Chapter 209 Father and Son

Chapter 209 Father and Son

The red hair showed an extraordinary calmness. When it comes to the dead, the face does not change color, and people can't help but look at it.

"Don't look at me like this. I haven't killed anyone." Red hair raised his hands and made an innocent gesture.

The coach was a little bit tolerant, but he still restrained and said: "Several people, please leave first. What happened specifically, the club will explain to you later, there will be an announcement today."

"Good." Red hair is very close to the nod, a look satisfied.

The thin man whispered, "How do you know that it is dead? Have you met before?"

"I have really encountered it." Redmao continued to nod, and connected with the previous nod, it seems that this person is not serious.

"Is there nothing going on here?" Fat fox questioned.

"There has been no incident since the opening of the business. I have encountered it in a foreign shooting gallery. The kind of injury is mostly sent to the doctor alone. If the dead, then you need to seal the investigation." "When the police are coming, the police will come. When things spread, they will be chaotic. It’s all guns, so be careful."

The supermarket is chaotic, at most there is a stampede event, the shooting venue is chaotic, what will happen is even more terrifying.

The small pistols we used that were not filled with live ammunition were carefully counted by the coach and collected. Those live stadiums must be more strict.

The actual combat zone is farther away from us, and the club has acted, and it is still orderly, and our mood is still calm. Did not see the dead, generally gossip about it, there will not be such a deep feeling. What's more, the dead are just inferred from the red hair alone.

The thin man looked at me and squeezed his eyes.

I guess he wants to gossip about the dead guy will not become a ghost, in this club.

The fat man also thought of this and looked at me with some concern. Fat man can not come to this club in the future. The city of Minqing is not the only place where the shooting club is shooting. Although this should be the best location for shooting in Minqing City. However, the fat man and Xue Jingyue have not yet got on the line. From here, how do you exchange your feelings?

I can't help you.

When I got to the exit and saw more people, the argument was even louder. There were a few people who were quiet and obedient when they were in the corridor. When they arrived at the exit, they saw no danger. They did not rely on geology to ask what happened to the club.

We found Guo Yujie and they were relieved to see that the three ladies were all right.

"What happened?" Guo Yujie asked the first one.

Zheng Xinxin didn't have much to say, standing quietly. Xue Jingyue lowered her head and moved her fingers, showing her uneasiness.

I shook my head to Guo Yujie. "We don't know."

Some of the reasoning of the red hair was heard before, and others thought of it.

Guo Yujie asked: "Is anyone really dead?"

"I don't know. You want to stay and watch the fun?" I asked.

Guo Yujie grinned. "Forget it, don't read it."

That pity of tone, too eight women.

"Let's go. Let's find a place to eat." I suggested, looking at Xue Jingyue, "Miss Xue want to go together?"

"Ah..." Xue Jingyue looked up.The fat man was excited and licked my arm.

I held back and didn't call.

"Yue Yue, go eat together. How come you?" Guo Yujie has been familiar with Xue Jingyue.

Xue Jingyue replied: "I am driving by myself."

"We have a car here, full of it. So, three of us are sitting, they are three men. What do you like to eat?" Guo Yujie has already gotten up.

The fat man licked me again, I don't know if it was a surprise, or a hand cramp.

I did not move the fat hand away.

"I can do anything." Xue Jingyue said, "You decide."

"Is there any taboo?" Guo Yujie took Xue Jingyue's arm and walked to the parking lot.


"Do I also go?" Red hair interjected. "I have a car, I have no jealousy, you decide."

Guo Yujie looked at the fat man in confusion.

The fat man also unexpectedly red hair this proposal.

"Let's go, let's go." Red hair urged.

"Many people are busy, let's have a barbecue." Guo Yujie made a decision on the board.

Eating a barbecue is lively and not so restrained. In addition to the barbecue, the hot pot is more suitable, not too cold. It seems that Guo Yujie did not forget the purpose of today. If you are grilling, the fat man is very good at it. I will know when I look at his body shape. He is very good at eating. Barbecues, hot pots, which you have to make yourself, are very suitable for fat people to play.

The fat man is now up to date.

I just had to smile, and the corner of my eye saw the figure coming out of the corridor. One big and one small two men, the big 20-year-old look, the small is like a 17-year-old boy.

I am stunned by the whole person.

"What's wrong, Chige?" The thin man looked down at my sight, puzzled. "Do you know?"

The two men looked over.

The young people in their twenties look ordinary, the young boy is very handsome, the former looks cold, and the latter looks at us with great interest.

My back is cold, so in the blink of an eye, there is sweat on my forehead.

"Qie, what's wrong with you? Uncomfortable?" The fat man also looked over.

I exhaled, my hands were shaking, and I turned stiffly. "No, let's go, go to the parking lot."

"Hey, a few brothers and sisters."

The voice of the young man who just changed his voice appeared behind me, and the chill on my body was aggravated.

"Do you have anything?" asked the thin man.

"Well, I think you are very interesting, make friends." The boy said with a hearty heart.

This is inexplicable, but it sounds terrible to me.

The young man followed the teenager and looked at him as a teenager. He said: "My name is Xiao Zheng, this is my son Xiao Tianci."

"Brothers and sisters are good." Xiao Tianci is warm and courteous, and it is easy to win the favor of others.

"Son?" Thin man, red hair and Guo Yujie said in unison.

These two people seem to be only ten years old. No one would think that they are fathers and sons.

"My dad is well maintained. We are like brothers, right?" Xiao Tianci and Xiao Zheng were right in the fist, and the two smiled.

I looked at this scene, and the whole person still felt cold and cold.Xiao Zheng. As soon as the name was said, I remembered it. I remembered another name: Wang Fangjie!

In the "New Year's Day Ghost" incident, raped a woman's ghost, but also occupied the woman's husband's body, by the belly child, with the ghost baby disappeared without a trace. The ghost baby tore the mother's belly and drilled, so the woman was killed.

This is Aoba who has searched for ghosts and fathers that have not been found for many years!

Now, they appear in front of me like a living person, but I can clearly see the darkness of the two people in the darkness!

This is two devils!

They are still eyeing us!

"Are you leaving? It's better to be together. What activities do you have next?" Xiao Tianci seems to have entered our circle of friends, and the attitude naturally asked affectionately.

Godsend... This name makes me feel sick.

"We are going to have a barbecue."

Unexpectedly, Zheng Xinxin spoke up, and she smiled at Xiao Tianci with kindness.

Xiao Tianci opened his mouth.

I sighed in my heart and said with a strong voice: "I am very glad to meet you, play here next time."

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