Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

By The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow

The place of depletion

The place of depletion

Li Yao terrified one startled, understood the meaning of Su Changfa faintly.

The Su Changfa eyelid turns, asked false smile: „Fellow Daoist Li, if in your Meteor Sector, has met such aspect, how to process probably?”

The Li Yao hesitation moment, said: „If Meteor Sector, is takes the lead by cultivator probably, in addition among large quantities of ordinary person elite, such as cultivation some Cultivation Technique martial arts expert, have composed ‚Death Squad’, how many regardless of paid to sacrifice, can unearth the crystal ore?”

„After all, without the crystal ore, is very difficult to run out of own planet and galaxy, is unable to develop outward, will have one day finally by in dire straits above Homeworld!”

„Coiling Dragon Sector that Meteor Sector and Senior Su said is different, our Homeworld ‚Iron Original Star’ has encountered Heavenly Tribulation in 5,000 years ago, the environment already became extremely bad, occupied large quantities of good to be fighting bravely ruthlessly ‚Qi Refining Warrior’, the bystander is unable to approach easily! Therefore, we already did not have rich resources Homeworld to rely on, must depend on itself!”

„Struggles to seek livehood in severe Star Ocean, Meteor Sector cultivator and ordinary person, does not have Coiling Dragon Sector to be so pampered, arrived at not going on living really time, will go all out!”

„Let alone, I believe that this high mortality rate is only temporary, when the Resources Planet environment improves gradually, excavates and smelts Magical Artifact promote slowly, after the mining experience is unceasingly rich, certainly can try to find out that one effective means that making the mortality rate greatly reduce, lower to an acceptable degree.”

Su Changfa smiled, said: „This way, your Meteor Sector cultivation Civilization, but also is at the rise, has not ruined completely.”

„Coiling Dragon Sector cultivation Civilization, is actually terminally ill, incurable!”

„The Coiling Dragon person lay down on resources bountiful Homeworld comfortable was too long, several hundred years of carefree auspicious day, already all bore hardships and stood hard work their divine soul in the middle, tenaciously, positive enterprising, the noble spirit that dared to sacrifice, wore down entirely completely!”

„The Coiling Dragon Sector ordinary people were spoiled by cultivator, will overdraw all benefits that in the future will bring, has regarded perfectly justified, while reasonable thing!”

„However cultivator also immerses in ‚Savior’ in halo is too long, in cheering and worship of populace, lost the direction gradually!”

„When Resources Planet dangerous environment, as well as mining difficult and dangerous...... All brutal truth, one by one present when their front, all ordinary person and overwhelming majority cultivator is unable to accept all these!”

„Besides few cultivator, nobody is willing to go to this place to bring death!”

„Actually, with vivid life, to trade icy cold crystal, conforms with the moral principle, whether ‚justice’, is unpardonably wicked?”

„This issue, has started the time consuming big discussion in the middle of Coiling Dragon Civilization, the entire society was torn two schools of idea opposition, even more ignores a proper occupation, all people the precious time and energy, will consume in meaningless talking idly and sharp debate!”

„This discussion has been conducted for dozens years, the crystal mineral lode that during dozens years, on Coiling Dragon Star is not much left is consuming as before rapidly, the Coiling Dragon person has not actually sent out Mining Ship to Resources Planet!”

„Dozens years later, perhaps under the resources warning line stimulation in imminent danger, the Coiling Dragon person reaches the agreement finally reluctantly, the crystal ore must certainly mine, but the deceased person is also absolutely incorrect!”

„Let alone deceased person, even if slightly the laborious tired work, is the violation of human rights, behavior that encroaches upon the Coiling Dragon Civilization core idea!”

„Therefore, they have consumed the incomparably valuable resources, the attempt establishes one set of absolute safety and comfortable mining System.”

„In this set of mining System, Mining Ship endures the interstellar cruise is so more luxurious , the mining base is more comfortable than the luxurious hotel, the overwhelming majority danger work is completed by Spiritual Energy Puppet, so long as the interstellar miner sits in the base, facing the light screen, the fine wine, drinks the jade reveal, a cursor is good!”

„Bonus is so, as before does not have many people willing to go to Resources Planet to mine, the miner who is willing to go to the border area work few, thinks oneself have put in the enormous sacrifice, times request to promote the salary, benefits and working conditions quality insatiably!”

„Arrived finally, a higher several fold of salary benefits of interstellar miner on Professor Elite University compared with Coiling Dragon Star, but after the massive crystal mineral lode mine, does not return to Homeworld first, was actually put into the transformation of mining base!”

„They have not promoted mining efficiency, has actually constructed massive and work irrelevant rest and recreation facility in the mining base, reputation it says ‚user-friendly working conditions’ , the operating time will reduce the daily five hours, but also often the strike coerces.”

„Hehe, the fish and bear's paws cannot have both, in the universe where has such good matter, can relaxed mine the crystal ore?”

„Under their act without regard for authority, mining and transportation cost promotes enormously, even has reached the degree of being unable to make ends meet, every time mines one ton crystal undressed ore, the fuel, commodity and labor cost of must consuming, actuate the Spiritual Energy Puppet the service and maintenance costs of energy and Spiritual Energy Puppet, in addition the Starship depreciation loses, has actually far exceeded one ton crystal undressed ore's value!”

„Such system, naturally impossible long-time, finally some cultivator of being unable to continue watching proposed that must reform, is actually too late!”

„The miners and part of management on Resources Planet, have formed the formidable trade union, changes to huge benefit Group, unites and Homeworld bargains back and forth, even entered in the tentacle Homeworld Government .”

