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Eight Desolate Six Directions Heaven Overturning Secret Art!( Second, asked monthly ticket!)

Eight Desolate Six Directions Heaven Overturning Secret Art!( Second, asked monthly ticket!)

In the banquet, is drinking too white True Spirit Intoxicating Dragon Wine, calmly endures Spiritual Master unable to bear say

„Luo Li, initially you walked, this liquor several years have not drunk.”

Hears this saying, Luo Li takes out 20 bottles of too white True Spirit Intoxicating Dragon Wine immediately, gave calmly endured Spiritual Master, said:

„Uncle-Master, is my negligence, Uncle-Master, I came back, this liquor our some are!”

Then the presence fellow apprentices, Luo Li have divided two bottles of too white True Spirit Intoxicating Dragon Wine one by one, everybody everybody has the share.

The people receive, this liquor everyone likes, calmly endures Spiritual Master to receive Luo Li immortal grain, said:

„Luo Li, you must hurry to construct Five Laws Holy Land, for these years, that Fan Wujie crest of wave was very abundant, he often sends out the brave words, must in ten years of school small ratio, teach you well.”

Luo Li stares, Fan Wujie this name, has not heard for several years, today hears, probably separates the world like the dream.

Tian Du said in the one side: „ Fan Wujie after you walk, one year of Foundation Establishment, in three years the Colored Glass sea, All-Life Forest and Golden Transcience slaughter Small Success, then carries out several school tasks, does is very good, is honored as a Thousand-Year show by Southern Chu Immortal Cultivation!

This child can say makes a great show of one's talents now, before is completely different, it seems like hard Yi Ancestral Master worked hard to train, but he never forgets to you, frequently says the ruthless words, must defeat you thoroughly, must make the master know that he misread you! ”

This saying saying, immediately Luo Li was a anger, said oneself can, actually say the master, Luo Li could not bear scold: „Bastard!”

Calmly endures Spiritual Master saying:

„ Therefore, Luo Li, you quickly come, I construct Five Laws Holy Land for you, then starts to cultivate the Time Immemorial seven methods!

When the time comes, this clumsy mischief-doer, repair ruthlessly, making him know that who made a mistake! ”

Luo Li said: „Good, Uncle-Master I will go tomorrow, but also asked Uncle-Master to construct Five Laws Holy Land for me!”

Suddenly Tian Du said: „Waits, Uncle-Master, Luo Li one month later goes again!”

This saying saying people stare, but calmly endures Spiritual Master actually to nod, said: „Good, one month later, Luo Li, you come again!”

He to Tian Du, has a respect of not being able to say has not asked anything, so complies.

Luo Li knows Senior Brother Tian Du, must say, therefore had not asked.

The banquet in the past, the people 11 left, but calmly endured Spiritual Master and nine fragrant Spiritual Master, has not returned to own Cave Dwelling, but stayed in this peak, these year of Hu Chan Spiritual Master were not, was they protects in this.

When the people all leave, Tian Du looks at Luo Li saying:

„Brother Luo Li, you knows why I let you one month later goes again?”

Luo Li shakes the head said: „Senior Brother, I do not know.”

Tian Du said: „ Junior Brother, our Heaven Overturning peak art accumulates Foundation of All Ages soars, to lean a day of strength, crush various enemy!

Your this time in Qi Refinement time the accumulation of hardship then soars, if not the Foundation Establishment Mid Stage mountain pass, causes your card here, you will directly perhaps promote to the Foundation Establishment 6th Layer day! ”

Luo Li calculates, nods, said: „Yes, Senior Brother , if no this Foundation Establishment Mid Stage mountain pass, I can promote the Foundation Establishment 6th Layer day. My present within the body True Yuan has been the Foundation Establishment 6th Layer day the degree!”

Luo Li within the body has six big Dao Fragment makes his True Qi quantity be much higher than other people, after Foundation Establishment, True Qi changes to True Yuan, but so, therefore his present Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer day, is equal to the ordinary cultivator Foundation Establishment 6th Layer strength.

The Tian Du smile, said: „Right, this is my Heaven Overturning peak cultivation Dao, but, Luo Li, you now so, are the accumulation of your Qi Refinement time. The accumulation of your Foundation Establishment time, there?”

