Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

I was not feeling well to rise in prices very much!( Fourth, asked monthly ticket!)

I was not feeling well to rise in prices very much!( Fourth, asked monthly ticket!)

Looks at this sinuous stone, Luo Li does not speak for a very long time, finally grows the one breath, that Six Dust Spirit Shade Taishang Righteous One Five Phases Bead, with this sinuous stone, collects own storage space most deep place, lays aside firmly!

Looks again, under is a group radiance, impressively own Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler.

Wood Spirit True One said: „This Origin Yang ruler has used up, you receive, 9th Rank Magical Artifact is really sharp, this war, depends entirely on these 9th Rank treasures, two for you obtained, must therefore reward generously!”

Luo Li receives own Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler, then takes up a Divine Sword!

This Divine Sword looks somewhat familiar, this handle sword length approximately three chi (0.33 m) six cuns (2.5 cm), the sword blade width makes the middle finger, such as the sea same blue color, is faint to appear the translucent shape, the sword blade just like the sea essence precise, the sea wave light in rippling that in the sword blade non-stop. The probably endless ocean waves, tumble on this sword continuous.

Similar to above jasper Spirit Stone common Divine Sword sword hilt, above the azure dragonet circles, the entire sword blade is the sea waves blue wave that puts out by this little Longzui , the entire Divine Sword, sends out endless Spirit Light, design ingeniously. But the overall sword blade with a special material quality, the non- gold/metal Feimu non- stone, grasps to feel that in the hand the whole body is cool, has a type of sword and God and wonderful experience.

Luo Li counts on the fingers gently a ball on the sword blade, bright Lanjian light non-stop rippling, expresses a low and deep distant sword cry, resembles the ocean waves to pat and resemble cool breeze slow cry. Luo Li saying: „Good sword.”

more looked that this sword more looks familiar, broadminded Luo Li resounds, that Great Development Unhindered Sword Sect was struck Returning Void True One that kills, once the utilize 36 Divine Sword, composed sword, probably this sword is one of them!

The Wood Spirit True One smile said: „ Right, this Azure Dragon ocean waves ocean waves sword, is so! Is that Great Development Unhindered Sword Sect white brume True One, offers a sacrifice to one of the 36 8th Rank Divine Sword building up, this sword is best, because is it inserts my lower abdomen, I have spent three days of time, this pulls out Rise!

Gave to you, did not want weakly its prestige! ”

Luo Li is speechless immediately, is this sword inserts the lower abdomen of Wood Spirit True One, Luo Li receives this sword immediately, salutes saying:

„many thanks Ancestral Master bestows the sword!”

Then Luo Li continues to look, sees only in that Storage Bag most, two jade balls, probably contains endless Laws of the Heavenly Dao, above that jade ball, presents the endless ray partly visible.

Wood Spirit True One said: „Luo Li, I know that you collected ten two Heavenly Dao Dao Fragment now, moreover probably is 11 relative, 22 opposite, is so?”

Luo Li said: „Disciple, the disciple collected Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Shriveled and Thriving, Light and Heavy, motion and stillness and Dividing, Uniting, ten two Dao Fragment!”

Wood Spirit True One said: „Good, Laws of the Heavenly Dao that in these two jade balls contains, is the speed, meets your requirement, fragment that if you want to comprehend, jade ball crumb then, but the jade ball crumb, this Heavenly Dao Dao Fragment, will only have a double-hour, whether you can comprehend, depends entirely on the chance!”

Luo Li said: „Disciple understands!”

Looks at such rich reward, Luo Li eyeball One Turn, said:

„ Ancestral Master, that Jinta empty boundary smelting trial three months, the sea of clouds empty boundary smelting trial three months, the hot prison empty boundary smelting trial three months, the mountain peak empty boundary smelting trial three months, the forest empty boundary smelting trial three months, in the Golden Transcience slaughter spirit pond refining up body one month......

Can help me trade, I leave behind hot prison empty boundary smelting trial one month, mountain peak empty boundary smelting trial one month, forest empty boundary smelting trial one month, other how changes into Ancestral Hall to cultivate? ”

Wood Spirit True One laughs, said: „Cannot!”

Luo Li scratches the head, said: „That Ancestral Master, I want hot prison empty boundary smelting trial one month, mountain peak empty boundary smelting trial one month, forest empty boundary smelting trial one month, other did not need to give me, do not waste these reward quotas, to other fellow apprentices!”

