Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

The pains dive to cultivate Comprehend Truth to say!( Third, thank hegemon day to check Daoist!)

The pains dive to cultivate Comprehend Truth to say!( Third, thank hegemon day to check Daoist!)

Under 26 Returning Void True Qi, is not no need to say anything, that Kunlun four big Returning Void, silly, dumbfounded.

In their original planning, Time Immemorial Sect can also have 67 Returning Void, fruit bearing presents 26 Returning Void, far exceeds their imagination.

Under this pressure, they did not speak two words, immediately turns around, leaves the Southern Chu region, dingy departure!

Visits them to leave, Luo Li and the others laughed, wins by default, happy incomparable.

Hu Chan True One said suddenly: „ Although they frightened off by us, but they will not give up in light of this!

The next time, perhaps is Illusory Devil Sect and the return of Supreme induction sect and God Escape Sect! ”

Luo Li said: „They walked, do not come back!”

Wood Spirit heaved a deep sigh, said: „No matter how, but must fight!”

The people nod, want to defend such big Heaven and Earth, must fight, does not have the battle of blood and fire, has not fought with the life, cannot protect!

Gold Saint said: „Was good, all new promote Returning Void, returned to the returning to the sect gate immediately, closed up starts to cultivate, stable boundary!”

The people replied together: „Yes, compliant!”

Everybody returns to Time Immemorial Sect together, this Heaven and Earth catastrophe, obtains many Heavenly Cave Blessed Land luckily, suits the Returning Void True One cultivation Heavenly Cave, these time had found hundred, will not look like Luo Li at that time, does not have the place of cultivation.

These Returning Void start to cultivate completely, they are different from Luo Li that nature promotion, needs consolidated boundary well.

The people cultivation, but the Time Immemorial Sect disciple under Returning Void, but also in seeking treasure everywhere. Constructs Heaven and Earth.

This work, Luo Li will not make a move, has the ordinary disciple on the line.

Hence the development of Southern Chu region, was in a great development stage, by many mortals who Time Immemorial Sect rescues, they step the battle path, goes to each region.

They under escorting of Immortal Cultivation, arrive at these not to have above development Continent.

Hence they are these Continent masters, rises to challenges, opens the paddies. Construction villages and small towns. Tenable country.

Generations of multiplication, has the Spirit Root mortal, takes the road of Immortal Cultivation, becomes sect gate the supplement fresh blood.

Luo Li walks randomly everywhere. He hopes is very meeting ancient demon Ancient God. This extinguishes kills ancient demon Ancient God. Can cultivation leave so many Returning Void True One, is really sect gate energetically Technique, what a pity. Why does not know, he could not find ancient demon Ancient God again.

Finally could not find these ancient demon Ancient God, Luo Li grows the one breath, starts to cultivate!

The Heaven Overturning peak master in that garden, under the ficus religiosa, the Luo Li choice is away from master not far away, prairie that in the past Evening Glow Ancestral Master was.

That prairie, changed to the open land, all green grass, vanish completely, Luo Li decides here, as the place of own cultivation.

Puts out own cultivation four treasures, clear Spiritual Platform, the magic arts seat, observes the moon/month mirror, the spirit directs the streamer, emits slowly, Luo Li starts to cultivate here.

Immediately four treasures assume an awe-inspiring pose, manifestation strange Heaven and Earth, Luo Li in this bitter cultivation!

After previous confirmation, experience that then obtains in the dark dream world, real, regarding Returning Origin and experience of Fusing Dao boundary, is real reliable, cultivation that Luo Li can feel relieved.

However this is only the experience, is actually not Time Immemorial Sect has Body Cultivation to refine Technique.

The Luo Li present boundary, Time Immemorial Sect beforehand cultivation Technique, that purple galaxy and one Yuan dream fuses, the birth mixes Yuan Qi, has no longer suited Luo Li, because Luo Li has not practiced the purple galaxy enters the Returning Void boundary.