This saying saying, Luo Li gawked, shakes the head, said: „No, I have not accumulated now!”

Tian Du nods, said: „ Right, has not accumulated!

Therefore currently you have two roads, one is to continue to cultivate, broken Foundation Establishment Mid Stage mountain pass, 1st Layer heavy promotion, Foundation Establishment Late Stage, Foundation Establishment Great Perfection, then in Time Immemorial Five Laws, or Five Laws completely Small Success, either law Great Success, can promote the Golden Core boundary immediately, perhaps 50 years, you can become Luo Li Spiritual Master! ”

Here Tian Du to shut up, smile looks at Luo Li, in the Luo Li heart moved, Luo Li Spiritual Master, Golden Core Spiritual Master! Xiyi Ancestral Master Golden Core boundary, so long as cultivates again for 50 years, can promote the Golden Core boundary, in heart one happy!

However, he grows the one breath, Senior Brother Tian Du in the words has the words, he opens the mouth to ask:

„Senior Brother, this is the normal cultivation? Doesn't accumulate?”

Tian Du nods, said: „Right, this road, is my Time Immemorial Sect most cultivator the roads of cultivation, forwards step by step , to promote Golden Core, the accumulation? Naturally did not have!”

Luo Li shakes the head, said: „Asked the Senior Brother to grant instruction the second road!”

Tian Du said: „ The second road, is very difficult, is extremely difficult!

I will pass on your Secret Technique, suppresses your boundary, you will return to the Foundation Establishment 1st Layer day, then bitter cultivation refining up painstakingly , to promote the Foundation Establishment time regarding others a big boundary, regarding you, but promotes the Foundation Establishment 1st Layer day!

Their Foundation Establishment Mid Stage, is equal to your Foundation Establishment 2nd Layer day, their Foundation Establishment Late Stage, is equal to your Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer day, their Foundation Establishment Great Perfection, are equal to your Foundation Establishment 4th Layer day, they promote the Golden Core boundary, is equal to your Foundation Establishment 5th Layer!

Remaining, is you in the accumulation of Foundation Establishment time. The accumulation, the accumulation, accumulates again, finally soars! Naturally, the cultivation, step by step was so difficult, needs you to insist with hardship, finally achieves Foundation Establishment! The circle , to promote the Golden Core boundary!!

So long as promotes the Golden Core boundary with this law, the Golden Core boundary is unimpeded, Nascent Soul must become!

I and your Senior Brother Qi Zhu, have practiced with the aid of this law for 300 years, moreover my Heaven Overturning peak Lineage, almost every disciples are so.

However, this must you choose, Luo Li, do you choose that road? ”

Luo Li wants not to reply:

„Senior Brother, I choose second!”

The rapidness that although first, can the present walk, attacks the Golden Core boundary, but? After Golden Core, doesn't know what to do?

Only the second road, the accumulation, saves the strength slowly, then soars, does not have to keep off!

Tian Du nods, said: „ Good, was right, what we accumulate is the strength, however our strengths, any were actually not affected.

The master can extinguishing easily kill ordinary Nascent Soul True Monarch, I have to be equal to the Golden Core Late Stage strength now am only we cultivate/repair for the boundary, will never be high. ”

Tian Du spoke these words, starts to close one's eyes, uses Heartsense Spiritual Sense to start to teach Luo Li this method!

„ Heavenly Dao has the law, myriad things Time Immemorial, this Secret Technique is my Heaven Overturning Lineage, pitches fundamentally, from was shattered Supreme Gate/visits Eight Extinctions Sect, full title Eight Desolate Six Directions Only I Shall Overturn Heaven Secret Law, is whole wide world sect core Secret Technique.

In the past the whole wide world sect and Flame Devil Sect blood spelled, are disillusioned, this Secret Technique was obtained by my Time Immemorial Sect for my Heaven Overturning Lineage core decides, name change was the Eight Desolate Six Directions Heaven Overturning Secret Art, the law was definitely as follows:

Heaven and Earth has mystical powers, to one, three Yuan air/Qi, is born pure eight scenery, was born in the person Heavenly Cave section. Mansion of Jing health/life the brain God, has Yuan Qi. Human brain nine petals, endogenous nine all sequence positions, to circle dantian, but outside its by governing ominous. On approaches, high true south approaches, the too real bunch west approaches to the God, profound geographic north approaches.

