Black Belly Wife Mo Feng

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After being retired, suddenly there is a legend that the legendary supernatural, beautiful and lifeless demon lord came to raise a pro, what would be the reaction? Murong Yunshu: "Sorry, the daughter of Murong House is not married." Devil's Law: "Would he marry you?" "Where is there a problem with your teacher? Is it a hand or a foot?" "I think, Probably brain damage." * A few days later, eight hundred red men armed with swords and axe hammers of various weapons, lined up, starting from the city gate, around the street ten miles, continued to the living room of Murong House. "You are..." "The dowry." "...This dowry is too...wonderful." "The teacher said, 咱 教 教 , , , , , , , , , , 教 教 教 教 教 教 教 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Murong Yunshu was crying and laughing. After he was indulged, he said, "In fact, I want real money." All the people in the world know that her Murong Yunshu lacks money! * "The teacher said that since I have made a dear, even if I know each other, I hope that my wife can follow me and teach me to see the old lady." Murong Yunshu did not agree to pick a green eyebrow and said: "Let him First come to see Yuezhang." "Miss, the lord has passed away, my grandfather can not see the father." Green children kindly reminded. "Isn't the card position?" "..." "Not to mention a lot of mother-in-laws."

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