Space Speedstar Hen

By Tang Jia San Shao

Fire Cloud Star first assignment

Fire Cloud Star first assignment

period of time of a while, Sai Li walked from outside, saw Tian Hen, said: „You came out, other people also almost finished up. Did you see Zi Huan a moment ago? How I thought that today she a little does not suit, is unexpectedly initiative and I greets, rare rare. Did Sun come out from the west side?”

Tian Hen said with a smile ”: „Sai Li Big Brother, Zi Huan actually not like you imagine, but her cold on the outside, warm on the inside disposition was not accepted by others easily.”

Sai Li waved, said: „Ok, not to mention she, Peter Teacher transferred to other locations her in any case, does not know that has done, at least some time did not need to look at that cold face, is always meddlesome.”

Three months passes day-by-day, under the guidance of five Supreme One(s) Elder(s), Tian Hen and the others to own discipline some new understanding, from the second day of their under base, Great Elder Light also personally arrived in the base, teaches Bai He (Lily) Light System discipline special ability. He when Instructing Bai He (Lily), would sending out knot with Light System discipline, making their conversation sounds not leak.

Because the training is intensive, in the evening must make the body transformation, when Tian Hen almost does not have with Bai He (Lily) in the same place, only then after every day dinner, in that short rest, can speak several words together, although is only so, but that dozen minutes are actually Tian Hen most anticipate every night.

3 months later, Earth.

„, Had to breathe finally arrives at outside air, Sun! I love you.” Standing of Feng Yuan exaggeration was shouting in the Scale Sphere entrance loudly.

Stands erect „by” four middle fingers side him, Tian Hen lifts the foot to kick, ridicules saying: „Others do not tell that you are my brothers, loses is not having the human.”

Feng Yuan suffering from injustice runs up to Bai He (Lily) behind, said: „Sister-in-law, you looked how you look at Tian Hen Boss to his little brother I. Sister-in-law hello!” To his vertical middle finger, has not had only Bai He (Lily).

Bai He (Lily) shows a faint smile, said: „Feng Yuan. I not am quite probably ripe with you.”

Feng Yuan is losing the face, said: „You cannot such unfeeling. You did not think that outside Sun is very beautiful?”

In the Lan Lan hand shines one group of blue rays of light, „is truly beautiful, but, you must become immediately more beautiful, the ice sculpture under the illumination of sunlight, will be certainly sparkling.” The voice falls, blue rays of light from the sky delimits the arc together. Bypassed Bai He (Lily) to arrive in front of Feng Yuan.

„Lu Ye, help. Your wife murder La.” Feng Yuan exaggerates at the same time is shouting. At the same time both hands bring one group of cyan rays of light, counter-balances Lan Lan attack. He shouted that the Lu Ye two word-time, Tian Hen and Lan Lan simultaneously the body shakes, Tian Hen lifted starting subconsciously, but quick realized own present status. But in the Lan Lan eye reveals a complex emotion. Gets angry to Feng Yuan: „Was dying you. I look bountifully you.” Saying, was tidying up Feng Yuan on the strategic place.

Bai He (Lily) looking pensive looked at Tian Hen one. Holds on Lan Lan, said with a smile: „Ok, Feng Yuan always such does not have a big mouth. I must walk first, you take care.”

Lan Lan has a look at Bai He (Lily), has a look at Tian Hen again. „Don't you complete assignment with us really?”

Bai He (Lily) shook the head, said: „Your strength were enough, Lan Lan, looks after Tian Hen for me, some of my also many matters must be done, you take care.” Then, does not give a thought to the vision of people, flutters before the Tian Hen body, light kiss on his lip, is bringing the light fragrant wind, delimits together pale gold-color rays of light, vanishes before the people quickly.

Is feeling the pleasant warmth of interlabial somewhat desolately, Tian Hen looks at Bai He (Lily) to vanish the direction that blessed her secretly, hopes that she can soon complete her wish.

In the Lan Lan eye reveals complex rays of light, what meaning is Bai He (Lily)? Why will say that was looked after Tian Hen by oneself? She saw what, between am I and Tian Hen really no longer the pure friendship?

Feng Yuan gathers side Tian Hen, „Boss, you have not pursued, if you keep her, she should stay behind.”

Tian Hen shook the head, said: „No, I cannot keep her, she has her wish, if cannot complete the wish, we are not always able true in the same place. Goes by her. Since the love, must contain all her. Let alone, I most appreciate her, is that does not dye the dust the goodness.”