„The Coiling Dragon person regards as the fundamental human rights the high benefits and relaxed working conditions, in the society most people support the mining industry trade union, thinks that they for entire Civilization makes the contribution ‚fall guy’, is the greatest person \; In cultivator that under this environment grows, impossible to adopt any compulsive means to the ordinary person, under the mining industry trade union aggressive offensive, has the formidable military force obviously, is actually times weakly makes concessions to compromise!”

„cultivator makes concessions every time one time, the arrogance of mining industry trade union is more rampant a point, ponders over is requesting a better treatment!”

„The view of miners, very much makes sense crystal on first hearing this gadget unearths, mainly provides the energy to cultivator cultivation and to Magical Artifact, naturally was cultivator occupies the biggest advantage!”

„Such being the case, requesting cultivator to pay more prices for this reason, natural?”

„This theory, not only obtained the approval of overwhelming majority ordinary person, even many stupid cultivator very approve continually, betrayed own camp, becomes of mining industry trade union!”

„This, this parasitic gets bigger and bigger in the malignant tumor of Coiling Dragon Civilization within the body, looked like the cancer same gradually suck dry the Homeworld nutrient, not only cannot solve the crystal depletion problem, instead accelerated the worsening of this issue!”

„However has used massive Spiritual Energy Puppet, semiautomatic mining System, itself also has the enormous hidden danger, along with the unceasing attrition of Spiritual Energy Puppet, the risk that cannot see is accumulating bit by bit, gradually achieves critical!”

„Finally, in called ‚Blood Dragon Star’ on Resources Planet, because Star Ocean Storm has created Spiritual Energy Puppet and communication interrupt between mining bases, but the Spiritual Energy Puppet chip by chance had problems, the miner who was responsible for the security check did not have the prompt discovery, finally led to a time unprecedented mining accident, more than 1700 miners were killed in the accident!”

„This frigid accident, making the Coiling Dragon person start to suspect once more in the security and rationality that on Resources Planet mined!”

„Trades icy cold crystal with the living life, really reasonable? Really just?”

„If Civilization, needs to maintain by the death of ordinary person, that such Civilization also has the value that anything has!”

„Bloodstone! Your these cultivator consume, with ‚bloodstone that’ the blood of our ordinary person trades!”

„Such sound, emerges one after another incessantly in society, dominates in the name of freedom of speech.”

„However the indemnity of high quota also lets five insurance company and entire mining industry Group is on the verge of the bankruptcy, has started an incomparably frigid economic crisis on Coiling Dragon Star.”

„The mining industry trade union seizes the chance to launch an attack, all miners returned to Homeworld from Resources Planet, launches the mammoth parade, aimed at Cultivation World the spearhead, the request further enhanced the work treatment and safety coefficient, the lion big opens the mouth, has pledged a condition of indulging in fantasy!”

„At the Coiling Dragon Star then technology level, their requests was the wishful thinking, is unable to be satisfied!”

„This time, cultivator may draw back finally roadless.”

„However, even if arrived at the life and death moment, cultivator is not willing, unable and not dare under the cruel methods to the mining industry trade union, actually made a fresh start, has formed one completely the mining team that was constituted by cultivator, wanted by one's own strength, solved the resources problem.”

„How is that possible?”

„The cultivator quantity are extremely after all few, moreover mines on Resources Planet, the majority of times are the simple repetitions, do not have the loud work of technology content, they go into a well personally, wastes the life completely!”

„This, Coiling Dragon Civilization crystal collects System, barely is revolving at the extremely low efficiency, during several hundred years, the cultivator quantity are getting fewer and fewer.”

„This reduction, is two factors creates.”

„Its one, the Coiling Dragon Star crystal mineral lode has consumed completely, Spiritual Qi is also getting more and more thin, entered the small range ’ the cultivator quantity that once more ‚ End of Time Era, awakens newly fell certainly suddenly!”

„Its two, the living environment on Resources Planet is extremely dangerous, cultivator combustion divine soul, overdraws life crazy mining, the ratios of mean lifetimes reduce when Homeworld, but accident/surprise casualty rate is actually the big promotion!”

„Adds on again, most of the time and energy, after put into the meaningless mining work, then does not have the time and energy comes cultivation, realm unable to promote, that is dies one and few one!”

„The ordinary person had not thought that like this has anything not to be good.”

„Because, in the mining industry the struggle of trade union and Cultivation World, the mining industry trade union has vetoed to result in the stream of abuse cultivator, is a mass of cuts and bruises.”

„crystal digs, mainly enjoys for cultivator, our ordinary person does not have crystal, can cross very well!”

„The overwhelming majority Coiling Dragon person, was misled by such idea, is not interested to all that on Resources Planet has, huge family property that Old Ancestor keeps in any case, they have been comfortable enough for several hundred years.”

„To a ordinary person, several hundred years solid long incomparable, this life is not necessarily able to see the end finally the scene.”

„But regarding Civilization, several hundred years really flashes by, is written in water!”

„This, tossed about for several hundred years later, past Coiling Dragon Civilization of resplendence had taken the dead end finally.”

„The cultivator quantity drops to the valley, has maintained the entire crystal mineral lode to collect System insufficiently, all mining bases are, barely alive conditions in disrepair after many years.”

„Along with depletion of crystal resources, transportation line between Homeworld and last Resources Planet was also interrupted, the Coiling Dragon person lost the ability of Star Ocean navigation, mining and transportation finally, and forever lost!”

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