Solitary Great Dao

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Makes thunder Ruti refine the God to escape!( Third, asked monthly ticket!)

Makes thunder Ruti refine the God to escape!( Third, asked monthly ticket!)

Luo Li starts to cultivate this law, but he has not used Lesser Phaseless True Insight, come! Strong law, but is dives to cultivate.

„ Escaping of Thunderclap, excuse me directs the electricity, read raises, instantaneous ten thousand miles!

Flickers to forget the moment, opens the friendly eight spies. Five Peaks various immortals, said hope greatly, Chen eight, the time sulphathiazol, presents three Yuan, Zhi clouds early morning, are the jade real, pulls out seventh, enters broadly cold ”

Luo Li watches carefully, more looks is the heart startled, said according to this rare book, Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion wonderful- with infinite, so long as the intention same place, will melt the light to run away immediately . Moreover the speed is extremely fast, has one's wish, moreover cultivates, is very easy, is not very difficult.

But if so is really easy to cultivate, since why Time Immemorial Sect many disciples, nobody has built up the meeting?

In Luo Li heart raising question, but he defers to cultivation Technique that in this rare book records to start to cultivate, ties 12 law seal, cultivates 36 figure postures, revolution Thunderclap Dao...

One cultivates, Luo Li incomparable hesitation, really defers to this rare book to show, this cultivation is very easy, law seal, is the movement technique posture, the law decides, Luo Li refining up the meeting completely, on difference last, directs thunder Ruti.

To refine the Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion method, must in a thunderstorms weather, directing the heavenly thunder to enter the body, the heavenly thunder passes the body, this can cultivation the Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion method. Saw that this directs thunder enters the body rare book record place finally, except for originally the record of rare book, the note that dozens predecessors leave behind.

„Bastard, the rare book of cheating, cloudy thunder Ruti, my fellow apprentices were struck by lightning, has not built up any escaping law!”

„Posterity was sure to remember, this is deceives people completely, how regardless of you direct thunder Ruti, wastes, does not know the waste rare book that bastard, compiles, deceived people by thunder Chop!”

„Was swindled, was swindled, my bitter cultivation refining up painstakingly in thunderstorms, by thunder Kuangpi thousand times, has not practiced successfully, this is the rare book of deceiving people!”

„Posterity was careful that should not be swindled, is the heavenly thunder enters the body, is unable to refine this law!”

„Ha, you also suffered to divide, by deceiving, everybody was swindled together, really satisfied a craving!”

Commentary that these dozens predecessors leave behind Luo Li knew, reason that originally this Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion, nobody refine is this directs thunder Ruti, deceived people completely, how to direct thunder Ruti, was white Fei, finally suffered to divide in vain, accomplishes nothing.

But, this is the rare book that Rewarding Virtue Punish Evil Divine Ability directs itself to choose, in the Luo Li heart moves, he believes oneself Divine Ability in the final analysis infinitely!

„Manages his mother at the worst suffers to divide all of a sudden, how that has! Not being able dead person, tries at the worst suffers hardships!”

Luo Li sets firm resolve, decides to cultivate this law, but this thunder rainy day is not the time can meet he immediately inquires Senior Brother Tian Du, there will erupt the thunderstorms storm frequently.

Senior Brother Tian Du closes up today is not, is Luo Li that Senior Brother Qi Zhu replied, heard the inquiry of Luo Li, Qi Zhu said:

„ You must ask that there has the thunderstorms storm frequently, are many in Time Immemorial Sect this region, but you Qi Refinement boundary only then suits you twice!

One is the attached space of spirit certainly desert, there is called thunderstorm Heaven and Earth thunderstorm endless, you can pass to absorb the strength of heavenly thunder, but the Thunder Essence Spirit Thunder beast are many, you alone go, is somewhat dangerous, I can lead you to go, but I must keep the order now, only then and other Tian Du fellow apprentices went out, I lead you to pass!

Other one is at Tranquil Heavens, there has a Thunderclap mountain valley, the birth thunderstorm, there should suit you frequently, is not dangerous, but there did not have the thunderstorm, needed the luck, will be about 35 days will possibly have a thunderstorm! ”

In addition, several places, but these places, your present cultivating is, do not go, is very dangerous. ”

Luo Li thinks, since there is a place of security, that do not trouble Senior Brother Qi Zhu, he said: „I go to the Thunderclap mountain valley, Senior Brother, do I such go? Doesn't need to apply?”

Senior Brother Qi Zhu replied: „Does not use, if you go to the attached spaces of other droppers, is best to apply, goes to other dropper regions, goes in beforehand notifies the Time Immemorial method to work, then can open access, this Time Immemorial Sect is everybody, there can go casually!”

Luo Li nods, said: „Senior Brother many thanks directs!”

Qi Zhu cannot bear ask: „Luo Li, you must cultivation any magic arts, needs to direct thunder Ruti, this is very dangerous!”

Luo Li replied: „I must cultivation the Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion method!”

Qi Zhu said: „ God camel B rests the Senior Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion method! This must depend on the chance, is very difficult!

Wait/Etc., Luo Li do you have Instantaneous Movement Divine Ability probably? ”

Luo Li said: „Yes, Senior Brother, I have Instantaneous Movement Divine Ability, Heavy Strike Divine Ability!”

Qi Zhu said: „Good, you go, early goes morning to return!”

Luo Li stares, what is this? However Senior Brother Qi Zhu was not speaking, Luo Li shook the head, has not questioned in detail.