Ye Huan said with a smile: „Bai He (Lily) is really happy, you such understand her, does not know when I can look for the good man who looks like you such to sympathize.”

Feng Yuan hey said with a smile: „Does the Ye Huan elder sister, you visit me to be what kind of? I also sympathize.”

Ye Huan stared his one eyes, not recovers.

Chi Yan said: „Boss, we should walk, this time is our first time carries out assignment for this pledge, by our status, must achieve well with quickest Speed.”

Tian Hen nodded to Chi Yan, said: „The Fire Cloud Star department, Chi Yan, you had gone to there, has waited by transport ship, first gives everybody to brief there situation.”

3 months of training completes, to examine their ability, for better training experience, Saint League has also issued first assignment to them, goes to Fire Cloud Star is Fire Cloud Star searches Earth-Fire Lizard, and brings back to liver at least one Earth-Fire Lizard to be used in the development of Research Institute to medicine. assignment sounds simply, but that Earth-Fire Lizard is actually far from easy to eliminate.

Mounts Saint League early to prepare to them, can resist Low Rank Foreign Space Storm special transport ship, 5 people sit early advocate in Control, each one was the good safety belt, Tian Hen to nod to Chi Yan, hints him to start to say.

Chi Yan said: „5 years ago, I once to promote own ability to going too far planet, there training experience six months. Fire Cloud Star, is completely not suitable humankind survival Executive Star(s). The reason is planet(s) is away from Fire Cloud Sun to be near, not only the surface attraction is enormous, but, above is extremely hot all the year round, even if the temperature lowest place, there is about 50 degrees Celsius. existence the volcano, every day will be having the massive volcanic eruptions everywhere, the rock magma finds at everywhere, is unstablest planet(s), humankind is unable to survive. The research demonstrated that reason that Fire Cloud Star volcanic eruption is frequent, has the relations with its structure very much, its planet(s) density is Earth tree ten times, as a result of the core change, will frequently present the underground fault, volcanic eruption that thus initiates. On Fire Cloud Star, only then extremely few living creature(s) existence, Earth-Fire Lizard is most formidable one. It lives in the rock magma, depends upon various mineral survivals in absorption rock magma, not only the volume is huge, but also the defense strength is greatly strengthened, can direct injection rock magma attack. The rock magma you knew, high of temperature, is human body is unable to withstand, even if we already transformed the body. Also impossible to contend with the rock magma. To eliminate defense strength strong Earth-Fire Lizard, perhaps needs our several people with joint forces. Is fully hopeful under attack. The Earth-Fire Lizard most fearful place lies in it simply does not have the weakness. Therefore can only attack hardly. I think, reason that in the pledge chooses us to seek for Earth-Fire Lizard, the main reason is because Earth-Fire Lizard, although attack and defense are extremely powerful, motion ability is not strong. Even if we are unable to go well, should also be able the whole body to draw back. Everybody when the time comes is more careful. Meets Earth-Fire Lizard that completes the order form. Gathers the strength of our people, should be able to complete assignment with ease.”.

Tian Hen stern [say / way]: „Just before leaving time, Great Elder had urged me, all by safety first, to Fire Cloud Star. No one can act presumptuously. Goes to many people, must come back many people, cannot covet the merit to enter by mistake.”

The people nod in abundance, Lan Lan asked Chi Yan, said: „The liver of Earth-Fire Lizard is very preciously the medicine, before our Saint League, has?”

The Chi Yan nod said: „Has, but is few. The Earth-Fire Lizard nature lives in groups happily, if over 5 Earth-Fire Lizard in the same place, even if Judge is also unlikely hard to produce anything to threaten to them. After all, they are very sensitive living creature(s), when the enemy is formidable, they will choose to submerge in the rock magma to avoid, my Paternal Grandfather had said that wants to eliminate Earth-Fire Lizard, not merely needs strength, in the meantime, the luck and wisdom are also important, Lan Lan, you are Water System Discipline Users, must be especially careful to there, in the Fire Cloud Star adverse circumstance, will have very tremendous influence to the display of your ability, because there water Energy molecule(s) is thin. When attack you should better do not participate.” Chi Yan Paternal Grandfather, is Fire System Supreme One(s) Elder(s), in people, by oldest of Chi Yan, 39 years old. If were not Tian Hen has subdued him on strength, he will not obey except for the Saint League high-level anybody's order.

