Apocalyptic Rebirth: Earth’s Vast Changes Da Gou De Xiao Baozi

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As the mad researcher in a tattered white coat activated the self-destruction device, Qin Luo knew that this time, there was no escape.

He was well aware of the destructive power of the self-destruction device.
Even if he is genetically inborn with an independent space, it is impossible to use the power of his space to resolve against such a terrible explosion.

His only end would be a torn space and the crushed bones.

On an unrecognizable earth rampant with zombies and mutant creatures, this end is good.

Death is far better than living…

With a skull splitting headache he opened his eyes to find himself reborn in the year before the apocalypse happened.

Is this a joke!!!
Is this a chance for him to be prepared to combat the apocalypse?
Is God not satisfied with all the bitterness he had went through and would enjoy watching him suffer once more?


  • Special Abilities
  • Second Chance
  • Human Experimentation
  • Vampires
  • Apocalypse
  • Zombies
  • Mutated Creatures
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