Black Belly Wife

By Mo Feng

Text Chapter 285 Chu Changge is a family member (1)

Text Chapter 285 Chu Changge is a family member (1)

Dong Hufa took an infinite sympathy and patted the shoulder of Bei Hu Law, handed him a ‘brother, mourning’ eyes, and then asked Chu long song, “Does the teacher have another arrangement?”

"Yeah." Chu Changge glanced at him with a glance, saying: "You are divided into two groups, and the Emperor and the Emperor of the Night will go to the capital to see their little sisters."

The four people were overjoyed. "Follow!" Ask people this kind of thing, they are the best.

After the four people left in the northeast and northwest, Murong Yun Shu said: "You do this, are you not afraid of Liu’s general returning to Jinling to cut you? He had put aside the rumors, who advocated reconciliation and whoever cuts."

Chu Changge raised his eyebrows: "So I sealed him as a Grand Marshal." When he returned from the front, the overall situation was fixed.

Murong Yun Shu suddenly realized that he originally accepted the advice of General Liu, and sent troops to suppress the Hualian’s coalition with Hua Tianyi. Mingsheng is a real success, and it is equipped with frontiers.

"I suddenly found out that you are actually a good fit for the emperor." Doing things without revealing and ignoring the situation, taking the seal of General Liu as the Grand Marshal, even she did not find his true intentions. It’s really hard to judge.

Chu Changge silent for a few seconds, suddenly smiled and said: "If you do not meet you, this sentence can be established."

Murong Yunshu understood his voice and silently grasped his hand, and his heart was moved.

A person who sees his personal feelings too heavy is not suitable for being an emperor, and Chu Changge is such a person.

In addition to arranging the transfer of Murong’s business center to the capital, Jinrong Yunshu and Chu Changge have an important thing to do... and Fang Hongfei has made a break.

Fang Hongfei is like a fish bone stuck in the throat. If he does not die, they will not be able to feel at ease.

It's time to do an understanding.

Upon confirming that Chu Murong arrived safely in the capital, Chu Changge released the news: he was waiting for the arrival of the martial arts leader Fang Hongfei in Murong.

This news is like a boulder, smashing the calm illusion of the rivers and lakes.

Soon, there are more and more people in the rivers and lakes around Murong House. Some are familiar, some are strange, some are friends, some are enemies. Mixed fish and dragons, three teachings and nine streams. People from all over the country who came to Jinling from all corners of the country, all came to watch the battle between the two masters of black and white. In fact, in most of the hearts, the outcome has long been conclusive, but they are still coming, holding the luck of miracles.

Fang Hongfei is bad again, in the end is the martial arts lord. So long as the Chu long song, after all, it is only the demon leader.

After the business was properly arranged, Murong Yunshu became a wife. Chu Chang song practiced the sword, she played the piano on the side. Chu Changge rests, she will accompany him to tea and chat. I have nothing to do with the sun, and I am infinite.

On this day, the two sunbathed in the yard again.

"Do you think Fang Hongfei will come?" Murong Yun looked at the sun on his head with his eyes open.

Chu Changge was wiping the sword at that time. He stopped his hand and thought about it. He said, "I will come."

Murong Yunshu: "Why?"

Chu Changge: "He has no reason not to come."

Murong Yunshu: "But it has been a month. If he wants to come, he should have come."This question Chu long song also thought about. However, since Fang Hongfei will appear in Jinling, it must be directed at them. Now that he opened the door and waited for him, he had no reason not to come. However, the news has been released for a month, and it is impossible to pass it to his ears.

What is it that hinders his arrival?

After waiting for a few more days, Murong House finally waited for a guest.

Chu Changge looked at the ‘guest’ who didn’t ask for the wall to come in. After a long silence, he faintly said, “Li brother.”

The ‘Lee Brother’ made Li Wu’s face amazed, and then he showed a self-deprecating smile. “I can hear you ‘李兄’, and I’m not blind today.”

Chu Changge did not answer, waiting for him to continue.

Li Yunai did not speak immediately, staring at Chu Changge’s song for a long while, and said: "I am here today to wash away the Shaolin Temple of the day."

Chu Changge faintly said: "Thank you. But no need."

"Why? Now all the major factions are around Murong House. As long as I say that you are innocent, your grievances can be washed away immediately. No one will think that you are the murderer of the Shaolin Temple."

Chu Changge sneaked a smile and said: "There is no need." Seeing Li’s helpless frown, he said again: "Li brother has known me for a long time, so I know that I don't mind the black pot."

"I know, but I don't understand." Li said in disguise: "Many things are obviously not what you do. Why don't you deny it? Watching your reputation become bad but indifferent, it seems like no matter how infamous, no to you. influences."

Wen Yan, Chu Changge bent his lips and laughed, and the smile looked very unscrupulous in Li Yunai’s eyes.

"What are you laughing at?" Li helplessly asked.

Chu Changge: "Laughter you are famous and always tired of being famous."

Li has no choice but to frown: "Do you really care nothing?"

"Of course I have something I care about, but it is not the name of the name." Speaking of this, Chu Changge saw a look at Murong Yunshu.

At a glance, Li Wunai understood that Chu Changge got the most precious things in the world. The rest, the name and the benefit, are not as important to him as it is. Because there is something more important, everything else is secondary, so he is not in a hurry to wash away his grievances for himself. He doesn't mind being said to be a big devil... Of course, he is not a good person. But only

In the eyes of Murong Yunshu, he is innocent and good, it is enough.

In the eyes of others, it is a good person or a bad person. For Chu Changge, it really doesn't matter, it doesn't matter at all...

After thinking about it, Li Wunai also laughed, and the long-lost smile laughed. "Despite this, I still have to do what I should do."

Chu Chang sings his eyebrows and wants to ask Li Wu’s what he wants to do. He listens to him and says: "The martial arts people hiding around Murong House, you can hear it clearly! The people who wash the Shaolin Temple are not Chu long songs, but famous swords. The owner of the village, the owner of the martial arts league, Hongfei!"

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