Lan Lan shows a faint smile, said: „Reminder thank you, I make the rear service to you and that's the end.”

„Completely automatic d8332 number transport ship will soon enter Foreign Space, it is expected that travel time 1 hour 46 minutes. Asked fellow passengers to be ready, entered Life Support Cabin.”

Lies low in Life Support Cabin, Tian Hen somewhat is excited, he is confident to his strength, even if not use Heavenly Demon Transformation, by him now to Space System Energy Control, can dominate above other Squad people absolutely. privilege this thing nobody does not hope to have, because privilege can achieve the matter that many average men cannot achieve. When leaves Saint League, Tian Hen discussed with Light Great Elder again, when they complete assignment returns to Earth, Tian Hen temporarily will not have any assignment, his motion will also restore Freedom, at that time, World of Darkness will be the choice of Tian Hen.

After near 2 hours, when the Tian Hen 5 people come out from Life Support Cabin, the separation Alloy glass window saw piece of fiery red World. Volume not very big Fire Cloud Star is similar own Ignite generally, looks at the particularly clear, eye-catching color by the jet black nighttime sky continuously is stimulating their vision.

„To. Is here.” In the Chi Yan sound is containing an excitement, always said regarding him that Fire Cloud Star this environment, absolutely is institute of the best cultivate, here Fire System Energy molecule(s) is exceptionally sufficient, if not the surface is extremely unstable, he early has chosen here all the year round cultivate.

Tian Hen issues order to the transport ship completely automatic computer, „the position that automated search may anchor, puts us to get down.”

transport ship unceasing is approaching to Fire Cloud Star, after the cruise scans, finally found one piece by the place that the rock magma covers slowly not to be descended.

„This ship will revolve the Fire Cloud Star track cruise, momentarily waits to order.” The master control computer after transport ship stop, makes the mechanized sound.

The Tian Hen 5 people, have the good their equipment, puts on to provide the oxygen supplies from the adverse circumstance automatically the space-suit, through the transport ship electron path, got down their first time to carry out the assignment place.

Just came out, the people suddenly felt hot blast to caress the face, Biological Computer prompted them, the temperature of this place was 73 degrees Celsius. The space-suit automatic control shell temperature, making them be insufficient to be affected by extremely hot.

transport ship takes off, in eyes vanishes in the horizon, Tian Hen said to Chi Yan: „You guide, to Earth-Fire Lizard the place that may present. Other people with tightening, Lan Lan in the middle, Ye Huan, Feng Yuan have protected the both sides, I bring up the rear. Presents the danger, first promotes the flight altitude.” This is his first time exercises Team Leader privilege, was saying, while starts to pay attention to the surrounding environment.

The Fire Cloud Star land completely covers by the dark-red soil and rock, air frequently because of high fever, but is twisting slightly, here air the oxygen content is very high, approximately accounts for over 60% of air total, but is containing many deleterious substances, not suitable humankind breath, but can actually make Ignite fuller. In them in not far away, the rivers that rock magma forms slowly is flowing, the place visited soil vanishes in abundance, but these dark-red rocks actually as before strong, obviously is having ability of certain resistance high fever.

5 people of floating bodies fly, rises to flies from a ground 300 meters place slowly forward, their space-suit Energy are limited, the leading role is to filter and transformed air, has certain limit regarding Control of temperature, to save the energy, the Tian Hen order besides Lan Lan, other people the temperature Control closure, depends upon own Universal Qi to resist the change of temperature.

A temperature Control pass, Tian Hen felt immediately shell temperature gathering rises, hurries to form a protector with Space Discipline around the body, uses itself to be the fourth stage again the Universal Qi attemperation, this returned to normal.[ I love literary network.]

The Chi Yan excited sound resounds suddenly, „! The luck is really good, Earth-Fire Lizard that we have met completing the order form unexpectedly.”

Everybody follows the direction that he refers to look at the area, under sees only a front not far away volcano to flow the rock magma to gather in a deep pool rock magma lake, but the bund, one length of body about 3 meters, the whole body assumes dark-red big Lizard to lie there. Lizard is different from before has seen, this only Lizard has 8 powerful thighs, the long tail is swaying gently, the eyes of head two fist sizes just like the ruby are glittering generally the light red light, seems enjoying Fire Cloud Sun scalding hot rays of light to be ordinary.

