The glory of the 136th chapter creator of the new generation

The glory of the 136th chapter creator of the new generation

"This is what is mentioned in the record…"

With incredible emotions, the silver armor dragon headed forward, and saw two huge cone-shaped crystals standing on top of the clouds. They were ten meters high and exuded with extremely dazzling light…

Between the two crystals, there is a square house, which is about ten meters high and wide, and its roof is also conical, because it is the same color as the cloud, it seems not easy to find.

And finally to theThe silver armor dragon is now extremely excited to walk in front of the house, and Lin first knocked on the two crystals next to it.

"Ci~"When the spy reached out and touched the crystal, a feeling of hotness was introduced into Lin's thoughts, and the spy quickly rolled back.

I see……This crystal is…Used to concentrate light energy.

It is so bright not because it shines itself, but because of the accumulation of a lot of light energy, and it also seems to cause it to become very hot.

ThisIt may be the mystery of why these clouds are so bright.

It is not that the two crystals illuminate the clouds, but may have similar crystals in the clouds.

This kind of crystal concentrating ability is very strong, and it can be retained for a long time. It may be a way of generating energy, it can also be a way of keeping warm, etc. In short, there are many uses…

The crystal itself is very light and can be placed on top of the sea of ​​clouds, but it must also be ensured that the lower part is wide to separate the weight. Lin finds that its high temperature causes some special organisms to accumulate under the crystal.

However, let's first look at what's in the room.

Thinking, Lin's spy and silver armor entered the house between the two crystals.

The house feels like a sea of ​​clouds, soft and light, but it is specially made into a flat shape, and there are few microorganisms mixed inside.

"Hey! 这是After opening the door, the first thing that silver armor and spy saw was…enclosure.

The shells in the room piled up like a hill with some other things inside. Like crystallizing something, the silver armor saw a cheer when it saw it: "With so much, I will be shelled! I can buy several houses! ”

The shell of the silver armor is divided into several types. The ones they usually use are relatively 'cheap', and the more expensive they are. The rarer the species, the one that seems to be the most expensive.

The most expensive one is because it is rare and can usually be used to buy things without processing.

And more than that, Lin went to the shell and looked at it and found that some of these shells were actually…live

This is a shellfish. The structure that Lin sees seems to have adapted to life in the air, and it can capture the moisture and microbes in the mist with the tentacles extending out of the shell.

If the silver armor brought them back. And if it is successfully multiplied, then it is the real hair shell, but in the end it will definitely lead to the low value of this shell…

However, taking it back is not a very likely thing. Because these shells are difficult to live on the ground after adapting to the sky, it is possible that these shellfish will occasionally fall to the ground for some reason, so it will be quite rare for the silver armor.

"Hey!"The silver armor didn't care so much, it rolled happily in the shell until it hit something in the center of the room.

Lin also noticed. A slate was inserted in the 'ground' in the center of the room, and some words were written on the slate.

"The brave dragon who came here, you succeeded, accept this vast wealth, and have endless glory! You will become the lord of Wanlong. Bring all this, you will gain the creator's ability, you will do everything, return to your kingdom, show your victory to all dragons! ”

The slate was written like this, and the silver armor was read out.

'Holly! '

Just as it was finished, the slate made a sound, it slowly opened, and saw a bunch of shiny things inside the slate.

Lin found that the shiny things were mainly a set of armor, including breastplates, leg armor, armor and shoes, all made of crystal, with a sword of the same material next to it, the sword looks Quite sharp.

ThisThis is the legendary crystal mad crystal! ”After seeing this set of equipment, Yin Jialong has already been excited to the extreme: "It is said that as long as you bring this armor, you will become a king!"

It is indeed like the armor worn by the crystal madness. The styles are exactly the same, but they are changed to crystals.

For the silver armor, it is a kind of 'highest glory' to wear it, but there is a problem, this equipment has only one set.

After the excitement, the silver armor obviously noticed this problem.

“……”It turned to look at the spy and then looked at the set of equipment.

