Solitary Great Dao

By The Country Outside The Mis

The sleeve hidden noble bearing enters South China Sea!

The sleeve hidden noble bearing enters South China Sea!

Luo Li nods, when Time Immemorial Chaos Era, far Ancient God demon Era, on Ancient God prestige recent antiquity Celestial Immortal Era, modern sect gate Era, Ancient Times was named Divine Might Era , because that time God-Devil perished, however their Supreme prestige can stay behind, was attained by Ten Thousand Races, endless war, therefore named by this.

Divine Might Sect specially studies the Divine Might school, although they perish, but also once running amuck world, moreover Luo Li still remembers after the Transcendence fairy maiden is to erupt, has 12 big Divine Might, extinguishes kills the innumerable powerhouses, Celestial Immortal is hit to explode.

Therefore this Divine Might, is formidable, if not Heavenly Grandma Mountain that stone disappears, perhaps the present had big Divine Might!

Lu Zhou is sober, that million Spirit Stone, already disappeared, by these Unrestrained Self Avatar, was not known at what time, receives to blow, Lu Zhou itself Spirit Stone has not obtained.

However, they take away Lu Zhou 100 high-grade Spirit Stone, other Spirit Stone, move motionless.

The Feng Zixu middle hand wields, all Spirit Stone vanish, he said: „many thanks Luo Li elder brother!”

Bai Youyou has not actually moved, Luo Li looks to her, she said:

„The Luo Li elder brother, I and they are different, my Myriad Beasts said, with the aid of an external force, has not been I cultivates to come little, they are my child, does not need this Spirit Stone!”

Luo Li puts on a serious face, said: „This is I gives you, the elder brother gives you, the younger sister must accept, cannot rubbish!”

Bai Youyou looks at Luo Li not to have the face of smiling face, bites the lip, said: „Good, thanks the Luo Li elder brother!”

Then, she also receives that million Spirit Stone, after receiving, Luo Li felt immediately her aura enlivens, anything does not need, is the need!

Bai Youyou saw Little White, grasps, said: „This puppy is quite lovable, is good to like!”

Little White was grasped by her must bite her, but the Bai Youyou skill puts out together the cooked meat, this cooked meat fist size, golden yellow dry, probably does not have one to lubricate, but sees this flesh lump, Little White is honest immediately, bites the flesh lump not to put the mouth.

Suddenly Little Red departs, flies the Bai Youyou side, Bai Youyou puts out spirit starts to feed Little Red, Little Red said that spirit meter/rice is very happy.

On her has a charm probably, then to everyone impolite Little White Little Red in her hands, is obedient honestly, likes with her very much in the together feeling.

A Bai Youyou middle hand, puts out ten same cooked meat, ten small bag of spirit meter/rice have given Luo Li, said:

„ The Luo Li elder brother, this is the imperial palace meat and human attributes meter/rice in All-Life Forest 36 pill 72 fluids, specifically is used to feed the beast and birds, they most like eating ate has been able to open Spiritual Wisdom, increased the body and spirit.

I refine are not many, only then these Luo Li elder brother you received, was all right to feed them. ”

Luo Li received, said: „This is the good thing!”

He takes up together the imperial palace meat feeds Little Stone in wrist/skill to oneself, who knows that Little Stone curls the lip, eating that does not hesitate!

Suddenly Flying Vehicle trembles, Luo Li stares, what's all this about?

He puts forth Azure Ocean Bright Moon Kill immediately, in ten miles, performs in the heart, but Luo Li one startled!

Puts out Flying Vehicle time, the weather is a little gloomy at that time they had not cared, on Flying Vehicle, the automatic navigation, Luo Li again has not managed Flying Vehicle, that Flying Vehicle automatic Flight.

It is 1st Rank Flying Vehicle, in the car(riage) the intelligent navigation systems capability is not in the final analysis strong, but knows to the forward flight, at this time Bai Youyou said the big storm to approach, the flying boat forwarded, penetrates in the storm, now arrived at the storm eye, defense law on vehicle, could not block the prestige of this Heaven and Earth gradually, therefore the automobile body shook!

Luo Li such one looked outward, immediately is shocked, sees only this Heaven and Earth not to have other again, only then storm, only then Thunderclap, the giant tornado follows the rainstorm, sweeps across Heaven and Earth.

When looking at the past, could not see the day, could not find, four blackness, was thunderous that cut the expansive sky the lightning, can accidentally see clearly the surroundings, the prestige of Heaven and Earth was fierce.

Words that Lu Zhou spoke, looks like talks nonsense to be the same, perhaps in the future, they will become Nascent Soul Divine Transformation, can despise rang ` this storm, but now, they in the face of the prestige of this Heaven and Earth, anything are not!

Of bang, that Flying Vehicle was curled up by this storm, the high and low tumbling, Luo Li and the others, lose in the car(riage) immediately balanced.

At this time saw the people quality, the danger approaches, does not have person of startled, came to a stop completely, tumbled along with Flying Vehicle together. Luo Li starts to be controlled hurriedly the flying boat, wants to run out of this bull's-eye!

However, coming in easy exiting difficult, Flying Vehicle completely loses the control, Luo Li bellows, whole body True Yuan erupts, shouts:

„Lu Zhou, long, the fictitious , helping me!”

Immediately other three people, erupts True Yuan, four people of True Yuan collect a body, pours into Flying Vehicle, Luo Li controls Flying Vehicle forcefully, activates the profound fire to escape, resists this storm!

Flying Vehicle is similar to a small boat, tumbles in this storm up and down, was brought not to know that by this storm where flies!

For a long time, Flying Vehicle thunders to run out of the bull's-eye, returns to outside the storm in the rainstorm, Luo Li grows the one breath, controls Flying Vehicle, directly soars the storm surrounding.

