Black Belly Wife

By Mo Feng

Text Chapter 65 Favor

Text Chapter 65 Favor

However, Hu Berg did not say anything after all. Once, he could not lift the stone and lick his own feet, and lie down to lie to help the princess. Secondly, the patriarch apparently made up his mind, and what he said was futile.

Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge were locked in the same earth building. There was a guard outside the earth building, and there was a maid serving. In fact, it was originally a male servant. The result was blown away by Chu Changge, and he strongly urged... to change clothes, so he changed from a male servant to a maid. However, Murong Yunshu insisted that the reason why he changed his servant into a maid was entirely a man's nature.

“Do I look like a very good look?” Chu Changge asked frustratedly.

Murong Yunshu stared at him for a few seconds, and said coldly: "Is there a Sven scum on my face that says ‘I am a rogue?'”

Chu Changge helped the amount of money, and for so many years, he finally believed that there was a way of death called death.

Murong Yunshu bowed his head and grinned, continued to make tea and soak all kinds of tea. It’s not that she is arty, it’s really, in this ravine, there’s nothing to do with the time of play. Listening to the maid said that the Li nationality has a legendary character called Hu Berger, Bogu Tongjin, who has the ability to predict the future, is the most powerful wizard here. It is a pity that the patriarch has restricted her freedom, otherwise she really wants to visit the wizard.

Murong Yun Shuzheng tried to get out of it and suddenly listened to Chu Changge. "They wear too rude, not suitable for appearing in front of you." She smiled and said: "I remember that someone was very confident in front of me. It’s rude.” At that moment, in the cave, he didn’t feel rude when he was swaying in front of her. Why did he suddenly talk about rudeness?

Chu Changge’s handsome face, he turned his head and looked at another place and said: “I was forced to do it at that time.”

"Is it?" Murong Yunshu chuckled, perhaps it was a last resort, but teased her ingredients.

Seeing her a little bit of disbelief, Chu Changge cleared the scorpion to cover up the scorpion, and some guilty nodded: "Of course. Otherwise, I will not let you take advantage of me. You know, I am this person. It is very conservative."

"Puzzling..." Murong Yun Shu smiles and shakes his hands. Tea is sprinkled on his hands. She is so hot that she takes a breath and drops the tea set. She wants to wipe out the handkerchief, but she is preempted by a white handkerchief. A plum with seven petals.

"This handkerchief..." Murong Yunshu looked at the Chu long song with a look of horror, and the pair of phoenixes was full of doubts. It is not surprising to embroider plum on a handkerchief, but there are few plum blossoms embroidering seven petals. And all her handkerchiefs will embroider a small seven-petal plum in the lower right corner. She will embroider the plum blossoms of the seven petals, and it has no special meaning. It is only a day of boring, whimsy, embroidered, and it is still pretty good after embroidering. It has continued this habit until now. She is sure that the handkerchief is her.

Chu Changge gently said that she was hot red, and said: "Handkerchief is yours."

"How come you have my handkerchief?"

"Oh." Chu Changge took a picture.

"Where is it?" Murong Yun Shu pursued."Can not remember."

Seeing that he was interested in congestion, Murong Yunshu no longer asked, and when he let go of her hand and tried to collect the handkerchief, he said again: "Thank you."

Chu Changge was a glimpse first, then smiled: "It’s just a matter of raising your hand. And, I don’t have the advantage." When I said the latter sentence, the expression was very contemptuous.

Murong Yunshu picked up his eyebrows, but when he didn't hear it, he didn't see it. For someone's ‘play,’ she was used to nature. Reaching out, she said: "I thank you for helping me find a handkerchief that I lost when I didn't know."

Chu Changge subconsciously hid his handkerchief behind him. "It’s mys."

"The Master didn't call you, do you want to pick up the money?"


"..." Murong Yun Shu Yu's eyebrows, and then reached out to him, said: "Return me."

"not return."

"Return me."

"not return."

Murong Yunshu reluctantly sighed, "Chu Tujia, you should not be so naive."

"Miss Murong, you don't want to be so stingy." Chu Changge learned her tone and said that his face was smiling and very bad.

Murong Yun Shu Xiao laughs, "I want to be generous, as long as you promise to get married with the Li Princess, I will send it to you." As long as she can leave the house now, let alone one, 10,000 are no problem.

Chu Changge certainly understands her mind, but she doesn't care at all, which makes him feel uncomfortable, so he makes a wounded look and asks half-truthfully: "Mrs, why do you insist that you will push others to others?" ?"

Murong Yunshu smiled slightly and asked: "You are not a good person, what is your use?"

In a word, Chu Changge was blocked, and today he knows what it is like to lift a rock and lick his own feet. "You guess, how long does it take to get rid of this earth building?" She wants to go out, he has 10,000 ways to get her out, why should he dedicate himself?

Murong Yun Shu raised his eyebrows. "Do you know if you try?"

"Good." The voice has not fallen, Chu Changge has begun to luck, but did not start, because he is waiting for her to discourage him, but unfortunately, he waited for a long time, did not wait. "Forget it." He took back the infuriating voice and said: "We don't know where the antidote to the soul is hiding, and we don't know how to use it. It shouldn't be too arrogant."

Murong Yun Shu eyes wide open, it is really the sun hit the west side, and the ruthless Chu Dajiao will even say "not too arrogant".

Just then, there was a sound coming out of the door.

Praying respectfully... "See the princess."

Murong Yunshu shines brightly, and the Lord is finally on the scene.

Chu Changge is frowning, very unhappy at this time someone is bothered.

The Li Princess is wearing a colorful dress, wearing a straw wreath, and wearing a jade ring on her neck, wrists and ankles. The color is very lively. She is very beautiful, especially the beautiful eyes of the two bends, such as the autumn water, clear and bright. At this moment, that spring Qiushui is gazing at the Chu long song with affection, and the cherry powder lips are stopped. It seems that there are thousands of words but I don’t know where to start.

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