucent and clear-eyed, old-fashioned grandfather with a hawk-like nose.

Do not think about him except the ghost.

"Hey, wow, wow, wow !?"

I cried.

Then I was hugged up.

After looking up, there was a dry, skinny woman.

It is called a mummy.

"Hey, wow, wow, wow !?"

I cried.

Then there was something that suddenly appeared and stared at me.

I met the cheekbones before I fell asleep.

"Hey, wow, wow, wow !?"

I cried again.

That's the matter.

Maybe this is God's punishment. Is this another world, and is it like hell?

Because of the unfair life of life, now, it will not be surrounded by things like jail of hell.

While I was crying and thinking while I was thinking, I was hungry.

"■■■■ …?"

The ghost grandfather yelled at me and then said something to the female mummies.

Then, the female mummies did not know where to take them out, holding a bowl of things like porridge.

After digging a spoon with a spoon, I reached over to my mouth.

Can not help but hesitate.

It is better to say that there is no reason not to hesitate.

But it is a matter of course, is there a person who opens the mouth of the dry mummies and the unidentified food?

If you say that the mummies are still still at the end, please recall the flesh Buddhas recorded in the previous textbooks.

Like the dry wood, the end of the human body is miserable. That's the one.

Sure enough, there still still one one facing the mouth.

Even if there is, I do not want to cultivate friendship with such guys.

Even so, the stomach is hungry. In the current situation, there is no means to obtain other foods.

In addition, because the body needs young, there is no resistance to appetite and sleepiness.

"Ah ~ no matter!"When you think about it, you will eat the food. The taste is very good.

Although it is remembered that the given given young children tastes very light, the taste aspect seems to have become age-appropriate.

The cheekbone said "Difference, while" while touching my head.

Woo-Ah! ……

At the same time, I noticed one thing.

There are no long teeth in my mouth.

It was was the first time that the food was included in the import.

No wonder it's not quite right when you talk.

Is that true? Baby has no long teeth.

I know for the first time.

If I have childcare experience, there may be some clues about which development stage I am in.

Ha, no teeth, but weaning is a few months after birth? Like this.

However, in my very lonely memory, of course, there is no such warmth as the experience of childcare.

Helping to take care of brothers and sisters and relatives, and so on, has not done it.

At most, I have seen the production events in the game or the extent of the baby on the TV show.

It's not clear that ordinary adults who certainly a certain age will know the knowledge.

It's really shallow, and I 'm thinking about it.

I absorbed shallow knowledge in front of the screen, and then not use it, so I died after I grew older.

"Hey, hey …"

If God exists. If this is the punishment that God has lowered.

This is surrounded by the moving corpse, and the situation is unclear.

Maybe, this is to let the light read the shallow knowledge and put on the way I do not understand how to understand.

Thoroughly understand your own ignorance and lower the punishment.

It took about half a year.

I would say that it was because I lived asleep and sleep, so I could not judge whether it was a day.

This kind of baby is really eating when you are full and sleeping.

I am almost sure that I am not in a dream.

If this is a dream, it is too vivid and true.

If the corpse being moved to help change the condition of the diaper is a dream, then it is really too fanatical personal hobby, it is impossible to understand why this happens.

In this way, I am a child who climbs and moves is the limit, and lived the days of being taken care of by three dead people.

Getting along with this, naturally understands what most dead people say – with the speed that they will be scared.

To say that it is not a newborn, it is not the same thing. In fact, it is natural to have the function of constructing words, so that you can learn the language from the sound information you hear – it is really funny by a surname. The theory put forward by scholars called Chomsky. I remember that there is no way to call it "universal grammar", because it is a half-baked idea and I can not think of the details.

Sure enough, my knowledge is very shallow.

"Da da ……"

With a mouth that is still unskilled, I finally said some words.

Because the memory before death is still there, the feeling of manipulating the body is still there, but instead it creates conflicts in the manipulation of the body.

For the same reason, I have recently been able to grasp things and stand up, but I still can not walk.

Okay, okay. Come and hug

So smiling is the female mummy. The two people around called her Mary.

Mary, like the ancient priests, wore old, broken robes.

It is a bit strange to judge the beauty and ugliness of a woman who has become a mummy, but I think she should be a beautiful woman before her death.

Slim body, plus the calm posture of closing your eyes.

The skin like dead wood bark has no visible damage, and it also looks like a well-balanced face before birth.

The undulating golden hair, as time passes by, diminishes, but the more abundant the beauty.

"Going out for a walk today is not good!" Want to take me with you!?

"Oh, it looks very happy."

It seems that I seem to reveal my expression unconsciously.

I also care very much about what I am outside the temple where I grew up.

