Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

Nascent Soul True Monarch also flying ash!

Nascent Soul True Monarch also flying ash!

' The day Origin Yang ruler in the hand, that feared that the opposite party is Nascent Soul True Monarch, Luo Li did not fear!

However he does not have to put forth the Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler immediately, he wants to try itself and Nascent Soul True Monarch, differs many!

That Nascent Soul True Monarch makes a move, in an instant, the surrounding area thousand zhang (3.33 m), proliferate the innumerable so purplish black fine laces, the Heaven and Earth blockade, they back and forth repeatedly colludes with, weaves one to cover the Great Earth great net.

That great net forms a huge primal chaos design side that Li sheep True Monarch, the naked eye obvious!

Sees here, instantaneous, the Luo Li form changes, changes to several hundred shadows, runs away in all directions, wants break off this to obstruct the day big net!

This is Colored Glass sea Sixty six kills Phantom Torrential Kill!

Meanwhile, these Avatar, put forth Azure Ocean Bright Moon Kill, discriminates Heaven and Earth, Undercurrent Intangible Kill, the undercurrent endless! Butterfly Dragon Sea Explosion Kill, endless Butterfly Dragon raises...

Luo Li fast displays the Colored Glass sea to kill to incur, fuses Sea Domain, must put forth Truth and Illusion Disillusionment, Colored Glass Life Sea!

Luo Li uses the unique skill, Li sheep True Monarch, cold snort/hum, the bi-color silk thread starts to change, a red dashed line, from the sky congealment scarlet flame, moreover is getting more and more hot, a black dashed line, profound Veiled , is unobservable, innumerable cold air implication in.

Fierce his middle hand finger/refers of sky, departs 36 nude girls in his side immediately, these nude girls are beautiful, tender and beautiful incomparable, they are the live people, was his past furnace cauldron, once love

This is Yin and Yang teaches of Violet Yang scarlet cloudy love certainly firmament 99 big laws!

These females from the sky dance, this dance has sexual intercourse in two people probably, along with their dancing, the body of 18 person starts to erupt the flame, he urged to send these once to like the incomparable female unexpectedly, changed to the infinite flame their bodies.

This flame has a fearful charm, can destroy all. These flame gallop following that red dashed line, after the airborne eruption, turns into the zhang (3.33 m) this big small red hot people.

This hot person brings to burn sea to singe the day fiery, such as the raindrop floating falls.

Red hot person slow reality anxious, moreover can change the direction, in a flash, one group of hot people charge into Luo Li, everywhere one visit void probably was burnt melts, the Heaven and Earth myriad things burn, the raging flame, does not have the meaning of least bit weaken.

The red fire said that magnificently like sea.

At this moment Luo Li puts forth North Sea Mysterious Abyss, sea like the ice, freezes all!

Gets a light from another light by the ice resists the red fire of opposite party to say taking advantage of this icy seas, magnificently like sea!

Li sheep True Monarch coldly smiles . Moreover the 18 female also starts to dance along with movement that their indecently, in purple black ice air/Qi that their bodies present.

This air/Qi following the black dashed line dissemination, from the sky absorbs spiritual force, turns into the zhang (3.33 m) this big small black Icemen. This Iceman whole body is jet black, has to freeze all ice strength, such as the snowflake floating falls.

The black Iceman like the lightning, they charges into Luo Li quickly, everywhere one visit, void probably was frozen the Heaven and Earth myriad things are on the wane, all resembles turned into that prehistoric glacier Era.

The black glacier, freezes Heaven and Earth.

Luo Li hurriedly and changes put forth East China Sea to be enormous and powerful, the sea like the tide, was shattered all!

Resists this black glacier with this freezes Heaven and Earth.

Lebanese sheep True Monarch said: „Amusing, amusing, continue, continue!”

This Heaven and Earth, after the red hot cloud and black glacier appear, that hot person seeks for the Iceman, the two bump into to strike unceasingly makes the potential of sexual intercourse.

Along with their collisions, erupts large-scale clashing response immediately fire cloud Hongsan becomes trillion scarlet flame stellate eight sides, the black glacier shatter becomes the assorted ray, riotous sparkle.

