Solitary Great Dao

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Immortal Mark cramps out Divine Lord to read!

Immortal Mark cramps out Divine Lord to read!

' Said that True Monarch looked at Luo Li one, said:!

„ Wants into a spirit construction Master, is not an easy matter.

First is the potential, the Immortal Mark Master are too many related to the aspects, must every kind be skilled, every kind grasps, moreover needs various, under Variation Spirit Root, wants do not think? Do I have a look at you? ”

„, Latter Heaven and Earth fire Dao Body, the potential sufficed actually!”

Here, Luo Li eye one bright, but Nine Paths True Monarch continued saying:

„ Wants into the Immortal Mark Master, is most important must have the teacher, the Immortal Mark mystery is infinite, complicated and diversified, not having the teacher to guide, is impossible.

What a pity, I accept the apprentice to need sect gate many elders to pass, you are the Time Immemorial Sect disciple, I cannot receive you for the disciple, this is the school basis! ”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said in the one side:

„Understood, a Immortal Mark Master regarding a school, important, is the core secret, is the ally, will not recruit other external assignment disciples easily, as own apprentice, teaches Immortal Mark Dao!”

Nine Paths True Monarch nods, said:

„ Except for potential and transiting the discipling from, most critically material!

Refines Immortal Mark, the material is important, in the past Divine Might Sect to make strongest Immortal Mark, needed the material, has to project on above Son of Disaster the idea, on the one hand can cultivation most have the potential disciple, on the one hand the failure Son of Disaster body, was the best Immortal Mark material.

What a pity, their too go against the tide, has caused difficulties for others to refine the God, makes an arrest everywhere, the Immortal Cultivation chaos that does, therefore exterminated an entire family miserably. ”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said suddenly: „ Senior Brother Nine Paths, your news fell behind, Divine Might Sect recently had odd/surplus evil to appear, probably must the revenging duplicate gate.

Nine Paths True Monarch stares, said: „, Really inherits ten several tens of thousands years of Supreme Gate/visits, nine refuse stubbornly to extinguish, your Time Immemorial Sect must be careful!”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master smiles, said: „The matter of this world was very difficult to say!”

Nine Paths True Monarch shakes the head , to continue saying:

„ Finally, the most essential point, the Immortal Mark Master is most essential must have thing that is spiritual nature.

The Immortal Mark refinement, does not duplicate simply. Each Immortal Mark, must be tailor in view of the user. The users are different, Immortal Mark surely is also different. Has learned the elementary knowledge, how to unify these knowledge, creates true Immortal Mark, absolutely is the need spiritual nature process.

This is most difficult that feared that has the master, is unable to instill into own spiritual nature to the apprentice. ”

When Nine Paths True Monarch speech, Hu Chan Spiritual Master always faint smile looks that Luo Li suddenly Luo Li has a strange feeling.

Initially on that Qinhu island, oneself probably and Hu Chan Spiritual Master raised to have the Divine Might Sect Immortal Mark technique, at that time Hu Chan Spiritual Master stagnated, but also asked specially, he will bring to come here now, Luo Li feels related with initially absolutely.

Looks at Nine Paths True Monarch, broadminded Luo Li understood, Hu Chan Spiritual Master will receive here, to resolve own three big crisis another was stolen Master Nine Paths True Monarch by oneself, understands to understand how the study watches manufactures Immortal Mark.

Luo Li wants to understand, looks to Hu Chan Spiritual Master, Hu Chan Spiritual Master toward his slight nod, has cast aside Nine Paths True Monarch blinks gently, really so!

Luo Li was similar to the mouth touches honey to be the same immediately, said: „The Nine Paths one's teacher's older brother is really fierce!”

Nine Paths True Monarch laughs, said: „Boy, you flatters is also useless, this said that anything cannot pass on! Hu Chan you put out such good treasure, said that allow/let I gives your apprentice, what fierce Immortal Mark refines?”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said: „No is not refinement any fierce Immortal Mark, is Immortal Mark reverses, takes Heaven and Earth blessings in his within the body!”

Nine Paths True Monarch stares, said: „Heaven and Earth blessings? The young fellows, do not arrive at Foundation Establishment, can have the Heaven and Earth blessings, is quite fierce! Do you want to take? Gives to other people, was a pity?”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said: „Three!”

Nine Paths True Monarch knits the brows saying: „ Three? That is takes! Is any blessings

Hu Chan Spiritual Master said: „Comes from Yellow Springs Main World Heaven Abandoned Ghost Saint together, came from seven big Divine Lord dragon Gods together, came from Mahābrahmā Divine Lord together!”

Nine Paths True Monarch said: „Good is troublesome fellows, this clam Luo fan bonds does not gain well, I think, I think!”

Luo Li cannot bear ask: „This doesn't Immortal Mark, add the thing toward the body? How can also take the thing?”

Nine Paths True Monarch laughs, said: „ Boy, you underestimated Immortal Mark Dao! This Immortal Mark load, is not a simple additional tattoo so is simple, is a fusion, the promotion!

From corporeal body, to True Soul, to Primordial Spirit, even involves the future one formidable fusion.

