Black Belly Wife

By Mo Feng

Text Chapter 18 The teacher is also awkward

Text Chapter 18 The teacher is also awkward

"I can accompany you to the capital."

Murong Yunshu didn't expect him to say this. After a few seconds, he said, "No."

"I don't think so." Chu Changge said with a smile. In fact, he did not intend to accompany her. Of course, if she strongly demands it, it will be another matter. However, with her character, I am afraid that death will not speak.

After Huaying Mountain, it will go to Sandaokou, one to Jinling to the south, one to the capital to the north, and the other to the Shaolin Temple to the west.

"We will part ways here." Chu Changge said.

"There will be a period later." The tone is very simple.

"There will be a period later." Chu Changge took a large and long brocade from the sedan and handed it to her. "Things are still you."

Murong Yunshu almost guessed what was in the box, and didn't dare to look directly into his eyes. When I was in the first place, I was so happy, and because he was not in front of me, I wrote a sentence on the painting, "Where is the face, the man is the thickest in the painting." It’s really hard to think about it now. She is so big that she hasn’t been so straightforward... I usually have to turn a few turns.

"I regret it?" Chu Changge saw her not answering, and asked slyly.

"Yeah." Murong Yunshu nodded very frankly.

"Very good, knowing the mistake can improve Mo Dazhao." He looked gratified and said with a strong heart: "Mrs. I must remember that obedience is the king."

Murong Yun Shu heard the words and laughs, what is his name!

"Where will the lady go to Shaolin Temple and the husband and wife?" is asking, but even asking.

"I am not a monk, what are you going to at Shaolin Temple?" She asked this deliberately.

"You can't be a monk."

Murong Yun Shu Yi, said: "There is no need to go."

"I am waiting for you in Shaping Town."

“The Shaolin Temple is far away and it is very tired to travel long distances.” This is the truth.

“Shaping Town is at the foot of Shaolin Temple Mountain. There is a Jianghu Inn in the town. You can find me there.”

Murong Yunshu shook his head helplessly, laughing slowly, and someone began to listen to people intermittently.

After breaking up in Sandaokou, Murong Yunshu’s carriage drove up to the official road of Beijing.

"Miss, you obviously have plans to go to Shaolin Temple. Why do you pretend you don't want to go?" asked Green.

"This time for a while." When I decided to go to Shaolin Temple, I wanted to ask him whether it was for her to repay her life's life-saving grace. She refused to accept this kind of reward. But now everyone's silver ticket has been burned, and the backing is also given to her, can she cross the river to break the bridge? Besides, if you don’t marry him, what if you don’t want to be a nun?

She still does not want to live up to the ancestors of the 18th generation.

Green child shook his head, "I don't understand."

"I will understand when I go outside to blow the hair."

"..." Green knows that the lady doesn't want her to see the painting, so she moves out of the way and blows the cold with the driver.

After the green child went out, Murong Yunshu took the picture from the brocade box and opened it. On the left side of Juanxiu’s little pipa, there was a line of dragon and phoenix dances... What kind of things are in the world, and the face of the people is directly taught.

"There is a skill." Murong Yunshu smiled obliquely and was very happy.It seems that no matter what she does or says, he will not be angry. Is his temper good, or is there another reason?

At the same time, the people on the official road in the west also have their own minds.

"Teacher." Dong Huo Law can't help it. "You...all right?"

The other three also erect their ears together, which is exactly what they worry about. The leader held the man three years ago and returned empty-handed. In a rage, he removed the word '赛华佗' from the rivers and lakes. From then on, there was only Fengcheng, which could not practice medicine. Now go empty-handed, hold people back, so that they can not help but worry, will the leader be in love?

"Nothing, you can walk slowly, the slower the better." The sound of Chu Changge sounds very leisurely.

It is said that the big stone in the hearts of the four people has finally fallen. If you say this, it means nothing.

In fact, every time I went to Huashan, Chu Changge’s mood was very heavy. This time, it was extraordinarily heavy because I met Murong Yunshu there.

Looking up on the car wall, Chu Changge closed his eyes and asked silently in his heart: Cherish, you will not blame me?

The threshold of the restaurant and the inn is tight, and the hawkers on the street are full of sadness. The formerly blossoming capital city is now showing a decline. The gust of wind whizzed past, adding a bit of bleakness to the sparsely populated streets.

Murong Yunshu secretly sighed, and the feeling of self-blame came to life. At the same time, he began to worry. If the court did not want to agree to her conditions, HSBC Qianzhuang might only give up. The charcoal is not the result she wants, and the father is certainly not willing to admire the ages. Regardless of success or failure, this war without smoke must end as soon as possible.

"Miss, there is a rouge selling over there, go to squatting." When Greenhead came back to Beijing, he felt fresh and excited, like a little sparrow.

“The rouge here is all trafficked from Jinling and there is nothing to see.”

"Jinling's rouge is sold in the capital, then it's more important to watch it!" Green said as he ran to the peddler stall selling rouge. This took it up. Then I took it and looked it. The face said, 'I am a foreigner. population'.

Murong Yunshu shook his head helplessly, and also walked over and found that next to the rouge stall was selling dumplings, and suddenly came to interest. Left pick and right, and finally a navy blue hibiscus with a white freesia.

"How much is this scorpion?"

"One or two silver."

“So cheap?” Murong Yunshu was amazed, the material and work of the scorpion

Workers are all superior, and less say they are worth twelve.

The hawker sighed and said: "Nobody buys it cheaply! This world, the business is not good. The capital is full of rich people, the silver is all deposited in the money house for the silver ticket, now this HSBC money house closed the door, The silver ticket became waste paper, the rich people went bankrupt overnight, life was difficult, and there were people who came to buy the donkey. You said, you are the first customer I have come in for half a month."

More and more guilty. Murong Yunshu also picked up another nine jade, and said to the hawker: "Pack up, check out with this wooden raft."

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