Had discovered the Earth-Fire Lizard trail, people hurried to stop the forward flight, Chi Yan answered \; „This should Earth-Fire Lizard of young living time, you look that his body has 3 meters.”

„, Old Chi, what has 3 meters, that should long be right.” Feng Yuan surprised [say / way].

Chi Yan said: „Small Earth-Fire Lizard cannot long time resist the temperature of rock magma, will therefore be treating in the shore. Later again explained to you, quick, everybody begins together, certainly can kill it. I am responsible for preventing it to return to the rock magma, Tian Hen Boss, you and Feng Yuan are responsible for the main attack.”

Tian Hen complies with one, said: „Good, starts.” Lan Lan and Ye Huan were responsible for the backing, the Tian Hen three people flew cautiously. Chi Yan flies to the rock magma, under both hands to press directly, one group of red air current congealments, pound directly to that Earth-Fire Lizard ground, the Tian Hen body dodge, arrived above Earth-Fire Lizard, a fist rumbles directly. power and Speed asked that perfect union displays the limit his ability, after three months of cultivate, by the formidable consciousness strength and tenacious body and spirit, he has been able at this time Control 70% Energy in insides compressed, but was not affected..

The crisis being near body, Earth-Fire Lizard responds immediately. But Tian Hen Speed was too truly quick, waited for it to lift the fit of temper, the heavy blows arrived at the position of its back.

In Tian Hen is thinking when one will soon go well, the rocket that mysterious rock magma congeals flushed from nearby rock magma deep pool suddenly, even if Chi Yan has not played prevents the function, high fever not yet being near body, Tian Hen already clear feeling, even if own body, once by this impulse greatly strengthened rock magma bang , were also been unlikely unpleasable. Under weighs the advantages and disadvantages, to protect oneself, he has to use Form-shifting Phantom, in an airborne short twinkle, evades beyond five meters, the rock magma broke through, shells in big stone a dozens meters away, in the bang, the density extremely high dark-red rock changed into the powder pink / white under the impact of crag, brings fiery windblown dust.

Although Tian Hen formerly fully attacked actually suddenly changes the direction, but the attack strength has not actually vanished, insides by a compressed Energy impact, being made his insides vitality turn wells up, at this time changed Earth-Fire Lizard the attack strength without enough time. He hurries to restrain Energy as far as possible, a fist rumbles to side, the dreadful bang pursues, Tian Hen flutters along with the strength of counter- shaking. In the ground under the function of compressed Energy was exploded a diameter immediately with originally the rock magma lake almost big or medium endocrater, the fiery red rock magma flows out to Xinkeng unceasingly, drops along with the rock magma water level that the rock magma lake pursued unceasingly, more than ten huge forms present in the people at present.

Sees that more than ten giant body, Tian Hen several people simultaneously one dull, [say / way] that Feng Yuan muttered: „Luck real *** good, I know finally anything was grown Earth-Fire Lizard.”

That more than ten huge form, a minimum height has seven and eight meters, but is biggest. The height exceeds 25 meters, soaks in the rock magma. To them not only has not affected instead very comfortable as.

In Tian Hen several people are terrified, angry Earth-Fire Lizard have sent out attack to them, ten several rock magma, having the impulse of different intensity to attack suddenly to the airborne five people. The rock magma that especially that only biggest Earth-Fire Lizard, emits becomes the fan-shaped dispersion, as if covered over a hundred square meters to cover to the Tian Hen five people.

Bearing the brunt is Tian Hen and Chi Yan, they were away from recently, facing the rock magma of powerful blow strength, Fire System Chi Yan does not dare to meet hardly, after all he can the Control hot strength not can be rock magma such intensity by far. The body flies to draw back like lightning, both hands direct, at the same time the giant hot shield is stopped up before the body.

The Earth-Fire Lizard attack strength is terrorist, the hot shield that Chi Yan sends out is basic anything to prevent the function in front of the rock magma, because the matter leaves suddenly, he uses more formidable attack without enough time, clenches teeth, takes possession by with Fire Shadow Beast, when is preparing by own Fire System ability hard anti- rock magma, whole body suddenly one tight, the next quarter, transmits vigorously, the surrounding image is changing like lightning, the body left in the range that the rock magma has covered. But in him formerly the position, Tian Hen was standing there.

