The Daoist Seal

By Sleeyhead Dragon

The fourth chapter hundred and five I marry you

The fourth chapter hundred and five I marry you

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Shi Jian edged huge in the sky Zhanxia, ​​terrible collapse of energy fluctuations first time broken the void, Xian Zhu Jiaxuan will direct Zhenfei out. His right hand broken again collapse, old head moment the red rose. This was entirely due to gas, because this is already his third arm, and it's still the same broken.


He uttered a roar sky, strong cold murderous breathtaking.

"You Qin uncle!"

Jiang Xiaofan familiar voice incoming ears, he looked up.

This is a young man, the whole body filled with a terrible smell, like a waking beast from hell. Although this figure is road back to his land, but Jiang Xiaofan still or to a recognized who he was.

The young man turned, his face with a black and white stripe texture, mysterious and strange. He hook the hook mouth, heartless smiled and said:. "Boy, you finally meet once embarrassed look, really a little sad ah."


Jiang Xiaofan surprised.

This young man is Qin Luo, but it looks like and usually completely different. At this moment, his face full of mysterious veins, the breath of the body is very strong, so that Jiang Xiaofan surprised. This force is comparable to people actually going to the seventh heaven imperial peak of the strong, and definitely with the young emperor field Ping US Supreme phase.

"Do not be so surprised that good, but the uncle laid down his life with a taboo secret operation, where else am and mysterious fairy Yingkang, it is not court death it." Qin Luo curl one's lip, then angrily said: "Saying Boy, if lucky enough to be able to escape over the robbery, you can get a good compensation uncle, brother mischief or else not spare you! "


Jiang Xiaofan throat rolling, a time I do not know what to say.

Qin Luo appeared so that he was moved, although this Yinzei say easily, but in his heart he pressed a piece of heavy rock. Because he knows very well how the so-called forbidden technique surgery method, although this and other occult are matchless, has a terrible Vaillant, but let performer pay a terrible price.

He looked down, he looked increasingly pale complexion Bing Xin, after all, gritted his teeth: "Qin Yinzei, please you, she hurt badly, I will now immediately for her healing, I want you to resist for some time. "


He shake his right hand, he will guard Bing snow around Mount bounced out: "This is the supreme cents."

Qin Luo He did not know how to cast a forbidden technique, but at the moment Qin Luo body the breath is really powerful. Plus seven mysterious celestial being seriously injured, can only play half of the force, he believes now Qin Luo handheld supreme cents, it should block all seven.

Snow has a soul, not conflict, Qin Luo directly caught in the hands.

"Good stuff!" Qin Luo's eyes the first time lit up. He looked down at the bottom of Jiang Xiaofan, looked at him lying in the arms of Bing Xin, his face became solemn up: "Boy you go, I'll stall them!"

Jiang Xiaofan heavy nod, pulled Bing first time away from here. Because he knows very well, the next battle will be terrible, if he stay here will be very troublesome, will make Bing more serious injury.

"I want to go? Not so easy!"

Family of three hidden mysterious cents sneer, directly raising his hand caught in the past.


The face of these people, Qin Luo eye becomes cold down, with black and white runes on his face, it is extremely awe-inspiring as hell wake of Mozun. He cut directly out of three cents Mans, frightened trio face slightly changed, and quickly recover large hand to resist Sin Hui kill.

After all, they are hurt badly at the moment, not even half of the combat power will play out. But on the contrary, it is comparable to Luo Qin emperor Nine days of combat power in the Supreme pushed cents, it gives them a great threat to the natural order.

"Qin Luo you presumptuous, want to do!"

Lenghe main heaven door.

"Do not do to see some people dislike it ......" Qin Luo migraine, cold heaven looking at the main door: "The door Lord, yes, I should call you so that this time seems a bit too much so you should do. , not afraid of Mr. Liu after returning find you do! "

Heaven door main body shocked, and thought of the old age but slightly monstrous horror of the elderly. But let that mysterious fairy Yaesu day of the elders feel too awful horror of existence, if he does not come up with heaven's door cents Supreme body care, even Liucheng An estimate of a strike force will fail to do so down.

"Heaven main door, which is a vein of your people?" Zhu Jiaxuan cents eyes some cold, strange smiles: "You really are out of the heaven door a few good disciples, except that the outer ginger little beast, but there are still these and other People are reflexive inverse of typical! "

"Evil creature, make haste to leave, otherwise door regulation disposal!"

The main door of heaven and his face was cold.

Qin Luo door of heaven can be considered his genius, has entered the field of the emperor, he would not want to lose such a strong fighting force.

But this is not important, because the most important is the state of Qin Luo at the moment is magical, cast after the ban, sufficient combat power and Wong Ping seventh heaven with the powerful United States. Plus at the moment Qin Luo ice palace holding the supreme cents, injured they wanted to kill him will not be an easy task.

