Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

Great Dao! Great Dao? In where?

Great Dao! Great Dao? In where?

Luo Li is speechless immediately, but does not have any other means that can only so!

Such being the case, that comes!

Luo Li puts out a samsara symbol, has given Senior Sister Ruotong, then prepares.

Senior Sister Ruotong receives the samsara symbol, silently waiting.

Luo Li said: „Prepared, I must make a move!”

Senior Sister Ruotong said: „Wait/Etc., I look at this world again!”

She carefully looked at this Heaven and Earth, finally heard delicate fragrance of underfoot wild flower, then said:

„My only life, calculates that had no complain and regret. Come!”

Luo Li said: „Senior Sister endured, comes!”

Instantaneous, Luo Li puts forth One Palm Seizing World!

A golden big palm, drops from the clouds, bang to Ruotong!

On Senior Sister Ruotong the ray twinkle, some innumerable person's shadows run out probably, must block this palm, but these person's shadows, run out of Ruotong outside the body, immediately dissipates, changes to the nihility, cannot block!

A palm, Ruotong under this palm, immediately hit whole body blood and flesh spatters in all directions, the blood changes to the blood fog, the whole person all of a sudden is similar to the muddy flesh, was hit all of a sudden flatly!

Luo Li is scared immediately, oneself this palm, was too powerful, was too fierce, simply has not received the hand, this there is breaking before establishing, direct meat patty!

Luo Li is all of a sudden scared, but he is motionless, stands in the side of Senior Sister Ruotong, the mouth is mumbling: „Senior Sister, gets up, gets up, breaking before establishing!”

What broken then comes, simply has not occurred, Ruotong was killed by a Luo Li palm!

Luo Li cannot bear say: „How like this, how can like this!”

However he has not moved, is waiting in this one side, is anticipating resurrecting of Senior Sister Ruotong.

The time little past, the blood congealed, but Senior Sister Ruotong, simply has not reactivated.

Moon raises, then falls, Sun raises, under the sunlight, Senior Sister Ruotong has not reactivated.

Luo Li looks at that bloodstains, finally heaved a deep sigh, said: „ Senior Sister, has sorry, I killed you!

Senior Sister, I was swindled, actually any breaking before establishing, but you suicide Technique, does not think me to be sad, therefore so!

However, you could rest assured that I will certainly find the body of your reincarnation rebirth, receives for the disciple, introduces Immortal Path , to continue to cultivate Immortal!

This is my Luo Li pledge, the generation after generations, is so! ”

Arrives by that corpse, Luo Li grows the one breath, said: „Senior Sister, lets me finally for your passing into eternity /surpass one!”

Then, Luo Li starts to talk over: „Dust turns over to the dust, the earth to turn over to the earth, will live will die finally, spirit will extinguish finally, the myriad things will wither away finally, in magnificent, but pou loess, one handful of greenish gray! Life hundred years, if a dream, how can there be Eternal and Inextinguishable, the setting sun end world, is alarmed to hear, but the time checks......”

Luo Li talked over Come and Go Life Chant slowly, but tears, actually unknowingly stayed behind, Senior Sister Ruotong was he enters Immortal Cultivation, first helped him, family member who gave him the opportunity!

However along with Luo Li Come and Go Life Chant, suddenly the corpse wreckage of Senior Sister Ruotong, starts the violent vibration, formidable Spiritual Qi, produces in that corpse, probably thousands of people, talked over along with Luo Li there together:

„Dust turns over to the dust, the earth to turn over to the earth, will live will die finally, spirit will extinguish finally, the myriad things will wither away finally, in magnificent, but pou loess, one handful of greenish gray! Life hundred years, if a dream, how can there be Eternal and Inextinguishable, the setting sun end world, is alarmed to hear, but the time checks......”

Luo Li one startled, starts to retrocede, along with his retreat, the corpse of Senior Sister Ruotong, stands slowly, the white bones raw meat, the blood and flesh reorganization, a brand-new Senior Sister Ruotong appears in front of Luo Li slowly!

Why however does not know, Luo Li has a feeling, misses one step, misses a point, Senior Sister Ruotong can complete this breaking before establishing!