The Luo Li governing sword, flies toward the sky, looks at the void deep blue sky, the Luo Li unceasingly height of lift, when Luo Li achieves five hundreds of zhang (333 m), the figure flashes, space Teleport, Luo Li discovered during oneself flew was really void, the distant place Heaven Overturning peaking made flying land, drifted slowly!!

Looks downward, Great Earth is boundless, Xuan Prefecture Continent performs in the eye, that Outer Sect stone building like the grain of rice, proliferates above Great Earth, looks to the distant place, that great peak, sea of clouds, flying tower, forest and hot prison original grand appearance.

Luo Li looks toward other flying land, found flying land that must go , the governing sword, flies toward Tranquil Heavens.

Tranquil Heavens, watched in the past auspicious clouds one piece, in that auspicious clouds, the innumerable mountains rivers, hid in auspicious clouds, probably sky Immortal Realm was the same, this and wonderful- valley Cloud Swallowing Beast Market Lane was somewhat similar.

Here is a Time Immemorial Sect strange dropper, the disciples are female cultivator, in chats of three crazy fellow apprentices, Luo Li knows that Senior Sister Ruotong comes Tranquil Heavens.

Therefore Senior Brother Qi Zhu introduced this place, Luo Li decided immediately this cultivated Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion, had a look in the past Senior Sister Ruotong the place of cultivation while convenient.

The governing sword, flies toward Tranquil Heavens, yesterday with Hu Chan Spiritual Master Flight, Luo Li felt that this not far, today fly, immediately feels, looks very near, flies unexpectedly is such remote, flew three double-hour, that Tranquil Heavens gradually loses face. No wonder yesterday Tian Du was the master was bringing Flight!

Continues Flight, has given a double-hour, this approaches Tranquil Heavens, Luo Li felt immediately the innumerable magic arts fluctuate, scanning.

Luo Li uses Heartblood Bamboo Strip, shouted:

„Heaven Overturning peak disciple Luo Li, cultivates Secret Technique to the Tranquil Heavens Thunderclap mountain valley!”

This saying spreads, immediately these magic arts fluctuations vanish, instantaneous complete Tranquil Heavens map transmits to Luo Li Heartblood Bamboo Strip, goes to the Thunderclap mountain valley the optimal path, complete labelling is clear.

Continues Flight, flew half double-hour, finally Luo Li enters in this Tranquil Heavens! Here is the same with the Heaven Overturning peak, outside looks at more than 30 miles, an inside world several hundred miles surrounding area.

According to this way, Luo Li flies toward that Thunderclap mountain valley, finally before the dim light of night approaches, arrives at the Thunderclap mountain valley, but here resembles the Thunderclap rainstorm just to pass today, Luo Li needs to wait.

Here belongs to Tranquil Heavens Blessed Land, therefore in the one side of mountain valley, constructs row of Cave Dwelling, rests for the person, has the law spirit puppet, serves for arrival, rests Luo Li to this, lies whistling greatly rests on the bed, this governing sword flew for day, was exhausted.

Next day, very early in the morning gets up, Luo Li static waiting, this Thunderclap mountain valley about ten miles surrounding areas, bleak incomparable, except for some strange trees, stands in the valley, does not have the otherness again, this trees are the heavenly thunder trees, a magic arts material of treasuring, the remaining even/including green grass do not have, is various types of rocks, but has several paths actually.

Goes forward following the path, every other three hundreds of zhang (333 m) in the valley, the stone will lay on top of one another stone platform that becomes. This in the cultivator preparation that this cultivates.

Luo Li had found a stone platform at will, ascends above, sits, silently waiting thunderstorms, but waited for day not to have the thunderstorms to arrive!

Third day continues to wait, does not have the thunderstorms, but Luo Li very worries, is extremely tranquil, above that stone platform, or continues to cultivate «Thunderclap-Zhen Light Evasion Method», either starts to examine «Innate One-Qi Great Capturing Secret Law».

Time long, in an instant is two days, fifth day early morning, Luo Li arrives at this, immediately discovered that not only here he, 34 female cultivator, the distinction chooses a stone platform respectively, prepares there, same waits for the thunderstorms with him, but they or Tool Refinement, or amend the law, nobody directly heavenly thunder introduction within the body, because this is very dangerous.

Sudden Spiritual Sense transmits in Heartblood Bamboo Strip, is the Tranquil Heavens Time Immemorial method spirits, Divine Transmission that sends in:

„ 7 to 9 a.m, Thunderclap mountain valley Medium Assembly has rainstorm, can maintain three quarters, his Culmination Heaven responded that is very violent, can borrow this Tool Refinement or the cultivation.

However remembers, the custom of Thunderclap mountain valley, cannot peep at other people, cannot disturb other people, acts according to one's capacity, all careful, this is the fearful heavenly thunder, one carelessly, is the dying say/way disappears, oneself were careful that puts best into it. ”

Luo Li shaking the head, here also had the thunderstorms notice, couple days ago waited in vain, but he is not depressed, the long travel is comfortable!

Luo Li has not seen, in his distant place stone platform, a female visits him surprisedly, this female impressively is he together basic Shui Youlan!

„Luo Li! How can he here?”

„ Previous hundred strong war, I cultivation with concentration, has not practiced the battle magic arts, therefore does not have the means to defeat him, for these days entered Inner Sect, the purple sovereign who I cultivated cut to compare nine thunder Jue, Small Success, your invincible Sword Intent, I had the means to explain!

Luo Li, Luo Li, it seems like I must challenge your, why your Houtian Dao Body, actually value nine price Magical Artifact, but my actually only value 4th Rank Magical Artifact! ”

„Luo Li, I must defeat you, told these Senior people of high skill, they have made a mistake, truly the most valuable disciple, was I!”

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