It can be said that cultivation that in the past Wang Yangming Ancestral Master left behind **, was useless to him, Luo Li the road of Time Immemorial Sect cultivation, has come to the end, must open the road ahead.

Luo Li grows the one breath, starts bitter cultivation to refine painstakingly, the first first step, bright oneself!

He starts to use the view moon/month mirror, feedback oneself past all, understood themselves, grasped itself!

Own life, from practicing breathing exercises to Returning Void, all, recalls, establishes the foundation, searches the road ahead.

In an instant, is one month later, Luo Li nods, all own pasts, complete cleaning up was clear, understands the direction.

After bitter cultivation, Luo Li discovered oneself are correct, thought the discovery mistake, heart of the Nirvana, revision mistake, but cultivates, Luo Li determined oneself cultivation this, is not wrong!

Hence regretless!

The Luo Li calming the mind God, starts the own second step, seeks the road ahead!

The road of front, the dangers and difficulties, hence the world change, Returning Void no longer is the highest boundary, must promote Returning Origin.

Returning Origin, in manifestation Universe, was too but difficult!

The front road, radically is a dense fog, is unable to go forward.

However, Luo Li did not worry, because he has the thing of direction, the learning from others can attack the jade!

He puts out a hand, with scriptures, is the world Ten Great Sacred Writings True Immortal Secret Art!

Ten Great Sacred Writings, has with the foot, has the school patriarchal clan to originate from them, only that True Immortal Secret Art, only then the name, does not have the legend.

Since the ancient times this book is one of the Ten Great Sacred Writings, but does not have the legend, who obtains it, is obtained any advantage by it, this scripture is obscure.

However this scripture, in world Ten Great Sacred Writings, that No-Word Sect innumerable has rallied the ancient book, has not removed it, obviously it has oneself fierce place.

Luo Li has a feeling, own road ahead, will find in this scripture.

He starts to read, this True Immortal Secret Art, opens slowly.

The True Immortal Secret Art opens, inside is various strange Immortal Mark, Luo Li starts to use the Virtuous Sect Dharani technique, recognizes!

„ Say/Way may say, said \; The name may famous, very famous.

Nameless, the beginning of Heaven and Earth \; Famous, mother of myriad things.

Then does not have, wants by the view wonderfully its \; Common, wants by view its border.

This both, leave, but different name, numerous wonderful gate.

...... ”

In this True Immortal Secret Art, record was some Ao Lixuan said that feared Luo Li seemed like the dense fog is also same, could not find hidden natural justice, but the Luo Li feelings, in this True Immortal Secret Art, had certainly oneself direction of advance.

This is a very mysterious feeling, Luo Li wallows, does not know the winter summer, does not distinguish the livelihood, is the research of pains.

Sometimes, he puts out to make day plan, starts to watch, this plan the author, is far in excess of Human Race, even surmounts Celestial Immortal, has achieved a fearful boundary, uses Heaven and Earth Universe as the furnace.

This is the super powerhouse, this is the lamp of leading the way!

Sometimes, Luo Li recalled that initially in that dark dream world all, in order to searched direction.

In this illusion, Luo Li knows that in the future own cultivation, will meet anything, what roughness will have!

Sometimes, Luo Li recalled own and a that not fresh Old Ancestor war, that Celestial Immortal Technique, that fearful technique!

With the aid of that Celestial Immortal Technique, sets own future direction!

Sometimes, he recalls that Heaven and Earth great misfortune, the world vicissitudes change, unfeeling of Universe!

Through the understanding to Heaven and Earth, to the change of world, making oneself clear!

, Gradually, Luo Li probably is very gradually clear at present, he saw the future road!

Oneself promote the Returning Origin boundary, strength that should have, the say/way that should grasp, should own in Universe!

This say/way does not fly upwards Dao, but promotes Returning Origin Dao, after promoting Returning Origin, the Great Perfection boundary, is flies upwards Dao!( To be continued please search the floating astronomy, the novel is better to renew is quicker!

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