But this step, this point, difficult, was too difficult, this is a beauty great distance, feeling that is unable to surmount.

If this is unable to surmount, breaking before establishing of Senior Sister Ruotong, will soon be defeated, all vanish completely, Senior Sister Ruotong soon truly will die!

At this important moment, above void, the strength, soars to the heavens to fall together!

This strength, is similar to the rainbow, was used to the date to fall, instantaneous, fell to Senior Sister Ruotong on!

This strength, is one Transcendence strength, these step under this strength, one step stepped over, one point of difference, hence passes, Senior Sister Ruotong from returning to Heaven and Earth!

This strength, Luo Li incomparable familiar, in the past was this strength, hit to explode that Rahu Devil Emperor thoroughly, was Transcendence fairy maiden Mo Yanlan the strength of Returning Void!

Ruotong breaks the price record, that strength vanishes immediately, probably comes not to appear again! Except for Luo Li, nobody feels falling of this strength!

Looked at the past again, before Ruotong, did not have what difference, but inside completely was different, this was a brand-new life, all remoulded, all was heavy!

Luo Li happy saying: „breaking before establishing, breaking before establishing!”

Less than the moment, Senior Sister Ruotong returns to normal, stands looks at Luo Li that smiles there, said:

„Luo Li, we have succeeded, I went through the difficulty, the Heaven and Earth say/way returned to normal!”

The Luo Li great happiness, said: „Good, good!”

Ruotong flashes, appears before the Luo Li body, whisks off his tears gently, said:

„ Do not cry, my young Junior Brother, I can come thank you!

However, I re-entered Golden Core boundary 1st Layer probably, dozens years of bitter cultivation, left uncultivated all of a sudden thoroughly! ”

Luo Li said: „Without relations, without relations, so long as the Senior Sister does not die on the line!”

Ruotong said: „ breaking before establishing, all come again, I will not die!

Moreover my some feelings, my Heaven and Earth Great Success, has been able to practice, goes nonstop to Nascent Soul, is Divine Transformation, regarding me is not the issue!

However...... ”

Ruotong looked at one, the Time Immemorial Sect five big illusion of distant place!

Luo Li asked: „What?”

Senior Sister Ruotong said: „ But, I must leave here, my Heaven and Earth most fears the same side disturbance, like your army Way of Heroes, now has disturbed my heavenly palace saying that after my Nascent Soul, does not fear!

Therefore the Luo Li young Junior Brother, I must walk, you look like three Ancestral Master to say goodbye for me, I return to East China Sea, cultivates there again! ”

Luo Li said: „Senior Sister, can you also return to East China Sea?”

Senior Sister Ruotong said: „My Time Immemorial Sect disciple, there drops down, crawls there, a Azure Dragon clan breaks my Immortal Path, how could to finish up in light of this, I must go back to revenge!”

Then, she puts out a hand fiercely, grasps Luo Li, said: „I have not deceived you, is not the illusion, I restored, said goodbye, my young Junior Brother! Thank you give my help!”

Then, she has kissed a Luo Li forehead gently, then stands up, does not turn head, large strides walks toward the East!

Resolutely, without anything, can anchor her footsteps, prevents her advance!

Senior Sister Ruotong first taking, the instantaneous four Kunlun slaves appear, lift a phoenix to expel, Ruotong sits in immediately, then in her, starts to present the innumerable person's shadows!

Servants maidservant, mother woman, opening guard, insignia team, crowds of All-Life Forest Avatar, slowly appearance, din of gongs and drums, large military force, stand forth!

And in All-Life Forest, some people toward the Luo Li slight nod, were the past and four Avatar of Luo Li war, they thanked Luo Li Ruotong to go through the difficulty, rose!

This large military force, moves like electricity, less than the moment, vanishes in Luo Li at present, looks that could not see the person's shadow the distant place, Luo Li does not know in the heart anything felt.

His sitting down slowly, sits above this island, grows the one breath, Senior Sister Ruotong another departure, own life, returns to normal.

Luo Li lies down, looks to the sky, suddenly loud shouting: „Thanks!”

He knows that Mo Yanlan has been paying attention to itself, at crucial moments, makes a move to aid!

