The second generation of the universe, the second generation of the four hundred and forty-six chapters

The second generation of the universe, the second generation of the four hundred and forty-six chapters

They have made a long, long dream…

In this dream, they stand on the vast ruins of civilization and look at the numerous buildings that stand on the ground. They walked into the building and began a new life.

Living in the ruins and breeding in the ruins, they began to thrive by learning the techniques of the past civilization.

See?This is our future, this is everything for us! ”

Every Ershimin who came to the world of the ball gods will have such a dream after looking down on the whole world on Takahashi.

In their dreams, they are full of hope. They slowly develop civilization to the apex. Every citizen and every individual has unlimited happiness. With the technical support of the top, they begin to explore the mystery of the void…

Actually these dreams…It’s all made by the bus anemones.

Not long ago, Lin noticed that it did something special.

The bus anemone has grown very large now. Its body, which is originally an anemone, has grown to a size of more than 30 meters. At the same time, it has no longer moved underground, but has tentacles. Into the surrounding land began to grow.

It slowly turns all the underground structures around it into its own body structure.

Lin originally thought that it would continue to grow underground, but it didn’t last long after a while…Instead, some small special organs grow in an underground cave.

One is an organ that resembles a transporting organ, but it is a little different from the transmission.

Its main function is to search for the various spaces in which the solidified voids are located and connected to that space.

When Ershimin tried to leave from space, he would arrive at this place.

Lin is strange that it found the location of Ershimin and succeeded in connecting the historical space of Ershimin.

Then there is another organ that is the 'hypnotic organ' used with the previous one.

It will hypnotize the sent people, let them do a dream developed here, which seems to be very effective, because the people who were originally sent to be confused are now not confused.

They immediately decided to develop here, but also intend to bring other Ershi people in the historical space.

But if they really want to develop, of course, it will not be as smooth as dreams. It is the air problem here, which is a bit of a trouble.

Because the current Ershi people are wearing armor, they have not noticed too much, they can not live in the air of the world, so they are better to find the ball.

ButIf they want to develop here, it is not impossible.

If they can solve various problems.

As for the Ershi people from the United Ball that were originally explored here, they have already gone back.

Mainly before Lin and they said that this ball is the last comet and so on.

theySome fear that the death warships will find and attack here, so they left the place with many of the button creatures they 'help' and some valuable civilizations found.

This is also normal, they certainly do not want to be involved in any war, they go back to miss this group of people from the historical space.

Lin is strange, why the bus anemone wants to find these people to develop, so Lin is…Investigate the transport organs it created.

This transfer organ is located in a cave more than three hundred meters underground. It looks like a long on the ground…A plant fruit called apple.

It is more than ten meters high, and its composition is mainly composed of a mixture of bus biological structure and solidified matter.

Although there are many new structures, Lin can still detect its internal functions.

Plus the bus anemone…

There is no opinion on Lin's detection.

Therefore, in Lin's test, Lin can find that the 'handle' on the top of the apple's general organ is an 'antenna'.

It can search for the surrounding solidification environment because the 'interval' between the solid and the solid space is very thin.

When searching for a solidified environment, it can solidify into the void to capture some…trace.

These traces are somewhat like a feeling…ish history.

It searches along the traces to find the historical space in which the people are located, and then connects to the conveyor itself.

This is a very simple matter because of these spaces…It is true that no one is managing, they are like being abandoned.

Using this organ, the bus anemone invaded the conveyor inside the space so that it could send the people inside.

The focus of this whole process is to let it find the 'line' where the space is. Without these lines, it is impossible to search for the location of the space.

The bus anemone can detect the location of the line, which is mainly related to the promise.

Because Lin also told the bus anemone about the last information, Lin found that the bus anemone entered a certain piece of information into the apple-like transport organ.

It has a special neural structure to store this information.

Only with this information can it find the line in the solidified void, otherwise it can only see a black if it detects the solidified void.

Lin feels this…Very interesting.

It seems that this is planned by No. It wants the bus anemone to get the people here to develop.

But Lin is still not sure how to confirm the space and leave these lines.

……In other words, the line is not left behind, but promises to know the existence of these lines.

The designers of these lines should be Ershi itself.

Ershi’s real consciousness doesn’t know where it is, so Lin feels that it is possible to secretly do something.

Now Lin feels that promise may not be…Occasionally produced.

Maybe it is an individual that Ershi deliberately made, and let it achieve something.

If Ershi knows about the situation of comets, it should be simple to make a fool.

May be in contact with Lin, and guide the bus anemone and the last embers of the comet to merge, all are Ershi…Planned

Lin feels that there is such a possibility, and Lin thought about it before…

Although it didn't tell Lin, it didn't try to stop Lin from discovering it, and found that…It is also more interesting than direct.

If this is the case, then continue to find out and see what happens.

Although Ershi's plan was discovered, Lin felt that the result of the growth of the anemone would not be too different from the information.

That is, it will grow into a very special bus.

If there is no situation on the way.

Because it is dangerous to connect those spaces directly…around the time that the Goods were purchased.

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