Regarding Space System Tian Hen, the Earth-Fire Lizard surprise attack will not have the effect, his Form-shifting Phantom has been able to display in the kilometer, does not fear opposite party attack, when he is preparing to be separated from the attack range of opposite party, had actually discovered Chi Yan crisis, he is not familiar with Chi Yan ability, for better protection teammate, he transfers to Chi Yan side immediately, has flung him. Simultaneously immediately turns on the strongest Space shield to keep off in front of oneself.

The Space shield does not depend upon defense always to deal with attack of match, Space before Tian Hen body is twisting fiercely, the rock magma under the Space function of distortion, passed over gently and swiftly from all around, has not attacked on Tian Hen.

Formidable impulse made Tian Hen somewhat unable to endure, but this was also not the pursue, in covering of rock magma, in the Space shield the temperature rose suddenly, instantaneous has been over thousand degrees, even if took Tian Hen Universal Qi to cultivate , was also very opposeless, but at this time he is unable to use the method of Form-shifting Phantom, because of the high fever of rock magma, has made him lose to the judgment of outside Space.

The role of exceptionally important the tenacious body plays, pale yellow Crystal of chest place sends out icy cold air current, regarding in the Tian Hen skin surface, helping him resist the high temperature of rock magma.

The spraying impossible duration too to be after all long, Tian Hen wraps the body that is sent out near kilometer after the Space shield, finally is separated from the empire book station hand to hit the range that the rock magma covers, he discovered that his universe clothes turned into the hard coke at this time, if not the function of Space shield and Universal Qi, perhaps he early vaporized, not having the time to rejoice that before Earth-Fire Lizard next wave of attack, Tian Hen returns to side the people like lightning.

The Feng Yuan four people smoothly have been separated from the Earth-Fire Lizard attack range, the wind looks at burned black Tian Hen, hurries to ask: „Boss, are you all right?”

Tian Hen is suppressing the heat degree of conversion, did not have the space-suit, in the high oxygen air on Fire Cloud Star is containing many noxious gas, is unable to breathe directly, he beckoned with the hand to Feng Yuan, hurries to open Spatial Pocket, takes out one spare space-suit, attended to is being inappropriate woman's surface, has driven out dirt with Universal Qi, 2-3 new space-suit set on body.

„Quick, these Earth Fire resolved doubts. First rose to say again.” Tian Hen hurries to direct the people to fly to need to the upper air rapidly, that several huge Earth-Fire Lizard crawled from the speech at this time, the elongation necks, flame eye gazing the people, as if are pondering over these tiny tots are any things.

Five people increased to stop to two kilometers high vacancy using Universal Qi, some everybody respites. Besides Chi Yan, other people are first time facing the thing that rock magma type nearly is unable to resist, they somewhat are startled.

Feng Yuan by forehead shield of space-suit looks that black-faced Tian Hen throws smiles, said: „Boss, has not killed Earth-Fire Lizard, you poured are almost given to roast by them.”

In the Chi Yan eye the cold brightness dodges, looks angrily at Feng Yuan saying: „You little said that the wind discouraging talk will die! Tian Hen Boss to save me.”

Feng Yuan saw Chi Yan as if to move really hot, spits the tongue, said: „Good, good, calculates that I have made a mistake, general headquarters.”

Tian Hen hesitates saying: „Is my director is disadvantageous, has not judged the surrounding situation. The Earth-Fire Lizard attack strength is truly good in a big way. Especially they can attack using the rock magma. So long as if has place that the rock magma gathers to have Earth-Fire Lizard to appear.”

Ye Huan said: „Can we from upper air attack? Although is possibly farther from the ground, but relies on our power, if discipline after using compressed, should be able attack to these everybody.”

Shaking the head that Tian Hen swings, said: „It is not good, that is useless, will only consume our power. Distance of discipline after will be bigger, Earth-Fire Lizard that the exsomatize more far consumes not only the itself defense strength is greatly strengthened, but also has the rock magma as the natural protection. From airborne attack, can only play the harassment role at most. It is not able to kill them. Even if killed were small, surroundings had other giant Earth-Fire Lizard, we are unable to obtain their livers. Chi Yan, you had seen before is Earth-Fire Lizard so big?”.