In sky, wind light cloud Dan, without any response, but Luo Li feels her existence, her smile!

Luo Li lies down here, motionless, rests in this!

At this time some people arrived at this, stood in his side, visits him, said: „Does here lie down so is being really comfortable?”

Hears the sound to know that Gongsun Lanshan, for serveral days, he near this island, has been paying attention to Ruotong!

Luo Li said: „Is very comfortable, lies down a meeting?”

Gongsun Lanshan lies down side Luo Li, two people abreast in row, good long while, he said: „Did she walk?”

Did not have, when Luo Li replied, he continues saying: „ She was so, in the past is this, went ahead!

Only has Great Dao in her heart, the family member, the friend, all, were inferior that her Great Dao is important! Great Dao! Great Dao? In where? ”

Luo Li said: „This is her choice, I support her!”

Gongsun Lanshan depressed saying: „ Oh, yes! Walked had not greeted with me. Great Dao! Great Dao? In where?

I have loyal luckily, that is the genuine woman! ”

Then he lies down there, looks to the sky, good long while has not spoken! However Luo Li can feel his sadness.

Suddenly Gongsun Lanshan stands up all of a sudden, said: „Luo Li, I must walk! Before walking, I look at you am very pleasing to the eyes, told you one, your boy carefully! Some people stared at you!”

„ The magnanimous one's teacher's older brother under forcing of Xin Yuan Ancestral Master, competes for the position of Sect Master, the sect gate people think Xin Yuan Ancestral Master for oneself apprentice Fan Wujie! Three big Returning Void, my master they knows, Xin Yuan this is the open intrigue, forcing your master to become Time Immemorial Sect Sect Master!

But only I know, they have thought mistakenly, what Xin Yuan really wants to cope is you! ”

Luo Li one said: „His Divine Transformation does True Venerate, cope with me to do?”

Gongsun Lanshan said: „ I looked up recently, when you cross the threshold, Xin Yuan once distributed the prediction to you, in sect gate does not have anybody, that predicted that regards a matter!

But they do not know, Xin Yuan ten years ago, with the aid of apprentice Fan Wujie, the fortuitous encounter, obtained the seven fine five symbol Dharani techniques in Immortal Qin 90 nine Secret Technique, this Magic Cultivation building up must say is the law, otherwise said to be shattered, the supernatural power backlashed!

He at that time you to saying prediction, is the heart-to-heart talk, most is sincere, leaves behind the cause of disaster, now affected his cultivation!

I know this person, most is good at the layout, therefore first step is to make your master Time Immemorial Sect Sect Master, next step should cope with you! ”

Luo Li said: „Copes with me, has killed me?”

Gongsun Lanshan said: „ No, has killed you, he has defeated, was finished on the contrary thoroughly! Let you keep his promise, he is successful, can realize the word taking advantage of this is the law, in order to supernatural power Connecting Heaven, could enter the Returning Void boundary!

You have kept off his Immortal Path, for Great Dao, he will not give up! You are careful! ”

Along with Senior Brother Gongsun's words, in Luo Li mind, remembering in the past Xin Yuan Ancestral Master words:

„ As for Luo Li, is gloomy, for the own selfish interests, is shattered South China Sea, above, everywhere courts disaster, everywhere Divine Lightning explodes, has not crossed the threshold, the Wyvern school of fish withers away, the Grand Asura Vestige destruction, Ghost Market cuts off, the Thousand Wave Gate extermination, Tianchi almost collapses.

After crossing the threshold, is shattered among the Chaos demons, shatter South China Sea, simply is Heaven's End Star of Misfortune, according to my meaning, should expel the gate, this child crosses the threshold non- is the luck of school, regarding Time Immemorial Sect is a disaster catastrophe.

Moreover his Sword Intent Connecting Mystery, but is so, he has more gone astray the road, in the final analysis our Time Immemorial Sect is Magic Cultivation, Sword Cultivation on this Immortal Path, he does not walk away! ”

To this word, in the Luo Li heart thinks:

„Does not walk away, Xin Yuan, I will make you see, I will walk far!”( To be continued. Please search the floating astronomy, the novel is better to renew is quicker!)

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