Wood Spirit nods, said: „It is not corrupt, gives precedence out of courtesy, keeps thinking about other same side, good, I helped you trade, except for these, remaining I helped you change into Ancestral Hall to cultivate for two days, how did you look?”

Luo Li said: „Good, many thanks Ancestral Master!”

Hence is counted original remaining two days, in addition these rewards, Luo Li again had Ancestral Hall to cultivate seven days of time!

Wood Spirit True One said: „Reason that Luo Li gives you so many rewards , because I like you later Southern Chu Assembly of Heroes one year, puts radiance greatly, received your master in the past the Southern Chu first Golden Core Spiritual Master flag!”

Luo Li said: „Disciple knew, but also has my Senior Brother Qi Zhu, with Senior Brother Tian Du!”

Wood Spirit shakes the head, said: „ I most favor you!

Good, remember, these rewards, do not say to others, is you knows, was OK! ”

Luo Li said: „Disciple understands!”

Instantaneous, Wood Spirit True One vanishes, Luo Li continues in that main hall, many other same side light up with pleasure, was very happy, it seems like that the reward are many!

Then is great celebration, the revelry, innumerable Spirit Meat Spirit Wine, eat casually, entire Time Immemorial Sect is in the happy sea!

A revelry day, all as usual!

Returns to Cave Dwelling, Luo Li quietly puts out Six Dust Spirit Shade Taishang Righteous One Five Phases Bead, with this sinuous stone, this happy, this is Innate Spiritual Treasure!

Suddenly, beside Cave Dwelling, some people knock on a door!

Luo Li receives two Innate Spiritual Treasure hurriedly, opens the front door, to Senior Brother Qi Zhu who this knocks on a door!

Luo Li said: „Senior Brother, don't you close up attack the Golden Core Great Perfection boundary?”

Senior Brother Qi Zhu said: „Luo Li, I failed!”

Luo Li stares, said: „How possible!”

Senior Brother Qi Zhu said: „ I want to imitate you, will work certainly the core magic arts ten side extinctions of desert, changes to my Golden Core Divine Ability, happen to seven Great Divine Ability of my Golden Core broken hole, fuses a body, changes to a system!

Easy that what a pity, thinks, starting all difficulties, do not have Extinction Phaseless Extreme Way True Meaning, I am unable the core magic arts ten side extinctions of spirit desert, to change to my Golden Core Divine Ability certainly, my long-term test 13 methods, were defeated finally completely.

I despaired, afterward master said that your here has Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact Great Emptiness Heaven and Earth, can birth magic arts Great Emptiness Disillusionment, replace me to choose the good spirit certainly desert the core magic arts ten side extinctions, does not know whether the Junior Brother that Great Emptiness Heaven and Earth, does lend me? ”

Although Senior Brother Qi Zhu the facial color is ordinary, but in that both eyes, has been full of the hope ray.

So that's how it is, Senior Brother Qi Zhu comes taking advantage of Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact, Luo Li smiles, said:

„Has anything not! However is small Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact!”

Then, Luo Li has given Qi Zhu that Great Emptiness Heavenly Cave!

Senior Brother Qi Zhu has looked after Luo Li very much, helping Luo Li be innumerable! After Hu Chan True Monarch refining up, only refine to melt Fingertip Buddhist Kingdom, remaining two depended on the Luo Li chance, in other words has not hoped, kept it to might as well help the Senior Brother.

If not borrow, how the master will see how Senior Brother Tian Du will see! Therefore must result in borrows!

Senior Brother Qi Zhu fruit bearing this treasure, grows the one breath, said:

„Good, Junior Brother, my certainly also your compared with this Great Emptiness Heaven and Earth good Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact!”

Great Emptiness Heaven and Earth ranks in Heavenly Cave Magical Artifact second, is next to first Pangu World, Luo Li laughs, said:

„Does not use the Senior Brother, you must really also I, but also my 9th Rank Magical Artifact, or Innate Spiritual Treasure!”

Although this Great Emptiness Heaven and Earth, priceless, but compares to 9th Rank Magical Artifact, that was misses did not have the several fold, Time Immemorial Sect five, the Layered Mystery sect had nine. That Eight Gods Monastery and Filthy Devil Sect does not have, obviously precious of this 9th Rank Magical Artifact.

That Innate Spiritual Treasure, say nothing of!

The Luo Li casual saying, Senior Brother Qi Zhu said: „Good!”

A promise that can be counted on!

