Black Belly Wife

By Mo Feng

Text Chapter 353 You are not in the mentally retarded (2)

Text Chapter 353 You are not in the mentally retarded (2)

Thinking about this, Murong Yunshu can not help but sigh in the heart, I hope green children and the southeast and northwest together, otherwise, she will be in vain. With the simple mind of the green child, it is impossible to guess her intention.

Murong Yunshu guessed it right, the purple woman first found the green child. At that time, Greener was listening to Li Wunai’s meditation on the carriage and was sleepy. The four people in the southeast and northwest of the car were extremely violent and they took the horse into a helpless draw. Seeing someone blocking the road, the southeast and northwest seem to have seen the savior, and they are overjoyed. In particular, the Northern Protection Law directly showed his red scorpion gun and smiled and asked: "Do you want to rob the money or rob the color? We don't have any money or color. We only have one. Let's go straight to see who will lie down first!"

Joe dressed up as a man, and the people who hate the palace are not talking about direct action.

"Hey. Really obedient!" North guards laughed and flew.

“Need help?” asked Dong Hu.

On the one hand, the Northern Protection Law and the people came over and waved: "No need to use it, these few small Luo Luo, I can get it by myself." The tone is very relaxed.

Xi Hu Law said: "A few days of horses, it is hard to come to a few people to pump, how can I let him enjoy. I have to change the taste." Then, jumped off the carriage, laughing and holding his hands The nine songs and exquisite chain walked over and said, "No more blood, my broken chain will rust."

Upon seeing it, Nan Dafa watched the battle for a while, then he said calmly, "Blessed are the same, Dadong, let's go."

The green child who heard the sound just heard this sentence, and immediately covered with black lines, blessed to share? This is obviously a curse! Still killing the disaster. Greener looked back in fear, and looked at the door of the car for a while, seeing that his own side was obviously dominant, only a little relieved, and turned back to the car is still not moving like a mountain, Li said helplessly: "Master, it is so lively, Do you want to come out and join in the fun? Maybe you can listen to a few words of Zen, they fall asleep, let me kill."

Li Wunai’s mouth twitched and said: “When they die, I will go through the chanting.”

The green child is speechless. "There is no compassion for the master." Master, you are not merciful at all."

"What do you mean, let me go to persuade?"

"...not impossible." Although she didn't think much.

Li has no choice but to give her a look. "I want to persuade you to persuade me slowly. I still want to live a few more years."

"Master, I heard that your martial arts is very high."

Li has no choice but to swear, saying: "The martial arts will be high again." He is too lazy to do anything that is unpleasant!

The green child slammed his mouth and looked at the battle. The outcome was fixed. All the black people were taken down. Picking up the veil, pumping a cold air in the southeast and northwest, all women! Also each is like a flower! "Who are you?" asked Dong Hu.

"If you kill, you will kill. We will not reveal our identity!"

Dong Hufa Wen Wen smiled, "I never kill a woman."

"Me too." The three men in the south and northwest are unanimous. Killing a woman is too bad.

Do not kill a woman, then who is this hard-wound confession to whom? The southeast and northwest looked at each other, and finally looked at Li’s helplessness sitting in the carriage.Feeling the sight of four people, Li has no intention to stand up. "I never kill." Don't say that it is a woman, I don't even kill anyone. See how you can frame me! Li Yunai thought smugly in his heart.

Li Minai did not cooperate, and the four had to look down on the last person and the only woman.

The green spirit is immediately shocked, and it is even worse than Li Minai. "I never kill!"

"..." Can she pull some more? The mouths of the southeast and northwest are twitching at the same time. "I don't believe you haven't stepped on the ants."

"Hey." Green children's words, had to catch the ducks on the shelves, carefully jumped out of the carriage and walked to the black people who were tied up in a group, weakly said: "That, you still honestly explain. Do not believe their men's Ghost words. These four guys who say that they don’t kill women are actually more active than anyone else. In their eyes, there is only the difference between sin and death and sin. There is no difference between men and women. There is that monk, even more can not believe, in his eyes, women are white bones, so he said that he does not kill."

Both the southeastern northwest and Li’s helpless face are wrong. When did the girl become smart?

The black men are still indifferent, a sorrowful and heroic hero.

Green child scratched the back of the head and said: "It is illegal to kill people. My family never advocates killing. My lady also said that the highest state of torture is not to let her die, but to let her survive without seeking death. I can't let them break the law. It can only make you survive without asking for death." After that, he asked the Northern Protection Law. "You have the badest idea. You said, how can we make them survive without asking for death?"

Was named, the Northern Protection Law said very well: "Destroy their looks."

Greener heard a shudder and shook his head again and again. "No, no, it's too cruel."

"How about breaking the limbs?" The South Protection Law is a rare and positive comment.

Xi Huo Law: "I suggest, cut off the tongue, hedge your eyes..."

"Stop!" Green child gave him a look, then looked at the East to protect the law, "What do you think?"

Dong Hufa’s face was seriously thought for a long time, and he spit out a powerful saying, “Listen to the master to speak Zen.”

"Dadong, you are too cruel!" Green children also focus on the head, too cruel and too cruel.

Li Minai looked at the black line, dare to listen to him telling that Zen is more cruel than disfigured, broken arm, tongue cut, and hedgehog?

Southeast and northwest together with Green Children

Give Lee Wu Nai a positive look, yes, it’s just a brutal and inhumane!

Li has no choice but to petrify for a long time. "Well, since you all agree that the persecution of bloodshed is more powerful than bleeding, then I will try it. But I can't guarantee it."

The northeast and northwest immediately looked up at the sky, I can't hear, I can't hear, I can't hear...

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