Crossed good long while, suddenly the sky one brightly, Luo Li and the others leave the storm thoroughly, appears above the sea, top of head sunlight tall Zhao, all people grow the one breath.

The Taiyi Flowing Light profound train burns out gradually, stops in the sea level, motionless, Luo Li one operates in the control bench, finally the deep sigh said:!

„Walks, we exit oneself to fly, Flying Vehicle went bad!”

The people are scared immediately, can only leave Flying Vehicle.

After leaving Flying Vehicle, Bai Youyou puts out a hand, three zhang (3.33 m) great turtles appear in the sea level, the people stand on the great turtle back.

Luo Li receives Flying Vehicle, Flying Vehicle can also reduce, but has gone bad thoroughly, needs to repair, this he cannot.

Luo Li shakes the head, previous time sits Flying Vehicle of master, sat half to go bad, this time was one's turn itself, was so, including the Flying Vehicle to subdue|grams?

Flying Vehicle went bad is the minor matter, sat on the great turtle back, the people discovered, they have become lost thoroughly, in the storm, was swept across by that storm, does not know that was where.

This, everybody is all of a sudden scared, what to do can this?

Bai Youyou looked, said:

„Do not be anxious, I want the means!”

She starts to sing in this, her singing sound is tangled up, with her singing sound, in the sea, the innumerable sea fish, collects toward here, gathers round Bai Youyou and the others.

Bai Youyou was not singing, lowered the head to communicate with these sea fish, does not know any words that her mouth spoke, made various strange sounds, for a long time, she smiled to stand up, waved, these sea fish diverged, Bai Youyou said:

„I knew, we are in the South China Sea open sea now, toward this direction 27,000 thousand li (500 km), is Liang Prefecture!”

Luo Li and the others nodded, said: „Good, walks!”

Then, the people want Controlling Air Flight.

Bai Youyou said: „Does not use anxiously, the horse heaven wanted black, the front 400 miles had an island, we can pass the night there, therefore did not need to hurry along eagerly!”

Then, she waves, a giant goshawk appears, cuts the wing enough ten zhang (3.33 m), Bai Youyou said: „Troublesome hawk uncle, delivers us to pass!”

That goshawk sounds, probably is agreeing, the people mount the hawk back, that goshawk flies, flies toward the front.

Forwards, 400 miles quick, looks from afar, an island above that sea, but this island is very miserable, does not have the spring, does not have the woods, is only 30 zhang (3.33 m) surrounding area islands, moreover above the islands, the mountain peak occurred repeatedly, the grotesquely-shaped jagged rocks, the rock is sharp, at sixes and sevens, place that simply has not stopped over.

Said to this Feng Zixu: „Was good, looked my!”

Said that he one, falls to that islands, the whole person changes to one group of flame, bang, the bang to that strange island above!

The entire islands, raising endless roaring flame, along with this roaring flame, that rock 11 dissolutions, changes to the magma probably, in the islands, was used Myriad Imprisoning Flames by him livingly, refining up a stone platform.

Instantaneous, Feng Zixu flies back, gasps for breath saying: „Was good, waits for this magma to cool, our evening's shelter had.”

Luo Li shakes the head, said: „Why waiting!”

Dodges instantaneously, he falls to that stone platform above, along with his falling, that magma cools immediately, changes to the endless basalt, the entire stone platform about 30 zhang (3.33 m) square, is similar to Water Mirror same smooth.

Although Luo Li has not operated ten thousand miles magma now the ability, but lets magma cooling of these 30 zhang (3.33 m) surrounding areas, he has this ability.

Feng Zixu and the others fell, Lu Zhou in Storage Bag, puts out a tent, must build.

Luo Li shakes the head, said: „Does not need!”

He puts out a hand, in this platform, raises instantaneously together the Bluestone fence, then in the fence, presents little building House, the pavilion, the fountain, garden

Courtyard numerous, the garden fountain, the scattered distribution, the shade of forest surrounds, is very refined!

Lu Zhou cannot bear say: „My goodness, is quite fierce! Elder Brother, I too worshipped you!”

In the Luo Li heart moves, before this Lu Zhou has not looked like, shouted the Luo Li elder brother, but shouted that the Elder Brother two characters, in the guys with these All-Life Forest, shouted that dwarf Elder Brother was exactly the same, unknowingly, All-Life Forest changed Lu Zhou.

Bai Youyou and the others were also very happy, during the travel, there is this garden, is really comfortable, in that spring, continuously the blowout spring water, that spring is, the water vapor that the Spirit of Heaven-Earth thing female stone Origin Embryo fluid and azure astral real water forms is cool, can drink.

Luo Li has drunk one, but also very sweet delicious, then Luo Li with the journey military provisions, said:

„Was good, we eat meal!”

Lu Zhou shakes the head saying: „Above this sea, who eats the good military provisions, Elder Brother, looks at the little brother method!”

Instantaneous, presents three people in his side, that three people are the robust man, the sore face coming up in great numbers and from all sides strange meat, the exquisite eye tubercle leaves the double eyeball. The arm arm has a lot of jin (0.5 kg) physical strength, the eye shoots tens of thousands cold light clearly, the body just liking pig iron makes into, suspecting is the obstinate brass casting.

They each other look at each other one, said:

„Small five, Xiao Qi, walks, these time has a look at the sea fish that who catches to be big!”

„Good, Elder Brother, making us compare!”

Three people jump, drills in entering the sea all of a sudden, water splash has not aroused, probably this sea is their family/home is the same. Less than the moment, they come back, catch the sea fish over hundred, each dozens jin (0.5 kg), are the best sea fish.

Any sea scallop, conch, crab and prawn, are innumerable, a table big sea turtle.

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