Since this had to fuse, naturally had the decomposition! This is spiritual nature wonderful- with, us can reverse Immortal Mark, Heaven and Earth blessings in your within the body, the decomposition withdraws, such that Heaven and Earth blessings natural disposition is invariable, does not harm, can other people, be able to your All-Life Forest Avatar use, can future use, at that time was we decides! ”

Luo Li said: „ This also

Nine Paths True Monarch said: „Why, Immortal Cultivation, Immortal Cultivation, did not strive for was this comfortableness, Heaven and Earth in my hands, appoint I galloped, I was only comfortable!”

Luo Li cannot bear the nod, said: „Comfortable, carefree and comfortable!”

Nine Paths True Monarch said: „ I think, I think, must give you to load Immortal Mark first, fuses with Heaven and Earth blessings in your within the body, both unite, then their three, separations, this can return you a quiet body!

This does? These three blessings respectively are Heaven Abandoned Ghost Saint and dragon God, Mahābrahmā Divine Lord, is very strong, what to do? ”

At this moment Nine Paths True Monarch complete mind immersion in, does not have the otherness again, all intentions completely centralized above this Immortal Mark, is similar to the crazy crazy insanity is the same, only then such cultivator, can in myriad people, emerge, obtains the huge success.

Hence Luo Li stays in this, in the Nine Paths True Monarch workshop, often carries on various testing experiments, looks that Nine Paths True Monarch refines Immortal Mark, or cultivates along with Hu Chan Spiritual Master together.

That Nine Paths True Monarch, once wallows during the Immortal Mark manufacture, immediately is not oneself, is at the crazy research condition, Luo Li along in his side, indistinct has learned many things, that is similar to the book from heaven same Immortal Mark technique, is so is no longer unreadable, to be gradually traceable.

One month later, a youngster goes out, he is called model/pattern Changfeng, is the Nine Paths True Monarch closing disciple, the Immortal Mark successor, although he compared with Luo Li greatly one year old, but the manner is very pure, grows up in the school, does not know that outside will of the people clever legendary creature contamination, in both eyes incomparable purity, with single-hearted devotion in the research of Immortal Mark, with him in the protection that has not manipulated strategically together, Luo Li immediately has become with him the good friend.

Then, the time little past, the autumn last winter, transferred the vertigo beginning of the spring, is one year of midsummer! Luo Li in this enough one year three months, Nine Paths True Monarch is Luo Li refines first Immortal Mark finally.

That Immortal Mark places in a metal box, this metal box enough one foot square, cannot use any Spatial Magic Ability, this will destroy the Immortal Mark internal structure.

Nine Paths True Monarch grows the one breath, said: „Was good, can load Immortal Mark! If loads smoothly, the remaining matters, were the time issues!”

Hu Chan Spiritual Master nods, said: „Watched the Luo Li chance!”

Loads Immortal Mark at will, Nine Paths True Monarch in his Cave Dwelling, has constructed a secret room specially, with load.

Enters in this room, needs to follow 12 procedures, extinguishes kills all hidden dangers, but in this secret room, does not have the attraction, all people all drift airborne.

Luo Li takes off the whole body clothes, exposed body, float in this airborne, Nine Paths True Monarch nods toward Luo Li, opens the metal box, reveals inside Immortal Mark, sees only inside densely and numerously, probably innumerable snake scale dragon skin has piled up with this box.

Luo Li punctures the middle finger, inspires the blood that flies everywhere randomly with Spiritual Sense, flies in the box, instantaneous, strange Immortal Mark in that box was activated!

They make the strange sound, fierce changes, in the thing by an iron box, expands, changed to three zhang (3.33 m) sphere cube Talisman Array instantaneously! Innumerable symbols in ray shape, in airborne float, composition similar heavenly body galaxy same strange existence. Silent solemn and respectful made so scene have not being able to say sacred dignified.

Nine Paths True Monarch nods, that three-dimensional Talisman Array, flying slowly to Luo Li, the entire body of Luo Li, pours into to this Talisman Array in slightly, gradually vanishes does not see, was surrounded by Talisman Array.

The instantaneous, innumerable symbols send out various rays, azure, blue, purple and red probably the flash, this world changed to the ray world, these rays, are radiant and elegantly beautiful, magnificent magnificent, is sending out the ultra dust mysterious beautiful, along with the radiations of these rays, these symbol Wen's little injections to Luo Li within the body!

Immediately Luo Li felt endless pain, these rune/symbol writing, have proliferated the whole body following meridian channels immediately, even penetrated in the marrow. The incomparable severe pain, the pain enters marrow, even the Primordial Spirit soul felt ache that this type is unable to resist. Then this pain changes to itchy, unendurable strange itch, as if there is ant to crawl innumerably, making Luo Li that his whole body various places keep wish one could to grasp broken the body.

However Luo Li can only insist, can only endure, in the pain of having painstakingly, is the top dog!

Then strange itch starts changes makes the severe pain, the pain changes itchy, each other circulation, along with injection of three-dimensional Talisman Array, but carries on, will never cease, is getting stronger and stronger.

Finally this Talisman Array pours into to Luo Li within the body completely, instantaneous, the Luo Li whole body shakes, his both eyes circle opens the eyes suddenly, opens mouth in a flash the long and loud cry, the sound penetration clouds, on straight horizon. strange itch and pain, vanish completely, the whole body on the remaining feelings, that is comfortable! Let his graceful comfortable, just now received many pain, now enjoys many comfortable, crisp, was too crisp!

treasure sword edge from tempering, plum blossom fragrance from bitter cold.

After the bitter comes the sweet!

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