The Daoist Seal

By Sleeyhead Dragon

Three hundred and seventy first chapter on the red clouds were killed

Three hundred and seventy first chapter on the red clouds were killed

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Jiang Xiaofan consecutive beheaded the owner of several small sects, are the emperor's master level, making Ziwei monastic community has set off a terrible storm, so that all repair persons are appalling, many people have back some cold.

"This and other means, simply ...... horror!"

Yes, terror, can only use the word to describe it.

After a lapse of more than four months, Jiang Xiaofan born again, in just one day's time has beheaded with no primary school, the mysterious Lord of Guangshan, too life were nearly ten main statue of the emperor, is simply appalling. You know, people who are all in their own emperor were door ah, reap the inherent advantages, but still can still killed

God is a phantom monk killed!

"This is really a terrible father ah!"

"Peerless ruthless man, never provoke!"

Careful thought people have found that these dead emperor was not anything to do, but there is one thing in common and that is that nearly 10 people, they have been involved in the first four months to kill Jiang Xiaofan. This allows others secretly scared Royal, for a time did not dare to have any aggressive behavior.

Break these doors, cut the main door, which is bloody deterrent ah!

"This ruthless man, he wanted to tell everyone, he will make you want to deal the killing of consciousness!" Many people look shocked and said: "blood for a personal Wong amendments were to deter all doors Zhupai Zhu Qiang, big spirit! "

In fact, this man was really good ...... guess also the first time in four months, Jiang Xiaofan born again, blood cut Zhu Huang, he was to tell Ziwei monastic community, he Jiang Xiaofan not mess with me, if someone wants to deal with him, so these people will be dead emperor a fate.

"Enough arrogant! Enough courage!"

Many young people feel blood boiling.

When the young who did not, who did not when blood square steel, some who do not want to break their prowess in a young man, so let people are recognized in awe? But these ideals, ultimately there are few people may realize at a young age?

Today, Jiang Xiaofan only twenty-one or repair in the magic realm of God, but dare to break into one of these doors forces alone, beheaded enemies in Longtanhuxue, the weight of many small forces could not lift their heads, which makes some young monks in awe, feeling the blood seems to burn up.

"Like magic man, god combat power!"

It was lamented.

It is a sunny day, but it did not Ziwei monastic community at peace, that makes four cents to send a headache angry man re-appeared, nearly 10 people beheaded in one day emperor, Zhu Qiang awe. Especially those who have master kill too small forces of Jiang Xiaofan, one by one, his face solemn, felt the heavy pressure.






He has been involved in the emperor to kill Jiang Xiaofan, at the moment no one can calm, and hands them one by one, with the door all the elders together, in their own martial art under the cloth one has a large array of sleepy seal. Psychedelic array, the array rage, imprisonment array, large array can be planted are all planted, not the slightest effect.

The clouds were red, which is a rather dignified existence in a small martial art, its door were temples everywhere,Barely comparable to a peak of heaven's door. At the moment, the most central cloud of red house, a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged, red and gold edged sword stood on his legs.

A look that is a treasure!

That nature is red clouds were the masters of cultivation in the fifth emperor heaven, sword in one trail there are extraordinary achievement, combat power in small forces in Weiminghehe, comparable to four cents to send some of the elders class people. Most importantly, he had to kill Jiang Xiaofan also involved in the team.

But at the moment he is not worried, very calm, because I heard that the owner of the mysterious light door after the encounter, he flew to the United Presbyterian door and door disciple, in the martial art four weeks planted a major re-array, a single array, there is enough to kill more than a dozen feet, not to mention the array is sealed sleepy, psychedelic array, and a full hundred.

"As long as the animal dare to come, he will let his death Dissipation!"

Red Cloud sovereign secretly thought.


Suddenly, the earth-shattering loud noise came, so that the whole red clouds were all shook up, like a major earthquake occurred in twelve general, even his red cloud sovereign of this most rugged of the main hall were all came to a trace of dust.

"what happened?"

"what happened?"

Red clouds were many disciples were all amazed, incomprehensible.

"Air someone!"

There disciples point to the sky.

All at the same finger in the direction of this man looked, when face to see who, one by one immediately face an unfortunate incident. Some of these amendments to the weaker, poorer courage receded directly toward the back, cold sweat on the forehead.

Vanity top, a black man standing in the sky, slap, just a slap on the collapse of broken disposed in the outer defenses of their enchantment, simply mythical clinical world ah!

"Jiang Jiang Xiaofan ...... ......"

Many people are trembling lips.

They know their martial art has planted a great array of heavy, but when saw Jiang Xiaofan, still can not help the hearts of fear. Man in the name, the shadow of the tree, the real killing out of Wal-Mart, how might simply by virtue of a few major array will be able to make sense of these dust even nuanced territory monks ignore?