The two collide to erupt the formidable destruction strength, proliferates Heaven and Earth instantaneously. This is might that Yin and Yang teaches is.

Luo Li bellows, puts forth South China Sea that just practiced to be turbulent! Sea like vortex, chaotic all!

Three big Sea Domain are uneven, in order to resists the fearful magic arts of opposite party!

Lebanese sheep True Monarch said: „Interesting, interesting, continue, continue!”

Proliferates downturns in airborne red dashed line color slowly, the profound gloomy black dashed line instead congealing reality even more, Yuan Qi between Heaven and Earth also starts the fierce fluctuation.

In the instantaneous hundred miles, the eruption most violent destruction strength, is dazzling and radiant. The surging strength erupts the different howl that resounds through the skies, was makes all person informers lose the function.

It seems the magnificent bright upper air, turned extremely dangerously is. In the sky Yuan Qi overflows, is full like essence Yuan Qi, such as water congealing is astringent, entire Heaven and Earth like solidifying/coagulating.

In this explosion, the Five Phases Yin and Yang two air/Qi that hundred miles Heaven and Earth class shoots recklessly, the entire hundred miles, ten thousand air/Qi changes, cloudy is positive, Yang Huayin, Five Phases is chaotic, three Yuan shatter.

Luo Li three big Sea Domain, hereunder, cannot block this fearful Variation!

Luo Li suppresses being ready to make trouble of fire certainly Dao Technique, so long as One Turn, this Colored Glass sea will change to the flame to burn the day immediately, can fire the flying ash the opposite party! However now three seas, a Five Lakes sea has not appeared!

Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler that moreover Luo Li will take up, putting down again, now also not when the time comes!

Has not disciplined, how to have point, does not have the setback, how can succeed, does not have the wind and rain, how to have the rainbow!

This is the hone, is disciplining oneself, removes the mixed rice dregs, leaves behind the essence, has not related, I can certainly withstand!

Luo Li insisted with hardship!

However the prestige of this Nascent Soul, is really fierce, Luo Li these three big Sea Domain are gradually withered, immediately must be built up the flying ash by the opposite party!

In this Life and Death moment, Luo Li grows the one breath, the fierce speaker bellows, along with his bellowing, a bang, Sea Domain appears together!

West Sea is vast! The sea such as the steamed bread holds all!!

This West Sea, Luo Li Colored Glass sea all of a sudden expansion several fold, limitless, not having the end, the opposite party fearful explosion to be prevented by the Colored Glass sea immediately!

Hence Luo Li Four Seas Sea Domain takes shape completely!

Similar to reality four big Sea Domain is the same, East China Sea is enormous and powerful, is fierce, the impact is biggest, most rushes! South China Sea is turbulent, is chaotic, vortex endless, is the danger! West Sea is vast, is broad, limitless, is grand! North Sea Mysterious Abyss, is cold, ices the freeze sea, is fearful!

Four big Sea Domain life, forms the perfect circulation, East China Sea melts South China Sea, South China Sea melts West Sea, West Sea melts North Sea, North Sea melts East China Sea!

Four big Sea Domain, each other body, Li sheep True Monarch Yin and Yang clashes initiates the Heaven and Earth catastrophe, under this four big Sea Domain, was blocked completely, is unable to extinguish kills Luo Li!

Lebanese sheep True Monarch saw that this immediately is angry, he must play, but Luo Li shouldered his Violet Yang scarlet cloudy love certainly firmament unexpectedly!

His small Golden Core Spiritual Master, blocked own killing to incur unexpectedly, original he should at this time the endless pitiful yell, struggling of doom, was really angry that does not play, death!

The Lebanese sheep True Monarch during technique Secret Art continually changes, a thunderclap resounds through loudly near the ear.

In his huge primal chaos Yin and Yang fish design changes, Yin and Yang clashes, changes to a lightning, the fearful heart and soul, this lightning launch, airborne changes to 3600 lightning Flowing Light in that instantaneously, each be only the gold/metal needle size, is bringing the dot flicker golden light, draws a bright and beautiful say/way gold thread in the sky comes in swarms, shoots toward Luo Li.

This is Violet Yang scarlet cloudy Life and Death exterminates being killed by lightning needle! With that Violet Yang scarlet cloudy love firmament, is Yin and Yang teaches one of the 99 laws certainly!