"Do you think that's possible?"

Qin Luo sneer.

Since he dare to come here, I have been ready for anything. Offend heaven main door that is a matter of necessity, but how offended, he did not in itself no favor to the main gate of heaven. Now, look at the whole heaven door, he really has feelings only days Yunfeng primary one person.


Zhu Jiaxuan cents cold channel, direct hands.

Jiang Xiaofan chopped off his arm first, second Bing shattered his right hand, then Qin Luo will once again gather out of his arms to was handed down, which he intended to kill accumulated to an alarming degree, full face grim.


Heaven main door look ugly, the eyes are also intended to kill in the surge. Jiang Xiaofan do enough to make him upset, and now is so Qin Luo against him, so he naturally moved to kill, direct compression of the past.

The same time, Xian Xia Jiaxuan, Wu Jiaxuan cents, Ziwei leader, Lord of the Ice Palace, the sovereign Ziyang, now all hands. They may Whether this is not heaven Qin Luo disciple of the door, now dare to intercept, that is offensive to the dignity of their mysterious fairy strong, the only place beheaded.


Void shock, Qin Luo cents to contend with the Supreme seven mysterious cents,Bursts of body trembles. Although he found his emperor forbidden technique reached seventh heaven fighting force, despite the hand-held supreme cents, despite all the seven mysterious fairy was seriously injured, but he is still at the absolute bottom of.

Little knowledge outside, with Bing Xin Jiang Xiaofan stopped. His last battle of the direction of the Qin Luo looked in the eyes with a deep sense of anxiety and unease. But even so, he could only force myself to calm down quickly see the injury Bing Xin.


Golden Buddha filled the air, an endless supply of rushing toward the body Bing, a little bit of repair her injured body. However, this process allows Jiang Xiaofan look more and more ugly, because Bing Xin injuries were too severe, and even road base have been shattered, the origin of life bleak, there is a tendency to chipping at any time.

"No ......" With Buddhist holy force moisture, Bing gradually restored a little effort. But nevertheless, she is still very weak, a snow-white Qiao Lian: "No effort, and the law of the strongest of the seven mysterious cents, which is the road hurt, even if Luo day environment expert appear useless ......"

He said these words, her look very calm, not a cent of waves.

Jiang Xiaofan heart shocked, and some sour nose ......

At this moment, he can wish Bing showing a little weak gesture, should have to make a girl look. Even then only a trace of fear, he will feel feel better, at least not so painful as it is now.

"Do not be silly, you will not die, absolutely not!"

He tried to make his voice calm and soft.

Silver flash, his right wrist appear a trail of blood, drops of blood dripping from a wound.

His eyes flashing with decisive and firm, the last time, his blood to help master Bing resolve a hint of road injuries, so the old man could continue to survive again. Today, Bing also hurt by the road, he believes he will play the role of blood, can ease the injury Bing Xin.

Gold, silver, red, his blood presented in three colors, very mysterious.

The last time, he provided for the master Bing Xin's blood, help the old man to delay road injury, it was just an ordinary blood. This time, his direct refining the body and blood, drop by drop surfaced, he was wrapped in a divine power, toward the mouth of Bing Xin ferry to go.

"No ...... Do not!" Bing face slightly changed, shook his head: "No! ...... do not, you will die."

She knew Jiang Xiaofan natural transition into no ordinary blood in her mouth, but the origin of repair and blood person. This and other origin and blood have been very few, but where the origin of those amendments, contains a repair person's own vitality. If the origin and blood goes by too much, even mysterious fairy strong will therefore die.

"I will not die, will not let you die!"

Jiang Xiaofan firm eyes.

"Do not!"

Bing shook his head.

At this moment, she closed her lips directly to acoustic soul: "I hurt myself clear, do not ...... without effort, so consumption of energy and blood, you will die, do not do this, so do not ...... let me die on it, brisk walking you ...... you ...... "

"Enough talk, mouth!"

Jiang Xiaofan angrily.

"Dead? I did not marry you, how can you die!" His eye a blood-red,Fiercely: "Today if you Too Late, I put the whole future Ice Palace are thrown over, let the elders give you all buried, those of all your sisters division sold to brothel mortal!"

"you dare!"

Bing beautiful eyes stare.

But the next moment, her whole people are stunned, some Leng Leng looked at Jiangxiao Fan: "What did you say you ...... you ...... you marry me ...... you marry me?"

"I would I marry you!!" At this moment, Jiang Xiaofan not a cent of hesitation, charming woman looking serious arms: "I married your wife, guardian of your life, even if the sky is falling and I stand in front of you, will not let anyone hurt you nothing! "

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