Chi Yan said: „Almost, this is also not biggest. I also see the length of body to achieve over 50 meters everybody. If no rock magma existence, can definitely socialize with one crowd of Earth-Fire Lizard about our strength, but the rock magma destructive power was too big. On returns to here time, I have not conflicted with these Fire Cloud Star Master.”

Approves the rock magma impulse, Tian Hen has known that is can definitely pierce ordinary Warship(s) defense power, if not because continues the attack time not to be long, moreover oneself have the Space shield resistance, perhaps early changed into the hard coke, just like Chi Yan said that by their present power, is unable to cope in rock magma auxiliary below Earth-Fire Lizard. Should that not know what to do? Rock magma, rock magma Tian Hen eye suddenly one bright, said with a smile: „Since cannot the frontage conflict, we from the rock magma, so long as did not have the rock magma, I thought that these Earth-Fire Lizard have anything to rely on.”

Lan Lan flies side Tian Hen, [say / way] „how you prepare to do, here hot solid uncomfortable, more quickly completes assignment to be better.” Although flew upwards more than 2000 meters, but under transmits the billowing heat wave as before unceasingly. Formerly these Earth-Fire Lizard spraying rock magma time, Lan Lan to resist the high fever, consumption massive ability, could not obtain the excellent complement of water molecule(s) at this time, the condition was not good, pretty face was pale, appears exceptionally exhausted.

Tian Hen kind looked at Lan Lan one, said: „These Fire Lizard are not dependences is the rock magma? Good board, we, although the empire book station hand hits cannot separate to empty to them poses the threat, but can actually do something to these rock magma. Remembers before me, has read an old book in the college library, above writes the Earth high antiquity, was called Da Yu's person, he used divergence Method to regulate waterways, we coped with the speech with this Method, the branch make these Earth-Fire Lizard rock magma, even if they were formidable, I think, could not stand our full attack. Lan Lan, you are responsible for reserve. Chi Yan, Feng Yuan and Ye Huan, you are responsible for diverging, begins from that rock magma deep pool, avoids conflicting with Earth-Fire Lizard as far as possible. I am responsible for attracting their attention, and wastes their insides rock magma, when the share success, Earth-Fire Lizard does not have again the rock magma assists attack, we” speak of here, he makes an effort waves to below, in eye a black air/Qi mountain, reveals the firm and resolute vision.

Actually, formerly in the impact of rock magma, as a result of the high fever, Tian Hen was injured by the burning, but, his Darkness discipline played the huge role, ice-cold scatters the burning by Darkness, this made Tian Hen not be affected, had formerly probe, he has probably found out the attack intensity of rock magma now.

[Say / Way] that Lan Lan somewhat worries about: „Tian Hen, do you attract the Earth-Fire Lizard attention to be good? The temperature of rock magma was too fearful.”

Tian Hen shows a faint smile saying that said: „Relax, I will not have the matter, do not forget that I am Space System Discipline Users, here, your ability received the too big limit, assignment gives us. You do not need to manage me, looks at other people as far as possible, here water molecule(s) are too what a pity few, otherwise, direct next rains, coagulated these rock magma, hateful Earth-Fire Lizard wants to run cannot be inescapable.”

In Lan Lan eye one bright, but transfers instantaneous to be also dim, shook the head, said: „That is impossible, first did not say water molecule(s) issue, on this Fire Cloud Star, the land surface temperature is extremely high, if rains, perhaps has not arrived above the rock magma completely to vaporize. Most can only let surrounding temperature drop some, wants to coagulate these rock magma, only if uses the large-scale military War Ship freezing light beam to be good. My Maternal Grandfather may also the success here. Tian Hen you are as far as possible more careful.” At the same time was saying, Lan Lan has pressed down the shoulder of Tian Hen, cool air current spreads to Tian Hen insides by the space-suit, immediately made him more comfortable.

Tian Hen has selected to Lan Lan, „retains some ability, we. I attract their attention first, then you separate to empty around the rock magma deep pool open the deep road, this, can direct the rock magma, once Earth-Fire Lizard attack you, you immediately depart their attack scopes, several times, I did not believe unable to deal with these fellows repeatedly.”

The voice falls, Tian Hen diving posture, his destination, rock magma deep pool that formerly that more than ten Earth-Fire Lizard were. By far, his clear seeing rock magma deep pool, because disperses two, was not enough to soak the body of Earth-Fire Lizard completely, these Earth-Fire Lizard disperse in two rock magma Tannei, comfortable is enjoying..

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