These small lightnings is similar to the arrow crossbow is ordinary, like the rain, has that fearful penetrating power densely covered, moreover they airborne spread across, weaves an airtight three-dimensional great net.

After this firing projects, he hits, then strikes, 3600 lightning Flowing Light arrows, this is Violet Yang scarlet cloudy Life and Death exterminates the fearful place of being killed by lightning needle, inexhaustible' is shattered all.

Ray of lightning sparkle is dazzling, the electrical network covers in the range bombardments arrive, the second wave, tertiary wave and fourth wave and fifth wave, a being killed by lightning needle, such as sea raging tide of emotion endless, is unending, a wave has not put down, a wave gets up.

Lebanese sheep True Monarch makes a move fully, Luo Li four big Sea Domain start to wither immediately the collapse, two people differ too, cannot block!

Li sheep True Monarch contracts being killed by lightning needle luckily intentionally, he must suffering Luo Li slowly!

Luo Li cannot bear scold: „You are too not concerned about face, Nascent Soul True Monarch bullies Golden Core Spiritual Master!”

Lebanese sheep True Monarch sneers, said: „I bully you, but so what, the boy, I can you regret to live in world one time!”

Luo Li said: „That is uncertain!”

Instantaneous, he is starting to read aloud incantation:

„The demon of demon, ten thousand counter are the demon, day pushes the sidereal revolution, tide”

This instantaneous, a person's shadow appears, is Jia Xu, Luo Li and he fuses a body immediately, Jia Xu was known as that calculates exhaustive, Luo Li and his Integration, promoting oneself to control the strength of Magical Artifact!

Luo Li all of a sudden is then senile, he put forth Life and Death Shriveling and Thriving Tribulation, corporeal body got older, Spiritual Sense rose suddenly!

Spiritual Sense that this rises suddenly, changes to 12 strange elementary forces, pours into to Luo Li Sea of Spiritual Sense 12 Heavenly Dao Dao Fragment, immediately Heavenly Dao Dao Fragment send out luminously!

Heavenly Dao Dao Fragment send out luminously! Strength of the Laws of the Heavenly Dao, by the fragment, disseminates, immediately is directed by Luo Li, pours into to the Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler nearby.

Instantaneous, presents a white spirit ruler in the Luo Li hand, he is taking this foot, to Li sheep True Monarch of utilize being killed by lightning needle, is being one finger/refers, shouted: „Ninth Heaven Origin Yang, Explode!”

Along with his words, in Luo Li Absolute Beginning Paradise, 50 million False Stone, all float off, then explodes the combustion, changes to endless Spiritual Qi, pours into to the Ninth Heaven Origin Yang ruler, on this Ninth Heaven Origin Yang, sends out a ray instantaneously!

In a flash, crosses the Heaven and Earth giant light beam to the irresistible stance to raise from Great Earth gorgeously, fights both sides, innumerable cultivator, cover for this pure white Origin Yang ray, among Heaven and Earth sends out a bang day to resound, this sound resembles in the horizon nearly near the ear!

In sky like raising a platinum Sun. No, that ray also wants powerful ten times of hundred times compared with Sun.

Entire world suddenly one bright, then, that side is one gloomy, a loud sound, a white light thunders, Li sheep True Monarch has not responded, in this light beam, with enough time has not sent out including the pitiful yell, in this light beam by the strength of that Origin Yang, was changed to the flying ash!

Does not make a move already, makes a move, on Luo Li all alone all False Stone, wither Nascent Soul True Monarch!

Luo Li now already Golden Core, not after before puts forth this move, is similar to the dead dog, although now the body feels weak, but can also fight!

Luo Li takes up some Ninth Heaven Origin Yang rulers of giving off heat gently, has blown the one breath in the mouth, opens the mouth saying: „Nascent Soul True Monarch are you flamboyant? Can casual bully? Dies to me!”

This fires, probably is a signal, sits in conference site center eight big Layered Mystery sect Returning Void True One, stands up slowly!

Heavy hammer True One said: „Was good, the war was so long, the cultivator vigor of law absorption, the dead air/Qi resentment read enough, we started!”

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