"Hey!"Suddenly, it quickly picked up the sword and then turned and slammed into the spy!

The spy took a step back, but still left a thin mark on his body.

The sword was quite sharp, and the spy touched the traces of the body. Lin felt that the crystal sword was not ordinary. It was a weapon made by a special synthetic method.

ButI really did, this silver armor, although Lin has no interest in this equipment, but did not say to let it, just want to see how it reacts.

Lin felt that his emotions were constantly changing, but soon became the only one: it wanted to take it all.

It didn't want to discuss anything with the spy, and completely ignored it because the spy came here. Lin originally thought that these individual creatures had some thoughts of 'remembering grace', that the creatures that helped it would be quite friendly. .

Or the silver armor dragon never thought about it. It just thinks that the spy is going to come up, so it is not particularly helpful.

In any case, the friendship between it and the spy has disappeared. The spy now has only one identity in its thoughts: and the dragon that robs the throne and the treasure.

So it didn't want to talk to the spies at all, but to kill the spies…This feeling is still very interesting.

"Oh!"The silver armor screamed and slammed the sword again, and the spy went back one step further, and then the silver armor spurred it hard, and the sword pierced deeply into the wall of the house.

However, it still did not hit the spy…

"Oh ah!"In the following, no matter how thorns, how to cut, no one can cut a spy, the spy occasionally will be 'slightly' bruised, but it is never smashed.

"Hey…Why?Under continuous attack, the silver armor is getting tired and tired. At the end, it has no power to wave weapons.

"Hey…Oh…"It fell to the ground and gasped, and the spy went to it and asked him; "Why do you want to do this?"

I'm gonnaBe king! ”Silver armor trembled to support the body and shouted to the spy: "So you…Must die! ”

It slammed again with a sword, but the spy caught his sword with his hand this time.

"You can be king."The spy said: "You don't have to fight from the beginning, I don't want to take those things."

"How was this possible?"The silver armor shouted: "This is the highest glory given by the creator!"

……This silver armor seems to have lost the basic judgment. If the spy wants to take it, it has no chance to speak here now.

However, forget it. It seems that Lin, who has read this story, seems to have seen a lot. After finding out what treasures, he will kill his companion, but at least confirm whether he has the ability to do it.

Even if they don’t confirm it, it’s even more unreasonable to think about it.

Leave it alone, the spy let go of the sword of the silver armor, then ignore it and observe the situation around the room…

There seems to be nothing else here, it is a lot of shells, and there is a slate in the middle, but this slate has a sound mechanism, it feels very powerful…

The spy went to the slate and studied it carefully. It was found that there were many small holes in the slate, which might be used for sound.

"Hey…"The silver armor sighed on the ground, and now it has no strength at all, but the eyes are still looking at the crystal equipment scattered on the ground.

……what is this?

The spy suddenly found that there seemed to be a word behind the slate, which read that 'the fools can't get the full creative power, they will be punished. '

What does this fool mean?

The spy turned to look at the past, only to see the silver armor dragon climbed to the nearby place. It picked up the crystal equipment from the ground and set it up.

……Although it is quite stupid, I don't know if there is any connection with the slate.

"Hip, ah! I have acquired the power of the creator! ”Silver armor shouted: "Now…Hey! I want to kill…Why are you still so tired…"

"One less."The spy pointed to the head of the silver armor: "There is no helmet."

"Hey! What?The silver armor was shocked: "Where is the helmet?"

……Lin thinks this silver armor is really interesting. When the commander seemed to be very smart, why did he choose this department?

However, it may also be a deliberate choice of a stupid subordinate, and then it is convenient to kill them after the monopoly, or just let them block the danger on their own.

But Lin also wants to know where the helmet is. If the equipment is made according to the previous madness, there must be a helmet, which may be hidden behind the slate.

The spy tried to knock on the stone, listened to the sound inside, and then slammed it hard!

"Bang!"Under the heavy blow, the entire slate has become a splash of gravel, and a strange passage has appeared under the slate…

This feeling seems to be a place like a basement…The basement made of clouds.

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