Their hearts very scared!

Jiang Xiaofan looking dull, but the eye has become very cold, landing directly toward the bottom.

"Shabu shabu ......"

Still standing inside the door disciples were all back, as if to see the devils in general, no one dared approached, even the atmosphere could not breathe one. You know, this is a super hard man ten men beheaded Huang ah, even they are not the effect of the sovereign, let alone them.

Jiang Xiaofan looked up, stare at the center of most of the tall house, gentle towards the step to go there. He vitro and no intention to kill, since these people did not move, he will not have these people to get involved, he only came to kill red cloud sovereign.

"Ha ha ha ha ......"

Suddenly, a big laughter sounded in the void, shock sky clouds crest.

Jiang Xiaofan looked up blankly ......

Above the central hall, it is red clouds were masters of a middle-aged man appeared. First, he laughed three times, and then looking cold, cold channel: "What a Jiangxiao Fan, indeed, such rumors is so arrogant arrogant!"

Jiang Xiaofan did not speak, remains lukewarm at him that dozens of people had ...... Wong,With this red clouds were most integrated into, can be called that dozens of people in the imperial leader. And after that red cloud sovereign, it is the reason he should be beheaded in the Great Mountain Ling the first to kill him.

How could forget!

"Hey, you knew to come here to this seat ......" next to the red cloud sovereign, two figure appeared, all the magic of God in the sixth heaven. They sneer, said: "! My heavy cloth and other major front, I hope you can come, and now you come, then do not go, honestly put silver and copper cents after leaving it."

"Come to surrender, lest ye be physical pain!"

Another man sneered.

Red Cloud sovereign but waved his hand, which party space suddenly become black one, instant kill misty convergence fieldwork ten, that terrible power and influence to make disciples of red clouds were below all look pale.

These matrix method, although they also have to participate in the arrangement, but they are all part of some trivial, do not know how these tactical deployment of terror. Murder personally feel this moment, they are one body chills, those flying light, it seems that every can easily obliterate them.

"This this……"

"It will certainly be able to trap ...... that ruthless man!"

Disciples a little excited.

Four weeks misty fog jump, a road rage wanton light, these red clouds were surrounded by a packed. And, except for those killed outside the array, there are other difficulties seal a big fuss, psychedelic large array, in short, at this moment, all red cloud sovereign FIGHTING all up and running, even his own feel scared.

"How to hand over the silver and copper cents was, perhaps, the sovereign pleasure, directly put you!"

Red Cloud sovereign sneer.

Behind him, two other old man is looking awe-inspiring, so many big fuss started simultaneously, they believe that even the emperor Seventh-day masters have to come obediently was suppressed. A fantasy realm of God monks fundamental lack of fear, even if he has the means of Babel difficult detachment.

"I'll kill you, today you die ......"

Jiang Xiaofan look cool, and no color of panic.

"Ha ha ...... Jiang Xiaofan, I know you're strong, positive a war, then perhaps this is not the sovereign is now your opponent ......" Red Cloud sovereign laughed, and said: "But so what, now stuck here, you are the lamb to be slaughtered, what you have so much capital to counter the circle? "

"Do not you worry about ......"

Jiang Xiaofan look calm.


Suddenly, an even more murderous terror quickly filled the entire piece of space, light directly to the rage of all those cured retreat. With Jiang Xiaofan centered sense of terror extreme coercion spread, such as the Pentium sea, out of control.


A two meters long killer of God in his hands, flick ......

"Kaka Ka ......"

Utensils chipping voices continue to spread, stunned and red clouds sovereign and his side's two magic of God elders looking mad change. They felt, a large array of martial art is constantly around the crack, Zuozuo small array to kill seems to be stuck like all the runes give all broken open.

"you you……"

Red Cloud sovereign felt bad.

"How, now you think I'm not killing you?"Jiang Xiaofan eyes cold.

He has a hand in the Chaos God halberd, which contains the murderous be vast than the sea, did kill a small array of these can kill a mere influence? This rod is more chaotic Crystal Hercules forged matchless magic, He Qijiang large enough to easily collapse broken all the tactical deployment of their planted.




This is a word cloud sovereign and red hearts of the elders around him two occur simultaneously.

Jiang Xiaofan hands of Hercules let them play my heart jump, as if a supreme fairy-like!


Three piercing voice came, surprised everyone in the eyes, and two magic red cloud sovereign God elders turned into three streamer rushed down the distance. But the next moment, so that these amendments were more surprising is their sovereign and elders while being bounced back, like a meteor smashed down.

"You're on the outside of the cloth pattern banned road!"

Red Cloud sovereign and his face completely changed, and not far from his side, the other two old man is thrown into a panic, look panic. They stared at the black man in front of the eyes with a deep sense of panic, they know that this is over, I will definitely die here!

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