Then, Senior Brother Qi Zhu turns around to leave, Luo Li shouts hurriedly: „Senior Brother, Senior Brother, I play a joke, does not use, does not use!”

However Qi Zhu, has walked away, Luo Li scratching the head!

Qi Zhu continues to close up, many Time Immemorial Sect disciples, closes up the cultivation, this many Golden Core Spiritual Master, closes up collectively, attacks the Nascent Soul boundary, including the Heaven Overturning peak not to have the shade and Fang magnificent, calmly to endure, nine fragrant, scarlet wild, five Uncle-Master, their also in abundance sacrifice refine the Golden Core broken hole, accumulated the innumerable years, the present to soaring time!

But these Nascent Soul True Monarch also many closing up, attack the Divine Transformation boundary, soon Luo Li hears a rumor, horizon Ancestral Master closes up, attacks Returning Void True One!

The people close up in abundance, Luo Li actually no longer closes up, he Golden Core 5th Layer day, he has thought, goes to Absolute Beginning Market Lane, first time starts earnest research Market Lane, seeks for Market Lane promotion Technique!

Absolute Beginning Market Lane is second-level Market Lane, the promotion means that is extremely simple, so long as is building up divides the Baoyan slungshot together, adds five sets of Five Phases Mysterious Rank spiritual object again, certain resources, then promotion.

Five sets of Five Phases Mysterious Rank spiritual object, Luo Li sufficiently collects immediately, does not have the issue actually, that resources can only in the Market Lane collection of Time Immemorial Sect.

Beyond day meteoric iron 72, Thousand-Year cold iron 3000 jin (0.5 kg) and bell grass three and ten thousand years of Spiritual Wood 12 chi (0.33 m) and nine packs of bamboo seven......

Luo Li has spent surely Spirit Stone, these resources sufficiently collect completely, now only on difference that minute of Baoyan slungshot.

This thing Market Lane cannot buy, Luo Li heaved a deep sigh, goes to the Time Immemorial Sect treasure pavilion, sought an interview Yu Chen True Venerate.

Yu Chen True Venerate or the same as usual, the war ended, guards in this.

Sees Luo Li, he continuously smile, said:

„Luo Li, how do you remember here?”

Luo Li said: „Ancestral Master, I want to purchase divide the Baoyan slungshot together!”

Yu Chen True Venerate knits the brows saying: „This thing dies expensively, at least value two hundred million Spirit Stone! I remember that Evening Glow kept one to you, do you buy it to do?”

Luo Li said: „Ancestral Master, my dimension Heavenly Cave needs this treasure!”

Yu Chen True Venerate nods saying: „ Good, I can sell you this treasure!

No, I do not sell you, I give you a duty! ”

Luo Li stares, said: „Ancestral Master, what duty?”

Yu Chen True Venerate said: „ Su that little girl, Su Yuxiao, is very pitiful, the previous war, Su almost exterminates an entire family for my Time Immemorial Sect, needing Thousand-Year can restore!

If you can comfort her, marries her to cross the threshold, I reward your this Baoyan slungshot! ”

Hears Su Yuxiao this name, Luo Li shakes the head immediately, said: „It is not good, is not good, the female is similar to the viper, how could I marry her!”

Yu Chen True Venerate the face darken, said immediately: „You , if not agree, I will not sell to the minute Baoyan slungshot your!”

Luo Li is scared immediately, but Luo Li sudden inspiration, said: „Ancestral Master, is not I do not think, some people are not willing to let me so!”

Yu Chen True Venerate stares, said: „Who does not want, you said!”

Luo Li said: „That, that Transcendence fairy maiden Mo Yanlan, she will not want absolutely, you should know, she for I have not flown upwards, how I can defeated/carrying she, look other females!”

Yu Chen True Venerate is scared immediately, said: „ Transcendence fairy maiden Mo Yanlan! I heard that she has not flown upwards, for a man!

Thinks unexpectedly for your boy!

Good, henceforth that Su Yuxiao we do not raise! ”

Luo Li smiled, passed a tribulation!

However Yu Chen True Venerate saying bitterly: „ Cannot think that the Transcendence fairy maiden actually will have a liking for you! How possible! The good girl, actually has a liking for you!

I am not feeling well very much, that minute of Baoyan slungshot rose in prices, three hundred million Spirit Stone, do you buy! ”( To be continued. Please search the floating astronomy, the novel is better to renew is quicker!)

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