Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

Instantaneous Life and Death Darkness God!

Instantaneous Life and Death Darkness God!

Wuye called out pitifully, shouted: „Sister Yu Wan, Junior Sister!”!

He overruns, grasps Yu Wan Spiritual Master to put forth several magic arts, starts to treat and cure, until seeing Yu Wan Spiritual Master cannot be poisoned, he in knowing Yu Wan in his heart is any status, for her, he can die, at this time he had completely forgotten archenemy Luo Li, in own side!

Shentu shouted: „Wuye, you were insane, first kills”

Wuye Spiritual Master still wept and wailed there: „Do not die, do not die”

First „” character did not shout, Luo Li made a move, was makes an effort to swallow, Great Desolation Swallowing Heaven Kill!

They are extremely narrow and small in the space, use the large-scale magic arts, immediately rumbling day broken, the side that but they stand is near, will not display the time of large-scale magic arts to the opposite party, so long as you use the large-scale magic arts, brings about own destruction, whose now looks deft, whose magic arts are ruthless!

Gets down, however raises on Shentu Spiritual Master instantaneously together the law, is just the same as him, that law a pitiful yell, was swallowed by Luo Li Great Desolation Swallowing Heaven Kill!

This is Shentu Spiritual Master Golden Core phenomenon Divine Ability, Death Substitution True Spirit, transforms one to lose concentration with the Golden Core phenomenon, at crucial moments, can for him for dying!

Shentu Spiritual Master sees this, in great surprise, the opens the mouth was shouting to clear the way to Luo Li: „My God god of death, nine live dies, along extinguishing reversal, a narrow escape!”

These 16 characters, are the flash read completely, this is also Secret Technique, instantaneous magic arts!

At this time Wuye Spiritual Master shouted the second character: „Wants”

Along with the Shentu Spiritual Master magic arts, presents a huge black-robed god of death in his top of head, in the hand is holding a sickle, the violent force wields, shears toward Luo Li!

Fierce before the Luo Li body, presents Golden Core Spiritual Master, is Luo Yin, this god of death blade happen to cuts his body, an instantaneous Luo Yin pitiful yell death!

At this time Wuye Spiritual Master shouted the third character: „Death”

Meanwhile, Luo Li puts forth the second move, the Colored Glass sea third kills Mad Dragon Oceanic Fury Kill!

This move is many kills to incur, he refining up the boundary of spirit only kills to incur fearfully this law sends out, can stimulate to movement all strengths, detonates all objects!

The intention moves, Shentu Spiritual Master feels that within the body shakes, within the body five government offices six dirty, must explode completely, oneself must explode to perish.

However on him instantaneous hair explodes, changes to the flying ash, whole person hair explodes completely this is Eight Gods Monastery Secret Technique Chopping Hair, Exchanging Head Concealing Heavenly Mystery! By own whole body hair, for dying one time!

This law, that Mad Dragon Oceanic Fury Kill great power, is used this Secret Technique to dissipate by him immediately.

Shentu Spiritual Master the opens the mouth spurts the blood immediately, a black blood spurts toward Luo Li, is Eight Gods Monastery Secret Technique sucking blood to spit Extinguishing Thousand-Head Army! This blood is his painstaking care refining up, so long as were moistened by this blood, that fears Nascent Soul True Monarch, must die without doubt!

This black blood blowout Shentu Spiritual Master probably is all of a sudden senile for hundred years, turns into one to wither completely obsolete.

At this time Wuye Spiritual Master shouted the fourth character: „”

Facing this offensive, instantaneous Luo Tian appears was spurted by the black blood, immediately dissipates, but that black blood also has this time Luo De appeared, kept off again strikes, was insufficient, Luo Hong appeared , to continue the standard to keep off!

Here Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master comes out the anti- blade, that side Luo Li makes a move, above his right hand five fingers change to the white spur to leave, is similar to five phalanx spears/guns thorn to Shentu Spiritual Master, this white bones speed is extremely fast, can puncture all, this is the Colored Glass sea 30 th kills Fishbones Thistle-Thorn Kill!

