Black Belly Wife

By Mo Feng

Text Chapter 418 Son, Give a Marriage (2)

Text Chapter 418 Son, Give a Marriage (2)

Chu Changge also had a black line of chaos, "I have seen the girl of Murong's family."

"Oh. Let me marry you and my mother." Chu Murong suddenly realized that "Isn't you married?"

Chu Changge’s face was sore, “This is a long story.”

"Oh. I remembered. I was taken away by my mother."

"..." Is this goods really biological?

Chu Murong: "Hey, you and your mother are too emperor, a queen, even if you are not married, you will always be together, why not stick to the form."

Chu Changge: "When you grow up, you will know the importance of form. There are no forms, and the treatment is much worse."

Chu Murong: "Is it a mother who won't let you enter the house?"


"Hey, you misunderstood. Mother is afraid that your life is too hard, and you will break your brother, so you will not let you enter."

"Little brother?"

"Yes. Mother said that soon there will be a younger brother to pick up my class. When I have been a emperor for so many years, I am tired."

Nie Qing: "..."

Hua Ye Li: "..."

Chu Changge: "Brother?! You said that your mother is pregnant again?!"

"Yeah. Don't you know?" When Chu Murong finished the sentence, the person was thrown to the table. The father has never known where to go.

Into the night. The normal Chu Changge recruited four people from the southeast and northwest and asked: "Have you found anything in the coffin shop?"

The teacher has long known that the coffin shop is tricky. "A five-line gossip. We were trapped inside yesterday and escaped this morning." Dong Hufa replied.

After listening to the answer from Dong Hu Law, Chu Changge was not surprised at all. After thinking for a while, he asked: "Are there other discoveries besides the Eight Diagrams?"

Dong Hufa shook his head, "No."

The Southern Protection Law added: "There are secrets in the five elements of the Eight Diagrams. But we do not understand the number of five elements, and we cannot break through the investigation."

"Mr. Shi Er is proficient in the organs, and he must have studied the art of the Five Elements. It is better to find him to lead the way. Let's go and find out tonight."

The two people in the southeast nodded and agreed, and some people opened the way, everything is much easier. The Northern Protection Law says: "It’s not easy to find a lady. The lady knows everything. It’s definitely a shame to break a small five-line array."

A word awakens the dreamer. The three people in the southeast and the west suddenly looked at the North with the worship of the eyes, and sure enough, the fools must have a chance! Although the point is not that the wife can not break, but you can think of looking for help from the lady, it is already much stronger than us! You know, even if the lady can't break, she just has to go there, it's all merits.

Just as the three people in the southeast and the west thought, after Chu Changge heard the proposal of the Northern Protection Law, he suddenly felt a hundred times more spirited, and even the eyebrows of the slanting fly seemed soft and incomparable. He glanced at the door, saw the candlelight still on, and a corner of his mouth, saying: "If she asks where I am going, you will take her to the coffin shop to find me."

"In case she doesn't ask?"

"Then think of a way to ask her."


After Chu Changge left, the four people in the southeast and northwest immediately knocked on the door of Murong Yunshu. "Madam, do you know where the leader is?" asked Dong Hu."I don't know." Murong Yunshu fainted the four people in the southeast and northwest, and began to guess their intentions.

"Then you want to know?" Dong Hufa asked with excitement.

"Do not want to."

"..." This is how he continues? Dong Hufa’s face looked helplessly to the brothers, and this road is nowhere! The South and the West have nothing to do, and the wife is not interested in the whereabouts of the leader. How can this be good? Just as the three were at a loss, they only listened to the North Law, saying: "Mrs. The teacher said that if you ask about his whereabouts, he said he went to the coffin."

Murong Yun Shu heard the embarrassed, "Someone is going to die?"

"No." Dong Huofang's mouth was slightly pumped, and he honestly said: "We found a five-line array in the coffin shop. The teacher thought that the line was so dense that they went alone to find out. We are worried about his safety, so I want to ask my wife. Go to help."

Did he go alone? When Murong Yun Shu Shu suddenly sighed, he said: "Lead the way."

When the southeast and northwest brought Murong Yunshu to the coffin shop, Chu Changge had been waiting there for a long time. Seeing that he did not act recklessly, Murong Yunshu secretly sighed with a sigh of relief, and a faint look at him was a greeting. Chu Changge saw that Murong Yunshu was uncomfortable with him. Knowing that she was angry, he went to the brothel to drink flowers and wine, but he could not explain. He was not drunk that day. Looking for Mr. Shi Er’s drinking was just a scorpion. Going to the brothel was to find the master behind the conspiracy. But he can't tell her about it because he doesn't want to get her into the rivers and lakes again.

Chu Changge is annoyed with how to unravel the heart of Murong Yunshu without telling the truth, but she listened to her: "Where is the five elements?"

Dong Hufa quickly pointed to the front of the woods and said: "The front is."

Murong Yunshu only glanced at the road and said: "Those who are just planting untidy banyan trees are not five-line arrays."

"Are you sure?" If it is not a five-line array, why are they trapped inside for one night?

Murong Yunshu seemed to understand their doubts, and stared at the eucalyptus forest in front of him for a while, to make sure that it was not a five-line array, and said: "I think, you should just be lost."

Fans, fans... lost? ! The four people in the southeast and northwest were suddenly thundered and could not speak.

"Don't be too sad, this eucalyptus forest does not say

It’s a five-line array, but the planting is quite chaotic. It’s normal for people like you who don’t have high IQ to get lost in it. ”

What are people like their IQ? ! Looking southeast and northwest, I looked at Murong Yunshu, madam, you still continue to hit us, your comfort we can't afford.

"The next time I encounter this situation, don't jump east and west again, burn it directly. This way, the vision will be broadened." Murong Yun Shudao.

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