Solitary Great Dao

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Golden Core takes oath to tie the real pledge!( Third, asked monthly ticket!)

Golden Core takes oath to tie the real pledge!( Third, asked monthly ticket!)

Hence after this catastrophe, was completely ended, cheered, the people arrive above that ruins island, started to rest.

After war, all of a sudden everyone is the incomparable weariness, lies down whistling rests there greatly.

Some people have rested for day a night, sobers, this restores Yuan Qi, is the battlefield cleanup, the preparation leaves here.

Before the war, but also remaining 113 people, but seven people of bad luck, in that startled day fight, were affected by the fight complementary waves, at the last minute, died here.

The remaining 106 people, start the battlefield cleanup, has a look to have anything to harvest.

Luo Li started to examine treasure that at this time the final time he obtains.

That dracena, in hand, the careful examination, finally according to " Innate Spiritual Treasure Record of Varying News » on record, Luo Li determined, this is the Innate Spiritual Treasure Innate Hongmeng spirit branch!

Luo Li was very happy, hence had three big Innate Spiritual Treasure Six Dust Spirit Shade Taishang Righteous One Five Phases Bead! Sinuous stone! Innate Hongmeng spirit branch!

Five big Innate Spiritual Treasure of that Earth-Fire dragon number need, Luo Li sufficiently collected three, but also misses two, can restore Earth-Fire dragon completely!

However Luo Li, actually a little does not give up these Innate Spiritual Treasure, just now fights, the evil continuous cropping, is the flame God, uses Innate Spiritual Treasure as the weapon, starts offensive.

If no sinuous stone, that magma giant not unlimited puts forth Three Mountains Five Peaks Ten Direction Heavens, cannot so relaxed defeats the evil continuous cropping, obviously precious of this Innate Spiritual Treasure.

Luo Li thinks, shakes the head, all along with the reason, at least must collect two Innate Spiritual Treasure, can resurrect Earth-Fire dragon.

Besides Innate Spiritual Treasure, Luo Li also obtains golden light together, that golden light is books, comprised of 12 jade symbols, impressively is inheritance Most Precious Treasure of Liu clan, has recorded the innumerable Secret Technique secrets.

This treasure on behalf of Immortal Qin Era that a Liu clan has, knowledge that leaves behind, therefore was preserved by the evil continuous cropping, has not destroyed.

Now, this treasure belonged to Luo Li!

Except for these, Luo Li obtains tree God, the grass God, two Jinde, nine Favor of Virtue, more than 63,000 total Merit of Virtue.

In addition has 44 Heaven Rank spiritual object, one bottle goes to dust also really willow Lingzhi, 12 strange gems.

However ten hundred million Spirit Stone of previous harvest, were consumed by Luo Li, in that year fight, the innumerable use 9th Rank Divine Sword, False Stone used up, was Spirit Stone, every time least 50 million, many were again insufficient.

Other cultivator, is so, although brings many Spirit Stone, but cultivator most needs Spirit Stone, the set up formation needs Spirit Stone, Talisman Refining needs Spirit Stone, patches the Magical Device Divine Sword to need Spirit Stone, the cultivation needs Spirit Stone, the fight supplemented that True Yuan needs Spirit Stone, therapy the cure to need Spirit Stone.

With hardship during fight, many Spirit Stone is insufficient, except for the aurora and Changfeng, Spirit Stone of all people 80% exhausts.

Arrived Late Stage, the 9th Rank Divine Sword of opposite party to Luo Li, had guarding, was born various types to explain the means that therefore Luo Li little used the 9th Rank Divine Sword, reduced to the consumption of Spirit Stone on the contrary much.

The Luo Li reorganization travel bag, other people are also so, but this world, barren incomparable, nine Tienchu of that evil continuous cropping collapsed, the people harvest few, everybody collects in together, studies how leaves!

Suddenly Luo Li stares, discovered population, not only 106 people, do not know at what time, were many 16 people.

These 16 people and Luo Li and the others, are incompatible, on them does not have a trace of fight, when the danger, they puts forth own various escaping law, complete hiding.

In this year, they have been avoiding, at this time fought to finish, they appeared.

Visits them , compared with Luo Li and the others, is completely different!

They look like the plump and fair-complected steamed stuffed buns, the flowers in greenhouse, but Luo Li and other people, bodies have the endless arrogance murderous aura, everyone incomparable calm, more than one year fight, experiences the endless flames of war, everyone is reborn, before is completely different.

This change, is many Spirit Stone, cannot trade, this is the Luo Li true harvest.

Saw that these cultivator return, experiences the innumerable fights cultivator, incomparable despises them, but is a place comes out in the final analysis, is Human Race, everybody disregarded.

The people return to here in abundance, including Golden Core Spiritual Master cleaves the waves Spiritual Master, falls Cloud Gate from Side Door, he most is good at the way, in this innumerable wars, can always find the best way out, although is only Side Door cultivator, actually lives the present.

He found one in this quickly, leaves the channel of this center of the earth, can return to the surface, originally Flying Vehicle already collapsed, not having the means to use.

However the people before departure, decided that worships these dead cultivator here.

Arrived this more than 3000 people, now the remaining 122 people, are really the incomparable misery, everybody for Fellow Daoist that these died, sacrificial offering their ghosts.

In the sacrificial offering, escapes Spiritual Master to say muddily: „ Everybody, we in more than one year, lives Life and Death dead, the common fight, can say, everybody is the friend of most iron!

Was inferior that we establish a Golden Core pledge, in order to commemorating, we at this's catastrophe! ”

This saying saying, the people unceasingly nodded.

106 people that can live, each is not a weak one, has fought many battles, these people enter the Nascent Soul boundary, absolutely does not have the issue. 16 people that avoids, were disregarded completely, when nobody they is a matter.

In this one year of fight, everybody you save me, I save you, receives the profound friendship, each other coordination, is very familiar, therefore is the pals, good friend.

Now receives the alliance, returns to Culmination Heaven Main World, so many blood and iron friend, friend three gangs, regardless in own sect gate, is in Immortal Cultivation, can base.

Immediately all people agreed, range Spiritual Master said certainly: „Right, we form an alliance! Everybody is the Life and Death brother, after going back, the mutual help, has the matter to support, the mutual support, sticking together warms up, we can on Immortal Path is farther!”

Yellow Dragon Spiritual Master also nods saying: „Right, everybody forms an alliance, sticking together warms up!”

At that time 14 Pivot Pulling Sect Golden Core Spiritual Master, now remaining six people, Yellow Dragon Spiritual Master lucky lived.

Looks at Yellow Dragon Spiritual Master, Extinction Devil Sect beacon light Spiritual Master coldly said: „ Moreover, this event, is definitely related with Pivot Pulling Sect, after going back, we must revenge!

Yellow Dragon, you said is right? ”

Yellow Dragon Spiritual Master nod said: „Right! We arrived at this, is gust of wind, profound, to approach/insult wind, their flickering, but to here, they vanished, only then our these scapegoats also , after going back, so the obligation cardinal virtue, must repay!”

The people also chatted air/Qi, finally the decision establishes a Golden Core pledge, everybody swore in this, becomes the Golden Core good friend, does not abandon own union brothers!

Everybody kneels down, lacerates the finger, sanctifies an oath by smearing blood, this in the future, will change the Culmination Heaven Main World Earth-Fire pledge, hence establishment!( To be continued. Please search the floating astronomy, the novel is better to renew is quicker!)

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