However, this body has no way to "get out of the way", but has been waiting for the opportunity to be taken out like this.

Come on.

Was picked up. It was not an unpleasant taste that floated from Mary.

Light the fragrant wood and the like. It feels like a scent from the gentle grandmother.

「…………哒 A1 "

Give her a little peace of mind because of fragrance

In the dark temple, Mary walked me step by step.

The square stone of different colors interacts to form the floor.

A high-hanging hemispherical patio and thin light that overflows through the top eye-shaped skylight.

There are niches on the wall, and in the decoration for worship, it may be a sculpture of the gods worshipped by the temple.

While walking, one by one carved into my eyes, and then slowly disappeared from my eyes.

Holding a sword in the shape of a lightning bolt, the Libra is placed in the hands of a young man with solemnity and majesty.

The ear of rice on the land is used as a background, and there are babies in their arms, and women who are full of body and face smiles.

On the back, a raging fire, a man with a hammer and pliers, and a low-profile man with a magnificent beard.

Like a flowing wind, a cute smile, a young man with a glass of wine and gold coins.

Immerse yourself in the clear stream from the waist to the waist, holding a bow, the other hand reaching out to a creature like a goblin, and a young woman wearing a thin cloth.

It is a one-eyed old man with a singular cloister with a pillar and a book, and a savvy and sinister appearance.

Probably polytheism, I think so.

Just looking at the image of God, it seems that he has inadvertently understood the god of which faith is carried out.

However, the engraving that I saw next was unclear.

There is nothing in the background. The whole body was deeply wrapped in the robes to the extent of covering the eyes, and the atmosphere of the yin was floating. It was unclear for men and women.

There is only one character to say, and it is like a lantern that seems to be connected with a long handle.

That light, especially let me care.

Even so, Mary certainly did not know the thought that I flashed in my arms and walked slowly.

Even if you use your eyes to chase, the sculpture will disappear from your eyes immediately.

The time to be able to see in detail will will come one day.

After being away from the eye – shaped skylight of the patio, the surroundings slowly dimmed.

In the depths, on the arches decorated with vinegrass, there was a heavy iron gate, and Mary reached out to it.

After trying to push open, the light came in from the creaking iron door, and the door slowly opened.

Then when the opening was wide enough, Mary stepped out.

"Hey ………"

The horizon was wide open.

The refreshing wind is also blowing slowly.

The morning fog gradually became indifferent, under the dawn of the hills. The stone – built city is developing along the vast lakes.

Like ancient or medieval. You can also see towering towers and waterway bridges with beautiful arches.

All of them have become ancient ruins.

The roof of the building collapsed in many places, and the plaster on the wall was also peeling off to the ground.

The intertwined stone blocks of the street are surrounded by grass and green moss and entwined on the building.

In the bustling streets and lanes of the ancients, it was like a slumber of greens.

I opened my eyes.

Everything that I have seen through the screen during my lifetime is unparalleled.

It's like the general feeling of the wind blowing from the toes into the brain.

My brain is so clear that it is incredible.

The whole body, all the cells in the body are feeling the world

It is like thinking of important things that I do not know when to for for.

Have this feeling.

Unclear so leaked tears.

It was like having to endure the pain and bite the teeth, but still burst into tears.

A life that has been hopeless, over and chaotic.

Just die in that foggy life.

So think that waking up in this world may be the punishment given by the gods.

However, this is not a punishment.

Though I do not know where I am.

Though I do not know what happened.

However, this must be a favor.

Amazingly beautiful, grace.

What I was wasting, like being said, "If you do not do this, it's fine." Generally, it was given again by someone.

Very warm and happy gift.

There is no basis for such conviction.

"It's beautiful, Will …. cute baby"

Mary's voice.

William Referred to as Will.

this is my name. Mary, the three of them took my name, my name.

The name before death was swallowed into a sense of guilt and turbidity.

So, now the name is my current name.

This young body is my body.

Like where I heard the sound like some else's name, it feels like someone's body, and it feels like a collision.

"ㄚ, ㄚ – …………"

He sent out a voice to tell, mixed with tears, like the first baby.

Even if this is the case, use the vocal cords that are not developed developed to scream

I have to do it well.

I, this time, have to live a serious life.

In the shaking that Mary wants to lift me up, I am so determined.

Though I still do not understand anything. It is like what kind of world is here, how to live and so on.

However, those things will be understood from now on.

Even if you know a little shallow knowledge, you can not do any anything, just do it from now on.

The depression is also.

I do not know how to understand it.

It's also a matter of giving up and cuddling.

I must be this time.

I must be alive this time.

Failure can also be done.

It's ugly.

It's fine to screw it all over.

I must live well this time.

In this world, live!

With the sound of a baby like a baby, I swear.

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