On Shentu Spiritual Master protects the personal character shield to be pierced immediately, then Treasure Light raises together, this is nurturing protects body Magical Artifact Qiankun (Heaven and Earth) Daoist Volume to be activated, immediately blocks this bone spear/gun!

However the flash, the white bones are similar to the thorn same open, although kept off by Magical Artifact beyond the ray, actually one strange strengths, penetrate this Qiankun (Heaven and Earth) Daoist Volume, pricks Shentu Spiritual Master within the body.

Shentu Spiritual Master whole body skeleton, starts Variation, gives birth to the innumerable spurs, is similar to the thorn same opens, the internal organs, the muscle, the skin, was all pierced, he sends out a pitiful yell all of a sudden, the whole body blood spatters in all directions!

At this time Wuye Spiritual Master shouted the fifth character: „No `”

Shentu Spiritual Master looks at Luo Li, said: „Just now that is Hidden Fog!”

Does not know that he by any magic arts, saw Luo Yin that first presents, is Divine Might Sect Hidden Fog Spiritual Master! Along with his these words, he must from exploding Golden Core! He looks at Golden Core, if were obtained by Luo Li, that is life-long is enslaved by Luo Li, rather Golden Core smashing, is not the Luo Li servant!

However the Luo Li corners of the mouth move gently, side flash Shentu Spiritual Master is similar to the sea vortex, presents together the tornado, complete destruction surrounding Spiritual Qi revolves, he wants from exploding does not have the means that this is 31 st kills Oceanic Whirlpool Flowing Kill!

Instantaneous, Shentu Spiritual Master from exploding failure, Luo Li puts out a hand, pulls out Rise! to lift a hand palm in his within the body his Golden Core, the brain fluid cracks, Shentu Spiritual Master dies!

At this time Wuye Spiritual Master shouted that seven characters: „Do not die, do not die”

Then he saw the Shentu Spiritual Master death, Luo Li turns the head to look to him, he then responded, was angry, sticks out suddenly, leaves the move!

Wuye Spiritual Master starts to read aloud the magic arts, this fires, must make into the powder powder Luo Li!

However he absolutely does not have the fight experience of Shentu Spiritual Master, what he must put forth is the formidable magic arts, sends out to destroy the day to move! This magic arts require time, Luo Li there to him, flushed, makes a move!

Stonefish Heaven Shaking Strike, flashes instantaneously, by calmly is turned to move extremely, this strikes is similar to the ray flashes, although on Wuye Spiritual Master raises three protection rays, under this strikes, has not protected his security completely with enough time!

Magic arts that Wuye Spiritual Master read aloud loudly, immediately terminates, the throat cut off, but blood splattering Rise!

However this does not constitute anything to injure regarding Wuye Spiritual Master, so long as gives him the time, he can treat immediately, but offensive loses, Luo Li there to him the time, will start Mad Dragon Oceanic Fury Kill, the Wuye Spiritual Master both hands both feet, collapse collapse, changes to everywhere blood fog, complete rupturing!

Wuye Spiritual Master called out pitifully, he looks at Luo Li, clenched jaws, then turned head and looked at Yu Wan Spiritual Master, in the vision was the soft lights!

Fierce erupts the endless imposing manner on him! The whole person changes to a white light, passes the body, his Magical Artifact, falls off completely automatically! At this time Eight Gods Monastery Secret Technique Ascendence Daytime Heaven and Earth!

This law puts forth, oneself body changes to the rainbow light, can perish together with the enemy!

Luo Li starts to defend immediately, Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master appear, stands before oneself, is All-Life Forest Avatar, the cannon fodder are innumerable, this Wuye Spiritual Master must leave the unique skill!

Wuye Spiritual Master sees this, immediately knows, oneself cannot kill Luo Li, he turns around to hit toward Yu Wan Spiritual Master, this hits two people to change to the powder powder instantaneously, within the body Golden Core crushes completely, avoids Luo Li obtaining Yu Wan Spiritual Master Golden Core, enslaves in oneself heart the lover!