Therefore clouds: In the brain God in the first nine officers nine, is at the highest point in the brain paste, shape length one inch point, high five divide in half, sits to front, defends the dantian God is also...... ”

Senior Brother Tian Du starts to teach Luo Li big method this is with the Turning Boat Lineage Chongsheng Secret Art same Supreme marvelous ability, without written texts is only hands down.

Luo Li along with Senior Brother Tian Du, the little record, records completely, how Senior Brother Tian Du starts to direct Luo Li to cultivate.

Luo Li directs according to Tian Du, the little cultivation, his aura, starts to change immediately gradually, becomes gloomy, becomes thin, he by the Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer day, little falling, turns into Foundation Establishment 2nd Layer, Foundation Establishment 1st Layer, finally changed to just the Foundation Establishment appearance.

Although the Luo Li aura is thin, but his within the body Sea of Qi True Yuan, actually surging forward!

Luo Li revolution within the body True Yuan, Senior Brother Tian Du smiles to look, continues saying:

„All people see you, thinks that you were Foundation Establishment just, actually True Yuan of your within the body, has been the Foundation Establishment 6th Layer degree! These think your Foundation Establishment 1st Layer day cultivator, if fights with you, that brings about own destruction!”

Luo Li nods, said: „Senior Brother, can this definitely be used for the cloudy person?”

Senior Brother Tian Du shakes the head, said:

„ Only can be cloudier Side Door Unorthodox Way cultivator, every Supreme Gate/visits, understands my Time Immemorial Sect, will not be swindled, True Yuan that we accumulate now, in my Time Immemorial Sect is called outside True Yuan, but is used to promote the boundary, the sacrifice refining up the body, is not big regarding the fight significance.

When my sect disciple fights, what dependence is Five Laws Holy Land brings endless True Yuan, in that is called True Yuan. Now although you have practiced the Heaven Overturning Secret Art, however in the true test, after is you have True Yuan. ”

Here, Luo Li gawked, what is this?

Senior Brother Tian Du was not discussing that this topic, continued:

„ If changes an angle, in Five Laws Holy Land provides True Yuan, is in our hands the sword, we use them to defeat the enemy, but how to use this sword, provides True Yuan in Five Laws Holy Land, the might displays in a big way, this is the significance that my Time Immemorial Sect 14 droppers have.

The fine True One lineage/vein, look like a mill knife, the pursue is pure, sharpness that this sword rubs, a blade is fatal.

Fire Lineage, probably attaches the flame on this sword only, making this sword vicious.

Hibernates Lineage, then lays aside sword, the sudden burst, cuts to kill the enemy. Turning Boat Lineage, is opportunistic, brandishes, displays the energies of ten force component with a force component, plays the might of sword

But my Heaven Overturning Lineage, completely is different from them, we did not ask the sword to be sharp, only strove for grasping the arm of sword to be powerful! Only then own body was strong, can display the limit this sword, only then own formidable incomparable, can more effective withdraws many True Qi in Five Laws Holy Land, controls them perfectly, these True Qi perfect displays, this is my Heaven Overturning Lineage Time Immemorial Dao! ”

Luo Li continuously the nod, these in heart!

Senior Brother Tian Du said: „ Good! In this month, Luo Li you gradually adapt to the body to feel, then looks calmly endures Uncle-Master, constructs Five Laws Holy Land.

If you have constructed Five Laws Holy Land, feels that the road of this Heaven Overturning, gruff silly, does not want so to suppress own boundary, you can also untie this law, at that time the boundary will rise dramatically, immediately achieves the Foundation Establishment Great Perfection condition, in order to attacks the Golden Core boundary! ”

Luo Li replied: „Senior Brother, I understand, this month, I adapt to the body condition, one month later, I look calmly endure Uncle-Master, opens Five Laws Holy Land!”

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