Luo Li heaved a deep sigh, really renounced, therefore have been short of two Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master, was really a pity!

The matter finished, battlefield cleanup!

Luo Li gathers their storage thing Magical Artifact, then refining up their remaining bodies, blood fog cleaning up of that day is clean, a point does not have the trace, finally instantaneous Jia Xu, Tian Feng and Zhang Liao three people appear, then their figure changes, changes to these three people of Golden Core Spiritual Master appearances.

The Luo Li smile, waited for a meeting, the flying boat to approach Taizhou Island, opened the cabin door supplement supplies, three big Avatar three Golden Core Spiritual Master, going out gradually swaggering, left the flying boat.

Although they cannot leave the Luo Li side hundred miles, but was enough, arrives at secluded place, they melt the light to dissipate respectively, return to Luo Li All-Life Forest.

Luo Li returns to own residence, that Shentu Spiritual Master Golden Core, he has not refined Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master. So long as turns into Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master, the past memory lost completely, Luo Li does not want so.

In Shentu Spiritual Master knows that Eight Gods Monastery and Divine Might Sect forming an alliance matters concerned, is best to return to sect gate, keeps in the gate the expert to inspect, absolutely is great merit one, own Void Spirit Golden Core Spiritual Master were many, does not miss this!

Then Luo Li takes inventory their storage thing Magical Artifact, although Wuye and Yu Wan body smashing, but Magical Artifact has not damaged.

And Spirit Stone 7 million, Medicinal Pill, material, Qiankun (Heaven and Earth) Daoist Volume wait/etc. Magical Artifact Magical Robe, the value 5 million, go to the Layered Mystery sect, does not have the poor person, these three people are very rich!

Found finally, Luo Li gawked, then has smiled, he had discovered nine cicada fathers-in-law and sons-in-law who oneself changed, returned something in good condition to its rightful owner, initially traded, now comes back!

Luo Li said: „Three Fellow Daoist, many thanks!”

Checkoff, reorganized to harvest, waits till the Layered Mystery sect to make a move completely, Luo Li must cultivation!

Suddenly, Little Ash appears, making an effort is smelling the nose, arrives at Luo Li to put out that pile of spoils of war the one side, starts to dig up to dig up, then discovers a common rush cushion.

This rush cushion was too ordinary, Luo Li simply has not cared, but saw that Little Ash so seeks, he stares, takes up the rush cushion, rips, immediately rips open, sees only inside to drop out small wreckage.

Luo Li in hand, immediately one startled, this absolutely is Destroyed Body of God, compared with dry hand that previous exchange, supernatural power formidable at least ten times!

Divine Might like sea, Divine Might like mountain!

Luo Li enters Absolute Beginning Paradise immediately, avoids the supernatural power leak, at this time he wants to understand the long and short of the story, it seems like that the opposite party has to use body of this God human bone manufacture God ability, is sufficient by the time, swindles the wealth!

fruit bearing have traded that false God Body, their endless greed, wants to take by force itself, is really greedy!

Little Ash looks at this God human bone, crying out strangely, wants to eat very!

Luo Li looked looked, loses to Little Ash, said: „You discovered that you eat!”

Little Ash bites this God human bone, fierce leaps, plunges into that All-Life Forest, thunders, the tree of fourth God, gives birth in All-Life Forest slowly, grows healthy and strong, with the trees of other three Gods, exactly right!

Little White, Little Stone and Little Red they all appear, look at the evolution of Little Ash!

Suddenly Little Stone opens the mouth saying: „Darkness God!”

Luo Li stares, then understands all of a sudden, this Little Ash is not Mouse God, or the supernatural power was initially insufficient, changes into Mouse God, now has eaten the entire God human bone, restores the original strength, reveals the true colors, is Darkness God!

Darkness God, controls Ghost Realm, the Ghost Realm conceals under Great Earth, Mouse God is also the life in underground, their complete common origin, is a God department, therefore misunderstands from this!

Luo Li grows the one breath, this run risks, fully is worth!

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